Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reality or Fantasy

Written by Isabella (January 2001)

I look out the window of the hotel room, drinking my coffee, imagining your reaction to the letter I sent you which you should be receiving any moment. In it states a few simple requests.

I've given you my room number and hotel address and requested that you be here within the hour. The other requests being, to bring whatever "toys" you wish, that I wanted use of your body for at least two hours and the final one being that you were to cum in my mouth. It's been several months since our last "meeting" but those months have helped my imagination run wild, fantasies of various sexual positions running crazy.

I wasn't in the mood for conversation, I told you in my letter, just sex, wild and passionate ..... if you were up to it. My mobile rings and I recognize your number on the screen. You tell me that you're on your way, but you have to make a few stops on the way.

That's fine, I say, but you only have an hour to get here. An hour later you knock on the door. Dressed in a red shirt and black skirt I let you in. I notice you have a bag, which you drop on the floor at the same time closing the door behind you. Pushing me up against the wall you kiss me, deeply, pushing your tongue into my mouth. Running your hands over my body, down to my legs you lift one up and push your groin against mine so I can feel how hard your cock is.

I rub my pussy against it and start to unbutton your shirt all the time returning your kiss. Your hand lets go of my leg and makes it way up to my thigh, you groan when you realize that I'm not wearing any panties. You cover my pussy with your hand slowly rubbing it back and forth, driving me wild. You can feel how wet I am already. Letting go of me and I walk over towards the bed, dropping your shirt on the chair. You come up behind me brushing my hair aside and lightly kiss my neck. I feel shivers go up my spine and my heart starts beating faster in anticipation of what's ahead. I lean back into you, melting as your lips continue their assault on my neck. I feel your cock as you press yourself into my back. I turn around and my mouth finds yours and again we engage in a hot passionate kiss our tongues entwining. As we continue kissing I rub my hand up and down your cock, getting more turned on as it gets harder and harder.

You reach back and undo my skirt, which falls to the floor. I start sucking on your tongue, imagining it's your cock I'm sucking on. I undo your pants and tug down on the zipper, reaching inside I pull out your hard cock.

Still kissing wildly, I start giving you a hand job. You moan and I immediately react by dropping to my knees and taking you into my mouth. I take you all the way in, as far as I can, loving everything about it. I suck you slowly at first, feeling every millimeter of your cock.

As I suck you I apply pressure with my tongue along the underside. My hand starts getting into the action by gripping you and pulling as I suck. You groan loudly and grasp the back of my head encouraging me to go faster. I increase my pace and I taste your pre-cum in my mouth. I pull away and look up at you.

I am completely turned on completely yours, completely at your service. You pull me back up to my feet and kiss me deeply again, unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off and backing me up towards the bed. You run your hands up and down my spine and it's my turn to moan loudly.

You've found my erogenous zone. You smile at my reaction and turn me around, pushing me onto the bed, on my stomach. I feel you unhook my bra and then I feel your mouth on my back, planting wet kisses up and down my spine, making me writhe in ecstasy.

I instinctly push my ass into your groin rubbing myself against your hard cock, all the time moaning at the sweet torture your tongue and mouth is applying to my back. You stop for a moment to take your pants off before returning to tormenting my back. I feel your cock against my groin and rub myself against it, feeling like I'm going to explode any minute. You turn me back around and your mouth finds mine again. Your hand makes it's way down my stomach and stops at my groin.

Moaning, I lift my hips off the bed, anxiously wanting your fingers inside me. I spread my legs apart for you as your hand lightly rubs my pussy. You are so wet, you whisper in my ear. Your fingers spread my lips apart and find my clit, which you rub lightly. I groan as I lift my hips again.

Tell me what you want, you say. I want your fingers inside me, I tell you. You kiss me again and then your mouth starts to make it's way down my body, stopping at my navel. Dipping your tongue in, you manage to bring a groan from me. You finally reach my pussy, your tongue softly licking my clit and licking my lips, driving me wild.

You push your tongue inside me, your finger rubbing my asshole and two fingers fucking my pussy all at the same time. I start to buck my hips towards your mouth, getting closer and closer to cumming.

You take my clit in your mouth and gently suck on it making me cry out and bringing me over the edge. As I cum in your mouth you continue sucking as you fuck me madly with your fingers. I push your face away and turn you onto your back. Straddling you, I bend over and kiss you running my tongue around your mouth and tasting my juices.

We share a deep kiss and I rub my wet pussy over your hard cock. Still kissing I reach down and push you deep inside me. I start to move slowly, taking you nearly all the way out and then plunging down deep again. I start to build up a rhythm, moving faster and faster, selfishly going at my own pace, the pace I need to cum all over your cock.

I sit up taking you even deeper and bringing a moan from both of us. You reach back and slip a finger into my ass. I start to feel myself cumming and I move faster still, slamming myself against your cock until I start to blow, hard, making me cry out loudly.

As I start to calm down I look down at your face and smile. Your turn. I pull myself off you and move down towards your cock. It's so red, wet and swollen that I hungrily take you into my mouth, sucking you deep into my mouth, loving every inch of it. I suck harder and faster till your hands grip my head and explode into my mouth.

I swallow it all and pull away wiping the last of your cum off your cock and sucking it off my finger. I look up at you and we smile at each other.

That was the entr�e .... the main course is yet to come.

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