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Primevil Fantasy (2)

Written by Brandi (October 2000)

Anna was shivering in anticipation as she sat huddled with her friends from her acting class.
They had found a clearing that Peter knew about near the railroad tracks in the rocky gorge. It was dark when the full moon went behind the clouds and the group lit a few lanterns for the Cerimony.

The game was to make an imaginary world out of modern day events. Anna had agreed to be the sacrificial maiden in this bizzar recreation of a sacrifice to the Snake God. Anna wore nothing but a white slip to symbolize purity. She had dawned on an overcoat to suffice until the cerimony began. Her bare legs and feet were tucked under her to keep warm. Peter wore a pair of coveralls as did Chad and Jamie.

Stacy was fully dressed as was David. David was not an acting student but was in the business admin school at the college. Kind of a contrast to these bohemian acting students. Stacy and Anna had agreed he was a hunk with a nice bum. He was tall and carried his large torso and upper body gracefully making him appear smaller than he really was.
"Are you sure you are ok with this Anna?" Stacy asked.
"You have the most to lose" Peter injected.

Peter was the "cantor" and was kind of a ringleader. He was writing screenplays and had done a presentation at a fringe theatre festival in Seattle. He was tall with a large crop of blond hair combed back to create a certain flamboyance. He had penetrating blue eyes and an absorbing smile which made Anna and Stacy feel good about this small group and some of the projects they did.
"I'm ok with this as long as none of this gets back to the College" Anna spoke with a quivering voice.
"If you are concerned about me" David volunteered, "don't be, none of the Business Admin people would believe me if I told them what I did tonight anyway".

Peter and Jamie laughed nervously. Jamie was a slight person with short dark hair who had modeled clothing in an Outdoor Gear catalogue. He had dark penetrating eyes, not the type you would expect to be out doorsy. He had a square jaw and a fashion mag look about him.
"I joined this group because I needed something to balance the business world I live in." David continued.
His voice made Anna's heart flutter, perhaps in anticipation if the "Maiden's Dance" that she would perform for him and the others. Anna was a jazz dancer and liked to show off her little body.
She was pale skinned and had dark shoulder length hair which gave her a gothic appearance and made her perfect for the alluring role she was about to play.
"I can vouch for David" Peter said, "we all need an outlet and this is his."
"I think a train is coming" Jamie pointed up the river gorge from where they were sitting.

An eerie green light was emanating from behind the canyon walls bathing the area in a phosphorescent glow.
"That's our snake god "Shemmin Roe" an Ancient Celtic diety that was believed to consume maidens.
"Perhaps we should take this opportunity to get in th spirit of things" Peter spoke enticingly.
"Is that our train?" Stacy inquired.
"No, ours will be from the other direction and on these tracks, that train is on the other side of the canyon"
"Our train should be coming fairly soon"
"This is getting weird" Anna injected.
"Shemmin Roe is looking for you Anna"
David spoke in such a way the made Anna's heart start to throb. She could hear it beating as she thought about the "maiden's dance" . She began to tremble with anxiety about the upcoming event. Particularly when Stacy would strip her of her single garment and leave her high on the flat rock dancing naked in the eerie lights of this night. She almost swooned at the thought of David, this hunk she hardly knew watching her.

She let out a little scream as the train across the river blared it's horn. "oh my god look how bright it's lights are she blurted out" "this is going to be cool" Jamie laughed, as the other side of the canyon was lit up brighter than day and the huge trees seemed to disappear into the light.
The thought of the train coming up this side of the river caused an ecstatic panic in Anna as she would be bound to the flat rock as the sacrificial maiden when the train emerged from the tunnel, (the ominous cavern where in dwelled Shemmin Roe) . There was an eerie fog starting to rise off the inky blackwater river. The rumble of the train disappeared and things got silent as this bohemian group talked about myths legends and ancestors.
"I think every culture had a snake god" Chad volunteered.
"Kind of a phallic thing" Stacy giggled, "or a spinal column symbol" Peter suggested "kind of like the kundalini that moves sexual energy from the groin to the brain."
"I like the snake" Stacy said fiendishly "the train is a long snake" she looked at Jamie as she emphasized the word long, waiting to see his uneasiness.

Anna had for a while relaxed and her sexual tension had subsided until a distant train sounding it's horn ignited an ecstatic panic that tensed her muscles and electrified her abdomen and genital area.
"It's time" Peter said gently.
Chad Jamie and David started removing their outer garments. Stacy sat and watched them looking like a mischievous imp.

She started to giggle as Jamie threw his sweatshirt off revealing his compact dark body and his tiny loin cloth he and Chad volunteered to wear for the occasion. David was a different story.
He didn't have a loin cloth but as he stripped down to his athletic boxers revealing his washboard abdomen and sinewy arms, Stacy's expression changed. His boxers contrasted against his tanned legs revealing a huge bulge that continued down his muscular thigh.

Your turn Stacy Jamie said facing her, his wee loin cloth barely covering his pubic hair. Stacy stared at his groin for an instant and smiled as Jamie stared back at her. She got up and staring at Jamie ripped off her sweatshirt revealing she had no bra.

Her breasts reflected the moonlight as she kicked off her shoes. Jamie's face grew tense as she pulled off her Jeans revealing a tiny "bumfloss" pair of skivies. She was an athletic girl and her body showed it She stood up and pushed her reddish hair back with both arms and facing Jamie, looked him in the eye and then lowered her eyes toward his crotch smiled cruelly as she slowly went over to Anna's side. Jamie watched her strutting towards Anna, her muscular bum revealing a bikini line in the moonlight. Stacy looked back over her shoulder once more at Jamie, looked down at the little bulge in his loincloth broke into a big smile and looked back at Anna.

She loved teasing Jamie. Peter started playing the drum which made a weird high pitch wine and Stacy reached for Anna's hand to escort her to the sacrificial rock. Anna was trembling as she reached up for Stacy's hand and ensuing embrace. She thrust her pubic bone into Stacy's side and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to lose it Stacy, I'm going to lose it"
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Stacy whispered back.
"Oh yes" she breathed as she faced Stacy, "I am going wild"
She smiled as she pushed her groin againts Stacy and looked her in the eye. Stacy smiled back "I'm going to love this, let it all out girl" Stacy whispered "I'm going to, I don't care what happens" Anna replied
Stacy led Anna up onto the rock as Peter continued his intoxicating rhythm on the drum.

Anna began to move slowly to the rhythm as she put her arms in the air, her white slip rode up towards her loin revealing her slender milky legs. Her raven hair glistened in the moonlight and fell about her shoulders as her arms reached out towards the dark silhouettes of the tall trees clinging dangerously to the steep canyon walls.

She had a ghostly appearance as she moved provocatively to Peter's drumming.
Her tiny breasts moved beneath the slip suggesting she would burst out of this scant article of clothing at any moment.....

to be continued...

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