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Maree’s Fantasy

by Kevin
(August 2001)

Maree and Vince were a very loving couple. After 20 years of marriage they thought themselves fairly open-minded in there own sexual desires for each other. They had even discussed the thought of getting a webcam and having a little bit of fun with it.

Vince and Maree talked about and eventually turned the camera on and gave a shot at entertaining the Internet with some sexy play. Maree enjoyed the thought of so many men looking and watching her naked body especially when she masturbated.

Thoughts of having several guys please her at one time was becoming something that occupied her thoughts during most of her waking hours. Maree and Vince talked about the fantasy of having three or four guys fuck Maree at one time. Maybe Vince wanted it to happen more than Maree did but not likely. He would tell her about how these men would meet and seduce her into the ultimate sexual pleasure.

The images and hormones took their toll on both because soon the talk went from fantasy to reality. One night, Vince and Maree had gone to a party that was being held by some of his friends. The party was not a formal affair but not a jean and T-shirt bash either. Vince told Maree that the party was to celebrate how well the company’s profits had risen the previous years. The company booked the ballroom at the best hotel in town and had all of the food catered. A band was hired and a dance floor was built so everyone could dance.

On the big night Maree dressed into a wispy sky blue dress. The front was low cut so that the cleavage of her 34c tits were accented. Vince really liked the dress because even after having 3 kids, her beautiful body filled the outfit in a very sexy way. Her hazel eyes and her golden brown-blonde hair were set off remarkably by the color of her dress. She seamed to radiate a sensual glow.

Vince could not keep his hands off her as they drove to the hotel. More times than she could count she felt his hand sliding up her thigh and touching her pussy through the silk panties she wore. Her panties were soaked and ached to be pulled opened and his finger dive into the wetness that consumed her. The drive being at least 30 minutes long Maree pulled her panties off and allowed Vince full access to her swollen pussy lips to finger her as he wished. It did not take very long and Maree was grinding her hips to the rhythm of his hand and was moaning her pleasure. Her body shook and she released her orgasm onto his hand.

She removed him and brought his fingers to her mouth and cleaned each finger lovingly with her tongue and mouth. Just as she finished, they arrived at the hotel and found a spot to park.

Maree retrieved her discarded panties and realized that they were so soaked that there was no way that she could be comfortable. Vince told her that her thigh high stocking would have to be enough and to not worry. Maree worried anyway due to the fact that her dress was short and did not come to her knees. She knew that if there was a slight breeze it would rise up and anyone looking might get a shot of her bare ass or even her still wet pussy.

She commented to Vince her concern and he said that it was too late to return home and that since she was somewhat of an exhibitionist it might be fun to watch the guys faces who did get a free peak. Maree’s nasty thoughts of teasing some unsuspecting guys might be fun and titillating; seeing tents come up between the legs of men she barely knew was now very interesting to her.

Vince and Maree walked into the room and discussed where they would sit. There were tables set up that allowed eight people to be seated with comfort. The band was scheduled to start after dinner and the obvious speeches by the bosses. They were sitting with six other people at the table who Maree did not really know but Vince introduced them all to her.

After dinner the bosses all made their speeches and then the band started. Both drank champagne like it was going out of style and danced the night away. It was getting very late and a lot of the people were gone. There was only a handful of people left who were mostly single men and some had their dates.

They had both forgotten about the discarded panties back in the car. At one point Maree twirled and realized what she was showing to the group of people who were actually paying attention.
Maree decided that it was time to leave due to her embarrassment of giving a real show to the crowd. As they walked off the dance floor Vince noticed the looks his gorgeous wife was attracting.

He whispered into her ear what he saw and asked she wanted to really act on the fantasy of turning on several guys at once. A twinkle came to her eyes. The alcohol made her brave and she thought why not flirt and tease these guys a little. They returned to the dance floor where a few guys were seated together by themselves. There was a slow song starting so they embraced with Vince’s arms wrapped around her waist.

As the song played Vince raised the back of her dress so the guys could get a look at her very luscious ass. Just before the tune was over he suggested that she go and have a seat between the guys and he would head off towards the restroom.

Once the song concluded Vince did as he said and Maree stood for a moment and wondered if she should really do this. The concern she felt quickly disappeared as one of the men from the table approached her and asked if she would dance with him. She said that she was tired and that she wanted to sit down for a moment but that after that song was over she would. She was escorted back to the table and given a chair between the men.

She nonchalantly looked around to see what effect she might be having on them. She noticed that each man was fully erect and they were trying to hide their erections by crossing their legs.

Maree smiled and knew she had been the reason. She felt her pussy begin to get wet and she was aroused to the point where she knew that if she did not get up she would have a very noticeable wet circle on the back of her dress. She reached for the guy who asked her to dance and told him it was time for some fun.

This guy sprang to his feet and walked to the dance floor with Maree, hand in hand. Again there was another slow song starting and she embraced him around his neck. Maree noticed his strong shoulder muscles and wondered if everything was as strong.

During the dance she began to feel his manhood rise to attention as he pulled her as close to him as possible. Maree watched for Vince to return from the restroom, cause she had a surprise for him.

Maree saw Vince walking back to where she was. She turned her dance partner around a little so that Vince could she her reach down and squeeze the erect cock being sported in his pants.

Vince stopped dead in his tracks he was amazed. They had talked about her having sex with other guys but this looked like it might happen. Vince felt a twinge of jealousy but that was quickly drowned out by the sight of that guy reaching down and grabbing her ass under the dress. Maree danced like this until the end of the song when she gave him a deep soulful kiss and shared her tongue with him. She thanked her dance partner and walked to Vince. She grabbed Vince’s hand, kissed him on the mouth and said let’s go home.

On the drive home Maree told Vince of what it felt like dancing with the stranger. How strong he felt, the tenderness of his embrace and how good his cock felt in her hand. She commented that she had never been so aroused as when she kissed the guy knowing that she had only been with other guy before she met her husband.

She had never wanted to be with another man alone but the thought of pleasing this guy and more was really getting her hot. Once home, the door to the house was not even closed yet as they began to rip the clothes from each other leaving a path a discarded articles from the door to the bedroom.

They danced at the foot of the bed slowly as she parted her legs slightly to allow his swollen dick to protrude in between her legs. She could feel all 6 _ inches rub against her pillowy pussy as it was trapped there for her pleasure.

Her wetness, dripping like a faucet, covered him and he began to slide in and out with ease. He moaned as he felt his orgasm begin to rise in his loins. He pushed her to a seated position on the edge of the bed holding his cock inches from her waiting mouth. Her lips stretched open and engulfed him in one easy move. Feeling him deep within her throat. Her tongue moved up and down his shaft as she fucked him with her mouth. Vince’s held fell backwards as he was in total heaven. He always knew she sucked his cock better than any woman he had ever known but now she was hungry for it. She sucked so hard that he thought it would be pulled right off from his body.

He wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard. He did not want to cum in her mouth and waste the excitement that was shaking the very foundation of his love for her. He pulled away and she laid back on the bed. Spreading her legs open he climbed on top and guided his cock toward her eagerly waiting pussy. He could feel the heat she was radiating from between her legs and he knew this was going to be the best fuck either one of them had ever had. She was so wet that he entered her all the way down. He could feel himself reach bottom as he touched her cervix.

She exploded with a shuddering orgasm after only a few strokes. Her pussy grasped him tighter with each convulsion of her body. This was so exciting to Vince that he lost his load deep within her. He shot so hard that she screamed her enjoyment of the sensation with each jet of his cum. This took all of the energy that they had and Vince fell on top of her exhausted. They fell asleep like this till early the next morning.

The next morning they awoke and talked about what had happened the night before. Maree told Vince that she had been so turned on by the thought of those guys being aroused that she really wanted to fulfil the fantasy they had. She said that while she sat between those men she thought how good it would feel to have them fill every hole she had and use her anyway they wanted while he watched.

Vince thought how sexy Maree would look while she pleased three or four guys at one time. They discussed how they could make this happen and Maree suggested that next Friday night was his weekly poker game with some of the guys from his softball team he had played on a year ago. Vince agreed and the night was planned.

All week Maree was constantly wet from the thought of the up coming night. The day finally arrived and Vince set up the card table and the four chairs as usual. Maree was busy trying to decide what she would wear for this special occasion. She decided that a very short black skirt and halter top was in order. Bra and panties were not something she thought about.

She wanted something that was revealing and easily shed when the time came. One by one the guys arrived and took their places around the table. Maree knew all the guys and never really thought about them until now. She thought they were all good looking men and she craved them all. The game started as normal and after awhile they wanted more beer and snacks. Vince called for Maree and asked her to get more drinks for the guys.

When Maree returned, they all noticed that her nipples were standing erect and that her breasts were hanging low in the halter top which allowed them all a good view as she leaned over the set the drinks down. One by one she passed the drinks to each guy making sure that they all got to see her tits. Next she arrived with bowls of snacks for each guest and once again passed them out individually to each. This time she noticed the bulges the men were sporting between their legs.

This continued for an hour as the men were asking for more beer before they even finished the ones that they had. They all wanted to see her prance and strut around them showing her body off. Maree was getting a little drunk herself from sharing the drinks. Maree told Vince that he should make the game interesting in that if he won a hand she would get under the table and give him a blowjob.

This shook the unsuspecting guys, as they wanted to see Maree get on her knees and suck him. The next hand was very easy for Vince as he won with no effort at all. True to her word, Maree climbed under the table and gave Vince a blowjob making sure that everyone could see. After a few moments she stood up and said who ever won the next hand got a blowjob for themselves. Vince purposely lost the next hand and Maree orally rewarded the winner. Maree was so turned on by this that she exclaimed how hot it was and that she was going to take her clothes off so that she would be more comfortable.

Her nakedness was wonderful as she throw her clothes into a corner of the room not caring really where they landed. Maree now proceeded to tell the group that she thought she should give a very special award to the man who won the next hand. Kind of an all or nothing hand. She said whomever won got to fuck her right in front of everyone. The guys got a little scared at this.

The blowjobs they thought were just fun and ok with Vince since he got one also but now they all looked at Vince to see his reaction. They just knew he was going to explode and kick everyone out of his house if they even thought about seriously fucking his beautiful wife. Vince just smiled and said, “May the best man win”.

Vince threw his cards in quickly and watched as he wondered who would be the first to have the pleasure of his wife. The winner was declared and true to her word Maree laid on the table and invited her winner for a good fuck.

The man directly across from Vince got up from his chair and pulled his pants down to reveal what she thought a very nice cock. She took hold of him and guided him into her pussy.

She could feel his entire length slowly delving into her. This was heaven to her as he moved in till she could feel his ball touch her ass. She began to fuck him harder till she thought the table would collapse. She suggested that she get on the floor so he could pound her pussy as hard as he wanted. When she got up the other two guys had removed their pants as well and were stroking their meat. Vince was just sitting back and watching what his wife was doing.

Once on the floor she took the guy back into her eager pussy panting and moaning. She could feel her orgasm beginning to come to the front of her thoughts. She yelled that she was cumming and to fuck her harder and faster.

She wanted all of this man including his sperm. Suddenly she was about to scream at her own orgasm than she felt a cock enter her mouth.

This sent her over the edge. She could hardly breath as she tried to take the dick into her throat feeling the veins of this very hard and thick cock. She was cumming again when the man on top of her began to tense and thrusted his cock as hard and deep as he could into her. He erupted in her and filled her to overflow. His semen was dripping out of her cunt as the cock in her mouth exploded. Sending hot streams of jism down her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Both men pulled away from her and commented on how good she was to please both men. She said that was not all as she reached for the third guy and said, “three holes……no waiting”.

She no wanted to have all three men in her, pleasing her as she did the same for them. She knew this was going to be tough but more exciting as they moved towards her. One man helped her move so that she was on her hands and knees over him. She plunged down hard on his cock holding it there feeling how he filled her pussy.

The man who dropped his cum inside her pussy moments earlier moved behind her and began forcing his still wet cum covered cock into her ass.

Both men could feel each other through only a thin membrane of skin while she felt completely full of man meat. The men began to move slowly trying to find a rhythm that suited for fucking her as hard as possible. The third stood infront of her and offered up his cock to be sucked and finish filling her.

Maree did not even get started moving around as she began to climax. Over and over she came wave after wave enveloped her body.

One by one the men were cumming in her. There was so much cum inside her that she could not contain it all. Cum was dripping from every part of her body.

By now Maree was totally exhausted and very satisfied even to the point of soreness. The men all removed themselves from her total spent also. Maree laid on the floor rubbing the cum from her body into her skin and licking some from her fingers as the men all got dressed. Each bent over and kissed her good night and thanked her for the pleasure she gave to each of them. Vince showed them to the door where they all exited with only a few short words of how much they thought Vince was so lucky as to have such a sexy and entertaining hostess.

Vince re-entered the room where Maree was still spread out on the floor. He helped her to stand and took her to the shower where he washed her body clean from the now drying semen.

She kissed him hard on the lips darting her tongue deep into him. Once she was clean he led her to the bed where she asked him what he thought of her getting banged by his friends.

He told her that he had never been so aroused that he took his cock out of his pants and was jacking off at the sight her getting fucked so hard by three men.

He said he came twice shooting his own cum onto the card table and soaking the cards. They fell asleep together wrapped in each other’s arms and dreaming what they could do next.

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