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Sara's Sexploits - THE "BIG" PARTY

Written by Sara (December 2000)

Sara was on cloud number nine!
She couldn't believe her good luck! Having met Paul only a month ago, and now he was taking her to a party that would include his best and closest friends. They were having what once was described as a whirl wind romance.

Introduced by a friend of a friend, they had become almost inseparatable. From the very first night together the sex and been beyond phenomenal! Paul was hung like a horse and knew exactly how to use it! This was the first time that Sara had ever had a man with over sized equipment, and she now was a true believer in the saying that size DOES matter!

The first time she saw Paul's cock she nearly fainted at the thought of trying to get that monster into her tight little pussy, but Paul was so sweet and considerate the way he made the tenderest love that first time! Making sure that she was totally lubricated and turned on, he ever so slowly inched his organ into her pussy.

After the initial shock of have her pussy stretched farther than ever before, she just relaxed and tried to enjoy it. After a few minutes, however, the feeling of being really filled up overwhelmed her! Just thinking of that huge organ inside of her brought her to a shattering orgasm! Paul hadn't even started pumping her yet and she was cumming like a little cock hound! After that she was hooked! Even when it was soft, it was as big as most of the erections she had seen in the past. One time Paul was in the shower and Sara came in to get her makeup.

While washing his hair, he had his eyes closed and didn't realize she was there. Watching the water and soap running down his chest and belly and then cascading over his low hanging cock was an incredible sight! She plopped down on the toilet and frigged herself to orgasm right then and there! Only when she let out a loud moan did Paul even notice her sitting there! No matter where they were, Sara would try to get Paul into a private spot where she could get him to show her his cock. When they were riding in the car she made him pull it out of his pants so that she could hold it while they were driving! In private, he kiddingly referred to her as his "little cock hound". Although she could be a real nuisance, Paul took her over dose of attention with a good sense of humour, because after all, she was a beautiful woman he was lucky to have for his own! A few times since they first met, Paul mentioned a private club he was a member of. He didn't go into many details, but Sara got the impression that it was a rather exclusive club that was hard to get into. For this reason she was really excited when Paul announced that his club was putting on a party the following Saturday night, and that he was inviting her to come along as his date. Dress was to be casual, and she should be ready for just about anything!

She tried to get him to tell her more, but he just would smile and say, "You'll find out soon enough!"

Finally the big day arrived and her wait was about over. Driving to the party, Sara asked where the party was being held?
"At a private home," answered Paul.
Sara thought that was a little strange, as most clubs met a restaurants or had their own building. She didn't say anything, however, and they rode in silence for the rest of the drive.
The house they finally pulled up to wasn't really a house at all, it was more like a mansion!
There must have been fifteen cars parked in the huge oval driveway! They parked Pauls's car and headed for the front door. As they were walking, he told her that this was a very special kind of party, and that she might be shocked, but that he thought that she would like it! Without knocking Paul opened the front door and ushered Sara into the large foyer. Laughter and music could be heard coming from the next room.

With his arm around her waist, Paul led her into the living room. What she saw made her head spin! Around the room were a variety of couples in various stages of undress!
Most were just laughing and talking, but some of them were in the early stages of love making! Sara couldn't make a sound although her mouth seemed to be trying to ask, "What kind of party is this?!?"
Paul, seeing her reaction soothed, "Sara, this is a meeting of the "Walking Stick Club". The only requirement for membership is that you have at least an eight inch cock when erect!" "We meet once a month here at Anna's place because it's so secluded, and also because it has enough room for the thirty people who usually show up."

Finally able to speak, Sara asked, "Do you have to, you know....,"

"You mean do it in front of everyone," finished Paul? She nodded her head yes.

"Of course not," he answered. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Nobody will pressure you to do anything. It's entirely up to you!"

"Let's get a drink," he offered, leading over to the open bar. While sipping her rum and coke, Sara took a more leisurely look around the room.

"Well Paul was right about one thing," she thought, "every man there had a huge cock!"
Some of them were even bigger than his!!! All of the women seemed to be knockouts, and Sara all of a sudden felt a little intimidated! As she wandered into the back of the house, a brunette girl with a large naked chest came up and introduced herself as Helen.
"First time, huh, said the busty brunette? "Yeah," answered Sara.
"Well, it's the best time you'll ever have," gushed Helen!
"My boyfriend, Greg and I have been coming to these things for four years now! I"m addicted to them, if you know what I mean?!?"
Helen smiled and asked, "Do you do it with just anyone???"
"I've done it with every man here at one time or another, but usually just with one or two at any one party," she answered.
"Come on, let me show you something," said Helen, leading Sara down a long hall.

Stopping in front of and open door, Sara looked in and saw an awesome sight! On a huge king size bed, a black man with at least twelve inch cock was taking on two white women at the same time! He was lying on his back as the two women gave his a blow job!

He smiled at Sara and Helen and asked them to join in, but Helen told him maybe later and showed her to another room. This one had a little tiny red head sitting on a cock that was threatening to rip her wide apart! It was quite obvious that she was feeling no pain, as she was in the middle of a screaming orgasm!

"I usually can't wait for the third Saturday of the month," Helen said.
"I'm so used to having these hung guys, I don't think I could do without!"
"Another thing," she offered, "they're all real nice fellas too. Not a bad apple in the bunch! Really a lot of fun to be around!"

"What about the women," asked Sara?
"Well, said Helen, "Some of them come and go as the men change partners, or there's a divorce, you know!"
"Most of them, however, are good people."

Sara thanked Helen for the tour and went off to find Paul. He was sitting off in the corner talking to naked man about golf. Seeing her coming, both men stood up to meet her.
"Sara, this is Steve Elliot, a good friend of mine," said Paul.

Steve stuck out his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Paul said some good things about you!" Shaking Steve's hand, Sara couldn't help but notice the jumbo set of genitals that hung between his thighs.

Steve and Paul both saw her peeking, and Paul winked at Sara and excused himself to go to the toilet. Steve and Sara then stood talking, she in her silky dress and him totally naked. As they talked, Steve's cock began to slowly become erect, and Sara by now was starting to feel that empty ache between her legs!
Steve could sense that she was now getting very turned on and suggested they check out one of the back rooms.
Sara said, "Sure, why not," and started walking. When they finally found a vacant room, Steve was now fully hard. "I love big cocks, Steve," Sara said, " how long is it?"
"Ten," was all he said. "Take off your, clothes," Steve said, "let me see your young, horny body!"
Sara did a slow strip tease, hanging first her bra then her panties on Steve's erection. By the time she was naked, she was leaking cunt juice down her thighs! Dropping to her knees she took the head into her mouth and sucked Steve to a quick orgasm.

He shot it down her throat, grunting loudly as his cum filled her mouth. Lying back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, she begged, "Ride me, please, ride me hard!!!" Needing no more invitation, Steve got between her legs and guided his big hammer into Sara's burning cunt.
"A little at a time, or all at once," he asked?
"Bury it," she ordered, and with one hard plunge Steve impaled her tight pussy with his huge ramrod! Since he had just cum in her mouth, Steve had to build up to his next cum.

This meant that he would probably have to pound the helpless pussy for a good ten minutes or more to get off his gun! Sara wrapped her slim legs around Steve's back and held on for dear life! This was exactly why she was addicted to monster dicks!
They filled her up like nothing else could! While Steve was driving hard to his orgasm, Sara was in the throes of a seemingly endless string of earth shaking cums! Her tight pussy gripped the big shaft, trying to draw it in even farther!

As his orgasm neared, Steve was now thrusting in and out with piston like precision! Screaming, "I'm cumming," Steve unleashed another torrent of goo into his new found fuckmate! Collapsing on top of her, Steve stammered between gasps of air, "You are unbelievable!!!"

All at once in the back ground they both heard the sound of clapping and cheering! Standing in the doorway was a naked Paul and Helen, his cum dripping off her chin.

"Bravo! Bravo!" the two voyeurs yelled at the two spent lovers. On the way home Sara snuggled up against Paul and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Happy," he asked? "Very," she answered! Slipping off to sleep, she could only dream about the next third Saturday of the month!

"Next time," she thought, "the black guy...... "

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