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New Friend In The Neighborhood

by Dawn (October 2000)

Susie lay down on the bed. It was five o'clock and she was tired. She had just moved

to Fairchild two weeks earlier and had just finished unpacking the last box. At 48, she didn't

have the energy she used to have. She fell asleep and dreamed of a young man making love

to her, with his young, hard body against hers and his cock deep within her needy hole,

filling her with thick, warm come.

She woke up suddenly when a pile of books on her dresser slid onto the floor with a

thump and she found that her panties were wet and that her hands were tucked into her

crotch. "That was a nice dream," she thought to herself, "but very unlikely to happen to me."

Two years earlier, Susie's husband, Rick, had died in a car accident. And although she

missed him for awhile, theirs was not good a good marriage. Susie was a good looking

woman, but Rick couldn't keep his cock in his pants and everytime she caught him cheating,

she swore that was it. So instead of their marriage ending in divorce, Susie ended up with a

$200,000 life insurance policy and invested the money. But now at 48, she wondered if she

would ever find a lover again or just end up living alone. She still worked and had moved to

Fairchild to teach biology in the local college. This would be her first semester and in

addition to moving in, she was also preparing for classes.

After taking a shower, Susie lay down on the couch and fingered herself, thinking of

the young man she had dreamt about until she came. When she was done she still wasn't

satisfied, but let it pass. Getting up, she got dressed and went out to eat at a chain restaurant

that was close by and bought a bottle of wine at the liquor store next door. It was Tuesday

night and quiet and still a week away from the beginning of the Fall semester and Susie just

wanted to drink wine and relax.

Sipping her wine, she turned on her computer and signed on. There was one e-mail...

it was from Mike 4210. She had talked to this guy for three nights and had enjoyed her

conversations with him, but she also knew that he was only eighteen. She hadn't told him

much about herself, especially her age, and had enjoyed the coy game of cat and mouse that

they had played on the internet. She did know that he lived in Fairchild not too far from her,

but she was careful not to reveal too much to him.

When she opened the e-mail, it read: "I'll be on at ten tonight. Do you want to chat?"

Attached to it was a jpeg file and she downloaded it. It was a picture of Mike and she smiled.

He looked like he was 5-8 or 5-9 and about 150 pounds and he had brown hair and a sweet,

innocent face. "Oh, to be eighteen again. She'd love to fuck this kid," she thought to herself.

It was eight-thirty and so she turned the computer off and decided to watch TV.

As ten got nearer, Susie found herself getting excited. She had already drank a half of

the bottle of wine and the horniness that had bothered her earlier was now back. signing back

on the computer, Susie was IMed almost immediately.

"I was wondering if you'd meet tonight," he wrote.

"Sure, I enjoy talking with you. (Smile) You're the only one I know in this town so

far," she replied.

"Well, you don't really know me, we've never met. Did you get my picture?" Mike


"Yes. You're really cute. (Wink)," she wrote.

"Do you think we'll ever meet? And will you send me a picture?" Mike asked.

Susie sighed. Should she tell him the truth? And if she did, how would he react? She

took a deep breath and decided to tell him the truth. "Mike, I have something that I should

have told you at the beginning," she wrote.

"What's that? You have a boyfriend?"

Susie laughed. "No. I'm older than you. Way older than you," she responded.

"How old?" he asked.

Susie took a deep breath and typed, "48."

There was a long pause and finally he replied, "You sure don't sound 48. You're pretty

cool. And that still doesn't mean we can't be friends and meet. Maybe I can help you get to

know your way around Fairchild. (Smile)."

Susie laughed to herself. Maybe this kid had some substance and depth to himself.

"Okay," she wrote, "I'll send you a picture and you decide whether you still want to be

friends and meet."

"Okay. Are you going to send it now?"

"Yes," Susie replied, "Just give me a couple of minutes to e-mail it to you."


Susie took good care of herself, and she knew that despite the fact that she was forty-

eight she looked much younger. Standing five foot-three, she had chestnut brown hair and

only weighed 120 with a great figure and breasts that were 38Cs. She had three scans on her

hard drive and chose the one of her in a bikini. Maybe that would get his young blood

rushing because she thought it was a pretty sexy picture. Sending it to him, she waited for a


When Mike's response came, it read, "WOW!!!! You're 48? I think you're lying to


Susie laughed and blushed at the same time. "Still want to meet me and be friends?"

she wrote.

Mike's answer was almost immediate. "Of course. You just tell me when."

Susie smiled and typed, "How about right now. I'm just sitting around and drinking

some wine."

"Are you serious?"

"Is there a problem? I think you live pretty close to me. If I give you the address, will

you come?"

Mike's response was quick again. "Sure, will you share your wine with me?"

Susie laughed again. "Sure, or I have some beer. I just don't want to get busted for

contributing to your delinquency!"

"Give me the address. And don't worry... I'm very discreet! (Smile)."

"Okay. It's 731 Adams Street."

"Geez! That's only three blocks from me. I should be there in ten minutes."

"Okay. See you then."

After they signed off, Susie went and checked herself in the mirror. She was still

wearing her jeans and blouse and put a little perfume on. A few minutes later, there was a

knock on her door and her heart jumped and her stomach went into a knot. She was really

doing this. Opening the door, there he was. Mike stood uncertain until she pushed the screen

door open and invited him in. Still uncertain, he didn't know what to do next. Susie smiled

and said, "Come on, we'll go sit out in the back. Do you want wine or beer?"

"Beer, please," he replied.

Sitting out in the back they talked and laughed and Susie kept reaching over the arm

of her chair and touching him. As they drank, she got hornier and wanted this young man.

The conversation came to a point where she asked about his future and he informed him that

he was going to start school at the local college and Susie smiled. She hadn't told him that

she would be a teacher there. She had only said that she taught younger kids, meaning

younger than herself. "What classes are you taking?" she asked.

"Physics, sociology, English, calculus... and, uh... biology."

Susie bit her lip to keep from smiling. "Biology, huh? Whose the teacher?"

"Lanton, I think," he replied.

Susie laughed out loud and held her hand over her mouth. Mike was perplexed and

asked, "What's so funny?"

Finally Susie calmed her laugh into a huge grin and looked at him. "Mike, I'm Lanton.

I teach biology at the college. That's why I moved here. I just took the job."

Mike blushed and smiled and hoarsely said, "You're kidding, right?"

Susie laughed again. "No, I'm not kidding. I guess I'm your biology teacher."

Mike started laughing at the coincidence and said, "I can change classes, I guess, if

that makes you uncomfortable."

Susie smiled and reached over and stroked his cheek. "If you don't say anything, I

won't say anything. We'll have our own inside joke for a semester."

Mike had two beers and was feeling comfortable now and when Susie brought him

another, he opened it and asked, "Does biology deal with reproduction?"

Susie smiled and asked, "Yes, Why?"

"Does it deal with human sexuality?"

Susie looked at him for a second and then replied, "It can, but I'm not teaching a sex

education class, if that's your question."

Mike blushed a deep red and muttered, "Oh, yea, I understand."

Susie felt herself stir and curiously asked, "Do you have questions about human

sexuality? I know you're young, haven't you had sex education classes? And Mike... you don't

have to be embarrassed, you're curiosity is natural. Have you ever been with a girl before?"

He was quiet for a moment and the finally said, "No. I never took sex education. My

dad took me to a meeting one night and they showed one of those animated educational films,

but that was it. And I dated a girl last year, but we didn't do anything because she was real


Susie smiled and kept herself from giggling. Mike was a virgin. A good looking,

young virgin, but a virgin nonetheless. She moved her chair next to his and asked, "Is it sex

education you're interested in.... or do you want me to teach you how to make love to a


She knew this question would shake him and she was right. Mike turned crimson and

just stared at the ground, trying to figure out what to say.

Susie stroked his soft, brown hair and said, "Don't be embarrassed. I'm a teacher. Trust

me I'll teach you those things if you want me to."

Mike looked up at her and asked, "Really? It wouldn't bother you? I'd really like to...

you know... know what to do if I was with a girl."

Susie felt herself getting wet and squirmed in her chair as she thought about whether

she should really do this. God yes! She was horny and wanted a young cock in her and best

of all she got to teach him the way she liked it! He finished his beer and asked to use the

bathroom. While he was gone, Susie got him another beer and got herself a shot of brandy.

She wanted this young man and she wanted him tonight.

She sat waiting when he came back out. Sitting down, Mike said, "I'm embarrassed

about this. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. We can talk about something else."

Susie laughed. "Don't be embarrassed. I feel very comfortable about it. Here let me

show you." Susie took her head in her hands and gently brought her lips to his until his went

away. As he opened his mouth slowly, she gently slid her tongue between his lips until she

met his. Now Mike got into it and reached out and held her as they made love with each

others lips. Slowly she pulled away from him and whispered, "Did you enjoy that?"

Mike smiled and replied, "I've never kissed a girl that way. It was incredible."

"Are you aroused?" Susie asked with a smile.

Mike put his hands in his lap to cover his obvious excitement and whispered, "Yes."

"Good," she smiled. "Come with me and I'll teach you more." She took his hand and

led him to her bedroom. Taking him in her arms, she kissed him again as he put his arms

around her. She reached down and stroked the bulge in his jeans and Mike moaned with


She stood back smiling and unbuttoned her blouse as Mike stood watching. Letting it

fall to the floor, she let him stare at her breasts that were held back by a sheer pink lace bra.

Turning around, she said, "Undo me."

Mike fumbled with the bra for a second and when he had unclasped it, Susie turned

and let it drop. Susie's breasts were beautiful and Mike instinctively reached out to caress

them as Susie unbuttoned his shirt. Reaching down, she undid his jeans and they slid to the

floor as her hand stroked his rod through his briefs. Susie undid her jeans and stepped out of

them and led him onto the bed. "Now I'll teach you foreplay, " she whispered as Mike lay

next to her.

She kissed him again as her hand slid into his briefs and pushed them down. He was

well endowed and she stroked his cock with her slender fingers as her tongue and lips made

their way down his chest and midsection. Straddling him, she stroked him and slid her tongue

down the length of his cock as he moaned loudly. "Does that feel good, sweetheart?" she


"Oh, Geez, yes! It's like nothing I ever felt before!" he moaned.

Susie smiled and worked up and down his rigid rod with her wet tongue as Mike cried

out in pleasure. She fucked him with her mouth until she felt him harden even more than he

already seemed capable of and then ran her lips and tongue down his stiff cock as he reached

for her and came in her mouth with a cry of pure ecstasy. She swallowed and he came, again

and again until her mouth became so full it dribbled past her lips and down his rod. Still she

fucked him with her mouth and he still came, emptying out the frustration of his virginity.

When he was done, she let him go and crawled up next to him as he recovered his

breath. "Did you enjoy that?" Susie asked with a smile.

"Oh, god! yes! I didn't know that girls would let a guy come in their mouth," he said


"Not all girls do, but I enjoy it and I wanted you to come in my mouth, I love the way

your come tastes. Do you want to lick my pussy so that I'll come too?"

Mike was eager and replied, "I want you to, but you have to give me directions. I've

never done this before. I have an idea, but you have to tell me what feels good." .

Susie kissed him and said, "Don't worry. Just listen to me like I listened to you and

it'll be fine. You'll know if you're doing it right."

Mike kissed her and dropped his lips to her neck as he caressed her breasts until Susie

literally purred with excitement at his touch. Working his way down to her breasts, he

suckled each one as she took his hand and slid it down between her legs. Mike stroked her

moist panties and then pushed them down as she raised herself to let them slide off of her

legs. Mike's hand returned back up her thighs to her warm, moist pussy and he couldn't

believe it was happening... it was so incredible and he felt himself getting hard again. Susie's

hands were on his head and she urged him down to her needy hole.

Sliding down between her legs, Mike found the treasure he was looking for. Susie

spread her legs wide for him and Eric carefully slid a finger into her as Susie moaned.

"Stroke it in and out," she whispered to him. Mike complied with her direction and stroked

his middle finger deeply into her and out again until she whispered, "Turn the tip of your

finger up until you find a small mound on the top of my pussy and stroke it with your


He did it and quickly found a small mound on the roof of her pussy and stroked it

with his fingertip as Susie moaned, "Keep stroking, baby! That feels so good!" As Mike

stroked he took his tongue and ran it up and down the inside of Susie's thighs as her

breathing became shallower and her moans became louder. "Oh god, yes! baby! Keep doing

that! You're going to make me come!!!" Mike continued as Susie arched her back and fluid

gushed forth from her hole and she cried, "Oh, fuck yes! Oh, god, yes!!!!" Her pussy

contracted over and over again as Mike continued until she began to go lax and her breathing

became deeper and she reached for him and pulled him to her and kissed him deeply. "Baby,

that was wonderful," she whispered as she smiled at him. "But I have to teach you how to eat

pussy too, if you want to know."

Mike smiled at her and said, "I want you to teach me everything."

Susie kissed him again and said, "Get up for a second."

Mike did as she told him and she swung her legs over the side of the bed and turned

the light on as Mike stood in front of her. Smiling she said, "Kneel down in front of me."

Again Mike did as he was told as Susie smiled and spread her legs. The lips of her

pussy spread apart for him to see and his breathing revealed his excitement. "This is a

woman's pussy. If you're going to please a woman you need to know that her inner thighs are

very sensitive and the pussy is extremely sensitive."

Reaching down with her hand, Susie spread her lips apart and revealed her hole to

him. Mike was mesmerized. "See, Mike, I two sets of lips and they love to be stroked with a

tongue." Then she pulled the top of her pussy open so that her clit emerged. Touching it with

the tip of her finger, she said, "That's my clitoris. It's like your cock. It loves to be stroked by

by your tongue and sucked on. But go slow. Build up to it by starting with the thighs."

He knelt, staring at her beautiful pussy and the leaned down and kissed the inside of

her thigh as his fingers stroked the other. Susie laid back and stroked her nipples with her

fingers as Mike slowly went up and down the insides of her thighs with his tongue and lips.

Susie moaned loudly as Susie hoarsely encouraged him. Moving up to her pussy lips, Mike

stroked the outer lips as he spread them open and Susie pulled her legs up to open her pussy

even further. Susie's breathing became even more heavier and her moans louder as Mike,

stroked her lips softly with the tip of his tongue. Pushing his tongue in and out of her hole,

he moved it up until he found her clit. He began stroking it back and forth with his warm

tongue as Susie writhed in pleasure, seeking release. She reached down and pulled his head to

her wet pussy as Mike took her bud between his lips and sucked it. Susie humped his face

and pulled his head to her as she moaned and let out a cry of joy at the orgasm that she was

experiencing. She came over and over again as her juices soaked his mouth and chin until it

became too intense for her and she moved away and pulled him up to her.

Susie smiled and then kissed him. "That was so good, sweetheart. It was A-plus and

you're just a beginner. Do want to fuck me now? Because I want you too. But let's go slow

and enjoy it. Slide over between my legs and I'll put you in me."

Mike's heart was beating wildly and his cock was rock hard. Positioning himself

between her, he raised himself on his knees and elbows so Susie could reach down. "Go slow,

baby. A little bit at a time until you're all the way in and then use long, slow strokes."

Susie took his cock in her slender fingers as Mike moved the head to her wide open

pussy. When his head was at her pink, wet opening, she whispered, "Go slowly."

Mike pushed gently and his cock slid in a few inches as Susie moaned. Pulling back

just a little he pushed deeper and began a rhythm of in and out until his whole cock was in

her and their pubics merged. Doing as he was told, he slid in and out nearly the length of his

cock as he kissed Susie's neck and lips while she clung to him and brought her legs up

around his waist. For Susie, it had been too long since she had a cock in her and her pussy

grabbed at Mike's meat to hold it in her as she tingled with joy. Mike had never felt anything

like this in his life and wanted it to last forever but his balls were tightening and he knew that

he's soon come. As Mike stroked in and out of her, Susie's pussy rose to meet him as they

both moaned in ecstasy. Susie's pussy contracted wildly as she moaned, "Oh, baby! You're making me come so hard! I want you to come in me! Fill me with come! Fuck me faster!!!"

Mike pulled her closely to him, feeling her firm, hard breasts against his chest, and

stroked even faster as Susie's own rhythm met his. As her pussy contracted in orgasm and

clenched his dick in a wet, warm grasp, Mike's balls exploded and his hot seed flowed up and

out of his cock into her waiting hole. Stroke after stroke, Mike shot come into her as he

moaned and Susie clutched him as she came again. After a couple of minutes he slowed to a

stop and lay holding her as they both recovered their breath. "That was so incredible, Susie. I

never knew it could feel that good!"

Susie smiled, "Oh yea, it's good! But I thought you'd be disappointed after the


Mike kissed her cheek and said, "Susie, I'd rather do this. You feel so good."

"And you feel so good in me. I haven't come like that in years!"

Mike kissed her again. "Do you mind tutoring me for a few more months?" he asked

with a smile.

"I insist on it," she replied with a grin. "Are you still going to take my class this


Mike kissed her on the forehead and quietly said, "Only if you promise to keep me

after class!"

Susie laughed and said, "Yes, I'll definitely will do that!

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