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Sissy Husband Part I

Written by Connie (August 2000)

As usual, you were asleep when I got home after working late on a project.
When I walked into the bedroom you were laying uncovered on the bed exposing your long beautiful legs and I could see your right breast through the side of your sexy nightgown.

The sight of your beautiful body made me instantly horny. I knew from experience that I didn't dare wake you up for sex. You get angry when I do that and I end up not getting any sex for several days. So once again I was going to have to go to bed stiff and unhappy. I took one more look at your sexy body and headed off to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

When I went to put my dirty clothes in the laundry hamper I found a pair of your sexy black lace panties sitting on top of the clothes in the hamper. I was surprised to see them there as you usually only wear them when we are planning a night of sex.

I took your panties out of the hamper and examined them in the light. The crotch of the panties was soaked and there were thick strands of a sticky substance coating the material. I was stunned to think that my bride of 20 years had been fucked that night.

I brought the crotch of the panties up to my nose and smelled them. I immediately smelled the strong pungent scent of both your sex and that of a man's cum. As I stared at your panties I had a vision of some guy stroking a big cock in and out of your pussy.

To my surprise, the image in my head, instead of making me sick, was giving me an erection. Unknowingly, as I held your panties up to my face, my right hand descended to my penis and began rubbing my shaft. I first just smelt your panties, but as I became more aroused, I began to lick and suck on the cum-soaked crotch.

Soon, I exploded in a massive orgasm. I felt like I was in a trance as I went to the guest bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. I was confused about what I found, how I felt about it and what I should do. That night I slept in the spare bedroom, but only after I put your panties on and masturbated again.

When I woke in the morning I hid your panties under the bed in the spare bedroom and went to get ready for work. You were still asleep when I went into our bedroom to get dressed. I decided not to say anything about your apparent affair until I had more time to think things over. When you got up you didn't say anything about my not coming to bed that night so I guessed that you didn't know that I had slept in the spare bedroom.

You seemed a little nervous but if I hadn't seen the cum in your panties, I never would have guessed that anything was wrong. When you finally spoke you said, "What time did you get home last night? I never heard you come in."
I said, "I came home around midnight as usual."
I didn't offer any more information than that. Then I asked, "What did you do last night?" The question didn't seem to bother you.

You looked at me and said, "I just watched TV and read a little. I went to bed early."
I thought to myself, "I already know you went to bed early, but whom did you go to bed with?"
But I didn't say anything out loud. I just got my briefcase and left for work.

I didn't get much work done that day. I kept thinking about you fucking some other guy. I tried to imagine who it could be but no one came to mind. I couldn't understand the emotions I was feeling.
One minute I was extremely angry and planning to ask for a divorce then next minute I was feeling that the whole thing was my fault and I should apologize to you for not fucking you the way you needed to be fucked - hard and often. I knew my cock wasn't as large as you would have liked, and I would often came much too quickly for you. While I fantasized about being feminized and being your sissy, you needed a big man to fill your pussy on a regular basis.

I felt as though in a way, you deserved to find comfort in the arms and on the cock of another man. What I finally decided to do was just tell you what I knew. I waited till after dinner to bring the topic up.
After we went to bed, I got up out of bed and went into the spare bedroom to get the panties that I had hidden under the bed. I returned to our bedroom and after getting into bed with you, I showed you the panties I had found and said that I had noticed that the crotch appeared to have a load of man's cum. I reminded you that you hadn't let me fuck you in over of week.

I then told you that I had smelled and then licked and tasted the cum in your panties. I asked if you could explain how your sexy panties had become so cum-soaked. You smiled wickedly and said you could. But first you asked if I had touched myself while I was licking the crotch of your panties.

I admitted to you that I had. You said, "Good, Tim. That makes things easier."
You said that you would explain everything to me tomorrow night - Friday night. That night, when I came home from work, I found you dressed as sexily as ever. You had worn a short black miniskirt, with a sexy white blouse. You weren't wearing panties or a bra.

You teased and encouraged me and told me how much you loved me.
After much heavy petting and kissing, you said we would play some games and make love and then we would talk about "that other thing."

I was extremely aroused by you and you were much more dominant than usual. Knowing my fantasies, you showed me a bra and panties you wanted me to put on. I became very submissive, and when you handed me shaving gel and a razor, and told me to shave my arms, legs and chest, I didn't resist.

I went into the shower and proceeded to shave my manhood away, while you prepared your little surprise. Several times you checked on me, and said you had some makeup and a wig for me to use. You told me that you didn't think I needed any help getting dolled up, because you knew I had been secretly cross-dressing and using your make up for quite some time. You said that you were going downstairs and take care of some business while "I did my thing."

I completed shaving, and dried myself off. Then I got into the lingerie you had laid out for me and stepped into the pair of sexy high-heels you had bought for me. Then I began putting my makeup on. You had sent the kids off for the weekend and had developed a plan with you new lover - a young, black doctor who worked at the hospital with you. After I had finished with my makeup and wig, I looked at my reflection in the mirror with absolute excitement.

My cock stuck stiffly out of the pink panties I was wearing and I gently rubbed while I checked my make-up in the mirror. Then I heard laughter coming from the bedroom. I headed for the bedroom on somewhat wobbly legs with my high heels, but I was still nice and relaxed.

As I opened the door to the bedroom, I was completely shocked.
I saw you and this unknown black man sitting on our bed. You were both fully clothed, but it was still very obvious that you had been doing a little more than talking while I was fantasizing in the bathroom.

Jim's shirt was undone, and there were a few red lipstick marks on his chest. Your blouse was undone, your bra-less breasts exposed, and your nipples were sticking out hard. You both looked a little flushed, and you both smiled as you saw me open the door. You looked at each other and giggled, as if sharing a private joke.

You smiled at me and then looked back at Jim and winked, as if you were saying, "See, I told you my husband is a sissy."
I was immediately embarrassed, but you were the first to speak as you greeted me. "Hi Honey," you said.
"You look terrific. Come here, I want you to meet someone."
Then Jim spoke; "Yeah, Connie has told me all about you."

You led me to a reclining chair you had put across from the bed, and I sat down, crossing my legs. Then you went back over and sat down by Jim, running your hand gently across his back. You introduced me to him and said that he and you worked together at the hospital.

You then said, "Jim - I'd like you meet Timmy, my sissy husband."
You could tell I immediately became very nervous and defensive, so you got up and strolled over to me walking sexily in your miniskirt and heels. Your breasts were swinging lustily as you walked, and then you leaned over me, kissed me deeply, and squeezed my now hard cock that was sticking up out of the pink panties I was wearing.

"You've been waiting for this for a long time, my little lover," you teased.
"Look at how stiff your little prick is? I want you to just sit back for a bit, and enjoy, little Timmy," you told me, "Hopefully, you'll enjoy as much as I will."

Then you gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. Jim then got up and joined you beside me, and it was then that I noticed the scarves he had been hiding behind his back. I must have jumped a little, because you tightened your grip on my cock, and told me to just be still. With that, Jim tied a scarf around one of my wrists, and then the other. He then bound both arms to the rockers of the recliner so that I couldn't move my arms. I was torn, because I didn't know if I wanted to do this.

At the same time, you were stroking my cock firmly through my pink panties and making me feel so good. Jim then bound each of my legs, spread open, to the scarves that stretched from my bound wrists. You smiled and said, "Hmmm baby, your cock is harder than ever - I knew you'd like this!"
You were right. My cock was harder than I can ever remember. With that, you released your grip on my throbbing erection, and you and Jim walked back over to the bed. You both made no secret of wanting each other.

As soon you stood at the foot of the bed, you embraced and started kissing. Although your mouths were closed, I could see each of your tongues as they licked and kissed each other. You then started stripping each other's clothes off. You were naked first, and I could swear I could see your pussy juices flowing.
Jim was down to his underwear, and then you used both hands and pulled them off. When Jim's cock sprang free, I could see he was huge.

I was not overly proud of my manhood, but I wasn't embarrassed either. But Jim was at least six inches longer than I was, and at least twice as thick. He hadn't been cut either and his thick foreskin hung in great folds over the head of his penis.
I must have let out a feminine gasp, because Jim just smiled, and turned to look at me and said, "What's the matter? Are you afraid of how much your wife is gonna like this?" I just sat there - bound - and with my mouth open, unable to speak. It wasn't just the size of his cock that had me speechless, but his balls were also twice the size of mine. I knew how much that turns you on.

When I didn't answer; Jim turned back to you and slowly began to fondle your right breast. With both of you naked now, you started kissing once again. I watched helplessly as your hand descended to his groin and wrapped around his thick shaft. You then started stroking your new lover. Jim lowered his mouth to your left breast, and started sucking your nipple.

You groaned, and stroked him faster. Then Jim started a running dialogue that he kept up throughout your entire lovemaking. His lips broke from your nipple and he said, "You think this cock is gonna be big enough for you baby?" You hissed through clinched teeth, "God yes." With that, Jim commanded you to get on your knees and suck him.

There wasn't even a second's hesitation on your part. Sinking to your knees, your tongue licked his massive head, and then your lips parted and you sucked him in. Even though I couldn't come close to touching myself, my cock was bobbing back and forth in time to your bobbing head, and sucking mouth on Jim's cock. Jim was no longer even touching your nipples; he was running his fingers through your hair as you sucked your man.

I watched in amazement and heard you moan, groan, and make sighing sounds as your hot lips and tongue sucked his cock like it was the best thing you had ever tasted. Jim's head was tilted back, and his eyes closed as he enjoyed your blowjob. After a few minutes Jim looked right at me and smiled and said, "God, your wife can really suck cock - does she do this to you, little girl?" I just closed my eyes and sighed as I realized it had been ages since you had taken my tiny cock in your mouth. Just then, Jim reached his orgasm, and he emptied his massive balls into your hungry mouth.

I could see you swallowing his cum and you moaned as you slurped and swallowed all of his love juice. Jim's back arched, and he shot one final load into your mouth. You held out your tongue for your black lover to deposit his gift for you.
Then you swallowed every drop. When he had finally finished his orgasm, you lovingly licked his cock clean, and then licked his balls tenderly, enjoying the moment. I thought my cock was going to rip open as I watched you make love to his balls with your sticky lips & tongue. Eventually he pushed you away, and then helped you over to where I was sitting, still bound by your scarves.

You placed your hand on my cock and gently stroked it. I was ready to explode immediately, and you sensed it and stopped stroking. "Is my little sissy excited?" you purred. That only made me moan even loader. "I bet you are, lover," you finished. Then you gave my ear a little bite.

Jim watched for a couple of minutes, and then he stood. His now semi-hard cock was only inches from my face, and he looked over at you and gave you a heavy French kiss. After he kissed you, you pulled away from his mouth and gently bit his lower lip with your teeth.

You looked down at me in my panties and bra, with my face made up and told me to suck Jim's cock and make it hard so he could fuck you with it. "With your red lipstick Timmy, I know your lips will look real sexy wrapped around my lover's cock," you teased. Jim's cockhead touched my lips; and when I didn't open my mouth right away, you reached down and grabbed my cock with your hand.

You squeezed my little cockhead and commanded me again to suck your black lover, and get him ready to use your cunt. This time I did as I was told, and opened my mouth. His massive cock slid between my lips, and I began to lick and suck. While I did, I looked up at you. Jim was playing with your nipples, but you were just looking down at me and smiling with love in your eyes. Just as you had finally got what you had desired and needed by taking a black lover, I was obviously fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of mine by sucking his cock.

You softly caressed my shoulders and ran your fingernails across my back as you watched me suck cock for this first time. With my hands bound, it was somewhat difficult to keep Jim's thick cock from slipping out of my mouth from time to time, but each time your lover's cock fell out of my mouth, you quickly grabbed it and reinserted it in front of my face. I instinctively opened my mouth each time and you but the cock where you wanted it while smiling. It didn't take Jim long to get fully erect again, and when he did, he pulled out of my mouth. Jim grabbed your hand and led you back to the bed.

You never even looked back at me as he pulled you down to the bed. After propping your head with our pillows like you and I had previously done a million times during our marriage, you sexily spread your legs wide for your new lover. Jim was good at teasing, and he slowly rubbed the head of his cock across your clit, and between your wet pussy lips. He didn't enter you yet, though. You were moaning and your hips were grinding as you tried to get his cock inside of your eager cunt.

Finally, Jim ran his huge black cockhead up and down your glistening slit, and slowed his teasing. He then reached under you and grabbed your ass and slowly slid into your waiting pussy. You almost screamed, as you moaned with desire. You ran your hands over his chest and purred, "Yes - oh God - yes - fuck me lover - make me cum." Jim was in control, but he didn't just slam into you.

He knew exactly what he was doing, as he slowly slid each massive inch inside your hot fuckhole. I watched in amazement and excitement as you gave your new black stud everything that had always been reserved for just me. Jim was taking his time with you, and your bodies just seemed to mesh.

It was quite obvious to me that you had been fucking one another quite frequently since your affair had begun. I watched as your legs spread wide, and your hands clutched his ass, trying to draw him deeper inside your cunt. When he finally had his full length in you, you wrapped your legs together behind his firm, black ass. You looked dreamily up at him while he filled every inch of your womanhood. I saw you begin to shake.

Your nipples got even harder, and you began to pant heavily. I could see that the first of many orgasms was rocking your sexy body. Jim smiled a deep and warm smile, and he gave you a French kiss that you eagerly returned. As you sucked his tongue into your mouth, Jim remained still, with his big black cock buried all the way in you. His cock had completely disappeared into your love tunnel and his balls were resting against your ass.

You had every inch of him inside you and it felt wonderful. As you looked over at me, you noticed my eyes staring at your union, and you followed my gaze down to your groin. With all of Jim's beautiful cock inside your hungry pussy, you smiled wickedly at me and slowly began to grind against him. Soon, your hips began to buck wildly and you gasped even louder.

Your first orgasm of the fuck was about to take you. Then you exploded in ecstasy. Jim rode you through your orgasm, and then he started slowly fucking you. While I watched you two, I remembered the times when I had fucked you and gave you an orgasm.

Sometimes, after a few minutes of rest, I could get hard and give you another climax. But the way you and Jim made love was totally different. It was like your orgasm never ended. For almost ten minutes you bucked and fucked back at your black lover like you had never done with me. You would slow for a minute, and then slam your pussy as hard as ever onto his thick rod as you repeatedly came.

I could plainly see that he was giving you a tremendous multiple orgasm. I know it was at least 10 minutes, because I could feel every tick of the clock as my own cock bobbed to the seconds. I truly felt deep love and satisfaction for you. I could see you were being sexually satisfied in a different and better way than I could ever do. It didn't make me feel ashamed or jealous - I was happy for you. It was such a turn on to watch as you lost all control, and let your body enjoy all of the sensations you were experiencing.

Again, being an experienced and good lover, Jim let you ride through several orgasms, and when you finally slowed a bit, he withdrew. I could see the look on your face as the object of your pleasure was taken away.

After he pulled his cock from you, he flipped you over on your tummy. He then grabbed a pillow, and slid it under your pelvis. This meant you were still resting on your tummy on the bed, but your ass was now sticking very invitingly into the air. You looked over your shoulder, first at me and then at Jim, and stuck your ass up even further.

You begged him to fuck you. You sighed, and said, "God I need your cock bad - put that big black cock where it belongs, lover."
Jim just smiled at me as he slipped his cock inside your hungry pussy. "Your wife is one hot bitch, Timmy.Too bad you can't satisfy her. I bet I can," he said.

He then became a little more forceful in his thrusting, and as he did he grasped your hair and pulled your head up. It was by no means a rough treatment, just two lovers in the heat of passion.

And you loved it. I'd never seen you like this - your ass thrusting back to meet every thrust he made, his hand pulling your hair as he fucked you harder than I thought possible. The ultimate turn on was when he kept asking you if you liked his black cock in your pussy and you panted between groans, "Oh God yes - yes." I continued to watch you both with a raging hard-on and after what seemed like another twenty minutes, and several more orgasms for you later, I could see Jim's balls begin to tighten up.

His tempo increased, and his balls slapped your ass even harder and faster. I could see his cock begin to pulse, and he started cumming inside you. On your hands and knees, you looked as sexy as ever, and your entire body started to tremble as your orgasm joined that of your lover's.

All you could do was hold on and scream. "Oh yes, lover - yes. Cum inside me babe. Fill me up," you moaned. You squeezed your cunt lips tightly around your new lover's cock as you sexily began to milk his ejaculate into your womb. You felt great gobs of his seed spurt deeply into your womanhood, and you seemed more content than ever. Finally, your rhythm slowed as he shot his final load into you. You reached behind you

and pulled him close to you as you closed your eyes in ecstasy. Both of your bodies were hot and sweaty, and your pussy was a wet mess. Jim's cock was covered with both your love juice and his hot cum as he slowly withdrew from you. For a few moments, you both just lied side by side in the bed. You snuggled together and tenderly rubbed his cock up and down as he caressed your tits.

You were completely spent. After a few soft kisses, Jim helped you up and you both walked over to me. This time when Jim stuck his cock in my face, I didn't need a command from you. I hungrily began to lick and suck him clean of your love juices. His salty cum, mixed with your sweet sex tasted incredible. As I sucked your new lover, you finally rewarded me by untying the scarves that held my right hand. You gave me permission to masturbate and I began beating my meat rapidly. As you expected, I exploded in little over a minute.

I came all over the bra and panties I was wearing and you and Jim just laughed. "See Jim. I told you Timmy never lasts very long," you purred, "He's such a wimp. But I bet we can turn him into a pretty good cock-sucker." You had me finish licking Jim's cock and balls clean and then told me to lie on the floor on my back. Then you squatted above me and let your lover's cum slowly drip out of your well-fucked pussy and into my mouth.

After I had licked you, you sent me to the bathroom to clean myself up and put some fresh lipstick on. When it was all over, I don't think any of us had the energy to speak for several minutes. You and Jim snuggled on the bed as I came back from the bathroom. I watched helplessly as Jim dressed and then you walked him to the door and kissed him goodnight.

You thanked him for the most wonderful fuck of your life and told him you would think of him all night as his semen lay in your fertile womb.

After you closed the door, you came back to me, your sissy husband.

You asked if I thought I could get it up again so soon after touching myself and I meekly nodded yes.
Both you & I knew that this would probably be one of the last time times you would fuck me, and so you sexily said, "would you like sloppy seconds, little girl?"

Again I nodded yes, and so with a wicked smile you led me to our closet and pulled out a blouse, skirt, and a purse.
"Here, Timmy - put these on. I need you to go to the store for me," you said.
"Wait a minute honey, I can't go out like this. You know that," I stammered.
"Yes you can, and you will," you replied flatly.
"If you want to fuck me, that is," you finished. I asked, "What do you mean, Connie?" "It's simple," you said.
"Get dressed and get ready to go to the store for me. Your first foray into public ought to be real exciting for you, honey." I meekly began to button the blouse and slip on the skirt.

You looked me over, smiled, and handed me some money to put in my purse. "You don't look too bad, but we can better," you purred.
"It's late and you look presentable, I guess."
I just stared at you. "Don't just stand there silly. I'm getting tired. Get going," you commanded.

As you walked, into the bathroom, I asked you what to get at the store. "Let's see, what would a good little sissy need? I know. Buy some condoms," you replied.
"But honey," I stammered, Jim already came inside you. We don't need condoms."

Again, you looked at me wickedly and said, "They're not for Jim, sissy. They're for you! From now on, if you're lucky enough for me to fuck you, I'll only let you enter me if you wear a condom."

As I turned to leave, humiliated yet excited, you called out, "And honey, you cooed, "pick up a box of tampons for me too, since you're all dressed up. Get the super size. I think you'll have to start using them before too long."

I almost exploded in my panties again. With that, I went to the store, more frightened, yet excited than ever. When I returned from my errand, my heart was pounding as I entered the safety of our house. I wondered if anyone had recognized me. You asked me how it went and I couldn't even talk, I was so scared.

You led me back to our bed and had me take off my heels, skirt and blouse. Of course, I was rock hard, and you asked me to give me the bag from the store. You smiled as you looked at the packet of condoms I had purchased and then took out the box of tampons.

You threw a condom over to me and put the tampons in the bathroom, saying that you'd show me how to use them tomorrow. Then you kissed me on the cheek and told me how proud you were of me for accepting this "change of things."

You got into bed and laid on your back. Then I knelt between your legs and you told me to put on the condom. I meekly mentioned that using a condom was something you had not asked your black lover to do, and you casually explained that you didn't mind him planting his seed in you, but you didn't want my cum mixed with Jim's inside your pussy.

"You'll never put your little cock in my cunt without a rubber again, my little sissy," you hissed, "and if you don't like it, you can just masturbate instead." I told you I wanted you to let me inside of you and that I'd happily use condoms from now on, if those were your rules.
"Good girl," you replied, "and also - from now on, after you cum in your condom, you'll drink the sperm from it before you flush it, do you understand?"

Totally humiliated, I nodded yes. I tried to recover a little dignity by asking, "But what about Jim cumming inside you, lover? Aren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"
You just smiled to yourself and replied, "Not really, Timmy. If I get pregnant, I get pregnant."

I stammered in disbelief, "But what about the baby, it'll be black, and everyone will know you've been fooling around?"
"So what?" you responded meanly, "at least I'll have been knocked up by a real man, instead of a sissy. I'll carry his child full term proudly. And as far as everyone knowing about our 'new arrangement,' I don't think that will surprise too many of our friends. In the next few weeks I'm going to completely sissify you. You'll have your ears pierced, your hair permed, and a sweet set a pink nails before too long. I don't think anyone will accuse you of being man enough to get me pregnant by the end of the month. Don't think your new role will be just confined to the bedroom.
That's what you've always wanted and I finally decided to give it to you! And I hope you don't think I'm not going out in public with Jim - he knows how to make me feel like a real woman and I want to have him meet our friends."

As a final humiliation, you said, "Okay, stick your little cock in. Let's get this over with."

With that, you let out an audible yawn and turned your head to the side, looking away. As I stuck my little penis in your still hot pussy, you told me how pretty I looked as your new girl slave, and you rubbed your hands over my chest and smiled. I couldn't control myself and I quickly exploded, in less than 30 seconds.

You wickedly smiled again, with a knowing smirk on your face. "I knew you wouldn't last long, you little bitch," you teased. You said weren't surprised, and you hadn't been expecting a long or rough fuck. You were tired after making love to Jim for over two hours. You just smiled and pushed me off of you. Then you said, "C'mon Timmy, you know what to do next."

You watched as I obediently milked all of my ejaculate into the end of the condom and then took it off. I sheepishly handed you the condom and then you assertively held if over my head and told me to open my mouth.

I did as you commanded and you turned the condom upside down and put my sperm back inside me, giggling while you remarked, "Oh, you are a little bitch, aren't you? From now on, your sperm belongs in your mouth, and Jim's belongs in my pussy. Understand?"

Then we laid in bed together for a while, not talking, just thinking. Finally, you broke the silence and turned to face me. You held my face in your hands and said you had hoped that my orgasm was as satisfying for me and yours were for you. Once I had slowed my breathing down, you softly caressed my smooth-shaven chest and legs.
You sexily whispered into my ear, "Timmy I need a real man to fuck me, not a sissy. You'll still be my husband, but I'll let Jim and others have the privilege of fucking me in the future. I hope that's okay with you," you explained.
"In the meantime, you can continue to dress up and touch yourself when I give you permission. In fact, tomorrow we're going shopping to get you some stuff to make you more presentable. And if you're a good little bitch, maybe I'll even let you get fucked once in a while," you finished.

"Now tomorrow, since the kids are gone and it's the weekend, Jim is coming over for the night. Maybe we'll let you watch a little, but you'll have to sleep in the spare bedroom. Jim's going to sleep in our bed with me," you said. Looking directly at me, you finished, "That's not a problem, is it?"

Looking totally humiliated, I shyly answered, "No." As you got up, you looked over your shoulder at me and purred, "And another thing, Tim I assume you don't have any other questions about the cum in my panties. Don't be surprised if you see more of that in the future."

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