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Forbidden Paradise

by Eric (October 2001)

Even in the kitchen, the heat was sweltering this Wednesday afternoon in 1852. Mary wiped the sweat from her brow and sighed, looking at the oven. Soon she would have to turn it on soon and surely that would make it unbearable. She told herself dinner would have to be delayed for an hour or two because it would be impossible to cook the ham in this heat. She didn’t know what time Joey would be back anyway. This was the wrong week for Carla their maidservant to be on the verge of childbirth, but at least it’ll be over with soon, she thought. Carla was upstairs in bed and at any instance her baby would be brought into the world. Mary told herself she would go check on her in a little while.

Gazing out the kitchen window to the fields in the distance where the Negroes were picking cotton, she wondered how they were able to bear the heat like that every day. She shook her head and poured a tall glass of lemonade. Her white dress was beginning to show marks of perspiration beneath her neck. She was a beautiful woman who, like most of her friends and her husband’s wives was pale skinned and as blond as a blond can be. Still, as her husband Joey was well aware, Mary was a special girl with exceptional features and soft skin that made him the envy of all his friends. Although the term “southern belle” hadn’t been coined yet, she was the dictionary definition thereof. She was thin but curvy, stood about 5’4” and weighed about 110 pounds. At 19 years old, she had already been married to Joey for two years; she had known him since she was 8 years old.

Outside the Georgia sun hung proudly and touched everything with its warmth. Joey had left for Savannah on Monday and was supposed to be returning tonight. He was there on business with his father, trying to purchase some new equipment for the plantation. She hoped the sun wasn’t so hot for him on the long journey by carriage. She wanted to make his return special, so she knew she’d have to face that oven sooner or later. In the meantime, she decided to go outside and pick a fresh bouquet of flowers for the dinner table.
Outside it was just as hot, but it was different because her skin could breathe. The sun felt good on her skin and she told herself she should go out of the house more often. She walked along the edge of the field, stopping on occasion to pick a flower. Grasshoppers skipped away from her and birds sang. Occasionally there was a rustle from the field like a rabbit or gopher scurrying away. She was really sweating now but it felt good, especially when a breeze would catch her and blow through her country dress.

After about twenty minutes she found herself close to the barn where the carriage was housed along with the horses her husband and father-in-law had taken. She decided to stop inside for a moment to sit in the shade and relax. As she lifted the latch to the big barn door, she heard a noise inside. Thinking it might be an animal, she pulled the door open about a foot and stepped inside. She was startled instead to see Tom, one of the young slaves from the plantation sitting up in a patch of hay which was bright with the sun which came in through a window. Tom was obviously startled as well, staring at her with his mouth open as if he had been caught stealing. There was an awkward moment of silence as Tom and Mary both froze.

After a second or two, Mary noticed that Tom’s arms were crossed and pressing a burlap bag into his lap. Then she saw a pair of dirty overalls in a pile on the right, and she knew at once what he was up to. She was embarrassed and pretended not to notice.

“Tom!” she exclaimed. “I certainly didn’t expect to find you here….” She lowered her eyes and looked around the barn awkwardly.

“Heh..heh…hello ma’am,” he replied, his voice shaky. “I’m sorry ma’am, I hurt my arm today and I came to rest up for a bit. Sorry ma’am, I’ll be back to work in a minute.”

Mary felt her heart beat loudly and tried her best to look calm. Looking around the barn, she let her gaze fall on Tom for an instant, then away again. She had never thought of the slaves as men, let alone attractive men. But seeing Tom like this she felt a strange magnetism radiating from him. She couldn’t help but notice how muscular he was, the fine definition of every muscle she could see, even his torso under the sweaty T-shirt. His hands crossed in front of him were big, elegant hands, and the sweat on his skin was glistening in the sun.

“Oh, well…” she began. “I hope you’re okay, was it anything serious?”
“Oh, no ma’am,” Tom answered quickly, reassurance rising in his voice as he thought she might believe his story. “No, I just hurt my shoulder a little,” he said, rotating his arm in a circle as if to show the affected area. “I think it’s gonna be just fine.”

Mary nodded and looked up at the ceiling. The barn was completely silent for what seemed like a full minute.
“Those are some pretty flower, ma’am” said Tom, awkwardly.
Mary looked surprised and remembered the bouquet in her hand. She raised it and looked at it, as if for the first time.

“Oh, yes, I had nearly forgotten!” she cried. I picked these for Joey, he’s coming home tonight.
“Oh yes ma’am, I reckon he’ll be comin’ home tonight,” Tom repeated.

Mary walked to her right in front of Tom, but not towards him, as if crossing on front of him on a stage. She paused for a moment, looking at his overalls which were now only a few feet from her.
“Tom, there’s just one thing I don’t understand,” she began cautiously. “If you hurt your shoulder, why are your overalls here on the floor?”

Tom swallowed hard. “Well ma’am,” he stammered, “they’re just so sweaty and hot and all, I figured I’d take ‘em off just to relax like!” he said confidently, as if he had just figured it out himself.
“Oh I see, yes,” replied Mary. “I can only imagine how hot it must be working out in that sun all day long.”
“Oh it’s hot,” said Tom. “It’s very hot, yes ma’am.”
“Actually,” said Mary, turning towards him, I want you to know that I appreciate all the hard work you do for us every day. We don’t always show it, but we do appreciate all the hard work you and the rest of the boys do.”
Tom smiled. “Why thank you, ma’am, thank you very much.”

Again there was silence as Mary studied the ceiling, the window, and the spot where the sun hit the hay, turning it from a dull gray to a golden, shining mass. She marveled at its radiance and thought it looked like some kind of throne.

Tom nervously stared at Mary while she was looking up. Her dress was clinging to her body in many places revealing her delicate form; her neckline was moist with sweat leading down to her hanging breasts and waist. He thought he could make out her nipples.

“Those sure are lovely flowers, ma’am” he said again after a moment.
“Oh yes, aren’t they?” she replied, lifting the bouquet up into her face and breathing in their fragrance. “Oh, you should smell them,” she continued, and walked towards him innocently. She entered the golden area where the hay was illuminated by the sunlight, and held the bouquet out to him. As he took the bouquet from her, a few of the flowers fell onto the burlap bag he still clung to his lap with one arm. Following the fallen flowers, her eyes stopped on the bag where there was an unmistakable bulge pointing sideways. It looked like a stalk of corn. Her heartbeat rose again and she felt her face flush as she grew dizzy. She wanted to look away but could not; surely it could not be what she thought it was; she had never imagined that a man could have such a large… thing…. down there. It must just be a pocket of air, she thought before stumbling awkwardly and quickly regaining her footing.

Tom was embarrassed but watched her carefully while he pressed the remaining bouquet to his nose, inhaling deeply. “Oh, they do smell pretty ma’am, verrry pretty.” He swallowed. “Are you okay, ma’am?”
“Yes, I just need to sit down a moment,” she replied. She sat down nervously beside him, her heart beating in her throat. The two sat silently for a moment, and Tom smelled the bouquet once again.
“Here, let me massage your shoulder a little bit,” she said anxiously, moving behind him.
“Oh, that would be very nice, ma’am, thank you,” Tom replied.
“It’s the right shoulder, right?” she asked innocently. “Yes ma’am,” he replied quickly.

He felt her cool soft hands touch his shoulder delicately and begin to press. Slowly her fingers pressed harder into his muscular frame and he could feel her breath on his neck. From behind him, she returned her gaze to the burlap bag and the disgusting bulge that hung there like a monster. Her breathing quickened as she continued the massage, unable to remove her gaze from the corn-like bulge.
Tom also began to breath quicker and swallowed nervously. With his left hand he began to slowly – ever so slowly – pull the burlap bag to the left.

There was no question in her mind what the bulge was now as it visibly moved under the burlap bag. While it was first pointing to the side, now it pointed straight up and appeared to be even bigger. She stared in disbelief but pretended not to notice the bag inching away, continuing with the massage.

She moved her hands so that she was massaging both his muscular shoulders now, silently except for her breath. She trembled, and sought to steady herself by pressing harder into his shoulders and neck. She bit her lower lip and felt a drop of her own moisture roll down her inner thigh. Never before had she felt so sexually aroused. She watched eagerly in anticipation as the bag crept slowly away, aching to see if what she imagined was truly possible. Her breath quickened in anticipation as the moving bag revealed a naked, muscular thigh.

Tom continued to pull the bag away ever so slowly until at last she caught a glimpse of the right side of his dark cock. Stretching out over more than 14 inches, it looked more like an arm to her than a cock, and she gasped quietly at the realization that this was real flesh. In a trance, she continued to stare while her hands massaged his shoulders without thinking. Tom pulled the bag away completely now and sat perfectly still and quiet. Mary was in disbelief, and could not take her eyes from this giant cock raging in the full sunlight, a long, thick shaft the likes of which she had never imagined, let alone seen.

Her pussy tingled between her legs.
Silently she continued her massage, breathing heavily and never taking her eyes from this unbelievable sight. His cock looked strong and thick and full of veins; she thought the head of it was the size of an apple. Her thighs were moist now, and she couldn’t believe her womanhood could get in such a literally dripping state. Slowly she let her fingers run down along his back and gently along his waist to his belly, moving them in small circles.

“Oh, Tom,” she whispered, and again bit her lower lip. “Yes ma’am,” he replied quietly.

“Nothing,” she replied, embarrassed that she had said anything at all. There was silence except for her quick, short breaths.

“Yes ma’am, he said” as she finally let a finger from her wandering right hand gently touch the giant cock. She thought she would have an orgasm just from the electricity generated by his obscene manhood. She bit her lower lip. With increasing daring, she ran her finger along the huge shaft and down to his balls as she felt still more moisture running down her thighs from her swollen pussy. She cupped his balls the best she could and marveled at their weight. This was totally new to her – Joey’s dick was like a finger, she thought, in comparison to this.

Slowly, she reached her left hand around his waist, across his stomach to join her other hand in this forbidden pleasure.

“You’re a very nasty boy, aren’t you, Tom?” she whispered in his ear while her little left hand cupped his balls the best she could and her small right hand began to stroke the shaft up and down. “I bet you’d like to try to fit this giant cock of yours in my little pussy, wouldn’t you, Tom?” she continued, her breath hot on his ear.

Her little hands could not reach around the width of his shaft, but she tried the best she could and pressed hard into the flesh. “Yes ma’am,” he shakingly replied.
His breathing quickening, Tom abruptly turned around. He pressed her shoulders as if to lie her down on the hay.

“No,” she whispered between breaths. “No, not yet.” She got up on her knees and pulled the T-shirt off him slowly, then pushed him down into the hay. Tom let out a long breath. “Yes ma’am,” he said.

She paused for a moment and looked at Tom’s long body laid out on the golden hay. Everything about him was long, everything about him was big. But nothing gave a clue as to what dirty monster he hid away in his sweaty overalls everyday, oh, who could have imagined?

Her stare fell again to his mighty cock which rose up his belly. She licked her lips and then bit her lower lip, leaning in towards it. With a guilty look she glanced for a second at the barn door and saw that it was only partly open. Looking back at Tom, she pushed his legs apart a little. He let out another long breath as her hot breath and tongue found his balls, her blonde hair tickling his thighs. She ran her tongue in circles around his balls, trying to suck them into her mouth gently. Then she slowly fluttered her tongue over his balls and up towards his shaft, savoring every inch as if it were her last meal. She was amazing at its length, it seemed to go on and on and on. The shaft became wet with her saliva and her breath felt cool on his cock. She was increasingly aggressive now, unable to control her hunger. Finally she reached the head and let her tongue dance along the head.

After a few minutes of this delicate tongue dancing she stopped and pulled her head back to marvel at the enormous cock which was now hers. She clenched her teeth together and almost snarled with lust, gazing at the huge object of her desire. With her right hand, she pulled it straight up into the air pointing to the roof of the barn. She thought now it was even bigger than a piece of corn; about the same width around, but longer. She picked herself up a little and stared down at the giant cock.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she tried to fit the head in. It was so wide she didn’t think she could do it. Then she brought a finger up and pulled her mouth open more. Finally, her little mouth engulfed the huge head and she pressed her head down. Saliva pooled in her mouth and ran down the length of his cock, which seemed like such a long way down. She cupped his balls with her right hand and tried to move her head further. She could not. She took the head out of her mouth with a smacking sound and fluttered her tongue along it again, bringing her left hand in to stroke his shaft while her right hand continued to play with his balls. She began to let out little moans of pleasure.

Tom sighed and picked up his head to watch this beautiful creature struggle with his huge cock. Saliva fell from the corner of her mouth and she alternated between fluttering her tongue along the shaft and licking her lips. Her eyes were sometimes closed, sometimes open. For a long time she did not make eye contact with him. Finally she looked up at him, breathing quickly, the huge cock in her hand. She let go and stood up for a moment, and quickly removed her white panties from under the dress.

Then she knelt down again and moved over him, her left hand grabbing his throbbing cock. “Do you think we can make this big thing fit in my tight little pussy Tom? Huh?” With her right hand she hiked up her dress, and soon she pressed the head of his cock against her soaking little blonde pussy lips. Tom lifted his head to see his disproportionately huge cock pressing up against her pussy lips, which were glistening with moisture in the sunlight. They were swollen beyond belief and so sensitive, she had an orgasm just rubbing the giant head along the lips.

With her eyes closed and letting out a long breath, she pushed her weight down on the giant cock. She was amazed at the stretching sensation as the cock tore into her, and how relatively easily the big head pushed inside her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Still guiding the monster in with one hand, she pushed down further and felt the head push up further inside her, stretching her open like she never imagined. Her thighs were wet and where the drops ran down it tickled her thighs. Finally she pulled her hand away and began to rise up and down on about half the length of his cock.

Tom reached his hands around to her soft ass, and his long fingers covered her ass cheeks completely. He gently pulled them apart to help her little pussy take in his giant member. Mary bit her lip and began to whine and moan, trying desperately to stifle her screams. Tom, however, was nearing orgasm and feeling very hungry, and he began to pull her down onto his cock with his hands.

A scream escaped her as yet another inch penetrated her young pussy. Tom looked at her face and could not believe the expression of pain and sheer ecstasy; her eyes were closed, her mouth open which she would try to close by biting her lip, but with each stroke down her mouth would fall open again.

Finally Tom couldn’t take it anymore; he grabbed her ass firmly and pulled himself up, rolling over on top of her.

“Oh no, Tom please…” she cried. “Tom, no….”

Tom did not say a word, but positioned himself above her, the giant head of his cock still inside her. His muscular chest was facing the window now, and the sun shone down on his glistening torso. He looked like a God. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart, rising them high above his shoulders. Looking down at her, he reached down and tore her dress open, pulling it violently out from under her. Her smooth skin glistened with sweat also, and he looked at her creamy white breasts in the sunlight. With a swooping motion, he bent down and began took them into his mouth, first the left breast, then the right. He rotated his hips to that the head of his huge cock moved in circular motions around the inner wall of her cunt.

He had never made love to such a creature before, a delicate white flower smelling sweeter than any woman he had known. He continued to suck on her breasts and flutter his tongue on her nipples while he began to push his cock deeper; the sensation of this tight pussy yielding to his huge cock was incredible. Never had he had a woman before so wet and yet so tight. He pulled his toro up again and began to push further.
“Oh my God!” she cried out as the huge cock pushed still further into her.

He would alternate his strokes so that every five or six strokes he plunged deeper. Finally, he could take it no longer and with one violent swoop he buried the length of his cock in her tight little hole. Mary’s eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth fell open but no scream came out. He grabbed at her thighs and pulled his huge cock out, then in, then out, then in a violent motion.

Mary felt her orgasm start in her cunt and shake through her whole body. She was no longer in this world, she had finally reached some new forbidden paradise.

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