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Janis the strippogram

by Silverflash (September 2001)

Well ever since I did my first stripogram at Janis’s thirtieth birthday, Janis getting back together and getting engaged, I had had a steady flow of bookings, Janis acting as my agent. All the time we were always having requests for female stripograms and so had recruited two, Ruth and Claire, I usually accompanied them when they did their act as security, but a couple of times when I was also booked Janis had accompanied them, but she was not entirely happy doing it, she can be a bit prudish, but she likes the money it brings in.

This Friday night Claire was on holiday in Spain and Ruth that was booked to do this act at this stag night, and because it was some distance away I had tuned down a booking to go with her, and also they had wanted the Full Monty, for Ruth to shag the future groom, Ruth having a good reputation for doing such shows. At five o’clock the phone rang, it was Ruth , she had just returned from hospital after spraining her ankle and they had put a plaster cast on it so she could not work for the next week or so.

When Janis put the phone down she exclaimed that we were in trouble now, with a paid for booking and no girl to do the act, yes we have you I exclaimed, to which Janis said “o’no, no way” after which there was a heated debate when Janis realised that she was the only one that could get us out of this predicament and she had seen the routines the other girls did when she had accompanied then in the past. As Ruth had taken the “street walker” outfit home with her, so she could put it on before we left. That left only the “school mistresses” outfit or the “maids” uniform for Janis to use, whilst Janis was deciding I got her a very large stiff drink.

Eventually she decided on the school mistresses outfit, by now the drink was starting to get her to loose her inhibitions about doing it, as time was now going on I had to hurry her to get ready as we had some forty miles to go. Janis being both taller and more busty than both Ruth and Claire mint either outfit would have been tighter on her, but when she came through ready I nearly came as she looked stunningly sexy, the outfit being new and so it was the first time I had seen it, from the back and sides she looked like a sexy school mistress high stiletto heals, and hold up stocking clad legs beneath the gown and she had piled her long dark hair under her mortar board, but as she swished round to the front and the gown wafted open you could see the top of her hold up stocking clad legs then her bright blue/purple G String in a shiny sequin type material, her 36D tits seemed as though they would spill out of the bra that was made out of the same blue/ purple material, but no wonder Ruth is only a 36B, last but not least she had her switch school mistresses cain for punishing naughty boys!! to exciting punters, we also remembered the cassette with the music on for her to strip to.

It was almost an hours drive to the venue which was the functions room at this pub, as we were a few minutes early when we arrived Janis decided she needed another G&T and with her coat on no one could tell what was underneath once she had taken the mortar board off, she just looked like another girl on a night out, whilst she was drinking it I went through to the organiser Paul he pointed out who the “stag” was and would see to putting the music on, there was only about fifteen blokes but a couple of their girlfriends had also gatecrashed!!, I went to get Janis from the bar which was still almost deserted, when we got to the room door I pointed out the “stag” to her and that he was called “Little Nick” through the crack in the door, I could tell she was loosing her inebriations as she went just inside to have a look, but no one noticed, when she came back out she undid and took her coat off and I gave her her mortar board to put on and gave her the switchie cain out of the holdall, god she looked like sex on legs from the front view, but looked so demure from the side and back, she certainly had my cock hard.

As the music started I opened the door for her and she entered the room to great cheers and whistles, a few seconds later when everyone was focusing on Janis I crept in and to the side of the dance floor ready to collect Janis’s costume as she removed it, Paul had put a chair in the middle of the dance floor with the body lotion and the couple of condoms underneath. By now I had found the sound system playing the music so I could cut it, in a minute.

Meanwhile Janis was mingling with the audience the gown keeping drifting open to give then a titalising view of what was to come, and anyone who touched got a playful wack from her cain when she got back to the front I cut the music and she ordered “Little Nick” up and to sit in the naughty boys chair which he readily did, when he had sat down she pretended to cain him, when she has done that she threw me the cain, then standing back to the audience and straight in front of Nick she let the gown drop off her shoulders and onto the floor, in the same move she also threw me the mortar board released her long dark hair letting it cascade onto her shoulders, turning to the main audience, there was shouts of “get them off”, but god she looked stunning stiletto’s, long stocking clad legs and the blue/purple G string and bra really sooted her, even though her tits were spilling out of it., I think that added to the sensuality.
Janis than stepped out of her stiletto’s and putting a foot on Nicks lap got him to role one down then the other, then slipping back into her stiletto’s, went back into the audience letting then have a grope of her boobs, bum and to the lucky few a feel between her legs, by now the drink had done its job and she had lost any inebitions and she looked as though she was really enjoying it.

Back on the dance floor right in front of Nick she reached behind and released her bra clasp, then seductively removed it, it ending up across with me, letting her still even though she is thirty pert and firm tits swing, she then sat facing Nick on his lap and reaching for the body lotion squeezed some onto her tits and getting Nick to rub it into them, which he readily did, after a couple of minutes of this Janis stud up and got Nick to do the same, she then proceeded to remove his shirt, then moving down, undid his belt and flies then pulling his jeans down, underneath his tango briefs were bulging, when Janis pulled them down it became obvious why he was called ”Little Nick”, he certainly wasn’t small, probably being !0 inches long, I think this took Janis’s breath away for a second, eventually she got him to lay down on the floor, head towards the audience, she then reached under the chair for one of the condoms and using a trick she learned a long time ago put it into her mouth, then using her tongue rolled it over his knob end and then gradually rolled it all the way onto his monster taking all his length for a second in her mouth, she then stud astride him, then undid the clasp on her G String and in one movement removed it and threw it to me, it was soaking with her juices, so I knew it wasn't just an act and that she had really got turned on.

She then lowered herself onto Nicks monstrous cock, slowly but she eventually she took the entire length to a cheer from the audience, she then started thrusting with her hips, but Nick with all the teasing and excitement only lasted a couple of minutes, as Janis stud up again she rolled the filled condom of his now shrinking cock and held it up for the audience to see the come before emptying it over Nick!!.
Janis then motioned me to go to the exit where she had come in, which I did, the audience was cheering, clapping and wanting more, which she did by laying on the floor legs spread to the audience, then inserted four fingers up her sopping fanny and with her thumb tweaked her love bud until you could see an orgasm start in her belly then rack her whole body, she then stud up and walked into the midst of the audience, letting then have a feel of her firm pirt tits a feel of her bum or the lucky ones a hand between her legs and her neatly trimmed fanny, and most surprising the two girls that were in the audience also wanted a feel and gave her a kiss full on the lips it took her a minute or so for her to get to the door where I was waiting with her coat for her to slip on, then we left the room to a cheer, as we left the pub on our way to the car I asked her why she had done the extra bit at the end, she just exclaimed that it had turned her on so much and she was really sexed up and wanted to cum.

By now I was dying to get my cock up her fanny so the first deserted lay bye pulled in and had the most wonderful sex session lasting nearly an hour. Since then she has vied with Ruth as to who dose the “Full Monty” shows as it turns her on so much and just as she was putting her coat on after a show a few weeks ago, she was approached by bloke who gave her his card, as to whether she would be interested in doing some video work in Holland over a long weekend and a partner could a company her, but that is a different story.

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