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Who dares cums

by Richard
(July 2001)

Lindsay was and is a good friend of mine. She is a very pleasant young women, intelligent and extremely thoughtful. I had been having some problems with my personal life when she suggested that I go on one of her nights out. I knew she wasn't asking me out, but she was a good friend and fun to be with so I jumped at the chance.

The evening itself was fun, but nothing too unusual, a few drinks, followed by a chinese meal than a visit to a nightclub. Pretty standard stuff, really, so I won't bore you by describing it in any length. Suffice to say we had a good time and Lindsay invited me back to her place for a coffee. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but I wasn't going to jump on her, I accepted her offer at face value. I needed a coffee.

Lindsay said her housemates were away as she opened her door. She kicked off her shoes and headed into the kitchen to put the kettle on. I told her I had to go to the toilet and popped upstairs. I had been to her house before (to try to repair her TV) so I knew where to go. When I came down Lindsay was making the coffee. As I thanked her and took mine, she opened her cupboard and produced a bottle of brandy.

"Fancy some of this?" she asked.

I nodded and she poured a generous amount of brandy into my coffee, then into hers. We started chatting, and before we knew what, it was over an hour (and another brandy laced coffee) later.

They say "Brandy makes you randy", but I don't know whether it was the Brandy, or just the alcohol that was affecting Lindsay, but she was certainly getting horny.

"I need an orgasm" she said, before turning bright red and bursting into laughter.

"Go on then" I replied "I dare you."

Lindsay pushed her hand down the front of her trousers. She paused at looked at me "Do you dare me to?" I nodded, and she pushed her hand further down, rubbing herself. I could see her fingers moving thought her trousers. After a few minutes she pulled her fingers out. They were wet. "I dare you to lick them".

I did, and realised I was getting turned on by her as a tasted her pussy juices. "I dare you to snog me" said Lindsay.

I did and I realised how turned on she was. I looked at her and smiled. "I want to see your boobs. I dare you to undo your blouse." I knew that she was not wearing a bra, and was pleased when Lindsay undid her buttons and opened up her blouse, letting my see her soft boobs.

Now it was Lindsay's turn again. "I dare you to pull your cock out". I undid my zip and pulled my hard penis out. Lindsay inspected it for a few moments before I put it away again. I look at her "I dare you too pull your trousers off." Lindsay's trousers were already undone and she giggled and pushed them down her smooth legs, standing up to step out of them. I dare you to kiss my pussy".

I put my head between her legs and gently kissed her pussy through her panties. I could feel and taste her juices seeping out. I kissed her pussy again. I looked up at Lindsay's smiling face and said "Take you panties off". She pushed her wet panties down, before sliding them over her ankles and feet and throwing them at me. Lindsay said "lick them" so I opened them up and felt the wetness where her pussy had been and ran my tongue over it. I was so sexy.

After a few minutes of licking her panties I dropped them on the floor. Lindsay was sitting opposite me with her legs parted. I had a view of her hairy pussy. I looked at her and said "I dare you to shave your pussy".

She replied that she would and stood up to walk to the bathroom. When we got there she sat on the edge of the bath and then opened up her legs and started to rub foam around her crotch, before reaching for a razor and very carefully shaving herself, removing all the hair around her pussy lips. When she finished she smiled and rubbed a finger around her smooth pussy, before plunging it in inside her moist pink vagina. She looked at me again.

"I dare to to lick me out!" How could I refuse? So I moved down between her legs and put my face several inches away from her wet slit. I pushed a couple of fingers inside her. Her juices just ran down my fingers. I could feel her tight muscles gripping my fingers. With another finger i gently teased her clit. As she gasped and groaned with enjoyment I slid my tongue inside her pussy lips. I circled my tongue around the entrance to her vagina.

She gasped as I rubbed away with my fingers and my tongue caressed her wet pussy. I took my other hand and used a fingers to separate her inner and outer pussy lips. I pushed my mouth onto her labia and sucked it, whilst continuing to rub her pussy and clit. "Lick me" Lindsay cried desperately as she started to climax.

I pushed my fingers in as far as I could and licked faster. Lindsay started to buckle and I felt her pussy start to spasm out of control. I spread my mouth around her fanny and sucked, slurped and licked. Seconds later she screamed as she came.

I felt her tight pussy muscles spasm. She didn't squirt, but her juices just gushed out into my mouth and all over my face. I withdrew my face and kissed her, letting her juices pour from my mouth her hers. After a few minutes Lindsay had got her breath back. I sat down on the edge of the bath. I turned to her and said "I dare you to make me cum......wank me with your tits......please".

Lindsay giggled and smiled. Lindsay pushed her fingers into her pussy and pulled them covered in her juices, before rubbing then own her tits. Next she undid my trousers and pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts, before kneeling down in front of me and pushing her tits against my hard cock. She used a hand to push her tits together and I felt her softness incredible against my hardness, and I felt her wet vagina juices on them.

She teased my cock as she rubbed her tits up and down, up and down, up and down. Before long I was ready to explode. I looked at her pleasing tits and I came. Spurts of spunk shot all over Lindsay's tits and shoulders. She giggled as the spunk ran down her body. After a few minutes, Lindsay picked up a cloth a started to clean us up, and the floor, which was covered in foam, pubic hair, pussy juice and spunk.

As she did this she told me to go down stairs and make us a cup of tea. When I returned to the bathroom Lindsay was running a bath. We enjoyed he bath together. She rubbed my cock until it became hard again, then waked me off. And I brought her off using a shampoo bottle as a dildo.

After the bath, I stayed at her house that night. Before I left in the morning she dared me to write into you and share the story. So I have. I hope you like and enjoy my story.

If you're reading this Lindsay, I dare you to finger yourself.


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