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My Sin

Written by Mae (October 2000)

My name is Mae S-------e, a 36 year old,widowed mother of a teenage son at the time of this incident, my husband, James having died in an auto accident about six months before.

It had been a rather warm summer and we had been taking cooling showers each evening after our supper. Damon had taken his and gone to his room sometime before I took mine.
I left the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and when I passed his room, his door was ajar and I peeked in to see him lying, nude, on his bed, sound asleep and with a tremendous erection. I had not seen him naked since he was a small boy and was amazed to see his cock was fully as large as his father's had been.

Other than jilling off several times a week, I had not had sex in the past six months and now as I gazed at him I felt a stirring in my loins and when I reached under the towel edge to stroke myself, my pussy was wet!! In a daze, I crossed to his bed, discarding the towel as I went. I climbed onto the bed, astride his hips and lowered myself onto that beautiful prick.

Oh god, it felt so good and when it was fully engulfed, my clit was resting on his pubic bone. Damon came wide awake and stared up at me as I began rubbing back and forth, relishing the intense pleasure.

He tried to thrust his hips upwards to fuck me but my weight on him prevented him from any move-ment.I whispered to him, "No baby, let me do it, let me do it" I grasped my breasts, feeling my erect nipples and took them between my fingers and thumbs to pinch and roll them, enhancing my pleasure. He reached up and covered my hands with his and I moved mine away to give him full access.

My nipples, which are very sensitive, were pressed into the palms of his hand and he began massaging my smallish tits. "Pinch my nips, baby, pinch them and make them feel good" and he did just as I asked and, with the first pinch, I came.
"Oh baby, don't stop, don't stop, I'm cumming. OH GOD, I'M CUMMING"!!

I clasped my hands over his, savoring the pleasure he was giving me, letting the waves of my climax wash thru me.
"Oh Mom, let me fuck you, I've got to fuck you. My prick is so hard it almost hurts".
"Yes, baby, fuck me, Fuck me hard", and I rose up a little to let him start his thrusting. With his first plunge into my cunt, I came again and we were fucking like animals.

I couldn't get enough of his wonder-ful cock driving in and out of my cunt. I leaned forward over him, my tits right in his face "Suck them, baby, make me cum again".
Once more he did as I asked and I immediately came again.
I don't know how may times I came, it seemed to be just one cum after another. I was in heaven and didn't want it to end but suddenly his hips lunged up, burying his prick as deep as he could and I felt the spasms as he pumped his spunk into me.

I came once more as my cunt milked his prick, squeezing all his jism into me. Then it was over and he went completely limp and his glorious prick shriveled and slipped out of my love tunnel. I fell forward, my face next to his and I could feel his panting breathagainst my ear.

I too, was exhausted. It seemed like we had been fucking for hours and I was satiated. I slowly returned to normal and then it hit me! "Oh god, I've fucked my own son, oh god, oh god"!!
"Mom, I've dreamed of this for months. I've jacked off at night thinking about fucking you".
"But it isn't right, baby, it isn't right. I don't know what just isn't right. But when I saw your beautiful cock, I just couldn't stop myself. I needed that so badly and it was a wonderful fuck".
"It was going to happen sooner or later, Mom. I'm just glad it happened this way. We both needed it".

And that is how it started, mother and son, fucking week after week.

It had been almost a week since our encounter on Damon's bed and I was still feeling the pangs of guilt.
Several times, lying in bed at night, I thought back to the experience while my fingers stroked in and out of my pussy while my other hand played with my clit until I would cum.

I also knew that Damon had been jacking-off, the odor of his jism was very noticeable and that only made things more difficult for me.
We had finished dinner and Damon was clearing the table while I rinsed the dishes and placed them in the dish washer. He came up behind me and, reaching around me, cupped my tits in his two hands and pulled me back against his body so that I could feel his erect prick probing my ass.

He kissed my ear and whispered, "I want to fuck you, Mom".
His hot breath on my ear excited me and I knew I was getting wet. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and he kissed my neck.
"Oh god, Damon, we can't go on like this. I shouldn't be fucking you, we both know it's wrong".
But inside, I was losing the battle.
I wanted him to fuck me!!
"Yes we can! All I can thing of is how wonderful it is. I jack-off every night but it's not the same. Don't you feel that way too?"
"That's what makes it so wrong, Baby, I do feel that way too. I loved the feel of your cock in me when we fucked, I've had it on my mind ever since. Oh god, you're making me so hot!"

Then the knowing that it was so wrong only served to increase my desires. I knew I had to fuck him and the sooner the better. I put the plate I had been rinsing down on the counter and turned to him, my arms around him, kissing him. I was lost! We went to my bedroom, Damon stripping off his clothes as we went. He sat on the bed, removing his shoes and socks while I undressed before him.
"Mom, you're so beautiful", he said huskily.
He was holding his magnificent cock, stroking it slowly. As the last of my clothes fell to the floor, I put one hand on my pussy and feeling the wetness there, slipped a finger into my cunt.
I stumbled and stretched out on my back. He lay down beside me, his hard prick pressing against my thigh. I guided his hand to my tit, feeling the intense pleasure as he took the nipple between his fingers, rolling it and pinching it lightly. I cupped his head in one hand, drawing his face to mine and I kissed him passionately.
"Fuck me, Baby, fuck me now, nice and slow".
I spread my legs and he knelt between them, letting me guide his prick to my cunt. I was so wet, it slipped in easily and he slowly buried the entire length into me.
God! It felt so good!! we lay like that for several minute, neither of us moving, til I couldn't stand it any more. Fuck me Baby, fuck me with your wonderful prick", and we began the love dance. He stroked in and out slowly while I thrust up to meet every plunge.

Within seconds I had cum, my hips thrust up against him and he stopped while the pleasure wave surged thru my body. then we resumed and in a moment, I came again, more forcibly than the first. This time he leaned down to suckle on of my tits, swirling his tongue around the hard nipple, while the spasms of my cum convulsed on his prick.

Somehow Damon was holding back,making me cum over and over again, each cum more intense than the previous. I was crying with all the pleasure he was giving me and I didn't want it to end,until, with one explosive cum I couldn't hold back any longer.
"OH GOD, DAMON, CUM IN ME, FUCK ME HARD AND CUM IN ME",I practically screamed at him.
And he had held off as long as he could and started stroking rapidly. The prespiration was dripping off his face and onto my tits. His face had a strained look as he approached his climax.
With that he strained to bury his prick as deep as he could, the purple head pressing on my cervix, and I felt hishot jism spurt into me.

With each spurt, he strained even harder until I thought his prick would slip into my womb. That thought took me over the edge again and I came again, my cunt milking his prick to get all of his precious fluid into me. Finally, Damon collapsed on me, his panting breath at my ear.
Somehow I managed to get us under the bedsheet and he lay there, one arm across me, his hand cupping my breast. I reached between my legs and found his jism oozing out of my satisfied cunt.

I brought my cum laden fingers to my mouth and greedily lick at the juices of our passion.
They tasted so good!
In moments, Damon was sound asleep, exhausted from pleasuring me.

Damon and I continued sleeping in my bed.
While we weren't fucking every night,there were occasions when one or the other of us would wake the other up in the middle of the night for a fuck.
It had been this way for a couple of months and I was completely happy with the situation. Some days, when Damon was at school, I would meet my best friend, Grace G----n, for lunch.

Like me, she too was a widow, her husband,Myron, having died of a massive heart attack while he had been away on a business trip. One of the things that Grace had in common was our sexual appetite.
At one time when we were in high school, we had even 'experimented' on each other and while it had been 'interesting', later on we agreed, THAT was not for us, we needed men.

To show how close we were, I had even let her 'borrow' my husband, James, a couple of months after Myron, her husband had died and shortly before Jim had died.

I remember that when he returned from 'servicing'her, he had come home to me and we had one of the greatest nights of fucking we had had in a long time. It was about two months after Damon and I had 'been at it' when Grace and I were at lunch. As usual, sex came up in our conversation. She told me how she had obtained a vibrating plastic dildo and had been putting it to good use.

Several times she asked me what I was doing to satisfy my cravings and, after evading the issue several times, I suddenly blurted out, "I'm fucking Damon".
She stared at me for several minutes, her mouth agape and her eyes as big as saucers.
Then, "You're not kidding, are you. Good lord, Mae, that's INCEST!"
"I know it is, Grace", then went on to explain how it had started. She just sat there, dumbfounded, as I told the story.
"Don't you feel guilty about it,Mae?"
"I did at first, especially when he kept calling me 'Mom' while we were doing it, but I solved some of that...he calls me 'Mae' now and it doesn't seem so bad".
I went on to explain how I was 'teaching' him and how good he had gotten at keeping me satisfied.
"Christ, Mae, what is he, 14 years old?"
"15, and I've got to tell you, his cock is as big as Jim's was, maybe even bigger and, with my 'expert' teaching, he really knows how to use it. Not only that, he's got the nicest tongue and he really knows how to use it around my pussy. And, get this, you know how I never let Jim fuck me in the ass? Well, I let Damon do it and it's pretty good and he really gets off on it".
"Myron always wanted to fuck me in the ass too, but he never get hard enough or something. Even when I got it all ready for him,he just couldn't do it".

She was quiet for a while and just as our third Manhattan came to the table, she leaned forward.
"Do you remember the time you 'loaned' Jim to me one night? Do you thing I could 'borrow' Damon once in a while?"
"Well, as I remember, Jim was hot to fuck you but I don't know about Damon. I'll ask him. And if he wants to, I get to watch. What do you say to that?'
"Christ, I'm so hot to have a real live prick in me, I wouldn't care if you sold tickets".

"Okay, I'll ask him when he gets home".

At first, when I told Damon about Grace, he was hesitant.
"That would be cheating on you and, really, I love fucking you" I explained that it wouldn't be cheating and that I'd be there, watching.
"I really want to see you fuck someone else and it would turn me on something fierce. Grace really needs to feel a nice, hard, live prick in her. She'll be good for you".

After more hesitation, Damon decided that if it was something I wanted, he guessed he would do it...For me. I called grace immediately and she was thrilled.
"I'm already hot for him". She'd be over right after dinner.

Grace and I are not at all alike, physically. Where I'm, 5'-8", she's 5'-3", where I'm 34B, she's 36C and where I'm a blonde, she has black hair. We both weigh about the same, 115 pounds. She always says she makes up the difference with her tits and I tend to believe her. No sooner had we finished dinner and Grace was at the door.
When I opened it, she leaned forward to me and whispered, "I haven't got anything on under this dress".
'This dress' was a short sundress that showed off her shapely legs and accentuated her nipples that were pushing thru the thin material indicating her anticipation of what was to come. When we walked into the livingroom, Damon was sitting on the couch with a noticeable bulge in his pants crotch. Grace wasted no time and sat down next to him and placed one hand on his thigh. With her eyes on that bulge, she said, "Are you happy to see me, Honey?"
Damon reached around her shoulders and cupped one of her tits in his hand.
"I'm always happy to see you, Aunt Grace", while massaging her tit and gently pinching her nipple thru the dress material. Grace began to breath heavily.
"I've got a surprise for you. Want to see?" And before he could answer, she hiked her dress up to her waist, exposing her pussy, completely bare of any fur.

"Do you like that"?
"Oh, I like that alright", and reaching over, he traced one finger along her bare slit.
She opened her legs further and raised her hips a bit and his finger slid all the way to her love tunnel and in.
"Aunt Grace!! Did you just wet on my finger?" and he raised it to his mouth and sucked her juice off it. "Uuuummmh, Oh, that tastes good!!"
He quickly swivelled around and off the couch, kneeling in front of her.
She scooted down so that her ass was on the edge of the couch, spreading her legs wide. Damon dove into the opening and his head began bobbing slightly as he tongued her cunt.
Grace wrapped her legs around him, drawing him closer to her joy spot,her arms out-spread, hands clutching the couch pillows in her ecstasy.
"Oh lord, Damon, you're going to make me cum..oh god it feels so good!" In a muffled voice,Damon said, "You taste so good, Aunt Grace, cum for me, cum for me".
'Yes Honey, Oooohh yeess, oh god, Damon, I'm gonna cum, OOOH GOD, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD, DON'T STOP! YES, YEESS, OH YEEESSS!!", and she strained against his wonderful tongue as spasms rocked her body in her climax.

I had three fingers in my cunt, jilling myself off to an explosive cum that left me so week in the knees I couldn't stand.
When Grace's spasms subsided, she released Damon from her leg-lock and he quickly arose, stripping off his pants as he did so. His magnificent cock was fully erect and it's purple head glistened with his precum.

He leaned over her and guided his prick into her hungry cunt.
"Yes, Honey, fuck me, fuck me good", and they were quickly into their love dance as he pumped his cock in and out of her wet cunt. Somehow, Grace had gotten her dress off over her head and was busily pinching and squeezing her tits.
"Fuck me! Fuck, FUCK! OH GOD, FUCK ME!!" Grace was almost screaming, all the while thrashing around under his thrusting to the point of almost throwing him off.

Damon was really straining to keep his prick in her cunt. "Cum, Grace, cum for me, eat my prick with your cunt. CUM NOW!!" And she did, with a scream of release. "AAAAUUUUGHH!! I CAN'T STOP!!, OH GOD, I CAN'T STOP!! FUCK ME!! OH GOD!!" I don't know how many times Grace climaxed that evening, her screams of passionate joy seemed to go on forever.
I know I finger fucked myself to many explosive cums as I watched them before Damon finally yelled to her, "Here it comes Grace, Yeesss Grace, I'M CUMMING IN YOUR HOT CUNT NOW YEEESSS, YEEESSS!!"

They strained against each other, trying to prolong the moment of ecstasy they were both feeling, then Damon fell away from Grace, to lie, panting for breath, on the floor.
As I watched, his jism slowly began to dribble from her red, swollen, cunt lips. I knelt between her legs and greedily licked and suck the mixture of their juices.
It tasted so good!!
When I had drained all I could from Grace, I turned my attention to Damon's now soft prick, cleaning it thoroughly, while Grace said to him, "Honey that was the greatest".
Then to me, "Mae, he has the most wonderful cock. My lord,it's so much bigger than Myron's ever was".

That was many years ago, Damon is now twenty-eight years old, a college graduate and computer engineer. Grace and I sold our homes up North and now share a condo in South Florida.

Damon flies down to see us two or three times a month for long week-ends. We spend the days he is with us fucking our heads off, only going out for a couple of meals a day.

We have to keep his strength up so he can keep satisfying these two old broads.

The End (For Now)


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