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by DH (October 2001)

I am a lawyer, working and living in a European city of about a million other humans. I have a nice wife and kids but sex at home has been something we both take for granted and is boring and predictable. I would never want to hurt my wifes’ feelings – although I suspect that she “knows” that I get my hole away off-site regularly. In fact, I have had some very successful flings with two of her friends and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had spilt the beans or hinted at my sexual activities with them. Anyhow, it is not a problem, I think.

However, I am a regular very horny guy with normal and some irregular needs and I get what I want from a cat-house / massage parlour near my office on a regular basis – mostly on Fridays. Actually it is a very select place and you only get in by recommendation from another “ member”.

I have a favourite babe there, Amy, who is blonde, small: young and really athletic. She is always ready for me and makes the hour or so I spend with her seem that she needs the assignation as much as I do. We start with a shower and explore each others bodies and holes while she gets my cock clean and hard – so hard. We have no inhibitions and even piss on each other if we feel it horny to do so. We always end up with Amy offering her asshole for fucking.

It is so tight and luscious that I attack it gently first and then ride her ass hard and fast, bursting inside her, both of us shouting and gasping. She then sucks my cock clean which is a personal service I really appreciate and find incredibly erotic. I reciprocate by sucking some of my cum out of her cunt and asshole. On one occasion, I brought along some straws and used these to get further into her asshole and cunt and suck out all the sticky goo I had just planted inside her.

We have great talks and fantasies, some of which may seem a bit wierd but which get us off. For instance, how raunchy and cock -hardening do you think it is to fantasise about the actual amount of cum/semen/spunk which is pumped each night into cunts or down throats or even spilled down the front of young guys’ jocks as they wank furiously trying to get off. How many cubic litres of hot cum is spent in a 12 hour period? Think of all the millions of guys and chicks all over the world each night getting off and the thousands of gallons of cum going into all sorts of holes. It would float a ship. Any estimates?

Anyway, this Friday I arrived for a session with Amy, but she was not available. She had a sore throat – Oh yeah! From what ?

Claire, the Manager, said she was sorry that Amy was not there but she had a new girl, Julie, who was like Amy and apparently fantastic. She was very young and, as this was her first week, she was very enthusiastic. Amy had suggested that she should stand in for her and said that I would really like her.

Since I was as randy as fuck, I said OK and asked for her to be sent to me when I had a chance to get out of my sticky office clothes. I went to the usual room which has a shower; video; bar and lots of mirrors in the right places. There is a very comfortable low bed. I had taken off my clothes and had draped a towel around my butt while watching a very raunchy video of a couple of sluts getting fucked by two huge black cocks. I was stroking my own twitching cock.

The door opened but I didn’t hear her come in until I heard the lock click. I spun around and nearly dropped dead. Julie was standing there; barely eighteen; long black hair and slender long, long legs, slightly apart. Her tits were pert and she had huge aureoles and she was stroking one nipple which looked about an inch long. Her tummy, cunt and butt were just about covered by a tiny towel.

She grinned broadly and said “ Hello, Mr Molloy. I hear you are a regular. What would you like me to do for you ? “

I gasped. “Julie” was the daughter of a friend of mine who had recently been appointed as a judge. I had seen her grow up and had watched her flirt with boys and men at pool parties at her fathers’ house. I had thought absently how nice she would be to fuck many times but never thought that the opportunity would be mine.

“ What are you doing here, “ I stammered, totally embarrassed.

She laughed. “ Don’t worry, I heard about this place from a friend and I love fucking and sucking and it pays better then waitressing – with good tips too. I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. Do you remember last year at your house when I was at the pool with your kids and I was wearing hipster jeans? I could see you staring at me. Yeah, well, like Brooke Shields, I wasn’t wearing anything under them and when I saw the size of your cock through your swim trunks, I got so wet that I had to go in and change into a swimsuit and dive into the pool.

That helped to explain the dampness in my crotch to my mother when I put my jeans back on again. I wanted you so much then; to suck your cock and to feel its hardness and have you fuck me hard”

Julie walked toward me with a pouting sultry look on her face. So, so sexy. With one hand she reached up to stroke my face while her other hand took off my towel and grasped my very rigid cock. We kissed deeply, her tongue swirling around and her saliva flooding into my mouth. Her groin was pressed and grinding against my cock. A leg pushed between mine, spreading them with her knee. She let the towel slip off her and I saw that she had a beautiful bald cunt. After a couple of minutes writhing together she pulled me by my cock to the shower which she prepared. I continued feeling her young supple body. She bent over into the shower, spreading her long legs and showing her shaven cunt and ass. I stroked her cunt, gently first and she wiggled her ass backwards onto my fingers. One went in and then two. She was slippery from cum juices and the water spray as she pulled me into the shower.

She took some gel in her hand and started to wash and massage my now rigid cock and balls; over and under and all around the tip which she stroked relentlessly while kissing me deeply. I rubbed her nipples which were like bullets and slipped my fingers into her spread cunt. The water was warm and sexy, streaming down our bodies. She was so athletic and used all her young body to massage mine. I was nearly cumming and she seemed to sense this because she eased off a bit and took the shower head and started to wash my ass, rubbing her fingers and gel up and down the crack. I bent over a little to let her fingers wriggle in my asshole and bit by bit she got two of her slippery fingers in and began to vigorously move them in and out and around.
Julie took her other hand and started to stroke my cock and balls, I moaned that I was near to exploding, she hunched down and took my cock in her mouth and sweetly sucked it while fondling my bunched up balls. I told her I was on the way and she sucked and wanked the shaft harder until I blew a huge load into her young mouth. She took it all until some dribbled out the sides. Then she smiled up at me showing her mouth full of spunk. Then she deliberately swallowed and licked her lips.

“There, that’s the first one gone” she said. “ Now let’s have some real action”

“ Hey Julie, you are fantastic, where did you learn all these tricks? Fucking your boyfriends, I suppose.?”

“No, boys just cum too quick and all they want is to get their own rocks off. I like older men, like you who know how to really pleasure a girl – or so Amy says” she said with sly look.

“ I gotta pee first ” she said, “ Wanna see “, she squatted slightly, opening her legs and letting a strong golden stream of pee flow out of her pink cunt towards the tiled wall. I fell to the floor and she directed the flow over my cock and balls and most of the hot pee covered me, puddling on the floor.

“You like that, I know. Have you any for me?” she asked.

My cock was softer now and I could feel a build up of pressure. Julie, lay on the tiles and opened her mouth while I tried to get a pee going. Eventually, it came, not in a torrent but enough to spray over her mouth and face.

“Mm” that is almost as good as the cum” she managed to say.

We both held each other tightly and just stood there in intimacy with our golden yellow pools mixing and dripping from us. Then we both carefully cleaned each other with gel, me paying special attention to her cunt and ass and she to my balls and cock, drying each other with big fluffy towels.

We lay down on the bed. Julie raised her long slim legs over her head, holding them back, and spreading so that her beautiful bald cunt was open and pink. I raised her bum in my hands and wiped my tongue along her slit, flicking the bud at the top where her clit was hiding. She was making all the right noises and I licked into her cunt, spreading it with my fingers and using one finger to explore inside. She was so wet and trembling. Her clit began to enlarge and even go in and out of its little hood. I sucked it and played with it in my mouth. I just love the taste of pussy.

“Oh, Fuck, Oh please Fuck, she shouted, Fuck me Fuck me, Oh I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming. Don’t stop.”

A flood of her love juices began to wash my face. I though she had pissed again, but no, she started to thrash around and with one hand rubbed her clit furiously.

She suddenly turned over and put her ass up in the air in a 69. She grabbed my cock which was reaching for the sky, with pre-cum staining the sheets. She just began to suck it and wank the shaft as if she hadn’t had sex for weeks. I pushed my tongue in and out of her now slimy cunt and fingered her puckered asshole. She loved this and I began to lick it, lubricating it with some of the juices from her cunt. She wiggled and I pressed my tongue into her sweet ass which she relaxed to let me in a bit. I lubricated two fingers in her cunt and swapped them for my tongue in her ass. To my surprise, she pushed back and they slipped in. I pushed them in and out, she was lurching to and fro and sucking my cock like mad.

I shouted for her to turn over which she did and I shoved by cock into her dripping cunt. She frigged her clit while keeping her legs high in the air. I rubbed and squeezed her nipples while I rode her bucking body. My cock is quite thick and it filled her young tight twat. She was shouting and I was grunting while shagging her as hard as I could. My balls were slapping against her slim ass and I knew this was going to be a terrific fuck. She kept working her vaginal muscles to squeeze me and pull me back each time I seemed as if I was coming out of her cunt. She spasmed and spasmed, muttering “Oh God, OH GOD”.

Her head was going from side to side and she pushed a hand into her mouth moaning with sheer lust and pleasure. I was gasping with strain as I plunged in and out. Suddenly, I felt the load in my balls tighten and I told her. She pressed down on me with her cunt and I shot a stream of cum up into her and another and another. Her long legs were now wrapped tightly around my back. I fell on her tummy, my cock still pulsating inside her.

Slowly we relaxed, me still inside her :her legs fell from around me and her arms snaked around my neck. Her breasts were heaving and languidly we kissed. I could taste my cum from her mouth and she had the scent of her asshole on my tongue.

Disentangling ourselves and panting slightly, I went to the bar and opened a cold bottle of wine. Pouring out two glasses she noticed my hand was shaking.

“Was I very good for you” she asked.

“ Jesus Julie, you don’t need any encouragement, you are fantastic” I replied, looking at he long slim body lying on the bed with the wet and sweat around her cunt which was wide open. She has that gap between her legs at the top which is so sexy for men, where her legs did not meet and her cunt made part of her upper body, rather than been squeezed between her thighs.

I lay beside her and gently stroked her breasts, dribbling a little wine onto the nipples which I lapped off. She put a cool hand on my cock and fiddled with the top of it, just feeling and pressing. I could feel myself getting hard again and she knew it. She took a big swig of cold wine and reached down and engulfed my cock in her mouth, swirling the cool liquid around it. I began to feel very horny again and moved my fingers to her cunt and clit which was peeping out again. Young girls always have more sensitive genitals and their clits respond actively to stimulation. Soon she was writing and pressing my hand between her legs.

“ Amy says you like to fuck her in the ass” Julie said suddenly.

“Yeah, well, I, eh, sometimes, you know ” I was embarrassed now.

“No. it’s cool “ she said, “ I want you to be the first into my ass. I have been practising with a vibrator, but your prick is much nicer. Let’s get it hard again, “ she said, settling down between my legs and fondling my balls while sucking my cock with vigour. I needed no second invitation and I was hard in no time.

I got some KY which was always by the bed along with the usual toys and put some on my finger which I massaged into her tight ,slightly brownish asshole. More and more I got my fingers in until she was loose enough.

“On your knees, Julie “ I said, and parting the cheeks of her ass, I pushed my hard cock with KY against the entrance of her pleasure passage. She tensed a bit as I pushed the head in but told me to keep going. Bit by bit I got my big thick cock up her ass as she wriggled and moaned. When I asked her if I was hurting her she told me to “ Fucking get it in there hard” so I did, right up to my balls.

She was so sweet, her face in a pillow and her legs wide open to help widen her hole. I began to push in and out gently at first, and then she got a rhythm going and was groaning and pushing back against me. We rested from time to time and then I knew I was going to cum so I quickened the pace and exploded in the depths of her as, a stream of molten cum. She cried out and started to frig her pussy and clit.

When I pulled out, her asshole was stretched and somewhat red. I massaged it and saw the cum starting to seep out onto the bed – not the first or last time that would happen. She took my cock in a 69 position and began to lick it clean from her own shit and my cum. I licked her asshole which began to tighten up.
Again we lay side by side and drank our wine.

“That was fantastic “ she laughed, “ I’ll have to tell Daddy how good you are”

I nearly leapt off the bed. “ For fucks sake, what do you mean” I shouted.

“How do you think I learnt all those “ tricks” you liked so much? Daddy taught me. We have been fucking every week for the last year. Maybe we can have a threesome – or foursome since Amy knows all about it and is actually watching from the next room – she arranged all this”

At this the door opened and Amy came in naked except for a very horny smile on her face. “ Lets get dirty “ she squealed, “ I want some thick cock and young ass” moving to the bed.

At least, this gives new meaning to the phrase “ Here comes the Judge”

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