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Alexander and Evelyn - Part 2

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by Alexander (September 2001)

"The neighbour's little-one - your faaaan!" Evelyn smiled and Helen was busy. I told her that he ran away when I approached the door.
"What a silly bugger!" my girl said. That's exactly what I said, I returned.
"How are you getting along with unpacking?"
"Fine!", Helen said, "We're nearly done!"
"That's fast! The additional hand already shows.", I remarked.
".... and she is so quick. AND: You tell her once and you'll never have to tell her again. That's at least what it looks like.", Evelyn praised.
"I'll have a bath, after we're done. Would you join me?"
"That's a great idea, Evelyn! I could do with some relaxation .... And what about you, Helen? Feeling a bit worn-out?"
"No Sir, thank you Sir .... If Madame would wait until I'm finished here, I could help her to undress."
"That's a fine idea. Call me when you're ready."
"Yes, Madame."
"Oh Helen, by the way, we'll be going to London tomorrow, to get you some uniforms. And then, I'm sure, Madame will buy you some new underthings to wear."
"You're too kind, Sir .... Will it be a real maid's outfit? Like you sometimes see in the movies? I think the call it french maid's dress?"
"Yes, would you like that?"
"I would LOVE it, Sir."
"You're booked!"
"Thank you so much, Sir and Madame!"

Evelyn hooked her arm under mine and we went downstairs.
When we were on eye-level with the ceiling, we could see our little peeping-tom peering through the window again. As soon as he saw us, he fled again. Evelyn and I looked at each other and laughed.
"He's a peeping-tom!", I said.
"Good for us." Evelyn answered.
"I don't think so." I returned.
"Why's that?"
"Look! This little prat is our neighbour's son. We have to live with those 'dee-duhs' as long as WE want to live here. I do not intend to move, in the foreseeable future. To be real frank, I don't trust that little bastard as far as I can throw him! Take this scenario: If you'd do something with him and his parents find-out, they'll call the cops. That's for sure, a dead cert! You can tease him a bit, but that'll be all. Understand?"
"Yes, you're right. Didn't look at it, that way. It IS dangerous."
"What we are doing might be alright for us and for the third parties we're doing it with, but in front of the law, we don't stand a bloody chance!"
"Yes, you're right."
"Where's no plaintiff, there's no judge. BUT! If there are plaintiffs and even if one of them is only a 15-year-old, there will be JUDGES!"
"We have to be careful in what we're doing." Evelyn commented.
"No, dear. It's not WHAT we do, it's with WHOM! .... Did you like sex with those youngsters in Mallorca?"
"So you think you want to do something like that again?"
"Better today, than tomorrow."
"Would peeping-tom be ideal for you?"
"Wouldn't touch him if he'd be the only one left."
"There's my girl! .... I guess you'll better go upstairs now and tell Helen. We've got keep her clear of the firering-line, as well! Call me when the bath is ready." She kissed me and in her uncompareable hip-swaying walk she went upstairs.
I watched tv until I was called upstairs.
"We're in the bath!" Evelyn shouted.
As I entered the bath, I saw Helen pull her zip down.
"Hurry, dear!"

I shed my clothes in no time, stepped into the water and continued watching Helen undress my girl. Evelyn was sitting on a white leather arm-chair we have in the bath and Helen was just unstarpping her second sandal when my girl got up and said:

"That's OK, Helen."
"Madame, but you're still wearing your stockings and Lingerie, suspender-belt, bra and ...."
"Never mind.", Evelyn said and steped into the bath with me, smiling.
"That feels lovely! Touch my stockings, dear!"
I felt her stockings and I must say, it was a strange sensation.
"Oooh, that makes me all go ...."
"Sexy?", I completed.
"It's wonderful!" She leaned foreward, grabbed my dick and started to wank it, slowly.
"Relax!", she said. I laid back and closed my eyes as she sped-up her movements.

"Get the sponge and wash me, Helen.", I heard her say.
I opened my eyes and saw Helen getting the sponge. She dipped it into the water and started to wash my girl-friend's shoulders. After a little while Evelyn said: "Put some liquid soap on it, too and besides, I'm not all shoulders, Helen." Helen did as she was told and started to sponge my girl's tits in her bra. Evelyn closed her eyes, still wanking me at a moderate speed. After 2mins of that, she said:
"Sorry dear.", let go of my dong and got up. Helen washed her back until Evelyn turned around. She looked Helen straight into her eyes:

"Deeper!" she ordered and our new maid dropped the sponge to the center of all joy. Tuffs of soap were running down my girl's boddy, over her tits and bra, suspender-belt and stockings, as she raised her right leg to rest it on the bath-tub to allow Helen better access to her intimate parts. Watching all that, I now slowly wanked my boner.
"Suck her breats!" I said to Helen.

Helen's mouth darted down immediately like iron kissing a magnet. Her sponging was getting faster and faster. My girl threw her head back and closed her eyes, softly moaning. Helen put her right leg on the bath-tub as well, surged up her dress with her free hand and started rubbing her clit, furiously. That was too much for me to take. My sperm flew everywhere. One jet hit Evelyn's stockings and that made me come even more. The girls were still frigging for all Helen's worth and soon climaxed, too.

Evelyn sank back into the water and rested there with her eyes closed, while Helen washed her legs and feet.
"You want me to wash you too, Sir?"
"Yes, why not?" I got up and turned my back to her. She started at my neck. It was wonderful. Next were my shoulders, my hips and THEN: My buttocks. She made it a 'special' treat. With the sponge, she parted my cheeks desperately trying to reach my bulls-eye. Finaly, I gave in and she virtually masturbated my arse-hole. It was heaven and my plonker came up again.
"Please turn, Sir.", she said.

I did and my, now erect tool, was pointing at her tits.
"Suck your master off!" I heard Evelyn say.

Helen didn't hesitate a single second and started to gobble my prick down her throat, while she 'washed' my balls. With every second stroke, she slipped through between my legs to caress my arse-hole. It was bliss! I looked down to see Evelyn frigging her cunt, bridging her pubic area above water-level. My eyes drooled over her stockings and suspenders and the fact that she had her tits out over her bra made my brain twist inside my skull. With her left hand, she pinched the nipple of her right breast, massaging her left with her arm.

She had her eyes wide open to suck-in the view. Meanwhile Helen has started to rub her clit again. She had tucked the hem of her dress into her suspender-belt and sped-up wanking herself and me, as I had another brainwhacking orgasm, shooting my load into her mouth. When I sunk to the suds, leaning back, surrendering to the warm water, I thought: "What have I started here?" and smiled totaly satisfied; Happy with the World and me.

In the evening, I called Linda and said that we found somebody else. I promised her 2 salaries on top of this month's and she was happy. Then the three of us went to get Helen's stuff. I thought it to be better her parents wouldn't meet me. So I stayed in the car. It was he right decision, as when Evelyn got back, she said that Helen's dad has not taken her decision lightly. Mumbled something about her being too young to leave home, etc. But in the end, Evelyn was able to re-assure her parents that she's having it good with us and blah-blah. The girls stuffed the boot with Helen's things, her parents waving good-bye and I sped-off. Short and cheerful good-bye, I call that kind of exit.

We were on the road for about 5 miles or so, when I heard Helen weep. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw her in Evelyn's arm, her head resting on Evelyn's breasts with my girl caressing her hair. I knew Helen was in good hands, so I said nothing and let the women do their thing.

When we came home, I showed Helen her room. It was a room, we never quite knew what to do with. It was rather large, but in the back of the house and in the basement. Maybe the architect designed it for domestic personnel. Be it as it may, she was happy seeing her new home and immediately full of ideas on how to refurbish it and make it look nicer. Evelyn said, that they'll be looking after that, tomorrow, as well. We'd let Helen settle in and I lit the fire-place. It was a peaceful evening. Helen made us a nice cuppa, later on and we all went to bed quite early. Next day was already waiting to be made history.

Evelyn and I woke-up nearly simultaneously. She smiled at me and kissed me:
"Good morning, darling!"
Immediately, her hand went to my dick, saying:
"Can I have my morning-cream?"
When she touched my prick, it hurt. It was like raw meat!
"Not this morning. My little-one has to have a tiny rest."
"Yes, later." We laughed.
The door was pushed open and in came Helen with a bombastic tray full of goodies and decorated with fresh flowers from the garden.
"Good morning Sir, good morning Madame! Hope you had a beautiful rest." she sang, all smiles, placing the tray on the bed in front of us.
"Look what we hired, Evelyn! The perfect maid. Maid to measure!"
"Yes certainly, dear. Good morning Helen."
"Good morning Madame!", she repeated cheerfully.
"Helen, we'll be leaving in an hour to get your things, down town."
"Wonderful! All house-work is already done, Sir. Please call me Madame, when you want to get dressed."
"Yes, thank you, Helen."
We had our breakfast, done all the morning rituals when we heard Helen come upstairs.
"You're ready, Madame? Shall we change your stockings or do you want to keep the ones on, you wore overnight ?", I heard her say.
"No, Helen, I always change my stockings in the morning."
"Oh, I thought so, Madame. Shall I lay-out your lingerie?"
"What would you like to get me?"
"Let's first see what I am going to wear, today .... We're going shopping to Harrods, Fenwicks, Selfridges and then for lunch in between, I presume. So we have a tight schedule. That means I will have to wear pumps instead of sandals and 4" instead of 5. The skirt has to be wide and not tight. I'm thinking loud, so that you know in what direction I'm planning and why. So that you'll know in future."
"That is very kind of you, Madame .... May I say something?"
"Yes, Helen."
"You've cosen the lower heel and the pumps to have more security in your footing as we will walk quite a bit, today."
"That's right."
"You're chosing a flared skirt, as a tight-one would hinder your movements."
"Well done, Helen!"
"Thank you, Madame!"
I was listening to their conversation, totaly amazed.
"It is fairly warm outside, so I will have to wear something light in material and color, a dress. Not too low-cut, not too short."
She opened a sliding door and produced a mere nothing of basic white with big pink roses printed on it.
"That's it!"
"Oh, that IS beautiful, Madame!"
"My lingerie should also not be too tight, so no corset. Just a white bra, suspenders and tan stockings will do."
"I'll get them, Madame! Please go to the bedroom, I'll be right with you."
Meanwhile I retreated to ly on the bed for a while, when I saw Evelyn come in. She sat down on the sofa we have positioned opposite our bed, all smiles. "She is wonderful!" she whispered.
Helen rushed in with the lingerie in her left and a fresh pack of tan stockings in her right hand. She put everything down took the bra, held it up and said: "Is that what you want?"
"No, there is a quater-cup bra in the top drawer." Helen rushed out and returned with another bra in no time, holding it up by the straps dangling down from her pointed index-fingers, again.
"This one?"
"Yes, Helen. And there's a matching suspender-belt in the adjacent drawer. And bring white shoes!"
"I'll get it!" Helen said. When she returned Evelyn said:
"That's the one .... Now take my night-stockings off first, please."

"Helen got down to her knees and carefully unhooked one stocking after the other and slowly took them off, hanging them neatly over the sofa's arm-rest. Meanwhile Evelyn took off her suspenders and got up. Helen opened her bra and put it over the arm-rest, as well. At first, the fresh suspender-belt was put on by Helen and then came Evelyn's fresh stockings. Finaly it was her bra, which was carefuly fastened behind her back. As it was a quater-cup, Evelyn's tits were nested on the cups like on little trays. Her nipples plus 3/4 of her breasts in clear view.
"May I?" Helen said standing in front of my girl.
"Yes!" and our new maid, while readjusting the bra, positioned my girl-friends tits perfectly onto their pedestals.
"You're comfortable now, Madame?"
"Yes, Helen."
"May I kiss them, Madame?"
"Yes.", Evelyn said and Helen blew the nicest little kiss, I have ever seen, on each of them.
"May I kiss your beautiful breasts every time I put your bra on?"
"Oh, thank you, Madame."

Helen got the white, low-cut pumps and put them on Evelyn's tiny feet, let her step into the dress and closed the zip in the back. Ready. Evelyn looked the treat in this dress, which showed a lot of cleavage, inspite of what she said earlier on. But in HER books, that IS 'not too low-cut'. Speaking of her books ... Now you can imagine what 'not too short' means, as well. 'Not too short' for her is, a little lower than mid-thigh.
"Let me just change myself, Madame and I'll be right back."
When she has left, I sad to my girl:
"Wow, she a real doll, isn't she?"
"She is very sweet, Alexander. I am very happy .... I feel like a queen."
"You are MY queen, my dear!"
"I know."
We kept the conversation going during me getting dressed, Helen came upstairs again. looking fairly nice and off we went, heading for London.

The plan was to get to the tailors specialised in uniforms for domestiques (No name, here. They might sue me), first. They usualy have something off the peg, ready to wear, while they would make the other uniforms made to measure. Well, nearly. I had made-up my mind as to what her uniforms should look like. There would be one for each occasion: 1. When we'd have guests. 2. When we'd have 'special' guests, 3. An outrageous little number. All three were set in my mind and explained to the salesman. As he drew N°2 up, he couldn't but smile at me. I returned his smile with a rather stern look and his smile froze in his face to get on with his job in a business-like manner. I ordered 2 of each with matching aprons.

The guys said, that we could chose something off the peg, for the intermediate. I checked through it and found nothing suitable. I convinced the guy to have one N°3 ready, by tonight. He agreed and said the others would be delivered by late this or early next week. That was fair enough so we set-off to have a look at some furniture. Pretty dull business, that was. The girls got the drapes and the schmapes ordered as we went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch. After lunch, I decided to have a short visit to the office and the girls went to buy lingerie and shoes for Helen. So far so good.

Nothing real new in the office and I wondered whether I should pack it up in all. It looked like everything went just as smooth without me. I'm not the guy who wants to be needed. Quite to the contrary. I am in business to make money and when I can make money without being in business, the better. Seeing all that, I frankly discussed that idea with Juergen. He said that I should take a holiday for the rest of the month and check how it goes down. If I'm not bored and they can do without me, there'd be nothing against me retiring, in all. Splendid! This half-in-half-out shit is not my style anyway. So I was real happy it went that smooth. Juergen and I went for a drink when Evelyn called me on the mobile:

"Ready when you are!"
"That's fine, Evelyn. We're in the pub, downstairs. Why don't you come here and have a drink with us? Juergen is here, as well."
"That's a good idea. We'll be with you in about 15, 20mins, depending on the traffic."
"OK, my dear. See you then."

I told Juergen about our new maid, but left the explicit parts out of my report. A man has to have his secrets, too.
After a while, my girls came in packed with bags of all sizes and shapes, greeted by the typical envious looks from the male pub-population. I got up to wave them into our direction and they sat down. After asking what the'd care to drink, Juergen got the drinks in. We stowed the bags out of the way when I asked:
"How did it go?", addressing Evelyn.
"Ooff, absolute torture! Anyway, we bought nice things, for Helen as well! At least 20 pairs of stockings! But it's no fun, dear, the city's jamm-packed, as usual and full of bloody touries."
"Why aren't they somewhere nice? Beach, sea, bikinis, long-drinks in the shade ....?", I returned
"I could do with some weeks of that, too!", Helen said laughingly.

Juergen came back with the drinky-poohs, as he's put it, and explained my plans to the girls. Evelyn loved the idea.
"We'll really make it a holiday! We're going to Sardegna, next week!", I exlaimed.
Helen immediately said: "Where's that?" with a puzzled face. We all had a great laugh. Except for Helen, of course.

At about 5 o'clock, we split. At 6:15h we entered our home and the girls immediately went upstairs to unpack their goodies. I saw the light flashing on our answering-machine, the dial telling me that there was one message waiting. There are only a selected few who have this number. More people can call us on the mobile and everybody has my office-number. Mobiles, you can switch-off. Home-numbers you can't. I pressed the button:
"Bleeep! Hello Evelyn, this is Karin - I'm in town and wanted to say hello - maybe we can arrange something? Unfortunately, I left your mobile-numbers at home. Please call me back on 0171 555-6689. See you!"

It was Karin, a german friend of Evelyn's. A beautiful blonde, I must admit. I met her briefly at a party, some months ago. She wore a real sexy outfit and if her legs weren't enceased in stockings, she must have found some tights of extra quality.

Unfortunately, she wore a long jacket over her skirt, which came down to mid-thigh. Therefore I wasn't able to check on suspender-marks. I tried to look up her skirt, which was, again, very unfortunately, knee-length and she made an extra fuzz crossing her legs. That also indicated to me, that she was wearing nylons and not tights. I went upstairs to tell Evelyn about Karin calling. When I came to our dressing-rooms, I saw Evelyn and Helen busy tucking away goods Evelyn bought for herself.
"I thought you'll be buying things for Helen ...?", I said, grinning.

"You know Alex, when I am in a lingerie shop ...."
"Yes, I know .... Karin has called. she wants you to call her back. She's in town. I've jotted her number down on the pad beside the phone."
"Karin is in town? How wonderful. We've got to meet her, don't we?"
"Yes, I'd love to ....!"I continued the sentense, thinking: " ..... and HOW!"
"Let's call her now!" Evelyn was leading the way downstairs.
When I arrived near the phone, she was already dialing. She put the head-set against her eyer, looking at me.
"Hello, this is Evelyn St. John, could I please talk to Karin Fuhrmann? .... Yes, thank you! ...." She looked at me again. Suddenly her face lit up.
"Karin! How are you?" The both queeked like little pigs. "You have just arrived? .... Yes .... yes .... yes .... You don't? ... Just wait, Alex is right beside me, I'll ask him." Holding her hand over the mouth-piece, she whispered in my direction:
"She says all hotels seem to be fully booked - if she could stay here, for one night and then shop around for a room, tomorrow?"
"How long is she planning to stay in England?"
"Alex asks as to when you're scheduled to go back to Germany? .... Friday?"
Evelyn again turned into my direction with her hand on the mouth-piece:
"Friday!" I smiled and said:
"I heard that, dear." She said, stumping with her tiny foot, once:
"Oh Alex, pleeeease ...." smiling.
"If you don't mind, she can stay up until Friday - if SHE wants to, that is."
"You can stay all week!" and they did the little piggies impersonation again. ".... and is going to see you here? .... Tonight?! .... Yes? .... YES!!! .... how wonderful. And when will you arrive? - Got to have everything prepared .... Eightish? .... Around nine it is, then! ..... Yes, hurry. 'Till later!"
She put the receiver down and embraced me: "Karin is going to stay with us 'till Friday, isn't that nice?"
"Yes, dear. I'd really like to know her little more."
"I bet you do!", Evelyn replied, boxing my tummy playfully and I thought: " .... and HOW!"
Helen came downstairs with a slightly lessened number of bags and said:
"Madame, all of your things are stowed away. I'll be getting my things sorted now. I can hardly wait to dress in my new uniform. Shall I wear black stockings?"
Evelyn looked at me with an asking expression on her face.
"Yes, for tonight, but ask Evelyn every night, which outfit and stockings she wants you to wear, next day."
"Yes, very well, Sir." she rushed to her quaters.
As we sat down on the four-seater settee, Evelyn asked very bluntly:

"Would you go to bed with Karin, if you had the chance?"
Now here was one of those questions posed by women, men usualy cannot answer to meet their expectation. You stand a better chance to hit a dart-board bul's-eye being 10 yards away and blind-folded! I decided to stick with the truth, as a relationship like ours can only survive on trust.

"Yes, anytime."
She made a face as if she was in deep thought, earnestly considering what I just said .... Then, abruptly, she looked at me and said with a smile:
"Me too!" and we both laughed.
"You were concealing that very well, at the party when I met her first."
"Would you believe? I had no idea, then!"
"You're kidding!"

"No, honestly! Only when you told me that she has called, my pussy suddenly twitched and it flashed my mind, that I could have sex with her. Then I remembered, that she always touched me more often than usual and that she sometimes looked at me real funny, which made me feel a bit uneasy, because I wasn't able to sort it. Today, being a lot more experienced in that sort of thing, I think I know that she likes me a little more than you would expect one friend to like the other."
"I guess, it will be very interesting to watch how things develop." I took Evelyn's hand and guided it to my groin, looking her right into the eyes.
"Oh, VERY interesting, indeed!", she smiled. "Shall I stay the way I'm dressed, now or should I change into something more daring?"
She answered her question, herself:
"I'll take a short shower and put something else on. Helen'll help me."

She kissed me and got up to get Helen. I switched the box on and fetched myself a drink. The sound of heels made me turn around. I saw Evelyn dragging Helen by her her hand.
"Look at our new maid!" Evelyn stopped and let Helen pass her. She kept on walking towards me. She looked delectable sexy. Her french maid outfit was black satin, naturally, with very short puffed arms with white lace trimmings. A deep cleavage left her tits 3/4 exposed. A back chocker around her neck and a little something in her hair completed the top. The bottom of her dress was puffed out with at least 10 layers of white petticoats which came down to about mid-thigh. Her middle was accentuated by a starched, white apron. Her black, seamed stockings ended in 4" patent leather pumps. She swung around, so I could see her white thighs and taut suspender-straps.
"You look great! How do you like yourself?"
"I feel very sexy, Sir. I love the uniform and I am very much looking foreward to receiving the others. It will be an added pleasure to serve you and Madame in these uniforms."
"That's nice to hear, Helen .... Oh, by the way, did you know that we'll have a visitor, staying with us until Friday?"
"I was about to fill her in on the story, just now, dear."
"Let's go now, Helen."
"Sorry, Sir. - Yes, Madame."

I was testing all channels on the box. Nothing of interest. I bet there was, but my mind couldn't focus on anything on tv. My mind raced into direction Karin and what might happen in the next few days. My fantasies were galopping. But then again, I had no evidence yet, or indication that Evelyn's analysis was right. This was the kind of suspense only life is, and movies by Alfred Hitchcock are able to produce. The possibility of my first ever four-some (me alone with three women who weren't club-girls) sent my blood directly from my brains to my prick. For a split moment, I guess, I was ga-ga. Before there was danger of staying brain-damage, I sent some blood back to my brains to, at least, insure the cintinuancy of my vital functions. I tried to concentrate on the box to get my heart-beat down to a survivable level again. I succeeded. Proof: I'm writing this here, months later. But my memories of these weeks are as vivid as it was only yesterday.

I thought, I'll check on the girls and went upstairs. I heard them talking in the bathroom. Curious, I slipped closer, hearing Evelyn say:
"Could you please dry my legs now?"
"Yes, Madame."
"As I told you, Helen, tonight will be your first night serving guests of ours. So please be friendly and stay in the back. Watch the scene and if you see a glass empty, please step foreward, ask whether the person wants to have more of the same or something else, then just do as you're told and retreat again. If you see empty cigarettes, full ash-trays, the likes, re-fill, empty and do whatever is needed to ensure the well-being of our guest. Is that understood?"
"Yes, Madame."

"As Karin is an old friend of mine, you have to obey her orders like they were mine, if the don't collide with my orders. Then you'll tell her that my orders are different to her's and she'll understand. OK?"
"Yes, Madame."
"There is still a wet patch on my back, dear."
"You'll also help unpack her things and put them away neatly. I do not want to hear any complaints!"
"Madame, I assure you, I will do my utmost to be of service to all of your visitors and guests."
That's nice, Helen. I know you'll do your best! .... Now, please get the clothes I have selected and call Alexander. Thank you."

That was the time for my exit. I didn't want to be discovered as being an ecouteur on my own girl-friend and maid, but I doubted that the conversation would have been the same if I would have been around. I dashed for the landing and made it appear as if I'd just come upstairs.
"Oh Sir, Madame ask you to join her in the bathroom."
"Thank you, Helen."
I entered the bathroom and there she was standing in all her naked beauty. She had a giant towel bee-hived on top of her head, the edges floating gently over her back. Her make-up was perfect.
"I want you to have a look at what I selected to wear, tonight. I would like you to OK it."

Helen came in carrying Evelyn's clothes, neatly folded over her arms laying them out on the sofa.
"Here you go, Madame."

I immediately had a look. I was surprised to see what Evelyn had selected. It was her light-blue, two-piece complét. By Evelyn's standards, it was fit to be worn by nuns. It consisted of a straight V-line jacket with one line of plain, golden buttons. The jacket was short with long arms and ended thightly around her waist. That's what the whole complét was. TIGHT! The skirt ended just above her knees and was so tight as if someone painted it on her. Oh yes, now I knew what this was all about. She didn't want to knock her over backwards, she didn't want to let her know, that she was ready for it.. She wanted to play the role of sweet innocense. SHE wanted to be seduced, this time! I turned around looking at her, giving her that knowing smile. She smiled back. We were in a complete, wordless understanding. Her underwear was set to the occasion.

She had selected all in white: A 3/4 cup, see-through lace bra and a matching suspender-belt with extra thick straps which would leave prominent marks on that ultra-tight skirt. Usually, she wore extra thin and flat suspender-straps under that dress and when I bought it, she said, she couldn't wear any underwear with it, as the slightes line would show. This was in the early days, mind you. She also laid-out a tanga-slip! She wanted to wear panties? Then it jumped to my mind, that they would also show. Plain tan stockings and light blue 4" sling-backs completed her outfit. I was amazed. I couldn't have set the plot better, nor would I've set it in any other direction. It was perfect!
"This is PERFECT!", I told her. She smiled back, knowingly:

"I thought you'll like it."
"You amase me, darling."
"Do I?" she playfuly answered letting her fingetips brush my chin.
"Helen, please help me with my lingerie."
"Yes, Madame."
"I leave you to it." I left the scene before I would be tempted to fuck her, there and then.
"Oh Alex?" Evelyn said when I was just exiting. I turned around and said:
"Wouldn't you like to watch Helen licking my pussy a little? That would get me in the mood .... Would you like to do that for me, Helen?"
"Yes, Madame, I'd love to!"
Without waiting for my answer, my girl-friend sat down and spread her legs:
"But first, we'll get my underthings and sandals on, won't we, Helen?"
"Yes, Madame."

Helen dressed her as fast as she could but always paying attention to what she was doing. When Evelyn was dressed in her lingerie and shoes, she spread her legs wide and said:
"Now, Helen, come and lick me."
Helen kneled in front of her and when she started to suck my girls cunt, Evelyn held out her right arm into my direction, looking at me, longing me to come to her. As I stood in front of her, she opened my flies and got a hold of my erect penis which she immediately started to wank. I moved closer until she took it into her mouth. I looked down from my girl's mouth working my prick to Helen's mouth working my girl's cunt. I saw the girl's stockings, Helen's uniform, my girl spread-eagled on the white sofa in her white lingerie ....

Too much to hold on to. I shot my cream into her mouth, like a baker icing on his cake. Feeling my come filling her mouth, Evelyn suddenly came, too. Helen kept on licking and fingering herself, until she also spasmed in her orgasm. Seeing that Evelyn had a little bit of sperm on her lower lip, she came up and wiped it away with her tongue.

"Thank you Helen. That was wonderful."
"If you want me to lick you, you can even wake me up at night - any time. The only thing I want is to make you happy."
"I know that; Helen .... And now the complét, please."
"I guess you can do that without me, girls!" I said, "I want to put a fresh shirt on."
"OK, darling. See you downstairs, in a minute."

I went for my fresh shirt and while puting it on, I went downstairs. Evelyn followed me, nearly suit. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up. There she came. She looked smashing. She had a most seductive smile on her face and she set foot in front of foot, walking down those broad stairs. "Like a movie-star!", I thought.

"Come into my arms, dear!"
She stopped one step short of the bottom and we hugged each other real hard. as we broke-up, I said:
"Let's have a drink, dear."
"That'd be lovely!"
"What do you care for?"
"How about champagne?"
"That's a good idea."
"Helen!", I shouted.
"Yes, Sir?", it came from upstairs, "What can I do for you?", she asked, now standing at the top of the stairs.
"Please, get us a bottle of champagne from the fridge."
"Certainly, Sir!"
I fetched two glasses and sat down beside my girl.
"What'll have the next few days in store for us?", I asked.
"I guess we'll know as soon as tonight.", she replied, smiling.
"So YOU want to be seduced, this time?"
"Perfectly right!", she replied with a knowing smile.
"Do you think she's THAT hot on you?"
"I guess so. I even remember that she once wanted to kiss me. I have forgotten all about it, but when you told me that she'd phoned and I heard from her, that she wanted to come and see us, it all came back to me. In a flash of a second. As I said, in former times, I didn't think much of it. It was only .... awkward, I suppose, but now I know EXACTLY what she's been after and I guess that hasn't changed. Specially after my transition, thanks to you. The funny thing about it too, is, that I want her now as bad. .... But she'll never know!", she smiled.
"What a plot!" I said.
Minutes later, we heard a car pulling up the drive. Evelyn jumped up.
"That must be her!"
"Come here, darling!" She came over to me. I pulled her closer to me by her shoulders. "Good luck!" I said.
"Thank you, darling."
"Now go and open the door, dear."
"Yes! .... Helen! Come to the door!"
"Yes, Madame!" I saw her flying down the stairs. "Just finished doing the bathroom."
I sat down again, sipping on my champagne, waiting for the curtain to lift, the cast to appear and the first scene to commence.

There they came. Karen looked her best in her straight, sholder-length, blond hair. BUT, she wore trousers, a lose-fitting jacket, a white shirt-blouse underneath and flat shoes. I was disappointed, to say the least. Has she transformed into a straight lesbian hobby Elvis-impersonator, a female transvestite, at large? Anyway, I got up to greet her. She embraced me and threw kisses to either side of my face. Typical stupid, european habit.

"The two of you look absolutely wonderful and happy, of course. I always said, you make the ideal couple."
"Sit down, dear and relax a while. Travelling is exhausting. Have a glass of champagne and tell us how life's treating you."
"I'll love to come back to your kind offer, Alex, but ...." now looking at Evelyn, "... would it be possible for me to freshen-up a bit and get changed? This is my travelling-gear, you know?"
I was happy to hear that and heard Evelyn say:
"Helen is going to show you to your rooms, upstairs. She'll be helping you to sort yourself out and show you where everything is. She'll be of every assistance to you. We'll be waiting just here. Keep your time. We have until Friday and the night is still young."

"Fabulous, you are real sweet-hearts!", she exclaimed.
"If you would follow me please, Madame."
They proceeded to the stairs and when Helen went ahead, Karin's paces were getting slower, the higher they were getting. I guess she wanted to have an unobstructed view of her legs. Evelyn noticed that immediately and nutched me with her elbow.
When they were out of sight and hearing-distance, Evelyn said:
"Haaave you seeen thaaat?"
"Yes, I did .... If she isn't into women, I'm into dogs!"

She laughed.
"You're jealous?", nagging her.
"Don't be silly! ... I know, you're just pulling my leg.", she said.
"She hasn't once looked at you:"
"Oh yes, she did! .... At the door! .... And when I went to the living-room in front of her, I was able to FEEL her eyes on my bum and legs!"
"So she was only not looking when I was around."
"What does THAT tell us?"
"You'll have to be out of the house for her first move."
"Looks like it, doen't it?"
"Yep!" she concluded.
"What a shame." I said really disappointed.
"Just for her first move. We've got to give her the chance. What'll evolve out of that, we'll find-out."
"Do you think you could talk her into a three-some?"
"Maybe, I know .... let's see what tonight brings and we'll know a lot more. Let's get her tipsy."
"That's always a good start."
"I'm hot."
"Don't ask me!", I replied and continued: "This is YOUR first show. You've set it all up very well and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun."
"Yes, darling ... Leave it to me" She kissed me.

It must have been around 20mins later, when first Helen and directly behind her, Karin appeared. I can tell you: She looked diferent. She wore a black, mid-thigh length silk dress with a knee-length black see-through over-dress, also covering her deep cleavage. She had put on a tight necklace of pearls and the same arrangement on her wrist. 4" black stiletto leather pumps and black hose completed the appearance. I offered her a seat in the settee just opposite us and we started talking, drinking, talking, drinking, talking, drinking.

As the dress's skirt was quite flary, I wasn't able to detect whether she wore stockings or tights. When she crossed and uncrossed her legs, her skirt covered all the important parts of her atonomy. As time went by, the trip, the heat, the long hours she's been awake and the booze finaly did the trick. She began to be a bit light-headed. It was time for me to leave. I got up and said:

"Ladies, it has been a long day for me, would you mind if I just go to bed, now and leave you two to it?"
"No, not at all. Have a good night, darling." Evelyn said, giving me a kiss.
"Good night Alex and thanks again for having me."
"A pleasure!
"Would you be needing the services of Helen?"
"No, Helen, you may go to sleep now."
"Thank you Madame. ... Good night!"
"Good night, you all!", I said, making a fairly fast exit.
As soon as I was on top of the stairs, I looked down and Karin changing her seat to sit right beside my girl. I rushed to get my vidicam and zoomed in, when I heard Karin say:
"Evelyn, you have changed so much for the better .... Mind you, you've always been a natural beauty, but now?! Just look at yourself! You must get compliments from all genders."
"Yes I do, Karin. And I appreciate the compliments from every gender."

"So, if I would say that you're beautiful, you would appreciate that as much as from a man?"
"Yes, even more so from you, Karin."
"You make me blush! I never thought, that I can blush anymore, with my 38 years."
"I don't believe you're 38, Karin!"
"Now stop that, Evelyn, please. You make me all go funny!" both of them giggled.
"Your complét is beautiful and it brings the best out in you, including your underwear!" Karen said touching the outline of her suspender-straps with her right index-finger.
"Oh no, you can see my underwear? You have x-ray eyes?" Evelyn playing astonished.
"I have seen you're wearing suspenders and stockings."
"I always wear stockings and suspenders."
"So we have something in common."
"Show me, I don't believe you!", Evelyn said.decisively.
"Shall I?"
"Yes! Don't let me wait!", she replied with a joking command
With that, Karin looked into my girl's face, slowly shifting her hemline over her thighs until her stocking-tops and suspenders came into clear view. She stopped her move shortly befor she could have seen her cunt.
"Do you know that this is the first time, I see another woman's stockings in real life and sooo close?", Evelyn lied.
"Is it really? .... Does that excite you, Evelyn?"
"Yes, it does. I never thought it could."
"Have you ever wanted to see another woman in stockings? Maybe in your fantasies, when you're alone and .... dreaming?"
"I guess every woman has such fantasies."
"Have you ever fantasised about me?"
"I don't want to talk about that."
"I have often fantasised about you, Evelyn." With that Karin placed her hand just above my girl's knee.
"Do you mind me doing that, Evelyn?"
"No, Karin."
"Would you like to touch my legs, as well?" With that Karin took Evelyn's right hand and placed it on her right leg, as well, just above her knee.
"How does that feel, Evelyn?"
"It feels wonderful."
"It's different to feeling your own stockinged leg, isn't it?"
"Yes.", my girl whispered.
"Now move your hand a bit and feel the silkyness."

Evelyn did as she was told and I could see that she was approaching the point of no return. She looked Karin staright into the eyes.Karen moved her own leg a bit higher so that her fingers were under Evelyn's skirt.
"May I do this, Evelyn?"
"Yes." The two women were only whispering, by now and had to put the volume on the camera up to the max to be able to hear them, thanks to ear-plugs and new technology.
Karin started to caress the inside of Evelyn's leg with the tips of her long finger-nails. Down to her feet and up to her hemline. Each time she came up, she ended a little higher, when my girl suddenly caught Karin's hand through her skirt saying:
"We shouldn't be doing this, I think." She really acted the little girl. I was rock-hard and again, fucking the carpet with small pressing moves.

"Evelyn, I've always fancied you. You sure must have sensed that .... When I first met you, I was stunned by your beauty, but now you're even more beautiful AND unresistably sexy. You'll break my heart!"

"I'm sorry Karin .... I don't want to have anything standing in between our friendship .... It's all so new to me .... Please understand .... Let me think about it, please."
"Yes, dear .... can I hope?"
"Yes, Karin."
"Thank you, Evelyn."

"I'll be to bed now. See you in the morning .... Good night." With that, she got up and Karin's hand livelessly sliped out under Evelyn's skirt. My girl walked slowly, letting her stockings make that familiar sound and when she arrived at the botom of the stairs, she turned around to Karin, who's eyes were glued to my girl's body and said quietly:
"Have nice dreams, Karin .... I am really looking foreward to tomorrow."
"I will be dreaming of you, Evelyn."

With that Evelyn walked gracefully up the stairs and Karin's eyes were long staring at the space where Evelyn disappeared.
When my girl came upstairs, I retreated into the shadows, so that Karin couldn't see me. Evelyn walked pass me and I was still focused on Karin's eyes. She just couldn't believe what has happened, just now. I bet she has seduced many girls and only a few had the power to resist her. I also think that she never wanted somebody as badly as Evelyn and it must have been a real desaster for her, when Evelyn stopped her. All of that I could read from her eyes and body-language. I shut the camera down and quietly went to our bedroom. Evely was lying on our bed, her tight skirt around her waist, her jacket open and her tits spilling over her bra.

"I need you, now."
I quickly undressed, my eyes feasted to her body, lay on top of her and started to fuck her like a man posessed.
"I nearly .... I nearly .... couldn't .... resist .... her." Each word I virtually pushed out of her, with every blow she took.
"You bitch!", I pressed under my breath.
"Fuck me .... fuck .... me."
"Will you .... let her, .... tomorrow?
".... don't know .... yet."
"You BITCH!"

She closed her eyes and reached orgasm with me pounding hard into her spasms until I came in long, violent spurts. She reached for my head and forced my mouth onto hers so hard, that I thought she wanted to eat me, starting face, first. When I broke the kiss I said, trying desperately to catch my breath: "You want to suffocate me?"

"I love you so much, I want to eat you!", she smiled. (Was I right or was I right?) Rolling off to the side of her, I said:
"So what's the form?"
"I tell you! .... She had me THERE! .... One second longer and I don't know what would have happened."
"I saw that. I guessed you were already pass that point."
"I guess I was! But then I thought that she shouldn't have me THAT easily!"
"That must have been a tremendous effort."
"Like climbing the K2 before breakfast!"
"I bet! .... So what're your plans?"
"I don't know, yet."
"I wonder what she's doing now.", grinning.
"What's your best bet?" she said, grinning all-over her beautiful face.
"I think, she's just unpacking her new state-of-the-art, super-duper, 5000R/sec, live-wire power-plugger. It comes with a built-in fire insurance. The 'de luxe pack' comes with a 5t supply of KY-Jelly. The standard with a wet flannel!" She curled with laughter.
"Can I have one, too?"
"Wet flannel?" Her laughing didn't stop.
"No, silly! .... The power-plugger!"
"If we replace the wall-paper with asbestos-layers ..."
"Alex, stop it!" she yelled, holding her belly.
"Not while there're dogs in the streets!"

The next morning, I woke-up shortly after 10. Evelyn's side of the bed was empty. The window was open and I heard girl's-talk from the pool-side. I hopped under the shower and put my yellow, short and tight swimming-trunks on and went downstairs to see the two lying on deck-chairs, talking and tanning.
"Good morning, Ladies!"
"Good morning, darling!" Evelyn got up to give me a peck on the cheek while Karin said:
"Good morning, Alexander!", pushing her sun-glasses down to the tip of her nose, examining me over the brim.
"How are you today, Karin?", looking straight into her eyes.
"I just came downstairs, about 5mins ago. I had a marvellous sleep and beautiful dreams."
"You know what they say, Karin? .... What you dream the first night in a new bed, comes true!"
"That would be my dream come true, in the true sense of the word."
"Yes, Karin. Best of luck!"
"Thank you."
"So, what are the two of you up to, today?"

They looked at eachother and shrugged their shoulders.
"We haven't had the time to make any plans, yet.", Evelyn took it up.
"Why don't you go down the village and shop around a bit? You sure must have a lot of girl's-talk to get rid of."
"Yes, that's a very good idea. I love little english country-side villages!", Karin cheered.
"Far better than wasting our time at the pool-side.", Evelyn agreed, readily to continue. "They have a beautiful, yet expensive little lingerie-shop there, as well. Every piece is hand-crafted by the Lady who runs the shop. She has an exquisite taste, you'll see. Women even come up from London to buy their underthings, there."

"That sounds wonderful. How about going there, now?"
"OK, let's get dressed, then.", Evelyn got up.
"Yes!" Karin followed suit.
I lay down on Evelyn's deck-chair, still feeling the warmth of her body. "That was another sly idea of hers.", I thought, "She has now mercy on old Karin. If she knew!" I smiled. My stomack said, that he'd like to have some filling, so I got up and went upstairs, only to find Helen dressing my girl.
"Helen, when you're finished here, could you please make me some breakfast?"
"Yes gladly, Sir."

"No little kisses on little fannies, this morning?, I teased Evelyn.
"Alex, this would make me too hot on a hot day. I need to be cool, if you know what I mean?!"
"I do, dear, I do!", I laughed. Evelyn smiled back and Helen seemed to be a bit disappointed. I think that she was deeply in love with my girl. She wouldn't have mind to lick her pussy 24h a day PLUS the whole night through or until her tongue would have dropped-off!

I went to lie in the sun again for a while and I must have dozed-off, as Helen's shadow woke me up.
"Your breakfast, Sir. Where shall I put it?"
"Just drop it here, Helen." I pointed to the foot of the deck-chair raising to sit.
"What's the time?"
"10:50, Sir."
"So they're gone for 10mins, or so?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Tell me, Helen, were they dressed like, specially Karin."
"She wore a white summer dress, quite short , not too low-cut, but plain. Looked expensive, though. A big belt around her waist made from the same material as the dress and a big white hat. White sandals and white stockings."
"How do you know she wears stockings?"
"I saw it."
"Helen, talking to you sometimes is like picking bogies from a mouse's nose! Talk, for Christ's sake!"

"Yes, Sir .... Madame was the first to be up. After I had washed her and dressed her in her bikini, she went down to the pool immediately and I made her some fruit for breakfast. When I went upstairs to clean the bathroom, Miss Karin called me into her bedroom. She stood there in her bikini and said that she couldn't find her underwear, as I have unpacked her suit-cases, last night. I think it was just an excuse to get me to her bedroom, because when I wanted to show her the drawers where I've put all of her lingerie, to get her the white stockings, she requested, she said that she would like to put another bikini and in no time, she had her top off, standing just a few paces away from me and looking me deep into my eyes. It was obvious, that she wanted to seduce me."

"You didn't!"
"Sir! I would never indulge into any sexual activity with any of your guests, unless you or Madame would order me to do so."
"Fine. Please go on."
"I asked her which bikini she wanted by opening the respective drawer, carefuly kneeling down, not to show my stocking-tops, by accident. She would have taken that as an invitation, I guess."
"Quite!" I agreed.

"She said that she'd rather wear the black one and asked if I would mind helping her putting it on, as she just varnished her toe- and finger-nails. I replied, that I am at her service and appoached her with the bikini she'd chosen. She said that she first wanted me to pull her bikini-bottom off, which I had done, with her back to me. As soon as I had it off, she turned around smiling at me saying, that I am a pretty girl and how old I am. I told her my age and she replied that I look a lot younger. I thanked her and asked what I should do next. She asked me whether I thought, that her pubes were too long. I looked down and saw that she has only a small patch of hair just above her clitoris.

I said, that I found it looked alright, but she insisted, that a little trimming won't hurt and hurried me to get some scissors. Obeying Madame's orders, I did as I was told and when I returned with the small scissors from the bathroom, she was already lying on the settee with her legs spread. She ordered me to sit between her legs and said, that I should be careful.

"What's her pussy like?"
"I must say, Sir. She has a beautiful little pussy with puffy lips with a nice pink inside. Her legs were so wide apart, that I was able to see real deep into her vagina. I took a some hair between my thumb and index-finger and started cutting. She wanted it as short as possible. From that point of view, her pubes were long. During the trim, I had to always look at her slit and I became real wet. It was sheer horror not to be able to sink my tongue into her vagina. I wanted it so badly, Sir."

"I can imagine. You're a good girl."
"Thank you, Sir."
"Go ahead, Helen."
"Yes, Sir .... When I finished cutting, she asked me whether I would do that to Madame as well. I said, that I have never done that to anybody before. Which is true, Sir! But I said, that I am prepared to do everything Madame asks me to do."

"That's nice to hear, Helen."
"Then she asked me, if have ever been with a woman. I asked her if she meant sexually and she said "Yes". I lied there, as you know Sir, by saying "No". She continued questioning me about all kinds of sexual things and I said, that I'll have to rush to prepare breakfast for you, Sir, but she didn't want to let me go. Fortunately, I heard Madame calling me and she had to let me go. That was all, Sir."
"Thank you, Helen."
"What a hot pot on the boil, that Kraut bitch!", I thought, "But would it be fun if she wasn't?" The answer to that silent question was clear as a whistle. This little story Helen told was getting me horny. Thinking about what Evelyn and Karin were up to at this very moment, made my prick twitch. I was about to find out, soon.

I had worked hard on my sun-tan for the last couple of hours. I watched Helen in the kitchen, preparing a cold meal consisting of salats, cold cuts of chicken-breast and the likes, aspargus, a little caviar to be eaten with fresh toast, when they arrived in a top mood, later than expected. Evelyn was all-over looking at the food.
"That looks delicious, Helen!" (Helen smiled appreciatively) and to Karin: "Good we haven't eaten!"
"Yes, my dear. That looks really wonderful!", Karin "the hot pot" Fuhrmann replied.
As I was still in my swimming-trunks, I said that I'll have a very quick shower, dress and be with them in less than 10mins.
"Keep your time, darling, we'll wait." Evelyn said, stretching to give me a kiss.
"See you!" Karin shouted behind me.

When I returned, the table was set outside under our big sun-roof. Helen did it very well and I was so happy I employed her. She always laid-out the table so beautifully with fresh cut flowers and arranging everything so perfectly. Her upbringing was quite the opposite. I know that Evelyn had given her a crash-course on how to place the cutlery and glasses, etc., but I was amazed that she kept all of those information and was able to transform those informations into action, so well.
When I sat down to join the girls who were already seated, I said:
"So, what have you two been up to?"
"I fell in love with that little village and the lingerie-shop, Evelyn showed me. We have bought some really outstandingly beautiful things I have seen nowhere berfore. The collection of silk corsets is amazing. They have everything from plain black over flowery designs, stripes in all kinds one can imagine to plain white. Waist-cinchers, suspenders, the most beautiful bustiers .... just out of this World! I just could have bought the whole shop.", wildely waving her arms about.
Evelyn smiled and said: "She really went ga-ga."
"You bought anything?", I asked my girl.
"Dear, me in a lingerie-shop ....?!"
"The question was more of rhetoric nature. "
"I know, darling, so was my answer."
"So what did you buy?"
"I'll show you tonight!", she winked.
"Ooh, how romantic!", Karin fell in.
I opened a bottle of iced Chardonnay and we began to eat. Again, Evelyn and Karin doing the talking and Helen served us perfectly. I was too hungry to be bothered, besides, If there's women talking, it's fun to listen. That does not go for two 250lbs toilet-sweepers, mind you.
I looked at Evelyn. She was wearing a tight halter top with broad straps, leaving her mid-section free and a matching A-line, short skirt, white stockings and 5" sling-backs. Lunch was delicious and we emptied 2 bottles of wine. When Helen served coffee and brandy, I said to Evelyn:
"Haven't seen peeping-tom, lately."
My girl-friend filled her in to the story when Karin said:
"There's something about young boys."
"What do you mean by that?", I inquired. Already slightly tipsy, she replied.
"They're always horny! .... You must know, Alex. You've been a tiny little cuty yourself, not too long ago."
"Thanks for the compliment, Karin. I must admit, at his age, I just saw a woman and I was excited."
"That's exactly what I mean. In my city-flat in Munich, I used to have a neighbouring couple having just one of the sort. He was always around me. It's annoying after a while, but at first, I teased him dreadfully."
"What did you do?" Evelyn asked.
"When he rang the bell, I opened the door only wearing a robe with stockings underneath, asking him in and then pretending to look for something, let the robe part or having him look at an extended amount of cleavage, by accident and the likes. Every time he left, I had to .... What am I talking about? This wine gets me real dizzy!"

"We're all adults Karin, continue, please.", Evelyn insisted.
"You know what I've done when he left ....!"
".... had a cold shower, I hope.", I added jokingly.
"Oh Alex, be serious.", Evelyn said smiling.
"Quite to the contrary, I tell you!", Karin said.
"Did it never arrise you taking advantage of the situation?", my girl wanted to know.
"Every time! Every time he was there, I had to control myself not to put him inside me, in all!", she laughed loud, "He was so cute! I have very often seen his little stiffy in his trousers and I wondered how it would taste like. I wondered, if he could come and fantasised how his sperm would fill my mouth. As I told you, every time he left, I had to do myself!"
"I can imagine that." Evelyn added. "What happened in the end, then?"
"They moved away, unfortunately. Just at the time when I'd made up my mind to take him."
"Blast!", my girl agreed.
"Is there another bottle of wine, Alex?", Karin inquired.
"Oh yes! .... Helen ?"
"I'm on my way, Sir!"

"She is a darling, Alex. Where have you found her?"
"It's a story for Evelyn to tell, Iguess, as SHE has found her."
Evelyn told her the whole story except the real explicit parts. And when she ended, Karin drank the last drop of wine of the new bottle. Looking over to Helen, I slightly nodded my head and soon there was anoth one on the table."
"Would you let me Helen for a week, Evelyn, pleease?"
"Karin, I'm afraid that's out of the question. We wouldn't let her away from us for one minute."
I could see Helen breath a sigh of relief, out of the corner of my eyes.
"I thought so, but it was worth the try." and leaning over to me, she continued: "She looks good enough to eat!"
"So you're into women as well, Karin?", I inquired.
"The gender doesn't matter, as long as their beauty is outstanding."
"So would you consider Evelyn outstandingly beautiful?"
"Alex, what do your beautiful blue eyes tell you when you look at her?"
"That is no answer, Karin. If I wouldn't find Evelyn beautiful, would she be here?"
"OK, I find her outstandingly beautiful!"
"So you would consider to go to bed with her?"
"Any time."
And looking at Evelyn, I said: "And you? Would you consider to go to bed with Karin?"
"Consider it .... yes, ... but to really do it? .... To be considered!" We all laughed.
"Do you knw what we should do, tonight?", Karin asked getting more inhibited by the minute.
"No, tell us, please.", Evelyn replied.
"We should model our new lingerie and ask Alex to be the judge!"
"I don't think that to be a good idea.", Evelyn replied. I thought: "Ooops! Another blow to Karin's moral!" and said:
"I wouldn't like to be the judge anyway, as the winner will be Evelyn, no matter who competes! You understand that, Karin, don't you?"
"Oh yes, Alex. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, after all."

We sat there and ate, drank and talked until sundown. Meanwhile, inhibitions went totaly overboard. Even I was getting a bit light-headed. Evelyn kept very well. Karin overcame the 'blow', fairly quickly and turned slightly drunk. Not so drunk that she couldn't talk anymore, but she found everything funny. I guess she was just very happy, now. She must have settled for not standing a chance to get into my girl's panties, for the time being. It went a bit chilly, so we settled down, inside.
Evelyn and I sat on the four-eater and Karin opposite holding an empty glass in her hand:
"May I have a re-fill, please?", she meowed.
"Really?", I inquired.
"What do you do when you suffer under a severe case of lovelorn? .... You drink!" I waved Helen to fill her glass.
"Tell us more about it!", Evelyn being curious.
"I don't know where to begin?"
"Come-on!", my girl urged her on.
"Please understand, that I don't want to talk about it, now. Maybe some other time."
"We have to respect your feelings, Karin.", I said.
"Thank you, Alex! .... I guess, it's beddy-time for little Karin.", she gigled, trying to get up. Staggering, with one hand still on the arm-rest, she said: "Can somebody help me, please? I'm sorry, the wine has suddenly got to my head. Outside, in the fresh air, I was OK, but here, in the warmth .... my head's spinning!"

She plummeted back onto the settee, her legs flying up and when they slumped to the floor, they were coming to a rest, totaly akimbo, allowing us a good view of her panty-covered snatch pass her stocking-tops. I decided that she is not play-acting and got up to help her. I reached-out for her hands and pulled her up. Her skirt was around her waist, when she was finaly upright. She didn't care anymore.
"Ooops, I'm feeling sea-sick.!"
"Not over me, please!", I joked.
"Helen, come over here and help me!"
Helen rushed and pulled her left arm over her shoulder. Karin now hung in between of us like a sack full of spuds. Her head was still up, but her legs were rubber. Walking up the stairs was a bit of a hassle. Soon we opened her bedroom and we put her on her bed. She had her eyes closed, now and it looked like she went to sleep, already.
"Undress her, Helen and cover her up, then shut down the lights. After that you may go to bed. You must be tired."
"Thank you, Sir. Yes, I am a bit ...."
"OK then. Good night."
"Good night, Sir."
I went downstairs and sat down beside my girl-friend.
"Is she OK?", she asked.
"I think she's already asleep!"
"Boy, she was drunk!"
"Yes. Helen will undress her, cover her up and then, I said, she'd call it a day, herself."
"What a good idea. She had a very long day. She's ever so busy."
"She's one in a million."
"She certainly is."
"You're tired?", I asked.
"A bit, but I think you want to hear what happened, this morning?"
"OK, we went down to the village, I showed her around a bit and then she asked me about the lingerie-shop. I said, that it's exactly where we're heading. A few minutes later, we were there. Karin looked around and immediately fell in love with the cosiness of the interior.

The Lady came out and greeted me. We had a small chat and she said, that she made a corset just for me. She kept on telling me, that I had such a good taste and knows, that I'm always looking for the extravagant. So when she received a delivery of new silk, she found a small specimen of very expensive silk in basic light pink silk with an emprint of small colourful flowers. She said, that she immmediately thought of me and how wonderful it would compliment my skin and figure. Next, she said, she meassured-out what she could make from this fairly small piece of silk. She reminded me of the fact, that it was only a specimen.

After taking measure, she found, that she had enough cloth to make a mere nothing of a strapless corset. She had two options. 1. Making it with and 2. making it without bra-cups. She decided to make it without, but not entirely. Instead of the rare silk, she decided to take white, completely see-through lace, reinforcing it with two, hardly visible wires to about 1/2cup size.
She continued saying, that she planned a high leg-cut and short suspender-straps to enable me to wear it under very short skirts with long stockings. I was absolutely delighted and told her so, asking her to pleeeease let me see it, but before she got it, she said, that there was another extravagance with it. She said, that it has a fixed little flary skirt, just covering the suspender-straps, made from the same lace as the bra-cups. Saying, that if I wouldn't have sown-up today, she would have called me, she went to the back of her shop and returned with a small parcel made out of white, thin paper, which she has put on the counter. I nearly daren't to open it, but when I did, I saw the most delightful piece of lingerie, I have ever seen. I promise you!"
She looked at me and clearly enjoying her memeories, when I said:

"You have it on?"
"Later, darling, I just want to finish my story."
"Please try it!", the Lady said and I followed her to her big dressing-room. You know, that she only has the one for all of her customers ...."
"Yes, but what happens, if two or more women want to try something on?"
"Same as Selfridges. We do it all in the same room!"
"I have to dress-up as a woman, one day and join you!", I said, jokingly.
"Why not?", she replied, a touch too serious for me.
"Evelyn, you don't really mean that!?" She laughed:
"Alex, what do you think?"
"I'm not sure!", I answered, a little puzzled.
"Let me go on with my story, please."
"Go ahead, dear."
"While I talked to the Lady, Karin was looking around and discovered some items of her interest, too, which she showed me on our way to the changing-room: "Beautiful things she has! No wonder women come from all-over!", she said overly enthusiastic. The Lady held the curtain for us and we stepped in. The following conversation went like this. Well, as far as I remember....

"May I help you?", Karin asked.
"Yes, if you want to?"
"You know I do!"
I turned my back to her and she opened my top and unzipped my skirt, but I kept both of them in place with my hands and forearms..
"You look so sexy, Evelyn."
"You think?" While she pulled her dress off, she said:
"Just look at you!"
"I look at myself every day, Karin.", but nevertheless, I looked in the mirror and saw her standing, slightly to the left, behind me.

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