Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reality or Fantasy - Part 2

Written (January 2001)

Lying on my side I watch you get up from the bed and head towards the bag you dropped on the floor when you first arrived. I watch you walk back with a smile on your face. Reaching into the bag you pull out two vibrators.

The first one is silver, thick and long and the other is a smaller thinner version, which you place on the pillow next to me. You lean down and kiss me parting my lips with your tongue. Instantly aroused I kiss you back loving the way your tongue explores the inside of my mouth. I stroke your tongue with mine, my hands going through your hair pulling your body closer to mine. Your hand slides down my body till it reaches my thigh. With one knee you push my legs apart and your fingers tangle with the curly whispers of hair.

Groaning I lift my hips urging you to finger fuck me. Instead you break the kiss and sit up on the bed. You pick up the thinner vibrator, turning it on I can hear the slow hum, my pussy flooding just at the thought of what�s to come. You order me to open my legs far apart to which I eagerly comply. You edge down the length of the bed till your face is level with my cunt. In one quick motion your mouth takes hold of my already swollen clit and sucks it hard, making me cry out, my hands gripping the sheets. As you run your tongue along my pussy down to my asshole you lightly stroke my navel with the vibrator, slowly moving it over my thighs down towards my pussy. You plunge your tongue deep into me just as you place the vibrator lightly on my clit.

The soft vibrations in combination with your tongue tip me over the edge within seconds with an orgasm that leaves me gasping for air. You move the vibrator off my over sensitive clit and rub it over my lips before pushing it deep inside me. You turn the speed up and start sliding it in and out of my cunt. I feel the juices from my first orgasm spill out running down to my ass. Taking hold of the smaller vibrator you turn it on and slowly rub it around my puckered hole, gently pushing it in, bringing a deep groan from my throat. You really start to get into it now, building a fast rhythm with both vibrators.

You watch me as I�m tossing my head from side to side, clutching wildly at the bed, knowing that I�m about to cum. I scream out arching my back I start to cum making me shake uncontrollably. Before I have even had a chance to calm down you remove the vibrators and replace them with your mouth. I moan loudly as your mouth sucks out my juices.

You plunge your tongue deep into my pussy and then you lick every fold of my lips, exploring my cunt, licking and sucking my clit and lips until you bring me to yet another orgasm. Fighting for control, I push your head away and sit up telling you to lie down. You lie back on some pillows and watch me as I take your hugely engorged cock in my hand. I bend down and plant small kisses along your cock and then run my tongue along the underside.

You moan in protest when I let go of it and move up to your mouth. I kiss you, my tongue stroking yours. I make my way down your neck, kissing and licking as I go down until I reach your nipples. Taking one in my mouth softly sucking and licking all around one nipple and then the other. After teasing them for a while I continue down your chest and stomach reaching your thighs. Your cock, looking more red and swollen than ever, is pulsating eagerly awaiting my attention. I lick and kiss all around your cock.

I take one of your balls in my mouth and caress your cock with my hand moving it up and down along the shaft. You groan loudly and beg for me to suck it. You look down as I lick my way from your balls to your cock, running my tongue ever so slowly up the length of it until I reach the tip, which I lightly lick before enveloping it with my lips.

As I take it deep in my mouth my hand lightly kneads your balls. My mouth gets wetter and wetter as your cock slides in and out, going deeper with every down stroke. I start to go faster, sucking you harder and slowly slide my finger into your ass. You buck your hips forcing your cock deep into my mouth and you explode with a loud groan, your cum hitting the back of my throat.

I continue sucking you till I�ve sucked out all your cum and swallowed it all.

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