Monday, September 08, 2008

Primevil Fantasy

Written by Brandi (October 2000)

Anna's eyes were closed as she transported herself into an ancient Celtic world.
She wore nothing but an off white textile wrap held together between her shoulderblades by an iron clasp.

The off white was the finest the tribe could manufactor and was worn only by the sacrificial maiden. Anna was this harvest moon's maiden, exhilerated at the thought of being the most beautiful girl in the land and not yet cognizant of the terrifying fate that awaited her. Her raven hair contrasted her stark white shoulders in the moonlight.
The torches of the strong men at the head of the procession cast an erie light on the faces of the people who would take a long last look at her when the cerimony began.

She could feel her nipples rubbing against the coarse textile and the cool night air made them hard. As she came closer to "the flat rock" she felt a sense of terrifying ecstasy. Her girlfreind had told her she would have to stand naked on the rock while the Druids chanted their prayers.

The young initiated men would be standing in front of the crowd symbolizing that she was their sacrifice. Any one of them would be her eligable lover and she would be paraded for all of them to see. They would be clad in loincloths revealing their newly developed manhood as they stood at attention in front of the flat rock which lay in the immediate vicinity of "the cavern".

Anna stood in front of the terrible ominous cavern from which would emerge the demigod to whom she was being sacrificed. She let out a little moan and started to swoon at the thought of the terrible monster with it's long claws it's huge torso and shoulders it's reptilian snout with it's fan like fin that surrounded it's neck and rattled as the huge jurrasic beast came ever closer to his quarry.

Her eyes darted around in a state of panic as she realized this was really going to happen. She looked into the eyes of the young men, who stared blankly back at her. She went into a sexual frenzy as she could feel herself being guided towards the rock. The rock was still wet from it's recent cleansing as she stepped onto it her legs trembling. She was shaking wildly as she stood over the 100 0r so tribespeople from various lands that had come to see the sacrificial maiden presented to the beast. She caught the eyes of a girl who had been her rival as they had reached puberty.

She felt the sexual tension as her eyes darted wildly from person to person in the crowd. A jolt of exhileration passed through her body as the Druid began to chant. This was happening! She felt a pair of hands touch her arms beckoning her to raise them high above her head.

The tension mounted as she could see the nostrils of some of the people in the crowd taking in extra air. She looked into their intense gazes as she stood up on the balls of her feet and raised her arms as high as she could. The chanting intensified as the matron started to unpin her wrap. She was about to be exposed. Her rival girlfreind smiled feindeshly.

The young men's eyes widened as this would be their first site of a naked girl. The Druids voice took on a higher pitch as the clasp hit the rock and bounced in amongst the chains that would be used to bind the sacrificial maiden hard and fast to the rock. The sound of the iron clanking on iron reminded Anna of the fate that awaited her. She let out a scream as the wrap came off her body exposing her to the tribe, the moon, the sky, to the dark showdows of the underworld and the beast that would emerge.

Anna went insane as she stood on the balls of her feet with her arms in the air. Her tiny breasts with their hardened nipples, her shaven pubic bone, her pale white body was being loved by the gods themselves and she could feel their electricity penetrate her.

she felt like she was flying into the arms of the moon itself...

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