Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Reunion

Written by Betty Boo (December 2000)

Sandra looked around the semi-deserted airport with annoyance. "I’m the one who traveled thousands of miles, the least he could be is on time" she thought . "Looking for someone?" a familiar voice purred from behind her. "Scott"! She exclaimed both in surprise and delight. A quick perusal of her fiancée revealed him to be no worse the wear for 6 months living in Central America. In fact, she though wryly, if anything he looked even tastier. Standing before her with a lop sided grin was 200 pounds of lean, bronzed, muscle, barely covered by the briefest of cargo shorts and a short sleeved work shirt. Allowing her gaze to travel from his sea green eyes down his well muscled body, reaching his shorts she paused for a moment reminding herself just how long it had been.

What had started as a two months, high pay contract doing diamond drilling, had extended into 4 months, then 6. With the local economy and revolutionary army always in flux, Scott had refused to consider her flying down for a visit, and she had to content herself with weekly phone calls, which usually degenerated into some great phone sex. Smiling, she thought happily of the afternoons spent spread eagle on her bed, Scott’s photo on the bedside, and the speaker phone on high so he heard every moan and sigh as she slipped pinched and tongued her nipples while sliding her fingers deep within the folds of her pussy…"Earth to Sandra, we have a cab waiting". Awaking from her reverie she tossed Scott her knapsack and followed him out of the terminal to the waiting cab.

"How far is the site"? she asked, smoothing her long skirt as she slid onto the hot vinyl seat. "An hour, maybe more if yesterday’s rain washed out any sections of the road. She had forgotten that he had spent the better part of a week in the city. Thinking of how long it had been for Scott as well, she frowned as she asked him "and did you keep up your end of the bargain"? Knowing his need for daily or more sex, when the contract was extended the first time Sandra had extracted a promise from Scott that he would refrain from visiting any of the local talent that was easily available on the job site. "The reward for behaving was too tempting not to" he replied smiling. Sandra squirmed a bit uncomfortably in her seat, knowing that by the end of that night her virginal ass would have felt the full length and breadth of Scott’s thick 8 inch cock.

Sensing her discomfort, he leaned over to give her a deep, long kiss, plunging his tongue in her mouth, thinking of his cock doing the same later that day. Responding with equal passion, Sandra was totally unaware of the splendid sight she was providing the driver. The heat of the day had caused her thin white blouse to cling tightly to her body, and her dark, fully erect nipples were straining against the material, aching to be sucked. Squeezing his thighs together against his growing erection, as he watched the performance in the back seat the driver silently cursed both the manual transmission and the hilly terrain.

Scott had pulled Sandy so that she lay across his lap, and while they continued to battle with their tongues was busily pinching and pulling at her nipples through the filmy fabric. As the cab hit a large pothole Scott raised his eyes to see the driver staring back at them in the mirror, looking at anything but the road. Eager to get back to his play Scott gestured dismissively with his free hand. Snapping his fingers briefly, the driver continued to hold Scott’s attention as he pointed to the rear view mirror, and then pantomimed turning the meter off. ""Why not" thought Scott, "if he wants to lose a sizable fare for a bit of voyeurism, what the hell". Still rubbing and pinching Sandra’s nipples he gave the briefest of nods while he continued to kiss her.

The knowledge that he was now being watched brought the showman out in Scott, and he slowly began unbuttoning Sandra’s blouse, releasing her magnificent breasts to both his and the driver’s view. As a 38C Sandra could hardly be called buxom, but youth and hours at the gym meant that she had the tone to go braless and frequently did. Now freed from the tight fabric, her breasts strained forward, seeming to demand to be sucked. Until this point Sandra had been in a sexual frenzy, seemingly oblivious to her degree of exposure. Wary that Sandra would suddenly resist where this was leading, Scott slowly nibbled his way down her slim throat, finally reaching the crest of her breast, and gently flicking his tongue against the hard nipple. Sandra moaned loudly causing Scott to throw another warning look at the driver as they his yet another pothole.

As he pursed his lips and sucked in the taut nipple, Scott gently slid his now free hand under the waistband of her skirt. As his hand slowly moved over her mound it was his turn to moan in delight for her pussy had been shaved as bare as the day she was born. During their relationship he had asked her repeatedly to do this and she had always refused. An image of her kneeling on a bed, bare ass in the air waiting for his cock to ream her jumped into his mind, and he plunged 2 fingers into her dripping cunt and began to frig her clit viciously. The thrusting of her hips against his hand told him she was enjoying the attack, rough though it was, but he was reminded of his bargain with the driver as the fellow gave a discreet sniff and briefly gestured to the skirt covering his show. Slipping his hand from the waistband, Scott pulled at the material until it was a few inches below her hips. Reaching up from below this time, he shoved his fingers back into her wet pussy, his wrist dragging the last few inches of material upward exposing the smooth, dripping mound.

Now totally exposed, Sandra struggled briefly to bring her skirt down. After months of solo satisfaction she had been totally turned on by Scott’s aggressive play, but that was when his mouth and her skirt were seeming to block the driver’s view. This was too much. "Shhhh" murmured Scott against her breast, "he’s seen it all before, and besides, all of his attention is on the road". Taking the hint before Sandra could lean up to look, the driver stared forward, seeming to concentrate on the winding road edged by sharp drop offs, and no guardrails.

Relaxing somewhat, she relaxed back on his lap and allowed Scott’s hand to slide her skirt up as he again captured her pussy, and leaned over to nibble the other nipple. Feeling guilty at laying back receiving all the pleasure, Sandra turned her attention to the cock straining against the cotton beside her face. Grinning at her own ingenuity, she seized the zipper in her teeth, tugging it down and searching within for the head of his huge penis. From her position she could only lick the shaft and balls, although she knew from Scott’s response that he was enjoying her tonguing.

Anxious to have her change positions so he could cram his cock down her throat, Scott’s frigging of her cunt was reaching a fevered pitch. Repeatedly he thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy, grinding his thumb against her clit, driving her into a frenzy.

Slowing the car so he could safely navigate the road, the driver watched as Sandra opened her legs wider, her clit red and engorged under Scott’s thumb, her hips thrusting up at his plunging fingers, when without warning she roared "Jesus!" and began coming against the furiously moving hand, her pussy grinding hard against Scott, his cock forgotten as she grabbed his hair and shoved his mouth roughly against her breast, shuddering in ecstasy .

Lifting his dripping fingers to his mouth, Scott winked at the eyes in the rearview mirror as he licked off the juices that coated his hand. Flushed and satiated, Sandra stretched lazily as she lay across the seat, her rosy nipples and wet pussy totally exposed to the driver’s view.

Realizing what she had just done in "public", Sandra felt no shame, and instead felt the same urge to show off as she eyed the magnificent cock beside her cheek.

Rolling over onto her hands and knees, she studied the 8 hard inches before her. Slowly, tauntingly, she flicked just the tip of her tongue across the glans, and giggled as she was rewarded with a shudder from Scott. Tossing her hair back over her shoulder, she leaned in and started licking him like an ice cream cone, slow, gentle slurps, one, then two, then three. She smiled as she kept her eyes on Scott’s face, enjoying the sight of his eyes rolling back with the pleasure. As she slowly licked him again she relaxed her jaw wide, and without warning plunged him into the back of her throat. Caught off guard, Scott almost shot his load then and there. He could feel it bursting to get out of him, and clawed to get control of himself.

Satisfied with the response, Sandra resumed her slow attack on his member. Balancing on her elbows as if sipping a soda, she allowed him to slip back out of her mouth until only her lips held the glistening head, then slid slowly down until her nose pressed into the balls she cupped in her hand.

Her skirt had slipped down over her hips when Sandra had turned over. To allow the driver a better review Scott slid his hand up the back of Sandra’s thigh, leaving her gorgeous ass up in the air. Running a hand over the firm buttocks as Sandra sucked vigorously on his cock, Scott was reminded of his earlier fantasy, and amended it to taking her ass right here in the cab. Still struggling to control the urge to explode in Sandra’s throat, Scott dipped a finger in her pussy to moisten it, then began gently fingering the tight dark hole.

Startled, Sandra paused as she sucked her way down to Scott’s balls, the realization dawning on her that her virginal ass might not make it to the site, let alone through the night. In reflex she constricted the sphincter, little knowing that the sensation of her tight little hole squeezing his finger only aroused Scott more. Waiting a moment until she relaxed he slowly slid his finger in deeper and began circling round the tight little muscle.

While knowing she would eventually keep her part of the deal, Sandra went to work on Scott’s cock with vigor, hoping to satisfy him with a good sucking and delay the inevitable.

Wide eyed, the driver watched in wonder as the hot little blonde attacked the cock before her, bobbing up and down on the shaft, squeezing the balls with each stroke, while the smiling recipient slid one, then two more fingers into her squirming raised ass. "The man must have the self control of a God" thought the driver with envy.

Strangely, Sandra was finding herself getting turned on all over again. Rubbing her nipples against Scott’s hairy thighs as she sucked and he fingered her ass, she was starting to like the thought of getting some cock inside her, hell, she was starting to need some cock inside her.

Sensing the change in her mood, Scott guided her head away from his cock and watched as she sat back on her haunches, enjoying the sight of her naked breasts. "The challenge" he thought, "is the size of this damn car". The fuel efficient little two door favored by the cabbies would not allow him to mount her easily, and he couldn’t control his penetration well if she sat in his lap. Anxious to not have this as a "one off", Scott evaluated the options in the little car.

Scott reached for the seat release allowing the passenger seat to lean forward against the dashboard. He smiled as he thought of the manufacturer’s claim that this design allowed "easy access to the rear". "If only they knew" he thought. Seeing the driver’s grin at the increased view he snapped at him in Spanish "if you touch, the return ride is also complimentary". The driver’s nod of assent and the thought of fucking Sandra while another man fondled her made Scott even more anxious to pop his fiancée’s rectal cherry.

As Scott positioned her to lean with her breasts against the seat the slanted seat, Sandra arched her back eagerly, anxious to finally get some cock in her. Feeling the head of Scott’s cock pressing against her lips, she thrust backwards instinctively, burying his cock up to the balls in her dripping cunt. Pumping slowly to wet his dick, he again slid one finger then two into her tight little ass and began stretching her.

Having reached a straight stretch of road the cabby finally had a free hand, and eagerly began pinching Sandra’s nipples and kneading her breasts. Just as she opened her mouth to protest this pawing Sandra felt Scot slide from her cunt, and gently press the head of his cock against her ass. Agony!!! Despite Scott’s preparations Sandra gasped as the huge head pushed at her tight little hole. She felt like she was on fire. Breathing in ragged breaths, Sandra moaned at the burning as Scott stretched her farther, and farther, ripping her ass apart with the size of him. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any more she felt the head pass the tight little sphincter, and the long, thick cock sliding the rest of the way in.

Pausing for a moment to savoir the feel of Sandra’s ass like vise around his cock, Scott watched the cabby eagerly pinching and twisting Sandra’s nipples, marveling that she wasn’t protesting. Thoroughly turned on by the feel of her ass around his cock, and the sight of her gorgeous breasts getting a vigorous rubbing by the cabby, Scott began to move in and out, driving his cock against her, grinding his hips against her ass, enjoying the slapping sound his balls made as they hit Sandra’s bare pussy.

Now past the pain of losing her cherry, Sandra eagerly moved back against Scott and he slid in and out of her. Teased by the thump of his balls against her pussy, she reached a hand down to rub her clit as Scott continued to assault her ass. From his grunts and pace she knew he wasn’t going to last long and rubbed vigorously at her pussy as she struggled to keep pace. As his breaths became shorter and faster she felt her own need coming on hard, and as Scott pulled back for one final thrust Sandra "Jesus"! again as he slammed against her, filling her ass with his spunk as she shuddered in her own orgasm.

Slowly opening her eyes she realized they were coming out of the hills and she could see dwellings in the distance. Pushing Scott back she sat down hard on her sore rump, hastily buttoning her blouse as she noticed oncoming traffic.

Arriving at their hotel some time later, the flushed but composed couple took the phone number the cabby eagerly thrust at them. Who knew that the return ride might bring!

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