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Julies Story Part 3

Written by Julie (January 2001)

Hi there, Julie here. You will find my previous two contributions under January and February 2000. Here's an update of what has been happening to me recently.

Over the past year my Master, who I obey because he is blackmailing me with the photos and letters he has of me, has continued to make demands on my mind and body.
One of the most exciting aspects for me has developed from a strange request he made several months ago. I will have to be a bit discreet here. Let's just say he wanted me to go to a kind of sporting show that involved muscular men - I will leave you to imagine exactly what I mean.

I found it a rather strange and pointless exercise, although my Master told me that in his younger day he had followed this sport and had noticed that the participants often took advantage of slutty women who followed them around. There was also an added requirement - my Master would tell me where and when I had to attend these functions, and because they were at night and would involve travel, I would have to get my husband to take me and accept me having sex with these men.

As usual I had my doubts about the feasibility of this working at all, but I knew I had to comply - these was the uncertainty of the fact the when I attended these shows, my Master may or may not be observing from a distance - so my reports to him had to be true whether anything happened or not. For two months I nervously worked on my husband.

He knew I had a reputation for being easy in my teenage days, and he knew about a couple of affairs I'd had since, and to be honest he loved me telling him about having sex with other men while we made love - but the downside has always been that he resents it when we are not making love, so we had a sort of thing going where I tell him things occasionally that are true but pretend they are my fantasies.

So what I did was to pretend that I was developing this fantasy of having sex with a fit, muscular sportsman. Taking it to the point where I wanted to make it reality. Begging him to let me, and finally, on one occasion, where I was on top in bed riding his cock, taking him to the point where he gasped out that he wanted me to make it reality, as long as I told him all about it afterwards.

Later he said he didn't mean it, but I sulked for days until he said I could do whatever I wanted. So on a cold, icy night my husband drove me 40 miles to a small town that my Master had chosen for my first attempt, and as ordered I was dressed tartily, mini skirt, stockings and suspenders, see through blouse, and we arrived to find notices up saying that the show was a sell out. at least that meant my husband had to stay in the car.

I managed to get half way in by saying I was desperate to use the ladies toilet, and then I hung about and I soon got chatted up by one of the participants, a fit, but somewhat older man of about 50, who took me in the toilets and had sex with me, and then took my phone number.

I told my husband on the way home and he went wild with passion and we had sex in the car and twice at home, although the next morning he told me never to do anything like that again.

The sportsman who took my number phoned me regularly and I persuaded my husband to take me to a few more shows where I made love with the sportsman and later one of his friends as well.

My Master was delighted, my husband wasn't, although our sex life always improved when I confessed my sins while we made love.

The major development came one weekend when my lover rang me to tell me about a show in some fifty miles away. I had to persuade my husband to take me. Well, I knew he would, but we had sort of got into this game where I had to beg him to take me, and we would have sex two or three times a day while I tried to persuade him.
He came up with a few "conditions".
Firstly, he could choose what I wore.
Secondly, as we were well away from home, and would know anyone except my lover, I was to be a 'tart' for the night.
I wasn't to take any money - so I had to get picked up or stand outside all night, and I was to have sex with my lover outside if possible.
Thirdly I had to act like a tart with my husband after the show when he stopped on a country lane.
Fourthly, I was to tell him everything afterwards when we got home.

OK, I agreed. In the meantime, my lover phoned me again and said that he wouldn't be there because the show had been changed and it would be completely different people there. He told me not to go, but with demands being put on me by my Master to further my involvement, I knew I had to.

I expected my husband to want sex before we we set off, but he didn't. He told me to get out my shortest skirts and skimpiest underwear, and he decided I should wear a thin bright green skirt that was ridiculously short.
No stockings - bare legs, which surprised me a bit. Black quarter cup bra and black panties that tie at both sides.

He knows I am hopeless at tying them, and after a lot of deliberation about jumper or blouse, he decided on a tight white and yellow jumper and red high heels that totally clashed with the green skirt, but they are the highest heels I have and very hard to walk in.

He said I could put my long leather coat on to get out of the house but then it stayed in the car. I was quite excited. It was quite a long drive over the bleak countryside, and the show was at a picturesque little village completely in the middle of nowhere. We found the venue, which was down a small cul-de-sac.

There was a small lane down the side of the hall where there was a van parked but there wasn't much activity. It got to about 7.10pm and my husband said I had better go and hang about outside.

I would have been comfortable with that except that having him sat watching me through the car mirror made me very nervous. It wasn't cold but was breezy. I got out with my coat still on but he shouted me back and said "Coat", so I took it off and wished I hadn't bothered going. I just took a small handbag with my make up and four durex and some tissues. Wishful thinking?.

I stood outside the front of the hall, shivering with anticipation. A few families turned up and went in as I stood there like a complete and utter tart, with the cool breeze sending shivers round my bare legs. I noticed a car pull up the side of the hall and wondered if it was one of the sportsmen, but when no-one came round the front, I realised there was probably a side entrance, so I walked round and had a look.

There was a door slightly open, so I stood on the corner and waited. There were a few more spectators turned up, and it was getting close to show time. I was getting chilly now and it looked like a wasted journey. I walked up the side of the hall and saw an elderly man having a smoke. So I asked him if he was anything to do with the show, and he said he was. I asked everyone had arrived, and he said yes, and asked if I had arranged to meet someone.
I said I had a friend who was supposed to be doing the show but he had said he might be replaced.

The man said I could come in if I wanted. My lover had once told me that there was an unwritten rule that anyone taking a tart into a show got to have sex with her, and I smiled at the ridiculous thought of this elderly man wanting sex with me. So I went in with him.

The door led straight into the hall and the man left me. He said I would be best sat near the back of the hall and then if anyone asked to see my ticket I should say I was with him The show started, and the dressing room door kept opening a little bit. I wondered if someone was watching me or the show.

Later a tall, well built black man came and stood outside the dressing room. He seemed to be looking at me. I tried to ignore him, a couple of kids came and asked for his autograph, he signed and went back into the dressing room when a few more kids headed his way. Then it was the interval. A few more kids stood outside the dressing room, and when the door opened slightly, it was the elderly man who had taken me in.

He shouted to me "Psst. Excuse me love", so I pushed through the kids.
He said "Would you go and get us four coffees, one without milk, all with sugar, but one with three sugars, tell them they are for the staff".
I went and asked. I got the coffees although they said I had to take the money back as there were no freebies.

I knocked at the door and a man came and took them off me. He thanked me in a broad Scottish accent and I said they wanted paying and he said "Aye, see you later", and took the coffees in.

One of the kids asked him for his autograph and he replied "Piss off". I sat down again.
The show started and the Scottish man came out again. He stood for a while and then came and sat behind me. He leaned forward and said "So what do you do for fun in a back end town like this, watch the traffic lights changing".
I said I wasn't from there I lived in a city fifty miles away. He said he knew the area well and thought that only slags lived there. Charming.
He asked my name. I said Julie. I could feel my panties starting to get damp. He said people called him Mac. Surprise surprise.
He was about 18 stone and had an shaved head, probably about 40 years old and very muscular. He looked almost frightening. He asked me if I had come on my own, and I said no my husband had brought me and was picking me up after the show.

Mac went then, back in the dressing room. The last contest went on, and I saw the dressing room door opening slightly, and then Mac beckoned me to go over and he said "I'd like to see you after the show, don't rush off will you". I said I couldn't stay too long. He asked me for my phone number and said if he didn't see me after he would ring me. When the show finished I sat about a bit and I some of the participants leave.

A few minutes later Mac opened the dressing room door slightly and waved to me. I went over and he said "What time is your husband coming". I said he would be outside now. Mac said "Pity, I could have taken you home, are you coming in for a few minutes".
I asked if everyone else had gone.
He said "No, but they won't bother us".
I went in. There were just two other men there and the old guy who had taken me in. Mac sat on a bench and slapped his lap and said "Come and sit here".

We were in a corner. No one took any notice and Mac kissed me for several minutes and felt my legs and he told me I had seriously sexy legs.
After a few minutes I was sat straddling him on his lap with my arms round his neck while we were kissing and he gradually got my skirt worked up around my waist and his hands up my jumper pulling my nipples.
Next he untied the bow at the side of my panties and pulled them off which started me panting heavily.
He said "Are you going to take my cock Julie"
I said "If you want me to".
Mac said "Hmm I like a woman who does what her man wants, are you submissive". I felt it.
I said "A bit I suppose".
He had his hands on my legs and said I had strong thighs, and he pushed a hand up to feel my cunt and said "And a wet cunt Julie, bet it's warm up there".

He kissed me again and undid his trousers and lifted me up so he could drop them. I said "Will you use something". He asked if I wanted him to.
I said "Yes", and he asked if I had anything. I said yes, and got a condom out of my bag and I stood up and put one on his erection which was about eight inch but fat and hairy, as was his chest when he undid his shirt. I straddled him again and took his fat cock up my cunt and rode it a few times until it was fully up me.

He pulled my jumper over my head and off so I was wearing my quarter cup bra, skirt tightly wrapped round my waist and my high heels. Mac bit my breasts and nipples and I threw my head back, then Mac half stood up and turned so he was astride the bench and he laid me back onto the bench so my head was off the end, and immediately the big black guy pushed his cock into my face and between my lips.

He was about seven inch but not as fat. Mac said "Go on mate, make her swallow it". It was a bit uncomfortable for everyone and Mac said "Lets get her in a better position", and they pulled their cocks out and stood me up so I was stood with a leg either side of the bench and the black guy pulled my bra off and Mac bent me over so I was bent over from the waist with my hands on the bench supporting myself.

Mac stood behind me and pushed his cock back up my cunt and while his mate held his cock for me to take it in my mouth and they were both groping my tits and thighs. I was moaning as Mac fucked me and the black cock almost choked me. No hands to help limit it's entry into my throat. It only took the black guy about two minutes to unload his spunk into my mouth, where I swallowed what I could and a bit dribbled out onto my face. It was a relief as I hadn't been far off choking. Mac carried on fucking me and the black guy wiped his cock across my face, then suddenly Mac stopped fucking me and shouted "Do yer want a go Gary".

That was the other man, a younger, early twenties, shaven headed lad with plenty of muscles. He said "Yeah Go on then", and Mac pulled out. Gary was starkers with a smaller cock, about six inch, but thick.
I got a durex out of my bag. Mac pulled my skirt down and off and said "Let's get you naked, whore". I knelt in front of Gary and put the durex on him and asked how he wanted me. He said "Stood up against the wall". So I stood with my back to the wall and legs slightly spread in my high heels and Gary pushed his cock into my cunt and put his hands under my bum and lifted me off my feet. My legs wrapped around him and he rammed his cock in and out of my cunt and then carried me to the opposite wall, banged me into it and started fucking me again.

Over the next five minutes he fucked me against all four walls and the door, and quite hurt my back as he slammed me against the wall. I was moaning and groaning and Mac said "Come on Gary, she's got a husband waiting outside, he'll be wanting his turn". Gary locked his mouth onto mine and kissed me and forced his tongue way down my throat and then he bit my neck really hard several times, and I started panting louder and louder and I heard myself scream out and I squeezed my legs tighter around Gary and suddenly got cramp in both my legs as he pounded away and kissed me again, and finally he was panting and moaning as he was shooting his spunk. Then we collapsed on the floor.

Sweating, and panting, the room was spinning. As I was coming round there was a knock on the door and a man shouted "Are you going to be long". Mac shouted back "Just getting changed Mate", and then he picked my bag up, emptied on the bench and threw a durex to the man who had taken me in who was about 60, very thin and a chain smoker and his hands were always shaking. He stubbed his cig out and said "Well clear off then, I'm not doing it in front of you lot". Gary and the black guy finished dressing and picked up their bags and said "We'll wait in the car, you've got two minutes".
They went and Mac sat and watched as the old man knelt between my legs, pulled his trousers down and put the durex on and got on top of me. His cock felt very small.

I didn't really see it. He fucked me for a minute or so and appeared to come, then he had a choking fit and climbed off to light another cig.
He threw the durex on the floor and pulled his trousers up and got his bag and he was off, still coughing. That left me back where I had started, with Mac. He said "well that's got rid of them, I prefer to have a woman on my own, bet your husband is doing his nut".

I said it didn't matter as he wanted me to have sex with other men.
Mac said "Sounds interesting, I'll have to pay you a visit at home".
He told me to give him a suck. He had gone limp and he had taken the durex off. I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until it was hard while he squeezed my breasts and made me squirm a bit my tweaking my nipples.

Then there was a loud knock on the door and a man shouted - "Are you done in there, I've got a home to go to".
Mac said "Oh come on lets go out to my car - All right, we're fucking coming".

Mac started pulling his clothes back on, I ran round grabbing my clothes that were scattered about the dressing room. Mac grabbed his bag and threw me his jacket and told me to just put that on. It was far too big for me, I carried my clothes and we went into the hall.

There was just the one man there who was waiting to lock up, and he let us out of the side door. I didn't dare look at the man, he locked the door after us, so we were down the side of the hall in the dark with just Mac's car there. He undid the boot and threw his bag in and pulled the jacket off me so I was naked except for shoes and he put it in his car and shut the boot and then he kissed me and pushed two fingers up my cunt and I dropped my clothes and bag on the floor and he asked where my husband was.

I said I wasn't sure, somewhere out front in the car. Mac told me to get on my back on the floor behind his car. The road was rough and stony.
Mac dropped his trousers and got on top of me. His weight crushed my back into the stones and I gasped. His bare cock went straight up my cunt as I spread my legs and bent my knees and he was so heavy. He started thrusting hard and I was moaning and gasping and he grabbed on of my breasts and squeezed it very hard and kissed me on the mouth and continued ramming his bare cock up me, even though he knew I had asked him to use something earlier.

He was moving me across the tarmac with his thrusting and although it only lasted a couple of minutes I orgasmed just as he was about to shoot his spunk up me, which he did with lots of language like "Oh fucking whore, oh fucking bitch".

Then he stood up and pulled his trousers up and said "Let me get out of here before you go back to your husband, I might ring you sometime if I'm passing".
And with that he was off while I was still struggling to my feet. I pulled my jumper on and my skirt and put my panties and bra into my handbag and went out to the front of the building. It was nearly 11pm, so my husband wasn't happy, but he got what he asked for I suppose.

He never spoke until we got into the countryside, and then he pulled into a deep lay bye and said "Come on then let's see why you were an hour later than everyone else".
I hitched my skirt up and stroked my naked hairless fanny and I said "Why, do you want to go where all the big muscular men have been. Do you think your up to the job, or are you going down to taste what's been up me".

With that he was pulling my legs up and getting his head down between my thighs. He reclined my seat at the same time and after getting his tongue up my cunt for two minutes he asked for a durex.

Good job I had one left. He put the light on so I could find my bag and he saw me pullout my knickers and bra and finally a durex and he switched the light off, put the durex on and he was straight over on top of me and up my cunt with his cock.

He didn't ask anything, just fucked me for two minutes until he came, and then it was off home.
Although I did have to get out of the car for a wee first. As soon as we got home it was upstairs and he stripped me starkers and then stripped off himself and I got a durex out and put it on the bed and he gave me oral and then put the durex on and started kissing me, then he said he wanted me on top so I laid on top of him and steered his cock up me and I rode him slowly.
He said "Go on then tell me". I said that nothing had happened until the end of the show, when a big Scottish man took me in the dressing room.
My hubby asked me how I had got in. I said an elderly guy took me in.
My husband said "Good job he didn't want to fuck you then".
I said "he did fuck me" - " I was in the dressing room and there were two other men and this old guy and the Scottish guy called Mac, and we were playing about and I put a durex on him and we started having sex -'How were you dressed' - well I was soon naked except for my high heels, anyway Mac was having me on this bench and a big black man put his cock in my mouth and came down my throat. (I started riding my hubby faster).

Then Mac asked this younger guy Gary if he wanted a go, so I put a durex on Gary and he had me up against the wall, well all four walls actually and when he had come the old guy had a go, him on top on the floor, but that didn't last long then they all went except for Mac, but we had to get out of the hall as a man was wanting to lock up, so I put his jacket on and we went outside up the side of the hall and he stripped me down to my shoes again and he .... he told me to get on the floor and he got on top of me.......and he started......fuck....fucking me and...ohhh (My husband slapped my bottom and told me to hurry up).

He started fucking me..... he didn't put a durex on.....and he fucked me.... and I was coming...and he shot his spunk up......Ooohhhhhh.., and now he's going to be visiting me at home.

My husband shot his spunk (I think he had already come once a few minutes earlier). And that was it.

Not mentioned again, although I had a few weeks worry about whether I was about to have Mac's baby.

Anyway that was only the start - Mac moved into my life in a big way.

Hope I get time to tell you about it soon.

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