Monday, July 13, 2009

Toys for the girls

(July 2001)

Vicci and I were alone together one evening and were watching TV. There was a comedy on, and one of the characters was joking about the other one having sore wrists.

"It's not just men who get tired wrists from wanking" she said.

"Really?" I replied "You mean girls do as well?"

"Yes" she said "Fingering yourself can make your fingers tired, and when I......."Vicci went red but then carried on "When I use a dildo I sometimes get a sore wrist. I wish I had something that would do it for me"

"Do what?"

"Push my dildo in and out" she said, before bursting into laughter. A few minutes later she turned to me again

"You're an Engineer, can you make me a.......something to push my dildo in and out.......PLEASE"

The way she looked at me made it hard for me to say no. Instead I replied that I needed to know what she was talking about, I needed to see her use her dildo. Vicci laughed and said "OK you dirty bastard".

She knew that I didn't need to see it at all, I just wanted to. Can you blame me? I followed Vicci to her bedroom where she told me to sit down on her bed.

She pulled open a draw and produced a her dildo, a bright blue piece of plastic. She smiled at me. She pulled her trousers down and then step out of them and then did the same with her panties. She sat down on her bed and opened her legs.

I had seen her pussy before. But it was still exciting and horny to see her as she took hold of the dildo it her right hand and gently placed the tip at the entrance to her vagina. I watched as she pushed the lump of plastic inside her stretching her as it went. Then off course she pulled it out, then pushed it in again, in, out, in, out, in, out, she carried on like this for about ten minutes.

She took a few moments to get her breath back and then said "You have a go".

So I grabbed hold of her toy and felt her juices against my hand. I pulled the dildo out until only the tip of it was inside her. Then I pushed in into her, all the way in. Vicci gasped and groaned with delight as I pushed in and out.

After a few more minutes Vicci was ready to climax. She screamed as she lost control. Her pussy twitched and gripped the dildo as she came. I pulled it out of her and watched as her juices ran out of her.

Vicci got her breathe back and told me to undo my trousers and get my cock out. I did. She reached for my hard cock and gently teased the end of it the her fingertips. Before long she had her hand wrapped around it and was wanking me off.

A few minutes later I came, spurting my spunk over Vicci's T shirt. Vicci stood up and led me to the bathroom, where she washed my cock and balls off, whilst running a bath for herself. She asked me to do her a "big favour", make her a cup of tea.

So I went and put the kettle on. When I brought Vicci's tea up to her, she had left the bathroom door open so she could listen to her music. I put her cuppa down nest to her. She thanked me and said "Will you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Make me a pumping device"

"OK" I said "but you've got to pay for the parts and I want to see you use it for the first time".

"Done" she said. So now it was time to get a pen and paper and get thinking. The dildo (the end you hold) could be held in some tubing and held tight using a jubilee clip (the sort of clip often used to hold hoses onto taps). But as for the pumping? Well, the only way I could think of doing it was to use some sort of electric motor. If the motor turned a gear and that turned another gear then this second gear would be in line with the pumping motion. An arrangement of levers could turn the rotary movement of the motor into a back and forth type motion.

A few days later Vicci and I went shopping. We picked up some flexible tube from a DIY store and then went to a shop that did model trains and the like and bought a small (but not too small) motor, and some parts to produce the pumping movement and a load of rechargeable batteries. Vicci already had a charger.

Then it was time to pick up some superglue and a plastic box to build the whole thing in. We now had a design, we had the part, now to build and test it. I spent several hours drilling holes in the box, fixing the motor in place, putting the gears in place and putting the parts in to make the pumping movement. Vicci brought me a cup of coffee and a cake (nice of her!) and mumbled something about speed control. So off to the model shop I went again, buying a few bits and bobs, including a variable resistor for a cheap speed control.

The back to the house, and back to building. I joined the bit of metal that did the pumping to a short length of tube that went through a hole in the side of the box. Then on went the jubilee clip. I put the battery holder in the opposite end and wired up the motor, using a simple potential divider to vary the speed. I put the batteries in their holder and switched in on. The tube pumped back and forth.

I turned the variable resistor, The pumping action slowed down and sped up as I turned it. I drilled a pair of hole in the lid and fixed the switch and variable resistor to it, marking S and F at the base of the knob for sped control for Slow and Fast. Finally I screwed the lid on. There it was. Voila. I went and told Vicci and she said that she would test in that evening, when our other housemates were out.

Finally after about nine in the evening we were alone. Vicci came into my room with her dildo in her hand. I explained to her how it worked and placed the dildo inside the tube. I turned it on and Vicci smiled as her dildo moved forward and backward. She placed her fingers around it to see how it would slide. She laughed as it slid in and out her fist. She played with the speed control and saw how she could vary the speed.

"Very good" she said. "Thanks for making it. I suppose I'd better test it?" she teasingly rubbed herself.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" I said. "The proof of the pumping is in the wanking!" she giggled.

Vicci pulled off her T shirt to reveal her nice tits. She unzipped her trousers and took them off. She slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them and then walked over to my table and sat on it and opened her legs. I passed her the device and she gingerly pushed it towards her until the tip of her dildo was just inside her vagina. Vicci turned the switch on and her dildo started sliding in and out of her.

After a few minutes she was enjoying it so much she turned the speed up. The dildo slid in and out faster, as it slid out it caused her juices to splash. She gripped the table with her feet as she gasped with delight. A couple of minutes later she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I looked back at her smiling face as her dildo slid in and out of her. Suddenly she screamed as she came, her whole body shaking with delight. She turned the device off and pushed it back, pulling the dildo out of her.

She stood up and walked over to me. "Its great. Thankyou" she said.

Vicci crouched down and got my hard cock out. Without any delay, she pushed her mouth over, running her tongue over my glans. I felt her tongue and lips caressing my penis and she started to suck.

A minute later it was all over, and I came in her mouth. She swallowed the lot. We tidied ourselves up and Vicci got dressed and took her new toy up to her bedroom. In the next couple of months I made similar toys for other girls that Vicci knew, Lucy, Julie, Naomi and Sara.

I hope they like it as much as Vicci did. As for me, well, it was alright designing and building it, but testing it was fantastic!!

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