Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Old Flame

Written by Leesa (dsmoya@hotmail.com) (December 2000)

It was a little past nine in the morning, and I been vegging in front of the tube.
I had gotten my children off this morning with no crises, and I was rewarding myself with a little Good Morning America. As I was eating my Special K and listening to some puff story, the phone rang.

I instinctively reached for my ear to unclip my right earring, but I had yet to get fully dressed this morning. "Hello," I answered to the ringing phone. There was a pause.
"Remember me," a voice softly broke the silence.
"Who is this," I asked, not recognizing the voice.
"This is John," came the reply.
My mind searched for a moment. "John X," he revealed his last name.

An old boyfriend. It had been years.
"How are you?" I asked.
"Fine. Listen, I have to get to a meeting in a minute, but I am in town, and I thought we might have lunch. I will be flying out this evening, and I would like to see you again."
"Sure," I answered.
"Where do you want to meet."
"How about the Galeria?"

The Galeria was a large mall with several eating establishments. Since I love shopping, I answered, "Fine. How about meeting at the ice rink at 11: 30?" I did not want to think about where to eat at this time. The date was set. As I hung up the phone, I just realized that I needed to get ready immediately if I wanted to make a good impression. I completely re-thought my wardrobe.
I changed underwear, choosing a tasteful Victoria Secret matching bra and panties.
It was not too daring, as I did not want to look like I was doing anything special for him. I changed my dress three times, thinking that I did not want something too short or too conservative. I decided on a dress which was fairly conservative but a little short. It was almost a mocca color, a cotton dress with a floral print, which happened to go well with my bra and panty set.

I wanted an excuse for wearing nice underwear, if it came to that. My hair was already in a french braid, and I did not have time to change it, anyway. It would have to do. Before I left, I removed my wedding and engagement rings. He did not ask about the husband and kids, now, did he? I figured, at worse, I would get a nice lunch. I arrived at the Galeria early, getting to the ice skating rink in the middle of the mall about 11:15 a.m. I love to watch people, and I was watching some young girls and boys skate.

There were many falls, but everyone was having fun. I was almost startled when he made his presence known. How long had he been watching me watching the skaters, I had wondered. He took me to a nearby eating establishment, which was right off of the skating rink. I think he tipped the person seating us, because we got a table with a view of the skating rink. He pulled out my seat for me, and I felt flattered.

I am not sure what guys think when they eat, but I needed to eat something that doesn�t look bad when eaten, doesn�t give me bad breath, and doesn�t make me look like I eat too much. I scanned the menu, and there was almost nothing that met all of those requirements. I settled on a large garden salad, but I wanted to try the fajitas that day. We were talking about old times, and he filled me in on what some of our high school friends were doing. At one point, he asked if I wanted to try his meal, and I caught him looking down my dress as he offered a fork to my mouth.

I knew I was wearing a pretty bra for something. When lunch was winding down, he looked at his watch.
"Debbie," he said, "I have to check out of my room before they charge me for another day. I have to go."
"I will walk you to your room," I answered.
I knew that the rooms in the Galeria were really nice, and I partly wanted to see for myself.
I took John's arm when we entered the elevator, partly because the elevator was a little crowded. John pressed the appropriate floor button, and the doors closed.
He was on the second to the top floor, so the elevator ride took a long time. At each floor, at least one person got out. Finally the door opened, and we exited the elevator. As we were walking down the hall, we were concluding a conversation.
"Thank you for a very nice lunch, and an even nicer visit," I concluded.
"May I use your restroom before you check out?" It was a way to see the room, and my bladder was definitely full from all of the water I always drink at lunch. He invited me in, and the room was beautiful.
"Nice room," I commented.
"Yeah," John agreed, "but it is sort of a waste. I barely saw it while I was here."
Then I excused myself, while John had started pulling his clothes together to check out. After using the restroom, I checked my makeup in the mirror, and exited to the room.
I thanked John again, and I was preparing to leave. "No kiss?" John joked. I was going to be a big girl and give John a peck on the cheek.
Then at the last minute, I kissed him softly on the lips, no tongue, but a gently sexy kiss.
John responded positively, and he took my head in his hands and continued to kiss me. Our lips parted, and we kissed for three solid minutes, exchanging tongues, fluids, passion.
As our lips parted, I moved a way a little, and I wiped off my mouth.
"I am sorry," I said, "but I am married. I did not tell you that."
"I am so sorry," responded John.
I climbed back into John�s arms and continued to kiss him. After another minute of kissing, John pushed me back and said, "This is wrong, Debbie. You are a married woman. I can�t do this."

I kissed John again, and he pushed me away again. "I can�t do this, I said." "What did you say," I asked, taking my hand and starting to manually manipulate the bulge between his legs. I could tell his knees were weakening. "When do you have to check out," I asked, looking at the unmade bed.
"Forty-five minutes," came his answer. "Take off your pants," I commanded him. I took three steps back, and I stepped out of my dress.
"I just had this dry cleaned," I said. John took off his shoes and pants quickly, and by the time his pants were off, I was helping him with his briefs. He laid on the bed after moving the covers back, and I put my warm mouth over his penis. He did not have a very large penis, the smallest I have seen, but I wanted it in my mouth.

After sucking on the penis, which easily fit in my mouth, I began licking it seductively. I glided the tip of my tongue along the cap, and with all of the precum, it slided nicely over it. It was as if my tongue was ice-skating. After skating over the cap for a while, I followed my tongue to the ridge between the cap and the shaft.
That is my favorite part of the penis to lick. I cupped his penis with my mouth, my lips encompassing my favorite ridge. I could tell John was in heaven.

If I had learned anything from my pre-marital partners, I learned that a good blowjob was better than a fuck to most guys. John tried to get up for some reason, to participate more directly I suspect, and I stopped for a moment to ask him to lie back down. Then I repositioned myself over his body, almost in a 69 position. I did not want him to lick me (it throws off my concentration), and I told him so. I continued to lick his penis, placing my crotch inches from John�s nose.

After I licked him for a while, I took his penis inside of my mouth again, and I began fucking his penis with my mouth. I could tell he was sniffing my snatch, but I had to continue to get him off. After a few minutes, John started coming. I caught some of his cum in my mouth, and I had to swallow. While I was swallowing, he continued to cum, him hitting me above the eye, a little in my hair and a little on my face. Sort of an accidental facial, I guess. I asked him how long we had until he had to check out, and he said 15 minutes. I was wondering if he would pay for another day for some more fun, but he started cleaning up. Not knowing what to do, I went into the bathroom and washed off my face.

I toweled off, and got into my clothes quickly. I went down to the desk, and John checked out of the hotel. We took his suitcase to his rental car, and then he walked me to my car. I started kissing him goodbye in the parking garage, and he pinned me against my car. We kissed intensely for a moment, and then our lips parted. I knew he still wanted me.
"If only we had more time," John said. I did not know if that was a brush-off or if he meant it.
"You know you owe me," I reminded John. He kissed my neck, and I know he pressed an arm against one of my breasts. We kissed again, and then I got in my car. I raced home, and I went into my bedroom to change. No sooner that I had changed into jeans and a top than one of my children bolted through the door. "What do we have to eat," he asked me.
"There is leftover pizza in the fridge," I answered.
Then I tasted my mouth, remembering that I had let an old boyfriend cum inside of it not two hours ago. I had talked with my son with that same cum-stained mouth.
I brushed my teeth and used some mouthwash. What was I thinking?

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