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November Sun

Written by Joanne (December 2000)

Since spending a few short months of getting to know you, information exchanged and given, the time had come for an acceptance to ‘meet for a coffee' harmless enough, I had chosen a favourite little coffee shop that I had frequented so much that I knew the owner so well he was practically family a busy little place but privacy easily afforded since the regular crowd that frequented the place were more than wrapped up in their own life/love/problems.

It had taken an age to decide on what to wear the clothes scattered across my bed would more than prove the fact, hmmmmmmmmm sexy nahhhhhhhh we may have exchanged extremely erotic stories and divulged intimate sexual fantasies, but surely he would know I really wasn't like that in the real day to day world wouldn't he….‘was I'.

Finally settled on a little black skirt short but not too short just enough to show off the only thing I liked about m/self, a deep burgundy woollen sweater and as an afterthought J natural hold up stockings a favourite of mine with matching burgundy thong and bra, ‘well he won't get to see them ‘ but wearing what I thought to be sexy underwear always gave me a little confidence boost.

So here I was I had turned up first it gave me the feeling of being more in control although in reality the butterflies in my stomach would disagree, as Eddie faffed over his ancient espresso machine he gave me a wink ‘ cheer up missus it's ok yea ken I'm watching', as the shop bell announced your arrival I glanced up to look the only thing I could take in was the wide smile of a guy who strode in swooped down to give me a quick peck on the cheek followed by a friendly half punch in the shoulder and a ‘hiya glad you made it. I was stunned no furtive leers to see what I was wearing in fact I don't think you noticed at all, we settled into such an easy conversation of life/loves/problems that a coffee turned into several, as I looked at you more closely I found my self admiring what I saw those eyes I could loose myself in them the curve of your jaw line, imagination began to kick in as I tried to keep the conversation going smiling nodding agreeing the only thing I could picture was the words that we had traded now that I could hear your voice it only made them more vivid.

I wanted to touch you I wanted to feel those warm strong hands to peel of my clothes and re-inact those fantasies we had swapped . "get a grip Kate" behave ! I quickly fell back to earth as I heard you say "do you want to eat I'm starving" the words were out of my mouth before my brain had time to frame them " the coffee's good but the cooking's awful come back to mines it's not far away "Gawd well that's done it " and as you replied "I'd like that with a cheeky grin" the time to turn back had gone, as we walked to my car my battered felt hat pulled tight over my head, eyes downcast studying the pavement as though my life depended on it, only four words running through my head what are you doing over and over again.

As you stood to let me unlock the car, you resisted the temptation to comment on that battered old beetle even the recent re-spray in a shiny red couldn't disguise the fact that it was probably only the paint that held it together,

As I discarded my coat n hat tossing them into the back seat I caught for just a second an appreciative glance at me, hah ! caught ya ! I couldn't resist saying as I climbed in, a slight touch of my own sassiness returning. As we set off I found the thought of you lingering a little longer over me an exciting prospect, now if I could only smuggle you past Mae a neighbour who lived in the ground floor flat a good enough old soul she spent her time in trying to feed me an in turn I exchanged the odd painting in return as payment in kind as we drew up to the front of the large house looked impressive I could see you thought so but in actual fact, the high ceilings an dilapidated heating system weren't to everyone's taste but I loved the place.

We stepped into the hall an Mae was out of that door so fast you'll have some soup I've made you know I always make too much now ah've no got ma Robert, an who are you? uttered without time to draw breath you looked somewhat bemused. Thanks Mae and with that we skipped quickly up the stone steps. Inside I glanced at the mess handed you Mae's pot and quickly gathered up the result of this morning's dithering won't be a minute put the soup on the stove!

Promising myself that from this day forward I would tidy up every day as you settled into an easy acceptance rummaging in the cupboard for bowls and slicing bread before I knew it we were sitting laughing eating I couldn't that glance I caught before had dared me to think to want, as I rose to clear away the bowls you reached out encircled my waist and pulled me down to sit on your lap, I knew then I might have been able to at least try n hide how much I wanted you but just for once females had the upper hand that slight hardness under my squirming butt had given you away mustering my best wide eyed innocent oh!

We stood but instead of leading me to bed you guided me to sit on the table an image flashed through my head the first tentative story given as I kicked off my shoes you removed my sweater leaning back, both hands resting on the table you step back to slowly remove your clothing piece by piece as I drank in the sight of you wanting to wrap my arms around you feel the heat of your body against my own trembling skin god I wanted you then I wanted to touch taste smell see all of you.

Slowly sliding my skirt up the lining making a soft whispering sound against those stockings as you kneel and proceed to re-inact that first fantasy sliding your hands along the length of my legs gently opening me up remembering how I had described the desire to feel your hands slip under my panties your thumbs caressing my lips stroking and coaxing them apart one foot resting on a chair I raise up slightly to enable you too clench a little bow of those panties and slowly pull them down the heat of your breath the only thing I can focus on as with eyes closed and head cast back I relish in the sensation.

A soft moan escapes now isn't the time for coyness you know what I want

With a knowing smile on your face as you hold on to those lace covered burgundy panties you rise once more to let me wrap my legs around your naked waist letting you feel the aching heat of by now an increasingly wet pussy

My face upturned you begin to give light butterfly kisses forehead cheeks nose eyes teasingly tracing a line with your tongue against my own open wet lips gradually kissing me harder deeper tongue snaking in using it to mirror a promise of how you are going to use it on my hard little clit, hands clasped around your neck pulling you in deeper whispering my name over n over Kate Kate Kate telling me how much you want me telling me how hard you want to fuck me the contrast between soft whispers and graphic description only serving to increase the fire.

Guiding your mouth to every part of me made for pleasure neck, shoulders, the little line of collarbone to hollow of neck, breath held as your mouth finds the curve of my breasts hands holding grasping mouth sucking gently enlarging already hard nipples skin flushed with a soft blush red descending further probing tasting soft little sighs of need urging telling returning to my legs you draw a lazy lapping line prolonging teasing you stop for a moment surveying by now a swollen lipped pussy taking in the semi shaved trimmed little bush you begin to play for real to tease further concentrating on the soft smooth skin of my groin kissing tonguing from one side to the other ignoring my lips until I can stand it no longer and beg plead ask no release given ignoring …………..

The inside of my wet n raw lips making me boil inside with the most uncontrollable pleasures desires of teasing I have ever felt, just one touch deep inside those lips one breath of a kiss on my hard little bud of a clit would drive me over higher further, eventually you give in soft whimpers persuading you as you sink your tongue to caress from tight little hole to the very top of me sucking gently on my waves of orgasmic ecstasy rise flow pass over engulf a deep throated moan escapes and now my own graphic descriptions arouse lick me fuck me on n on your hand taking over from tongue a finger sliding in easily the heat of my pussy clenching holding keeping not wanting to let you go head rising to now kiss my outstretched body, rolling me on to my side one handed you unzip my skirt to give a little more access to the only part of me left, hands gripping either side of the table back arched breasts out thrust you find hips thighs flat hollow of stomach……………………….. As I slowly descend back into awareness, my own thought's returning a smile slowly creeps into my brain ohhhhhhhhh time for your comeuppance matey payback time for the teasing, rising from that table my skirt falling to my ankles unclasping my bra (I know I got too carried away whilst typing n forgot to whip it off) J ? Where was I?

Taking your hand unpinning my hair shaking it loose as I turn my back the soft curls falling to rest on freckled shoulders, giving you time to admire my taught little butt hips swaying, leading you across the room to my bed the place where I thought up all those fantasies J …………..

As you lay back propped up on pillows I gladly climb between your legs a semi hardness just aching to be engulfed by my mouth………

The most obvious part to start with might wanna tease you but I need to taste you first just for a second glancing up to see if the prospect appeals I feel your shaft harden totally my eyes in unspoken words whisper ready?

As my mouth covers your head a slight taste of pre-cum already there sinking my mouth further wanting to take all of you into the heat of my mouth tongue mouth sucking you down little fingers curled around your base head rising again to kiss softly lightly tongue flicking darting around that swollen head the prospect of holding your taught balls in my mouth irresistible the hot heat of my mouth engulfs first one then the other my tongue swirling over under sucking softly……………………………………………………………….

Finally releasing you from my mouth the draw of your swollen shaft begging to be licked, lapped at the sweet taste of glistening pre-cum pulling me on to take even more of you sinking deeper sliding into an easy rhythm of hand and mouth so-ordination drawing you even further, mouth pussy which is which imagination running riot as I picture that rigid cock inside the deep warm depths of me muscles clenching pleasure ripples inside that grasping need rising higher your hands reach down to clasp that tousled head of mine urging on harder faster deeper …………..

Sucking your strength from you the shift from pleasurable enjoyment to height of orgasm clearly visible ………hard as it is to stop now isn't the time to taste that warm salty life of yours yet wanting to drive you even further leaving a sweet trail of kisses groin stomach chest the heat of my body enfolding you tasting my own sweetness from your lips mingling with your own withdrawing ……………

Climbing over you facing away from you hands gently holding my hips skin hot little drops of glistening sweat in the dip of my back easing down onto you letting you find your own way inside sinking little thrusts gliding down further deeper further.

Until eventually impaled on top of you staying there only the soft grinding movements my hard little butt burrowing down into you, head tilted my hands cradling my breasts mirroring the kneading sensation of your hands on my cheeks lost in my own pleasure once more slowly falling forward moving in long deep strokes letting you see all of me that hard cock sliding in and out feeling every ridge and vein inside..

Changing strokes from long n deep to short and quick savouring every minute time lost time gained aware only of the sheer pleasure my hand trailing down pleasure rising in the pit of my stomach finding what I want in slow lazy circles of pleasing pleasure my own fingers caressing that little bud of mine all over again not wanting to end slowly climbing to it's conclusion I want you to come with me riding you on pulling drawing my own moans a signal for you rising again to clasp my hands in yours leaning back glancing back at you telling you I'm coming soft moans whispers fuck me over n over again ……….. Only three words left to say come with me

Come with me ……………………….

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