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Alexander and Evelyn - Part 3

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by Alexander (September 2001)

She had put her hands on my shoulders. Instead of looking at me, I looked at her, her shoes, her stockings, her suspenders, her panties, her 1/2cup bra and her nearly hairless pussy. My own pussy twitched and I played with it contracting and relaxing my inner muscles. I was getting turned-on. The warm touch of her hands was exciting me."
"I'm sorry about last night, Evelyn.", she said.
"There's nothing to be sorry about, Karin."
"So you're not mad at me?" I turned facing her.
"Do I behave that way? .... Let me tell you, that I was flattered by your attention, but it came all so sudden!"
"You said that you'll be thinking about .... it .... Have you made-up your mind, yet?"
"Leave me some more time, please."
"I'm sorry, if I have insulted you."
"No, Karin. I said: Never mind and I mean it!"
"You've got me so worked-up!"
"I saw that."
"The things you do to me ....", she drew me closer to her. I stepped forward and said:
"This is not getting us anywhere, in here! Where do you think we are? In my bedroom? We are in the back of a shop! Zip me up again, please!"
She zipped me up again and I left the changing-room, as the little Lady was just approaching.
"You like it?"
"It is absolutely stunning!"
"I am glad you like it!"
"Karin, who came to the scene just now said, that she'll like what she had found and back in the store-front, paid the Lady more than she asked."

"What a way to start your day!", I said. "Now we'll go upstairs, have a look at the video of you and Helen and fuck until we're sore!"
We both smiled and rushed upstairs. Her new corset was an absolute smasher.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on. I remembered that I had a wild dream about Evelyn and me visiting a night-club, where we picked-up one brazilian and one girl from Finland and fucked them all night long. "Why Finland, for crying out loud?" I asked myself when I made my way to the shower. In the bathroom, I met Helen picking up Evelyn's 'night-lingerie'. She looked at my raging hard-on, but kept her cool.
"Good morning, Sir!"
"Good morning Helen. Another beautiful day, isn't it just?"
"Oh yes it is, Sir."
"Where are the girls?"
"Downstairs, having breakfast."
"What's the day today?"
"Thursday, Sir .... Can I help you in any way, Sir?"
I thought to myself: "Why should Evelyn always have all of Helen's attention?" and I said:
"Would you like to soap me in?"
"Oh yes, Sir! .... Do you prefer a shower or a bath, Sir?"
"I'll have a shower, Helen."
"Let me run it for you, please."
I sat on the sofa and watched her leaning-over to turn the tabs. I was able to look up her skirt a bit and saw her stocking-tops. She had donned sheer black fully-fashioned nylons, today. A sure boner for me, if my prick wouldn't have been up, already.
"The temperature seems to be OK now, Sir." I got up and went in the shower. The warmth immediately relaxed my muscles, except one. Helen had already gotten the sponge and started to rub liquid soap into it.
"Your back first, Sir?"
"Yes, Helen." With that she began soaping my back with the most delicious strokes imaginable. When she was done with my shoulders and upper body, she came down to my buttocks. I spread my legs a bit and she got the hint. She drew the sponge through my crack, immediately, teasing my arsehole without mercy. As the sponge was so big, the tip also massaged the back of my balls.

Then I felt Helen stop, all of a sudden, to only return to my arse by using her bare hands. She must have dropped the sponge. She now massaged my arsehole with her middle-finger, directly, asking me:
"Is that OK with you, Sir?"
"Yes, Helen, go on!" I parted my legs even wider and felt her right hand come around my hips to get a hold of my dong.
"Do you want me to continue, Sir?"
"Yes!", I hissed sharply. She started to slowly wank me, still massaging my arsehole with her left. Her hands were covered in thick suds and I could hardly feel any friction on my cock. As I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, she suddenly inserted her index-finger into my arse, very slowly moving it in and out. With every inward move, the stuck it in a bit deeper, while she sped up wanking my pecker. I was going wild and started breathing real heavily while Helen did not make a sound. It was spooky in a way, not seeing, but yet being felt by what seemed more than two hands. The little-one was very imaginative. I couldn't hold it back anymore and I spurted against the tiled walls of our shower-cabin. Helen pulled her finger out, when she felt, that my prick went flacid and said:
"Can I do your front, now?" I turned around and let her finish washing me.
After she'd toweled me and fetched me some swimming-trunks, I went downstairs to the pool-side to greet the two girls lying on their deck-chairs. I had to have a second look to see Karin had removed her bikini-top. She had gorgeous breasts with 1/2" long, classic round nipples, I'd put at a perfect 10 and 75C. It was obvious, that it wasn't her habit to sunbathe with her top off, as her tits were milky-white where her top usualy covered them. Evelyn had kept her top on. "Good girl!", I said to myself and smiled. "The tease is still on."

"I'll have to go to town, tonight. Got a business-dinner with some clients.", I lied. "I hope you can do without me, as it will be fairly late, I'm afraid." Evelyn and I had set this plot up, last night, to finaly let Karin seduce her. Evelyn said that she now really wants to have her, at last, but she'll make her suffer, all the way. A major part of the plot was that I would get some new toys from a sex-shop up town, return earlier than expected and put those goodies to immediate use with them. Evelyn said I could bring whatever I wanted, as long as I won't forget a big strap-on dong. She said that when Karin threatened fucking her with a strap-on, she immediately wanted that fantasy fulfiled - with Karin doing it. She told me all of the little details of their visit to the lingerie-shop again while I fucked her, last night. We kept on talking, during our love-making, on how she will let Karin get her, what she'll let her do and what she'll do to Karin. We fucked like rabbits.

Inspite of the odd glimpse between the girls, some touching and parading, the day went great, but uneventful until I was ready to leave, at about 18:00h. The girls were at the pool, all day. Even after I got dressed. I told them again to not wait for me as it will be the wee hours of the next morning, I'll return. I kissed my girl deeply whispering: "Enjoy yourself!" into her ear, waved Karin good-bye and set off.
What has happened, while I was away, Helen videotaped everything. I will put it here to keep the chronological order:

"Now that Alex is gone, we can have a stiff drink! .... What do you think, Evelyn? .... I think he was a bit turned-off by my drinking, yesterday!"
"Oh no, Karin! He doesn't mind that, at all! .... He's the 'live and let live' sort. You should know that, by now."
"How about a stiff drink, then?"
"That's fine with me, Karin .... Helen?!"
"Yes, Madame?"
"Karin cares for a drink."
"What would you like to have?"
"A dry Martini!"
"Don't you know what a dry Martini is, Helen?"
"No, Madame."
The girls giggled and showed her how to mix a veeeery dry Martini. They took a whole big bottle of Vodka do do it. When the first glass was poured, Evelyn joined in and even had Helen drink a glass. Then Evelyn had an idea:
"Why don't we get dressed, while Helen prepares a quick, early dinner for us?"
"What a good idea!" Karin agreed.
Helen went up front with a tray of Martini and glasses and the girls followed suit.
"Madame, shall I help you get dressed or do the food?"
"Do the food, please. I'll manage myself."
"Yes Madame." She left.
Evelyn said to Karin, that she'll meet her downstairs in a half an hour or so and shut the door behind her.

My girl lay down on the bed and thought, while she was taking off her bikini-top, that she hadn't dressed, nor undressed on her own since more than a week, now. She pulled her bikini-bottoms off and spread her legs. The sunny day, the lack of food, the booze, even that little and the prospects of what will certainly happen this eveing, made her want to masturbate. Maybe only a little. She felt her naked pubic area, which was cleanly shaved by Helen, this morning and probed her clit with her right hand's index-finger. It felt good. She closed her eyes with her movements getting more longing. She inserted her index-finger and felt the insides of her pussy close around it. She thought of what Karin might do to her and what'll happen when I return. She thought of the mirror-image in the lingerie-shop and climaxed. While she calmed down, she continued caressing the out lips of her pussy. When she had recovered, she immediately thought of what to put on. I tshould be very sexy, but in a subdued kind of fashion. Like the first night. Sort of 'show and not show'. But would it have the same effect? She doubted it somehow. It might have been working for the first night, but she was sure now, that it wouldn't work tonight. Karin had too many clues to believe her being the shy one. She could still act shy towards women, though, but the lingerie-shop gave a lot away. She could play-act saying that she didn't know what had come over her .... She'd find a way. But all of those thoughts made her even more confused as to what to put on.

She got up and went to her dressing-room thinking: "What would Alex recommend? .... He'd say: What would you like to achive? I'd answer: I want to be seduced. He'd say: Dress elegant and sexy in a mix of light colours and black."
She went through her dresses and found what she thought I would recommend. It was a figure-hugging one-piece dress, very low-cut square decollté and about 3/4" broad shoulder-straps. It came down to an inch higher than mid-thigh and had a white bolero jacket with long sleeves, with no button, split open wide at the front, to go over it. As the dress was very tight at her waist, she decided to wear a waist-cincher made of black silk with integrated, equally 3/4" wide suspender-straps with metal-clasps, a matching 1/4cup bra and no panties. The stockings were a light problem: Black, white or tan? She finaly decided on tan, extra long fully fashioned stockings with cuban heel. These were the ones she liked the most, in every colour. As she liked her small feet, she preferred sandals. She decided on the thinest straped sandals she had in 5" stiletto heels. These straps had to be bound criss-cross from over her ankles up to just below her knees. They only had one thin strap over her toes to secure the fit and an extra thin sole. Because of her small feet, 5" shoes made her appear like walking tip-toed. You couldn't say where the foot starts and where the leg ended.
Dressed like that, Evelyn made her way down to the salon.

Karin was already there, complimenting her on her choice of dress. Karin was dressed in an also very short and tight red dress, showing an equal amount of cleavage to Evelyn. Her stockings were black and her 4", low-cut pumps were made of red silk.
"Those shoes! Where do you buy those shoes?"
"Everywhere, Karin. I'm always on the look-out for shoes. I buy them wherever I can find them. These are from Italy. I bought them in Milan. Unfortunately, they only had one pair in my size."
"They are a mere nothing!"
"Yes, they are."
Evelyn sat down opposite Karin, when Karin got up to pour her another Martini. When she had done so, she sat beside my girls and said:
"I love your stockings, too.", caressing the top of Evelyn's thigh feeling her suspender-straps through the material of her dress.
Helen came in with plates of some light food. Karin's hand flew off of my girl-friend's thigh and she moved away at a proper distance.
"I thought you might want to have your dinner here." Helen putting the plates on the couch-table opposite each other as if nothing happened.
"That's a fine idea, Helen. Thank you."
Karin got up and sat on the other sofa, unfolded her napkin and started to eat.
"God, that's lovely. Now I feel how hungry I was." Evelyn ate as well. Their dinner went more or less quiet and when Helen cleared the plates and poured some more Martinis, Evelyn decided that it was time to get it all started.
"It's still quite hot, isn't it, Karin?"

"Yes, dear. I don't understand whay you're still wearing this bolero. Take it off! That'll make you more comfortable."
Evelyn got up and discarded her bolero making her cleavage fully available to Karin's eager looks. When she sat down, she crossed her legs high and paid attention to her stockings making the swishing sound. She liked that sound herself so much. When she wanted to attract attention of some victim to look up her skirt, she always did it and it always worked. Karin came over to her side again saying:
"You look so sexy tonight."
"Karin, don't say that."
"Why not?"
"You're a woman!"
"Women are not supposed to say that to other women in that fashion."
"But it's true!"
"It's my normal way to dress, nowadays."
"I know and it's sexy. .... You have to agree to that."
"I like it that way."
"You don't want to say that I am the first woman who'd tried to seduce you."
"You are."
"I can't imagine, that you never had something with another woman."
"Not even when you were young? A girl-friend in boarding-school?"
Evelyn pretended to hesitate.
"Uh yes there was! I knew it!" Karin exclaimed in open triumph.
"Yes, there was. But we only kissed."
"How did it feel?"
"Quite nice, I suppose."
"Would you like to do it again?"
"You remember the other night, when I had my hand on your knee and you had yours on mine?"
"You said you wouldn't mind me doing it. Would you allow me to do it again?"
"Yes, why not?"
Karin lay her left hand on Evelyn's left knee, looking straight into my girl's eyes. Their heads were only 10" away from each other's.
"Does that feel as good as the night I arrived?"
Karin lifted her hand and put it on Evelyn's tummy, nearly embracing her. With that she moved closer to my girl. She whispered:
"Would you allow me to kiss your ear?"
"Is it important to you?"
"OK, then."

Karin moved even closer and the two girl's thighs touched. She bent down to Evelyn's ear and started to kiss it lightly. She then poked her tongue out and touched the small hair on her earlobe with it's tip. Evelyn felt a shiver go down her spine.
"I want to kiss you!" Karin whispered in Evelyn's ear.
"No.", my girl whispered back.
Karin raised her hand from Evelyn's tummy to her chin and with gentle force, she turned her face towards hers looking deep in to her yes.
"Kiss me, Evelyn!"
"No." it came loudless from a very hesitant Evelyn.
There was only an inch left between the mouths of the two girls, when Karin moved her head foreward to touch Evelyn's lips with hers. The two girls kissed like little school-girls. It was nothing more than a short peck. They looked into each other's eyes.
"Now, was that too bad?" Karin whispered, smiling a bit.
"Shall we try it again?"
The girls kissed again, but this time, Karin's hand went down from Evelyn's chin to lightly caress her neck and top of her cleavage. It was Evelyn to open her mouth to let Karin's tongue slip in. And when their two tongues met, Karin lightly cupped Evelyn's tit through her dress. My girl let her head fall back onto the back-rest of the sofa when Karin moved half-way over her, massaging her tit more demandingly, as they stopped kissing and Karin said:

"I love you Evelyn." kissing her again, deeper and more demanding, while she now pulled my girl closer to her with both hands around Evelyn's hips, her tits squashing onto each other's. Then Karin let her left hand drop to Evelyn's knee and slowly worked her way up my girl's stockinged leg. Evelyn again stopped her hand through the material of her own dress, but this time, gave in to the longing powers of Karin's attack. Her hand slipped by Evelyn's stocking-tops, trying to get down to her pussy, but my girl kept her legs closed.

"Darling, please. Let me feel you!"
"Take your dress off first." Evelyn whispered. Karin got up and slipped her dress of, standing there in her pink suspenders, black stockings, 1/2cup bra, panties and pumps.
"Do you like what you see?"
"Sit beside me."
"Yes, Evelyn."
"Now you can feel me."
Karin sat down beside her again, Evelyn spread her legs as far as her tight skirt would allow and Karin slipped her hand up her legs until she found my girl's honey-pot. As soon as she was there, the tried to insert a finger, but didn't succeed, as my girlfirend was sitting too upright. So Evelyn slid down a bit and raised her right leg, slowly, to accommodate Karin's finger. Karin immediately started fucking my girl and Evelyn massaged both of her own tits through the material of her dress, as breathing was getting heavier.

"Evelyn please, let me take your dress of."
"Yes, do it.", Evelyn whispered and got up. Karin still seated pulled down the zipand the dress fell to the floor.
"God, you ARE beautiful!", karin said when Evelyn turned around to face her. She sat down on Karin's knee rubbing her pussy straight into it, bending foreward to kiss her. When their mouths locked, Evelyn's hand went up to Karin's pussy, starting to finger her clit. Karin's bum was grinding circls onto the sofa. That's when I came through the door saying:
"That looks nice!"
Karin nearly died. The tried to cover-up, run or hide, but Evelyn was seated on her knee and therefore, she couldn't move.
"Karin, don't worry. Alex knows.!"
"He knows what?"
"Never mind!"
"Look what I have bought!", I held up the bag. Evelyn got down from Karin's knee and sat on the sofa. Karin still trying to cover herself. I poured the contents of the bad on the table and took a black vibrator, which I had assembled with battaries and all, on my way back, already, from the bag, switched it on and held it against Evelyn's clit.
"Ooh, that's nice! Try it on Karin!" Before Karin was able to react, I had pushed the dildo softly against her clit.
"Yes it is!"
"Come and have a look what else I bought!"
I had bought vibros of all shapes and sizes, butt-plugs, a strap-on and an enema. Evelyn spotted the strap-on, directly, saying to Karin:

"Won't you want to fuck me with that strap-on, Karin?" Evelyn got up and took it out of the pack, looking at it, couriously:

"It's biiiig! Come her Karin, get up!"
Karin got up and turned her back to my girl. Evelyn and I helped her to get into the straps, one foot after the other, when my girl pulled it up and closed it on the back. As soon as it was fitted, Evelyn reached around Karin and grabbed a hold of the plastic dong with her right hand and Karin's left tit with her other. She let her head fall back on Evelyn's shoulder, while my girl wanked the plastic dong and massaged Karin's tit, she whispered into Karin's ear:

"Would you like to fuck me with this, now?"
"Yes!", Karin hissed back.
"Then do it!" Evelyn kneeled on the edge of the sofa with both her hands on the back-rest and her bum up in the air. Karin moved in the back of her and guided the rubber dick to my girl's pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down her slit lubricating it's tip.

"Put it in!" Evelyn whispered. Karin pushed slightly forward and my girl let out a long groan. I took the opportunity to take all of my clothes off and stepped behind Karin, letting my prick touch her buttocks. She turned around, looking at me.
"I just put it in and you do the moving!"

Karin turned her head facing my girl's back again, when she received my dick. I pushed so hard, that I moved Karin forward, which made the strap-on-dong fully slide into Evelyn's pussy. The two girls let out a long gasp.

"Go on, fuck my girl, like it would be me!", I whispered into Karins ear and she started moving. I retreated a bit and soon fond the exact distance to Karin's cunt. It was heaven. I just stood there, Evelyn was just kneeling there and we both received our pleasure from Karin, in between, hammering away like a rabbit. Soon she started to produce sweat from every pore of her body while Evelyn and me were able to just relax and enjoy. I felt myself coming and pulled out of Karin. I went around the settee and put my dick into my girl's mouth. Small perls of sweat were running down her beautiful face. When my cock touched her lips, she opend her eyes and eagerly sucked it in. She changed her position to resist Karin's heavy pounding to rest the weight on her left forearm pushed against the top of the settee's back-rest and managed to grab my tool with her right hand. She immediately started to wank me furiously.

I looked up to Karin, who had closed her eyes . I could see the strain of her vigorous pounding build-up in her face, her body glistening of sweat. Her tits swaying with every move, spilled over her bra. Her hands were cramped into both sides of Evelyn's buttocks, with her finger-nails digging deep into my girl's flesh. I could see the dildo slipping deep into Evelyn's cunt with every blow she took. Suddenly Karin let go of my girl's arse and her hands flew up to her tits.

She took a nipple between each hand's index-finger and thumb, twisting and pulling them, hard. Her legs now became a part of her movement and her suspender-straps loosened and tightened pulling on her stockings, with every completed stroke. Evelyn's pure ass was sticking out, receiving the full length of Karin's strap-on, while her arse-checkes wobbled like jelly. Her tits were dangling up and down, to and fro, her stockings in wrinkles on the sides of her legs.

The view brought me to a painful orgasm. My balls zapped up like they'd been hit by the TGV. Feeling my spunk filling her mouth, my girl couldn't resist it any longer, either. Still sucking my dick, she climaxed with deep muffled groans which seemed to come from the bottom of her soul. Suddenly Karin stopped her motions and collapsed onto my girl's back, breathing heavily. I had to sit-down, fast, as I was getting weak in the knees. I sat on the sofa, right beside the girls, who were still in the same position.

I touched Karin and beckoned her to sit on my left. She opend her eyes and let herself just roll off Evelyn and over me to slump into the seat.cushions, beside me. Evelyn turned around and sat down, too, her head finding my right shoulder. With our eyes closed, savouring the moment, trying to regulate our breathing, I heard a short coughing noise. I looked-up to see Helen standing there, saying:

"Would you like me to serve some refreshments?" This instant, the girls opened their eyes, too, looking at Helen first, then at me, me looking at them and we bursted with laugher. Still chuckling a bit, I said:
"Please don't take it personal, Helen, but your offer wasn't expected, to say the least. But never mind, dear. It is a very good idea. How about some champagne, girls?" The girls cheered to it and Helen stalked off to the kitchen. The girls were still smiling, guiltily.

"Never mind, girls, she takes it well." Taking them both into my arms, I continued looking at Karin:
"Has your dream come true, now?"
"You knew it all along, didn't you?" I looked at Evelyn. She nodded her head, agreeingly. I turned to Karin:
"Oh you devils! .... All of this was a well directed plot! .... And I fell for it!"

Evelyn and I laughed. I insisted, jokingly:
"But you got what you wanted, in the end, or didn't you?" Karin, beginning to see the funny momentum in it, she replied:
"I got more than I wanted and I hope it'll continue until I have to go home again."
"That's up to Evelyn, not me! How about the offer, darling?"
"We'll see....", she said. Karin frowned:
"NOT AGAIN!" and we all laughed again.
Helen was back pouring champagne to three glasses.
"Helen, please, get yourself some champagne, too.", I said.
"May I?"
"Yes, go ahead, please!" helen left for the kitchen again.
"Alex, may I ask if she is part of your love-life?" Evelyn answered:
"What do you think?"
"Well, I guess she is ...."

"Well, I guess you're right!" Evelyn replied, smiling.
"She IS a beautiful little-one, isn't she?", Karin remarked.
"We are very happy to have her ...." Evelyn stated and I added: ".... every now and then .... and again!"
We surpressed our upcoming laughter as Helen came back from the kitchen holding her glass in front of her.
"As we are a big family now and putting special emphasise on the fact that we are all virtually naked, I'd say, that a fully dressed maid just doesn't fit. So, if the Ladies won't mind and I'm SURE Karin's the least to mind, I would ask you Helen, to please take your uniform off."

"Yes, Sir!" helen follwed the suggestion only too gladly. In less than a moment, she was standing there in her white 1/4cup bra, matching suspender-belt, black ff-nylons and 5" black patent leather pumps. It was no surprise to me, that her nipples were fully erect, but I was surprised, that she too had shaven her fanny totaly clean. Now I was able to see that her pussy was really beautiful. It looked like a perfect shaped coffee-bean. Karin was memesmerized by her looks and I sensed, that Helen fully enjoyed the attention.
"Anything else I can be of service with?" she asked teasingly.
"As to that respect, I have a million and one ideas!", Karin said, smiling.
"We'll see to that, later, MAYBE!", Evelyn pronounced every word clearly in a joking fashion.
"Sit down with us, for a while, helen!", I said pointing to the opposite settee.
"Thank you, Sir." She said down and crossed her legs high, looking straight at Evelyn. My girl smiled for all the attention she received.
"Cheers, girls!" I said holding out my glass over the middle of the table. Everybody met everybody's glass, we all smiled at each other and exed our glasses. Immediately Helen got up to fill them again. When she bent-over, her tits were dangling invitingly. Karin couldn't resist the temptation and cupped both with her hands, smiling at Helen. Helen froze in her move and looked at my girl and then me for approval. We nodded our heads and she slowed-down re-filling. Only drops came from the neck of the bottle, now.

Karin became more daring and got up to move around the short end of the table not letting go of Helen's tits. When she moved behind her, the strap-on dong touched Helen's butt and she jumped slightly, still pouring champagne. I cupped Evelyn's right breast with my right hand, my arm over her shoulder behind her neck, starting to caress her nipple. Evelyn looked at me and we kissed, while her hand moved to my prick. When we broke our kiss, we looked at the girls again.

Helen had finished serving the champagne and placed the bottle on the tray. She then turned to face Karin her arms hanging loose on either side of her curvy body. Karin took her face into both hands and pulled it onto hers. Their mouths met and opened to a strong, demanding kiss. Karin's hand moved down to find Helen's pussy. I could see her going for our maid's clit. When she touched it, Helen let out a small gasp, as in surprise. She pressed against Karin's hand, encouraging Karin to go further. Feeling that notion, Karin cupped her hand over Helen's pussy, her palm pressing against Helen's clit with swaying movements of her wrist. The girl's legs and boobs were touching. That's when Helen embraced Karin and slowly raised her right leg so high on Karin's body, that her knee came to a rest just above Kain's hip. That made it easy for Kain to insert her middle-finger into her cunt. Again, Helen let out a small gasp of delight.
My dong was rock-hard again and Evelyn straddled me with her back to me, enabling us to fuck, both watching the two girls making love.

Pass my bobbing girl, I saw Karin whisper something into Helen's ear. She then looked at each other and Helen shook her head, taking her leg off Karin's hip. Again, there was whisper - the same result.
"Why not?", I heard Karin say.
"The only one who ever did that to me and ever will, is my master Alexander!"
Now I knew what the whispering was all about. Karin wanted to fuck her with that strap-on and Helen resisted. Good girl!
I saw Karin shake her head slightly and started to deeply kiss Helen again, cupping her right tit with her left hand working on her pussy with her right. Evelyn looked at me over her shoulder. Her look saying that she tremendously liked what she saw. Matter of fact - it turned her on and she increased her speed fucking my plonker. I reached for her tits and squeezed them demandingly. She let her head fall back, reaching for her clit, ever increasing her speed riding my dick and frigging herself and I knew that she was about to reach her umpteenth orgasm of that very day.
When Evelyn came, I held back, as I planned to insert my dick into Helen, in a short while.
The two girls were just about to start a discussion with their 'temperatures' falling, rapidly, as I nutched Evelyn pointing my face into their direction. She looked at me and said:
"Go ahead and help Helen out, please, you're still 'strong'"!
She got up letting my still fully erect prick slip out and sat beside me.

"Go ahead, please. I want to see you fuck her. That'll make me ready for you again!"
I got up and went over to the girls. Karin immediately let go of Helen and I said:

"Helen, bend-over with your hands onto the table!"

She gladly did as she was told and I entered her, immediately. I took Karin's hand and roughly pulled her onto my body. I embraced her with my left arm and held her to me, very tight. She bent her head back and looked at me in disbelieve, when I ordered her to kiss me.

She looked over to Evelyn, who by now had her legs spread wide, moving the black dildo in and out of her pussy. Surely getting turned-on by the sight, she opened her mouth and planted it on my face. Our tongues darted out and we deeply kissed, while I started fucking Helen

. My right hand crept up to Karin's left tit, which felt wonderful in my hand, while her hand crept to the crack in my lower back. After a little probing, she found my arse-hole and pushed the tip of a finger in, slightly, waiting for my reaction. I could feel her sharp finger-nail, but I didn't care when I spread my arse-cheeks even further. She got the message and pushed for an inch or so deeper.

When she pushed, I squeezed her tit hard and told her to use her free hand on her pussy. I broke the kiss and looked over to Evelyn who was still jamming the dildo in and out, watching the scene. She had raised her legs so far, that her sandaled feet were upright on the cushions of the settee. I even could make-out her glistening arse-hole from here, wetted by her pussy-juice.
"Somebody .... has to fuck me, .... right now!", she pressed out under her breath. "Karin, .... come quick!"
Karin rushed-over. Her strap-on leading the way. Evelyn moved her body to lie with her back on the sofa, one leg over the back-rest and one on the floor. When she ordered Karin to get on top of her, Evelyn guided her rubber dick to her pussy and soon enough, Karin started pounding away, with the girls embracing in a deep, wet kiss.

I kept-on humping Helen, us both watching the scene on the sofa. The same moment I grabbed Helen's tits, Karin went for Evelyn's, taking my girl's left nipple deep into her mouth, when my girl crossed her stockinged legs over Karin's back. I felt Helen's pussy tighten and I shot my load deep into he cunt, hammering my tool deeper and deeper with every spurt as if I wanted my dick to come out of her mouth. She gasped and groaned in agony, cramping her hands around the edge of the table, when she's finaly let go. We were both shaking as my prick became flacid and slipped out of her wet box.

"I need a drink, Helen!", I gasped.
"May I have one, too, Sir?"
I sumped into one of the arm-chairs, half sitting, half lying, with my legs akimbo. I watched Helen pour two glasses of champagne and then my eyes went over to the girls on the sofa. Meanwhile Evelyn was fucking Karin with that black dildo and Karin was still humping my girl with her strap-on. I saw Evelyn's muscles tighten in her thighs and I knew she was about to come. Karin felt that, too:
"Evelyn - fuck me, fuck me!", she yelled. Evelyn sped -up her movements and Karin started to shout: "I'm coming, Evelyn, Evelyn, I'm coming!"

I saw my girl uncrossing her legs, straightening them up, her muscles totaly tensed and I knew she'll come any second. Helen came over handing me my glass when we both looked over to the sofa to see both girls mentally explode surrendering to their orgasms.
"Sit down, Helen!", I said padding on my arm-rest. She sat down and we both watched the girls trying to catch their breaths, totaly exhausted.

"Get them a glass of champagne." I quietly said to Helen. She got up and poured the rest out of the second bottle into their glasses. She took the glasses, went around the table and handed them to the girls who have gotten up to sit now.
"Thank you!", they both said, hastily drinking. When they finished their drink, Karin kissed my girl on her cheek and said: "Thank you!"
"The night is still long, Karin.", Evelyn answered and both of them smiled at each other and to the round, everybody raising empty glasses.
"Why don't we all freshen-up a bit and meet again down here, in exactly one hour?", I asked.
"That's a fabulous idea!", Evelyn said and the other girls readily agreed. Grabbing our clothes, we all went to our quaters.
I was VERY happy to be able to regain some strength over the next hour or so.

When Evelyn and I got upstairs, I closed the bedroom-door behind me. She dropped on the bed and I plummeted beside her.
"I can't believe this happening, Alex! If somebody would have told me just over a year ago, that THIS would happen to me, I would have thought him to be absolutely insane!" I smiled.
"And now that it happens to you .... ?"
" ..... I can't do without it! .... In former times, I had thought that sex was an inevitable menace to a girl's life. Can you imagine???!!!"
I just smiled and took her into my arms.
"Run the bath, dear."
There was a knock on the door, just when Evelyn was getting off the bed. I said:

The door opened and Helen looked in saying:
"Can I be of service, please?" She was made-up, her uniform was clean, she had new stockings on, her hair was perfect.
"Helen, how do you do it?", Evelyn asked.
"Madame, I knew you would need me. So I hurried. .... Shall I help you with your shoes?"
"Yes, please."
Evelyn sat down on the sofa and Helen took off her sandals.
"Helen, please select something for me to wear, later-on, would you? I want to have a long soothing bath with my Alexander."
I loved the way she sometimes said: 'MY' Alexander.
"Do you want to keep your underwear on, during the bath, Madame?"
"Yes, I guess so ... There are some stains on it, anyway. We can let it soak-in, this way."
"I wanted to ask you, whether I may wash your lingerie and stockings by hand, in future?"
"Isn't that too much work for you with all the other duties you have?"
"No, Madame, it's a pleasure. I can be close to you, even when you're asleep."
"I'm flattered, Helen. Please do as you please."
"Thank you, Madame .... Sorry, I'll be checking on your bath, now."
When she'd left, Evelyn said:
"She gets me wet talking like that."
"Look at me!"

My girl-friend looked down and saw my prick coming to life again. She came over to me, took it in her hand and placed a kiss on the tip.
"Since I am wearing my heels during the night too, it's funny being without them. Walking without, feels extremely awkward"
"It's your muscels in your calves shortening."
"Is that dangerous?"
"No, if you'd exercise."
"I'll pick that up, if you'll show me how."
"Consider it done, dear," There was a knock on the door.
"Your bath is ready.", Helen said. I took my girl in my arm and we went to the tub, slowly sinking in, side by side. We stretched-out, lay back and enjoyed the warmth. I lay my arm on my girl's body, touching her inner thigh feeling her stockings with my finger-tips.

"Can I just leave you for a second? I 'll have to get the downstairs in order."
"Oh yes, Helen.", I said, with a sleepy undertone to my voice. Looking at Evelyn with her eyes closed, it seemed like she felt the same: Sleepy.
When Helen returned, we were just stepping out of the tub.
"Sir, Madame?"
"I'll go directly to sleep, if you don't mind, Evelyn. I am so tired."
"I'll be right behind you, darling."
I put on my bathrobe and left right away to slip between the sheets. I must admit, that I went to sleep, immediately.
The next morning, I was woken-up by a soft knock on the door.
"Come in!"
Helen stepped in with Karin overtaking her, seemingly in a hurry.
"I have to leave today, now, imediately.", she hurried.
Still half asleep, I asked: "Why is that?"
"The company called. They'll be needing me in the office, today!"
In the meantime, Evelyn woke-up, too: "That's a shame", she said with little eyes.
"I'll have to love you and leave you right now, darlings. Thank you very much for your hospitality and ...." with a smile and a wink " .... everything else. I'll never forget the last few days!" With that she came over to our bed and kissed the two of us on the cheeks with a light embrace. She got up, left for the door, turned around and waved a final good-bye. "Taxi's already waiting .... I'll call you tomorrow!"
With that she was gone. Evelyn looked at me, I looked at her and we laughed.
"That was a real KARIN" I said.
"Sure it was."
"Let's go back to sleep, dear."
"Yes.", Evelyn replied stretching her arms out over her head.
I thought that we needed the extra rest, as the last couple of days were a bit on the strain-side.

We got-up late in the afternoon and when we were having a very late lunch, we talked about the things happened with Karin. "Isn't that talk supposed to get me horny?", I asked.
"Isn't it?" Evelyn asked with a curious smile on her face.
"Evelyn, do you know what raw meat is? I am afraid, that if I get a stiffy, my plonker falls of!"
"Oh, is that so?", Evelyn replied with a broad smile.
"Yes, it is!" I gave back with child-like stubborness.
"If that is so, we will have to call the nurse, don't we?"
"No! No nurse, no examination!"
"We will have to see what little willy looks like, don't we darling?"
"No, we don't! Little willy wants to sleep for the next weeks."
"Oh là là! .... For the next weeks ....?"
"What is little Evelyn supposed to do without her little willy over the next weeks?"
"Willy and I have no idea. That's final.", still play-acting childishly, but I meant it. My horn was really sore.
"Oh, I still think we have to call the nurse and see what's really hurting little willy."
"No, no nurse!" I said weakening. "What will the nurse do then?"
"She'll just examine little willy and soothe the pain. That's all."
"If that's so, when can she be here?"
"In an hour or two."
"If she doen't do anything else than that, willy and I agree."
"OK, let me just give her a call." With that Evelyn got up: "Helen, come with me, please."
They both left for the kitchen.
After about 5 mins, Evelyn came to the table again saying: "Helen just left to do some shopping."
"What'll she shop?"
"Groceries and things ...."
"Things ....?"
"You'll see, darling. When we finished lunch, you'll get up to bed and have a rest. I'll be with you, later."
Done as said, I went to bed and sure enough dozed off to sleep again.
"Ah, here is our patient", I heard a female voice say. When I lifted my body to sit, I saw Evelyn and Helen all dressed-up in just a touch too short nurse's uniforms complete with white stockings and white 4" pumps. Helen carried a platter with all kinds of medical instruments and various pots of cream. Very business-like they approached me: "Good morning Sir, we're here to do your surgery." With that Evelyn threw back my quilt, both looking down on me.
"I see. It's your willy. Isn't it, Sir?"
"I'm afraid so, nurse."
"Let's see. Nurse Helen?!"
"Yes, Nurse Evelyn?"
"Examine the patient's willy, thorrowly!"

Helen put the tray on the nightstand and took a flat wooden stick from a cup. With that in hand, she slowly pushed my cock from one side to the other, her head just inches away. So close that I was able to feel her warm breath on my foreskin.
"It looks bad, nurse Evelyn."
"We thought so, nurse Helen. Therefore we have to start the treatment before it's too late - maybe forever."
We all smiled looking at eachother, but stuck to our roles.
"The cause of the possibly indefinate malfunction might be not where we might first expect it, nurse Helen .... So please turn the patient around, that we can have a close look at the dark side of the moon."
"Yes, nurse Evelyn."
"Now we have to secure the hands and feet of the patient, so that he's not playing monkey while we do our work."
Flat on my face, I felt my arms being stretched-out and my hands bound tightly from beneath the bed. My legs were parted and my feet securly fastened, too. I never was into bondage, but this situation, I somewhat liked. My prick started to come alive and I tried to adjust it's position against my belly, but I was bound so tight, that I could hardly move. Then I heard Evelyn say something which froze me.
"Nurse Helen!"
"Yes, nurse Evelyn?"
"I think it's the patient's content which makes his willy feel sick."
"I think so too, nurse Evelyn."
"So we will have to clean his inside, don't we, nurse Helen?"
"I think so too, nurse Evelyn."
"Is everything prepared?"
"Yes, nurse Evelyn!"

"The it's time for THE ENEMA, nurse Helen!"
That's when my arsehole twitched and sweat was coming to my forehead. I muffled a major "NO!", but with no result at all. All I felt was a cold, little nozzle, like a small penis push it's way pass my arse-cheeks finding my hole, when I heard Evelyn say: "IN!" With that, the little prick was pushed inside me. Boy, it hurt, but when the pain went, pleasure started, as it was slowly pushed in and out of my rectum. My prick was getting very hard by now, to say the least, but still resting in a rather uncomfortable position. I tried to adjust it again and now, being fully erect, it sprang into the right direction. I closed my eyes in anticipation of more arse-fucking, when I hear Evelyn's voice again: "Now open the valve, nurse Helen!"
Warm liquid streamed into my guts and I felt inflated like a balloon, almost immediately. The feeling was irritating at first, but once I got used to it, it made me go wild.
"That's enough, for now, nurse Helen."
"Yes, nurse Evelyn."
"What's next?", I thought, "they won't let me hang about like this, would they?" A bit of panic crept up.
"Nurse Helen?"
"Yes, nurse Evelyn ....?"
"Untie the patient now, to see what kind of reaction we have to our treatment."
"Yes, nurse Evelyn"

The two of them untied me and turned me on my back. by that, I had difficulties in keeping the liquid inside me. Both looked down at my raging hard-on, when Evelyn said: "I think, the patient is cured. But before we can release him from hospital, we have to prove that his willy's full function is restored. Nurse Helen .... , please."
I watched Helen gabbing my dick and slowly putting her mouth over the tip. Evelyn, standing in the back of Helen, who kneeled on the side of the bed by now, slowly pulled Helens uniform up over her stockinged thighs and started playing with Helen's pussy. Helen moaned, giving me head for all she was worth. Evelyn pushed her own uniform up and started fingering herself with her left hand. Watching the scene, and hearing the girls moan louder and louder, I felt my orgasm build-up and before long, I shot my load into Helen's mouth and my arsehole surrendered to the pressure of an enormous flood.
"Oooh, what a mess!", I heard Evelyn say, "The patient's health seems to be completely restored, don't you think, nurse Helen?"
Coming up, she replied: "Yes, nurse Evelyn."
"Please run the bath and change the sheets, nurse Helen."
"At your service, nurse Evelyn."
When Helen left for the bathroom, Evelyn came to me, sitting beside me: "Did you like that, darling?"
"Yes I did, dear." She kissed me, smiling.
After the bath and a soothing massage, Evelyn got a cream-jar out, smeared my prick with tons of the stuff, wrapped it up in bandages and we stayed in bed for the rest of the day, watching TV.

Evelyn knew, that I needed a little rest from our escapades and continued to pamper me until the day we were set to go to Sardegna. I was really looking forward to that stay.
Touching down in Olbia, I rented a car and we went to my favourite hotel. A cabana, with a private beach, was reserved which had 4 rooms and a seperate and lockable room for domestiques. The sun was shining (what else?), the Mediterrainian Sea was calm and it was quiet. I missed that. There, it is so quiet, you can almost hear your heart beat. No joke! The girls loved it. They were hopping up and down like schoolies. I sat on the veranda and opened the complimentary bottle of plonk.
"Girls, let's drink to a fantastic holiday!"
We all raised our glasses and smiled at each-other when Evelyn said: "If you're ready, Helen, please unpack our suit-cases and rejoin us for a bit of tanning. How's about that?"
"Yes Madame, I'd love to do that."
Evelyn and I settled into the deck-chairs and looked out over the sea, saying nothing, overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery. After quite a while she said: "It's so beautiful - so quiet. I have never expected it to be like this."
"I told you, it's absolutely beautiful, here."
"Yes, darling, but it's beyond imagination. You just h a v e to see it." and after a short break: "What's that small island over there and the funny huts?", pointing with her finger. I told her all I knew about it, when Helen returned. "Everything is stowed away, Madame."

"Fine, Helen. Help me to take my dress off, please."
Evelyn got up and Helen stepped behind her unzipping her white summer-dress. Evelyn stepped out of it, standing in front of us in only her stockings, suspenders, 1/2 cup bra and sandals, all in white, when she beckoned to Helen: "Take your dress off, too."
"Yes, Madame." She did as she was told, leaving her in black underwear, tan stockings and pumps. Her pure white skin contrasted beautifully to the jet black of her lacy suspender-belt and 1/4 cup bra. When she moved to take-off her stockings, Helen butted in: "Keep your underwear on. You can have a sunbath like this."
"Thank you, Madame." she returned.
"Ly on the deck-chair now. Best is you stay in the shade, as your skin is very white and the risk of a sun-burn is emminent."
"Yes, thank you for the advice, Madam."
She pulled a deck-chair into the shade and stretched out on it, exhaling softly, closing her eyes. Evelyn seated again, looked at me smiling, forming the words "She is a darling" with her lips. I nodded my head in agreement. She stretched-out and closed her eyes, enjoying the small breeze and tranquillity. I looked at my perfect little girl and surrendered to the warm feeling spreading throughout my body. I lay back and apparently went to sleep.

I felt being moved and heard Evelyn say: "Alexander .... Alexander .... please weak-up. It's 9 o'clock. We have to get ready for dinner." I opened my eyes and saw Evelyn being dressed for the evening already.
"Oh yes, darling, I must have dozed-off."
"That's OK, darling. We all did. We have laid-out some clothes for you to choose from."
"Thank you, dear."
I got up and still swaying a bit from sleepiness, I went to the bathroom to have a quick shower. The warm water woke me up and I recalled Evelyn's dress. It was her white silk evening dress, low cut, barely covering her nipples, reaching down to end just above her knees. Skintight. With the dress came an overdress of some totaly transparent, black material, which was, from the waist down, slightly wider than the white dress underneath. She wore black silk opera gloves with it, black stockings and black high-heeled string sandals. As my plonker came up, I knew it was time for me to end the shower.
"Let's go and eat at the yacht-club, tonight.", I said while putting on my white dinner-jacket.
"Is it far away?"
"No, just a short ride."
"Is it nice?"
"Evelyn, would I take you to a dump?"
"No, Alexander, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way, you know darling, don't you?"
"Yes. dear, I know.", I returned smiling. "By the way, you look beautiful, tonight. Beautiful as ever."
"Thank you Sir!", she said, taking a short bow, shyly looking down. "If I may say so, you look great, too."
"Thank you, Madame."

It was a great Hello when I entered the restaurant. Angelo, the head-waiter greeted me saying that it must be 6 or 7 years ago we have last seen (he knows my ex, too, you know) and, pouring compliments over Evelyn, guided us to our table on the veranda overlooking the gigantic pool and the sea. We had a really fantastic dinner with sea-food and lots of Chablis and more drinks in the bar, later. Evelyn received the usual pop-eyed stares of the gents and at 2 o'clock in the morning we came back to our cabana, merrily tipsy. Helen was already asleep.
"Oh, Alexander, I promised to phone my niece when I am on Sardegna. Do you mind?"
"No, not at all. Go ahead."
She went to the bedroom to be more private and I fixed myself yet another drink, settling down on the setee puching the remote to the box. I was watching for about 5 mins when Evelyn came through the bedroom door:
"Would you mind if I invite Nelly around for a couple of days? We have enough bedrooms to accomodate her for a short while, don't we?"
"Go ahead, dear."
"Wonderful!", she said disappearing through the bedroom door again.
I knew that her niece had a daughter by the name of Nelly. As I never met her niece, apart from talking on the phone for a couple of times, I didn't know how she looked or even how old she was. Let alone, her daughter. I saw some old photos, mind you, but photos usualy don't come over as much as meeting a person for real. I any event. I like visitors and I have always had an "open house". So I was really looking foreward to meeting little Nelly.
The rest of the night, Evelyn was all figgety with anticipation, telling me about her niece and her mob, how much of a bad streak her niece's husband has and that they weren't for a holiday for the past 3 years and that she wanted at least Nelly to have a good time and blah. Well, what could I do but listen?

The next afternoon I found myself and Evelyn dashing to the airport: "By the way, how old is Nelly?"
"Let me think. Last time I saw her, she must have been around 10, 11 or so. So she must be 15, maybe 16 now."
"A very difficult age ....", I said.
"It depends on your hormones, darling."
I laughed.
"Let's hope she is over the worst of puberty."
"I hope so, too.", Evelyn replied slightly concerned.

We came to the airport a little late. The plane had landed and the passengers were through customs already.
"Where is she? Can you spot her?"
"No, it's been a long time, you know."
Suddenly I heard a voice just behind us saying: "Aunt Evelyn?"
We turned around and saw Nelly.
"Yes! Hello Nelly - you've grown to be a real stunning teenager!"
They fell in each others arms.
"May I introduce to you, my darling Alexander?"
"Hi Nelly, welcome to Sardegna."
Her smile deadened and she looked straight to the floor reaching out her hand.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Alexander."

Evelyn laughed: "Don't be afraid. He is born that tall and I promise, he won't eat you!"
Nelly smiled at Evelyn and turned to look at me. I smiled back and took the time to have a closer look at her. She wore a white blouse and pleated skirt, white knee-socks and college-shoes. All of that strongly reminded me of a japanese school-girl in uniform. Her hair was jet-black with a steel-blue touch and her eyes were as dark as the night.
"Give me your ticket Nelly, I'll get the lugage. The two of can go and get the car. How's that?"
"OK, Alexander." Evelyn replied and off they went.
I called a porter, gave him the ticket and trotted behind him. Nelly's stuff was the only left taking it's rounds on the conveyer-belt. One bag, one small suit-case, both a bit on the tatty side. Soon enough we were heading back to the hotel. I just drove and heard the girls chatting away like 2 monkeys on the loose.
When we reached the cabana, she was taken by surprise seeing Helen. Her uniform, her submissiveness. She eyed her up and down suspiciously, whenever she was close. That was at least what it looked like, to me. We spent the afternoon and evening in the cabana and had dinner on our terrace.

The girls still cascading away gigantic amounts of information. Most of the time, I wasn't listening, as the sheer speed of, in my eyes useless information transferred made me dizzy. I was just able to pick on some islands from the great sea of words:

1 - it was her birthday, just two days ago.

2 - she had no boy-friend (hear-hear).

3 - she likes Jhonny Depp ("Depp" in German means village-fool, just for your information)

4 - Blah and 5 - even more blah.

About midnight, I excused myself with the sentence: "I guess I'm rather tired, I'll hop off to bed, girls.".
"Oh Alexander, is it already that late?"
"No darling, I'm just worn-out. I guess the change of climate is getting at me. Sea-air, you know?"
"Say good-night to Alexander."
"Good-night Alexander.", Nelly said.
"I'll be with you in a moment.", Evelyn added.
"Never mind, you have a lot to talk about. Keep your time."
"Thank you, dear. I promise to be quiet."
"OK, then. See you in the morning."
That's when Helen asked: "Would you be needing me, Madame?"
"No Helen, it's OK. You may go to rest now."
"Thank you, Madame .... And you, Sir?"
"Would you mind giving me a little massage, Helen?"
"No, not at all, Sir."
At the bedroom door, we turned and waved at each other. Helen helped me undress and soon I was naked, flat on my front, face in cushion, expecting her expert hands with my eyes closed. When she straddled my back, I could feel her stockings and suspenders on my flanks, her shoes touching my lower legs. She sat down on my thighs, quietly beginning her massage. I let out a deep sigh when she first touched me. It was so good. After a little while:
"Sir, may I say something?"
"Yes, Helen."
"What do you think of Nelly, Sir?"
"Nothing much, haven't had the chance to talk to her, yet. She appeares to be quite a jolly little girl."
"Do you think so?"
"Yes .... Is there something you want to tell me, Helen?"
"I have made an observation, Sir."
"What have you observed?"
"I don't know how to put it, Sir. But Nelly seems to eat Madame with her eyes."
"Is that so? I haven't noticed."

"Madame hasn't noticed either, as Nelly is hiding it perfectly. You see, Sir, when I admired a client in the shoe-shop, I had to be very careful, you know. They would have sacked me, if a customer would have complained about me peeking under skirts .... Not every woman is as understanding as Madame. Anyway, it was different with Madame, as she is so beautiful that I didn't care if I was sacked or not.", she added quickly. I smiled.
"So you think that she's a secret admirer of Evelyn?"
"Yes, certainly so, Sir. I know what I'm talking about.", she concluded proudly. I had to smile again.
"What does she do?"
"Whenever she thinks she is safe and unwatched, she steals glances at Madam's breasts, legs and feet. By the way, have you heard, that she is majorly worried not having a boy-friend, while nearly all of her class-mates have one? I guess, I know why that is."
"So what do you think?"
"I personally think, that she doesn't know whether she likes boys or girls, Sir, and the way it looks, tendencies go to the girls-side and I guess that she's slightly aware of it, but doesn't want to admit it to herself."
"Is that so, Helen? You sound like a professional psychiatrist!"
"Yes, Sir. It is so and it everything reminds of me and how I felt. That's why I know."
"Are you jealous, Helen?"

"No Sir, not at all. She will go in a few days and I can stay.", she answered with her heart on her sleeve. "Besides, I am not in a position to be jealous, Sir.", she added hastily.
"Has she been eyeing you up, too?"
"Not really Sir. She was looking at my leg-wear occasionaly, but else, she is totally transfixed on Madame."
"So you guess that there could be something going?"
"Just one word, a small hint by Madame and she'll be flat on her back, if I may say so, Sir."
"Watch your language, Helen!", I replied jokingly stern and concluded: "Will you be telling Evelyn about your observations in the morning? I want to sleep real long."
"If you want me to, Sir.", she answered getting off of me.
"Yes, Helen. Now go to bed and have a good rest. Ah - before I forget. I heard that it was Nelly's birthday some days ago. Please ask Madame to buy her a nice present. Whatever she wants."
"Yes, Sir and good night."
"Good night, Helen."
It didn't take more than a flash in the pan to send me to sleep.

Just after noon I woke up and saw that Evelyn has left, already. I didn't hear her get to bed, the night before. I was sleeping like a log. I stretched myself, got up, looking for Helen. She was busy clearing the terrace of left-over dishes and glasses.
"Where is everybody?"
"Good morning, Sir."
"Good morning, Helen."

"They left to buy the birthday-present. Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?"
"Order me some kind of brunch. Sole nature will do and some bread. Pepsi light, don't forget. Anything special happened, this morning?", I added.
"May I order your brunch first, Sir?"
"Yes, Helen, sorry."
Helen went to the phone and called room-service. She transmitted the order, hung-up and turned to me:
"It'll be about 15 to 20 mins, Sir. Would you like a cup of coffee, Sir?"
"Yes, please."
She fetched the coffee and I asked her to sit down.
"So, what happened, this morning?"
"Nelly was up first and I served her breakfast. She was dressed in a longish cotton nighty and looked real cute. Almost child-like. Well, I suppose she still is .... After breakfast she asked me if it was OK if she'd wake-up Madame and I said, that I would rather prefer her to wait. I didn't want her to see that Madame sleeps in her stockings and shoes, Sir. So I said, that I would wake Madame up, in a short while, trying to gain time for Madame to wake-up herself - which she did - as about 10 mins later I heard her calling from the master bathroom. I rushed to her, did my duty in washing her and dressing her for the day. During me dressing her, I told her about my observations.

"Is that so? I didn't realise.", Madame answered.

"Are you really sure?", she inquired further. I explained, as I explained to you Sir and she said: "Does Alexander know about it?" I answered that I've told you already, last night. She further inquired what you had thought of that, Sir and I told her."
"What did Madame chose to wear?", I asked.
"She had decided on white underwear, but when she learned about my observations, she changed her mind to black."
"What color stockings?"
"Tan, Sir."
"Black, the strappy ones which criss-cross all the way to her knees."
"The black & white CHANEL costume with a white, silk blouse underneath."
"And Nelly?"
"A small cotton dress. Nothing to write home about, Sir."
"So they left, when?"
"Just about over an hour ago."
"Do you know where to?"
"Not exactly, Sir. Madame wasn't sure, as she doesn't know her way about, either. They grabbed a cab and off they went. Shopping."

The door-bell went and in came my brunch. I was hungry. Not just a minute ago, but when the waiter laid it all out, I felt how hungry I was.
"Check on Nelly's clothes and search through the stuff she brought with her. I want to know all about her."
"Yes, Sir."
Helen left for Nelly's room and when I finished my brunch, she returned, concealing something behind her back.
"You find anything interesting?"
"Yes, Sir."

"Come-on Helen. Don't put me in despair. Tell me!"
"I found THIS!" smiling at me, she produced something from behind her back. A very small pink VIBRATOR! The kind you use for rectal stimulation.
"How do we like that?", I said.
"It must be used frequently, because it still has her juices and perfume on it."
"Show me!", I said.
Helen stepped over to me and gave me the little love-worm. Clearly, there were the now hardened traces of her love-juices on the shiny plastic. The smell was wonderful. I felt my boner twitch immediately. Looking up to Helen, I said: "Where did she hide it?"
"Hide? No real hiding here, Sir. I found it under her pillow. She must have forgotten about it."
"So she's working her little pussy with this one. I wonder what she's thinking about, when she uses it."
"I think I know WHOM she's been thinking about using it, last night or even this morning, Sir."
"We'll see to that ....", I said and really meant "see".
I got up and went for the bedroom, getting my smallest vidicam out, making my way to Nelly's room.
"Yes, Sir.", she came rushing in.
"Where do we put it?"
"Oh Sir, what a brilliant idea!"
I smiled cheekily.

"How about up on the top shelf, there, between the books and figurines? Even if she spots the camera, she won't reach."
"Great idea, Helen." I checked on the power-pack first and then positioned the camera that way, that the whole room was in view from the aloft side of Nelly's bed.
"Now, Hellen, listen to me carefully. The tape inside has only 6 h of recording on 1/2 speed. That means, that you'll have to change the tape and power-pack every 6 h, at least. We have to let it run and sit and wait until little Nelly decides to retreat. We unfortunately do not know when that will be. So we have to just let the thingy run. OK? You are in charge to change tapes and power-pack. Don't forget to recharge the used ones! Understood?"
"Yes, Sir."
We checked on whether the camera could be easily spotted, but we were quite pleased with the way it was positioned. If you didn't know it was there, you had no chance to discover it. Helen put the vibrator back below her cushion and we left the room.
"May I have a look at the results of our little plot, too?"
"Sure, Helen." We smiled at each other in eager anticipation.

About an hour later, Evelyn and Nelly came back from their birthday-shopping covered in bags.
"We must have emptied all the shops, dear." Evelyn said.
"Sure looks like it.", I replied. "So what have you bought?"
"First, it's Nelly's birthday present." Out from a bag came a big pack with some kind of technical appliance. "A video camera! Alexander, please. Could you assemble it and tell Nelly how it's operated?"
"Yes, dear. Just hand me the pack."
Having had a closer look at it, I had to admit, it was top notch and something I would have wanted, too. The assembly was done quickly. I showed Nelly how to operate it and we plugged in the accu to have the power-pack charged. "It's a quick loader and it won't take long." I said. "So what else have you bought?"
"Some nice clothes for Nelly, shoes and women's things."
"Women's things????", I echoed.
"Yes, women's things.". I knew that I should not inquire any further.
"Why don't we put our new bikinis on and have a swim?" Evelyn said to Nelly.
"That is a wonderful idea, aunt Evelyn."
"Let's go and change then. Let's meet here again in about 10 mins, OK?"
"Yes, aunt Evelyn."
The two dashed off as there was the 100m final to win at the Olympics.

10 mins later, the two of them re-appeared. Evelyn had a mere nothing of a bright yellow bikini on. Her tits nearly spilling over her cup-top. She must have bought it at least one size too small. The back of her thong-bottom vanished completely in her back-crack, not to mention the virtual invisibility of a square inch of cloth at the front. Nelly wore a more moderate, colorful bikini which fitted her nicely and accentuated her great, youthful figure. She had a full B-cup bulging nicely in the cups of her top. Nelly had hughe problems concealing her admiration for her aunt. Evelyn broke the ice as she took Nelly's hand and the two ran into the sea, my cock doing a samba. I looked over to Helen. She was watching the scene, lost in little Worlds.
"I see what you mean, Helen ...." I said quietly.
I sat down in one of the deck-chairs and enjoyed seeing them play and swim in the sea.

A half an hour they were frolicing in the waves. Nelly kept on "attacking" Evelyn, giving her the chance to touch her up, sort of accidentialy. Evelyn in turn seemed to like it, as she has never been in any water, except a mutual bath, for longer than 5 mins. From the looks of it, they both enjoyed what they were doing.
I got up and Evelyn looked towards me. I waved my arm to tell them to come in. The last thing we need is Evelyn with a cold on her holiday. She said something to Nelly and they both left the water, pacing towards the cabana. Helen got some towels and approached the girls.
"The water is beautiful, Alexander!", Evelyn exclaimed.
"Rub yourselves thorrowly and ly in the sun to warm-up, girls."
"Has the power-pack loaded yet?", Nelly asked. I guess it was the first time she addressed me out of her own accord.
"Let's have a look."
We went towards the loader and to my surprise, it finished re-charging.
"It must have been pre-charged, I guess.", I said putting the power-pack into the camera. "You see how it's done?"
"Yes, Alexander. Please give it to me, pleeease."
When I handed her the camera she said: "For recording I have to press here and again to stop?"
"Yes. You see the control-light in the display, too."
"Thank you."
With that, she swirrled around holding the camera out in front of her, eagerly watching the external control screen. She immediately focused on Evelyn who has settled on a deck-chair. Side-stepping around her, slowly, she videoed her from all angles with little, nearly undetectable breaks when shooting from above Evelyn's head or from her feet, zooming in and out. Evelyn had her black sunglasses on so you could not see whether her eyes were open or shut. Her legs were slightly apart and her boobs nested high in their cups. There was no need to guess whether she shaved her pubic area or not, as the skimpy triangle which was supposed to be her bikini bottom, left nothing to the imagination. After about 6, 7 mins of that repeated action, Nelly positioned a deck-chair in such a fashion, that she was facing Evelyn. Up came the camera again and another roughly 2 mins of zoom in, zoom out was to be wittnessed, when Evelyn swung her legs up, to sit on the edge of her deck-chair. The camera still focused on her, she bent over to put her yellow sandals on. I saw the camera zoom in on Evelyn's feet, capturing every move of her closing the buckel of the shoe-strap around her right and then around her left ankle. The view down her cleavage must have also been sensational. My one-eyed snake was struggeling for freedom.
"I'll have a shower, now.", Evelyn exclaimed, got up and went into the cabana, making a special scene of her short walk. "Helen, you're coming?"
"Yes, Madame."
Rest assured, that all of that was on tape! I don't know whether it was just my imagination or did I spot a small wet patch on Nelly's crotch?
As soon as Evelyn was out of site, Nelly asked: "Will she be long?"
"No, not at all. She is the inventor of "splash and dash"." Nelly laughed.
"Nelly ....", I inquired, "you really seem to like your aunt, don't you?"
"Oh yes, Alexander, I really do. She is something special"
"What do you think makes her special to you?"
"She is so kind and good-looking. I want to be like her, one day.", she said dreamingly.
I thought, I leave it like that for the time being and touched another subject which pinched my curiosity:
"I have no idea about this relation-business, but she isn't really your aunt, is she?"
"I don't know, either. I just called her aunt as long as I can remember."
A minute went when she picked-up the conversation again:
"Why is Helen with her when aunt Evelyn is taking a shower?"
"Helen is our maid and maids are there to serve."
"Does that mean she helps aunt Helen to wash?"
"Not only that, my dear, she helps her dress, as well."
"You mean .... dress all the way?"
"Yes, undress too!"
"So she sees aunt Evelyn naked?"
"What's wrong with that?"
"Nothing ....", she replied a bit snippy.
"Are you jealous?"
The "No, not at all!", was coming a touch too quickly.
"Would YOU like to see aunt Evelyn naked?"
"What do you think?!", she snapped.
"You want an honest answer?"
"I think you do."
"Why should I want that?"
"Now this is a question only YOU can answer, Nelly."
With that smack in the face, I gave her a bit to think about. She went all quiet, lying back in her deck-chair, her new camera sitting beside her, untouched. I asked myself: "What worth is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the World, if there ain't sexy aunt prancing around in it all?" I smiled.

A couple of mins later, she asked: "You said she'll only be a little while."
"Maybe she took a shower and is getting dressed. Has a nap. Takes her time. Who knows? Free people - free World - free Willi, you know?" I thought that this little joke would at least make her smile .... Totaly off target!
"I'll go and have a look."
My "No you won't!" stopped her in her tracks and the "Don't be silly!" made her sit down again.
"Why?" she squeezed out.
"Is there something I should not know?"
"What makes you think that?"
"It's because you don't want me to look for her."
"What do you expect to find? Aunt Evelyn naked and Helen ...."
"No!", she interrupted my sentence.
I got up and went over to sit beside her. I put my arm around her shoulder and said:
"There's nothing wrong in admiring beauty, whether the source is male or female. There is nothing wrong in wanting to see somebody naked of any gender. There is nothing wrong in wanting to find fulfilment in one way or another with the one you admire. You understand?"
"I don't know, Alexander .... I think so ...."
"Shall I talk to aunt Evelyn about it?"
"No, please don't, I would die of shame."
"So I won't say a word. Promise!" we shook hands.
"Thank you, Alexander." She seemed to be relieved.
"You wait and see what happens, OK?"
To change the subject, I said as cheerful as I could: "Why don't you video the scenery a bit to show your parents what it was like when you return?"
"That's a good idea!", she said, picked-up the vidicam and started shooting.
"Don't move the camera too fast. The pics will get blurry if you do."
"Thank you." she shouted from a bit of a distance already. Waving with her hand. Looking out to the sea and looking back to where Nelly just stood, she was gone. "Ah well", I thought, "She'll be about somewhere happy snappy and when she's hungry, she'll return". I underestimated young Nelly, which was proven just the next day.

I enjoyed the silence, the sea, the skies and the breeze a little more, when Evelyn and Helen emerged from the cabana, roughly 10 mins after Nelly had disappeared.
"Helen told me what she's found and about the camera in Nelly's room.", holding her little hand before her mouth, grinning broadly.
"I have to tell you a little bit more about our young guest ...." I went on telling them about the conversation I had with Nelly and concluded: "I think, she is in love with you, Evelyn." Helen nodded her head noticably.
"You think so? I thought that she was just .... uh, let's say .... sexually curious."
"No, it's far beyond that point. It looks like she is transfixed on you."
"So what do you think we ought to do?"
"As usual, there is more than one solution to any given problem. Here is how I see it, including the remedy: 1 - We leave her be and to become an unhappy spoiled child and most likely a raving lesbian looking for a woman like you, all her life. 2 - We let her video you in all kinds of poses and let her masturbate on it until not only her battaries run dry. 3 - We all fuck her. That includes me as a the delagation for the male population of this World, to show her, that a good stiff prick is something else than a 3Volt pink plastic-torpedo."
After a little break: "What do you think, girls?"
Evelyn spoke-up first: "How about a combination of the latter two? We let her video me, we'll watch the results via the hidden camera and pick it up from there. See how it all evolves."
"That's a good idea, Evelyn." Helen nodded in agreement.
"So let's wait for her to pop-up."
"Oh, before I forget. What were "the women's things" you bought?"
"I bought her stockings, suspenders, bras, panties, the lot, without her knowing. I left her behind in a Café. I bought her some 3 pairs of sexy shoes and 2 new dresses, too. Everything her size. I checked it out before I went to the shops. Helen has seen the new clothes already and she approves. I will present her those items when we'll change for dinner, tonight. Fits the plan perfectly, don't you think?"
"And how!"
"Maybe she will be in for another surprise, tonight ...."
"I wonder what you're up to, Evelyn."
"I have a rough idea ...."
"I am very much looking foreward to tonight!", I added.
"Helen, how about some drinks?"
Helen fixed the drinks, when suddenly, out of the blue, our lost child re-appeared.
"Where have you been, Nelly?"
"Alexander said, I should be taping the views and so I did. Can I have a drink, too?"

The evening came and we all went to our rooms to change. During the afternoon, we managed to keep Nelly from retreating to her room to masturbate, by keeping her busy doing this, that and the other. It worked. She wasn't in the best mood, though. I bet!
"What's your plan, then?", I addressed Evelyn.
"Let Helen just finish fastening my stockings and you'll see."
Evelyn wore a beautiful black corselette with 1/4 cups and chose to wear black, fully fashioned nylons. A low-cut, black silk, shoulderless dress, 50s style was laid-out on the bed as well as 2 black and 2 white nylon petticoats to go under the flary skirt of the dress. When her stockings were fastened to her suspender-straps, Evelyn said:
"Bring me my black Negligée and Nelly's parcels, Helen."
"Yes, Madame."
"Guess where I'll be going now?" Evelyn said cheekily, while slipping her hands into her white silk opera gloves and putting on her nearly see-through negligée.
"I guess you'll visit a teenager in love to put some more heat into the oven."
"Will it happen?"
"Naturally not!"
"Good girl!"
"I'll take Helen with me. She should help the little one into the dress and undies ...."
"Best girl!"
Evelyn blew me a kiss and Helen quietly closed the door behind them.

What I report now, I saw on tape, the next day.
Nelly was striding up and down in her room obviously unsatisfied with the choice of clothes she brought with her. She tried one item on, looked in the mirror, pulled it off again and tried the next one. Then there was the knock on the door. Nelly opened it to let Evelyn and then Helen in. She nearly ate Evelyn with her eyes.
"Remeber when I went to the shops leaving you behind in the little Café?"
"Yes, aunt Evelyn."
"Guess what I have done?"
"You bought yourself some clothes, I guess."
"Only partially right. I bought clothes for you!"
With that Helen threw all of the bags and parcels on Nelly's bed.
"Yes it is, dear. Let Helen show you the items." Evelyn sat down in an easy chair, making her negligée part over her crossed legs showing some leg and consequently nylon. Nelly didn't know where to look first. Up Evelyn's negligée or at the items about to be drawn from the various bags.
"Helen, let's start with the dresses, first." and then to Nelly: "I have bought two dresses for you."
"How do you know my size?" Nelly shouted, over the moon.
"You told me, remember?"
"Yes! I do now!"
Nelly snapped the dress out of Helen's hands holding it tightly to her body, approaching the mirror.
"How wonderful!"
It was a bright yellow minidress with glittering applications around the waist.
"Next one?" Evelyn asked Nelly.
"Yes please!"
Helen pulled the next dress out of a bag. A black, equally short, shoulder-free number a touch too elegant for a girl her age.
"THIS I want to wear tonight, if I may."
"Certainly. I bought it for the reason. Would you like to try it on?"
Before she was thinking, she enthusiastically said: "YES!"
"Hold it, little niece. Before we try the dress, we have to choose the proper underwear, don't we? Guess what aunt Evelyn has done?"
"You bought me underwear?"
"I HAVE nice underwear, aunt Evelyn."
"Believe you me, dear, nothing of the kind."
With that Evelyn got up, looked Nelly into her eyes and parted her negligée high enough to reveal her stocking-tops and suspender-straps, moving her right knee slightly over her left. All in one motion. - Silence - . Smiling, she closed the parting and sat down again. Nelly still staring at the spot where Evelyn's thighs were, just a second ago.
"Helen, show Nelly what I bought."
Nelly came back to the real World, still carrying a dazzled look. Helen held a white suspender-belt up in the air:
"Ta-ra!" Quickly the panties and bra followed. Then she lay-out 8 packs of stockings in front of Nelly who stared with big eyes at all the goods.
"Is that all for me?", she stammered.
"That and MORE!"
Out came the black set of underwear and the shoes. Sandals and pumps.
"What do you say?", Evelyn inquired.
"I don't know what to say, aunt Evelyn. This is a dream!"
"Would you like to try everything on?"
"YES!" She grabbed some items and tried to make an exit to her bathroom.
"Let Helen help you, Nelly ...." Evelyn said in a voice which left no room for discussions.
Nelly returned to her bed, slowly.
"Take everything off, .... please." again that undertone.
Helen came around the bed to help her undo the zipper, smiling softly. Shy at first, Nelly let it happen. Off came her dress, her cotton bra and panties. Nelly covered her little boobs with her left arm and her pubic area with her right hand. God, she was shy!
"Take you hands away, Nelly." that sound of voice could freeze hell.
"Aunt Evelyn, pleeease ...."
"How are we supposed to dress you if you stand there all cramped-up? Now put your hands away!"
Helen saved the scene by softly saying:
"Let me help you in your new panties. Which set would you prefer? The white or the black?"
"As I am wearing the black dress tonight, I guess it'll be the black set.", it slowly came from her mouth with hardly any movement of her full lips, nearly soundless.
Helen moved quickly to get Nelly out of her predicament. The small tangas fitted perfectly. On came her bra. A nice 1/2 cup, which equally fitted like a second skin.
"Was it that bad?", Evelyn inquired.
"No, aunt Evelyn."
"On with the suspender-belt!"
"Aunt Evelyn?", Nelly said, fully back to normal, while Helen fitted her suspenders, "I have seen girls in magazines wearing underwear like this and I always wondered how it would feel."
"You'll tell me after Helen has put your stockings on, dear."
"OK", cheerful again.
"If I may say, I would suggest the tan stockings, Madame. The black would be too vulgar on a girl that age."
"You're right Helen. Tan it will be."
The stockings were fastened to the straps and Helen kneeled in front of Nelly to guide her left foot into the 4" sandals.
"They are so nice, Evelyn. Just like the ones you're always wearing."
"I thought you'll like them. Would you be able to walk in them?"
"I'll try ...."
Helen finished the second sandal and Nelly started to walk a bit shaky at first but every stride went better, with nothing left of her initial shyness. Evelyn got up and met her at the mirror. The two of them standing side-by-side examining each other's image, smiling.
"Now, how does it feel, Nelly?"
"Wonderful, aunt Nelly. The stockings are so cool and light."
"You look very sexy, my dear. Good enough to eat. Be careful tonight, there are a lot beasts wearing the perfect disguise of gentlemen out there!" They laughed.
"Do you find yourself sexy, too?"
"Yes, aunt Evelyn."
"Would you like to give your aunt a little thank-you-kiss?"
Without waiting for an answer, Evelyn bent down and kissed Nelly's lips. Long enough to point-out the difference between a peck and a kiss, but short enough to not overdo it.
"You liked that?"
"Yes, very much, aunt Evelyn."
"Maybe we'll kiss again, later tonight? Would you like that?"
"I really would."
"OK now, Helen will help you with your dress and we'll all go over to my bedroom to complete my dress."
The dress was put on in a moment and soon the whole crowd was filling our bedroom. Evelyn dropped her negligée standing there in just her corselette, panties, stockings and sandals. We all looked one way, only.
"The petticoats, Helen. Let's start with a black one."
Evelyn stepped into her petticoats one by one, alternating colors and then Helen helped her dress over her head, carefully, so that her hair-do, I'd call a moderate bee-hive, won't suffer too much. I jumped off the bed and said:
"Ladies, let's have a ball!"


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