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(October 2001)

It was 9:00 o’clock p.m. on a Thursday evening. The visitors had been chased from the hospital an hour before. The evening shift had begun, the hospital staff and its patients were settling in for the night.
In room 1201 a patient was suffering in relative silence. A young white man with deep dark brown eyes lay in his hospital bed suffering from multiple injuries. He had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught in the middle of a gang fight by sheer chance, he had two broken arms, three broken ribs and his head was heavily bandaged as a result of the numerous bruises and cuts that he had received. Only his eyes were left uncovered under his head bandages. The deep dark eyes gazed dejectedly at the drabble playing on the television.

He heard a gentle rapping on his door and heard the hinges squeak as the door was pushed open. He knew visiting hour was over and had already received his medication. Painfully, he turned his head toward the door.
Into his room stepped two stunning brunettes in nurses uniforms. Like a pair of beautiful bookends, the nurses both surprised him and delighted him. Both of his arms were in casts extending from his finger tips to his shoulders. A highly sexual man, he had been unable to even masturbate for the week that he had been in the hospital. Despite the pain he was in, he was ready to burst with sexual tension.

As the girls stepped into the room and stepped into the light surrounding his bed, he recognized them. They were both nurses aids who helped the regular nurses with the hard work, including sponge baths. Under the bandages, he smiled to himself. He thought he knew why they were there and he hoped like hell he was right.
One of the girls was carrying a bag, which she carried over and set on the empty bed that was also in the room. The other girl approached his bed. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I understand your name is Ralph. My name is Molly. I’ve so enjoyed giving you sponge baths, and I’ve noticed that you have enjoyed them too. My good friend over there is Mona. She tells me that she’s been left completely frustrated by the baths that she has given to you. We’re here to help us all.”
Molly reached up and pulled the sheets back on his bed. He had no injuries below the waist and was wearing nothing below his waist. His cock was huge and he knew that they must be coming back for more viewing. He couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen next.

Molly climbed up on the bed, between his legs. She began to stroke his cock, pulling it as it became erect. Having been left alone for so long, it sprang to attention quickly and pre-cum formed on its head. Molly took the head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking its tip, running her teeth across its head. The patient nearly lifted off of the bed at her touch. She stroked his shaft as her mouth worked over his cock head.
Mona watched Molly work over the huge cock. Her hands stole down and lifted the front of her nurse’s uniform. Ralph’s eyes switched from Molly and his cock to Mona and back again. It was like watching a porn movie. Mona was bare under her uniform. Her fingers were massaging her clit as she watched Molly. Ralph could hear Mona’s breath quickening as she masturbated fiercely.

Mona’ hand reached up and unbuttoned her nurse’s uniform. The garment fell to the floor, revealing her tall well tanned body. Still furiously working her clit, she managed to make her way over to the bed. A chair had been pulled up next to the bed. She climbed in the chair and stood beside Molly. She unbuttoned Molly’s uniform and slid it off her shoulders. Molly was equally beautiful, but with fuller breasts and not as tan. Mona slid Molly’s nipple in her mouth and began to suck, like a baby sucks on a tit, pulling and drawing on it, running her teeth across it. Mona’s other hand held Molly’s other tit and she kneaded it, pulling on the nipple making it hard.

Molly was straddling one of Ralph’s legs as she sucked him. She began to rub her pussy against his leg, feeling herself getting very wet. Ralph bent his knee and slid his foot up under Molly’s pussy. He had long thin feet and toes. He began rubbing his foot against her pussy as she deep throated him.
He could feel the wetness of her pussy as he rubbed his foot back and forth across her slit. He pushed his big toe against her pussy lips, pushing to get in. Molly spread her legs and reached down and spread her lips wide. His big toe slipped easily inside her. He began to pull it just in and just out of her pussy, hearing the wet clicking sound as he did. Molly was moaning loudly now, overcome by the cock in her mouth, Mona sucking on her tits and Ralph toe fucking her.

Ralph felt his balls tucking up tight against his body. He was getting ready to shoot his wad deep into Molly’s mouth. As his body muscles began to tighten, Mona reached down and gently pulled his balls back down, stopping him momentarily from cumming. Mona dropped her head down to join Molly sucking the large dick. Molly still had the head in her mouth. Mona was licking and nibbling on the shaft.

Ralph was overcome by the sight of these beautiful brunettes working his cock over. His body muscles tightened again, he would be unable to stop this time. As his back arched, ready to shoot his wad, Molly pulled her mouth off of him. His large load shot out of his cock into the air, spraying Molly and Mona’s faces. He came and he came, shooting his jism all over their faces. Mona reached down and gathered the cum which didn’t hit their faces with her fingers and lifted it up to Molly. Molly licked the cum off of Mona’s fingers like it was a cock, deep throating her fingers, sucking the juices off. Then they began to lick and kiss each other’s faces, tasting his cum.

On their knees, Ralph between them, they kissed deeply. Their hands explored each other’s tits, massaging each other, pulling on their nipples. Ralph’s dick, exhausted for the moment, still twitched at the sight.
The girls climbed down from the bed now.
Mona walked to the other bed where the bag was laying.

Molly whispered in Ralph’s ear again. “We have another surprise for you that may bring this bad boy back to life.” She flicked the end of his cock as she turned and walked over to the other bed.
Mona had unzipped the bag now. Reaching inside, she pulled out a long thick, silver vibrator. She flipped it on to check the batteries. It hummed in her hand. Mona got up on the bed and laid on her back, her head on the far end of the bed, opposite of the pillows. Molly climbed on to the bed and got on all fours, her pussy positioned over Mona’s face. She looked back over her shoulder at Ralph. A pure evil grin spread across her face.

Mona got up on the bed behind Molly now. Ralph heard the vibrator’s hum as she turned it back on. Mona began to rub the vibrator around Molly’s pussy lips, against her clit, against her asshole. Molly’s head dropped to the pillow, overcome by the sensation. Her pussy was dripping down the inside of her thighs. She wanted the vibrator buried deep inside her. Mona took her time. She felt Molly’s body shuddering and could feel her swollen pussy.

She teased the inside of Molly’s pussy lips. Pushing the vibrator just inside her and holding it there. Molly’s head was buried in the pillow, whimpers of ecstasy barely muffled by the pillow. She gripped the pillow as if she were going to tear it apart. Finally, Mona buried the vibrator deep inside Molly’s pussy. She moved the long shaft in and out, letting Molly feel every inch of it. Mona reached her other hand up and drenched it in Molly’s pussy juices. Reaching around her, she rubbed the juices around Molly’s asshole. A shriek escaped Molly’s mouth as she anticipated what was coming. Gently, slowly, Mona worked her small finger against Molly’s asshole. When she finally sunk it in, Molly’s entire body shook and convulsed as she came hard, over and over. She collapsed on top of Mona, spent.

Molly rolled off of Mona. Mona said, “let’s check on our patient.”
She stood up and walked over to Ralph’s bed. His cock was fully recovered and erect again. She flicked its tip, testing its hardness. “Yep, I think that he’s ready Molly.”

Mona hopped up on the bed, facing away from Ralph. She straddled him and took his long hard cock in her hand. She guided it into her pussy, burying it deep inside her. Her hands gripped his thighs, holding herself up as her pussy tried to absorb his thick cock. Molly came around the front of the bed. She climbed up on the bed, facing Mona. She laid down in front of her, lifting her legs over Ralph’s legs, laying on her back. Molly put a pillow under her ass, lifting her pussy up so it seemed to stare up at Mona.

Mona began to grind her pussy into Ralph, taking every thick inch of him. As she buried him deep inside her, she leaned forward, putting her mouth on Molly’s swollen pussy. As she tasted Molly’s wet pussy, her own pussy was gripping Ralph’s huge cock, feeling every inch. She couldn’t last long like this. As he hit deep inside her, stars began to flicker in front of her eyes. She felt him lifting her up off the bed, ready to cum again. His thick, heavy load burst deep into her pussy, filling her. Feeling his cum deep inside her, she lost it and came over and over. She laid her head on Molly’s stomach, exhausted.
Ta da. Love ya.

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