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My Best Feature

Written by Beth (September 2000)

"Do know that new guy who started last week?" Sally's voice cut through my day -dreaming.
" Yes", I replied.
"Well", continued Sally, " I think he's got a thing about your ass".
"Really" , I said, " and what makes you say that?"
"Well" , giggled Sally, " everytime you walk by his desk, his eyes are glued to your rear-end".

I must admit I was intrigued, and flattered .
John, the new guy in our office, was quite a hunk and, at 22, some 10 years younger than me. Like alot of women I wasn't really happy with my ass but over the years it had proved to be my most attractive feature with the opposite sex; infact, although I had never fancied anal sex , I had grown to love my ass being kissed and licked.

"What you going to do about it ?", asked Sally.
" Maybe, I'll just go and confront him ", I replied.
"You wouldn't dare," gasped Sally.
"I might ", I suggested, " but I think I'll just tease him a bit".

I asked Sally to observse John's reaction whenever I walked by his desk. Some ten minutes later, I chanced to walked by John's desk and deliberately dropped some papers.
I bent over from the hips to pick them up and I wondered if John's eyes were fixed on my ass as it strained against my skirt.

At break-time, Sally confirmed that, once again, John had seemed fascinated with my butt; infact, to quote Sally, "I thought he was going to come in his pants when you bent over". A couple of hours later, I had to visit the photo-copying room.

I was alone in the room and leaning over a machine, reaching for something , when I heard the door open. I also heard an audible intake of breath. Turning, I found myself face-to-face with the hunky, butt-loving John.

" Will you be long?" he enquired, with a warm, sexy smile.
I could feel myself getting rather excited and I heard myself reply, " Well, that all depends".
" Depends on what?", he replied, in a puzzled tone..
" It depends on how truthful a person you are", I said. He was obviously intrigued. I continued, " You seem to have some sort of interest in my ass. Would you explain, please? "

I had thought that my remark would have thrown him - if only a little, but he kept his cool beautifully.
" All I can say in my defence" he replied, " is that you have a very lovely butt "
His use of the word " lovely" confused me. My butt had, at various times, been described as sexy , raunchy and sassy but never "very lovely".

I could feel myself slipping away from reality. The normal rules suddenly didn't apply. " Would you like a closer look at my " lovely" butt", I asked.
He smiled that beautiful smile again and replied simply, " Yes". I turned my back to him and my heart started to pound .
Slowly , I began to remove my skirt. I hoped he was feeling as excited as me.

My skirt dropped to the floor. I looked over my shoulder and looked into his eyes. His " Mr Cool" look had been replaced with a look of excited anticipation. I imagined him kneeling down behind me and paying beautiful hommage to my ass .

Suddenly, from somewhere beyond the door, I heard Sally's voice.; she mentioned my name. In a flash, the spell was broken and everyday reality flooded over me.

I quickly adjusted my clothing. "I guess we�ll take a rain check", said John.
And we did, but that's another story.

Beth P.S.I'd be interested in any feed-back from fans of erotic writing Beth
N.B. I'd be interested to have some feed-back on my story from any fans of erotic writing.

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