Saturday, September 13, 2008

Damon comes to visit

Written by Mae (November 2000)

Saturday morning I picked my son, Damon, up at Palm Beach Airport, he had come to be with me for two days.
Friday, I had taken Grace to the same airport as she left to go to Cleveland to spen two weeks with her sister and brother-in-law, meaning that I would havc Damon all to myself the first time in over three years, ever since IBM had closed down their operation in Boca and he had moved back up north to take a position with a small computer firm outside of Boston.

We drove south to my condo on the intercoastal waterway and once inside, stripped off our clothes, we were both born nudists. Damon mixed us drinks and we went out onto the balcony to smoke and drink, there was no need to hurry the inevitable, fucking our heads off.

"God, Mae, but you're one beautiful woman", he said as we sat there, watching a few boats on the water below us. "I've been looking forward to this ever since you told me that Grace would be away and there would be just the two of us".
Like all women, I loved the fact that he still found me to be attractive at almost 52 years old. Damon would soon be 29 and still as vigorous as he had been when we first fucked so many years ago.

I leaned over from my chair and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "I hope your not just saying that so you can have your way with me again", I said jokingly.
"Of course I am", he replied, reaching over to place his hand on my thigh. I put my hand over his and moved it to the inside of my leg and to my bare pussy.
He took my cue and slipped a finger past my labia, searching for my clit.
"Yes, baby, make me cum", I whispered to him.
I watched his cock as it slowly began to engorge as he teased my clit, circiling it with a finger tip.

"Oh yes, baby, do me, do me" I parted my legs to give him greater access and, closing my eyes, leaned back in my chair to revel in the sensations. In no time at all I reached my first climax, clamping my legs together to hold his hand to my pussy. He stopped ministering to me until I came down from my high. When I opened my eyes, he had his fully erect prick in his other hand, slowly stroking it up and down.

As I watched, a clear drop of his precum emerged from the 'eye' and was smeared over the the big purple head. "Do me again, baby, do me again. God, but it feelas so good when you do me this way". He resumed his attention to my clit and once more I climaxed almost immediately.

"Jeez, Mae, I love it when you cum for me". He had been calling me by my given name ever since we had first started fucking, it seemed to remove some of the guilt of fucking your own son. "Now come over here and sit on my lap and let me fuck you".
I got out of my chair and, straddling his legs, facing the water. He guided his glorious cock into my cunt as I slowly lowered myself onto him. He reached around me with both arms and his hand roamed over my body until he cupped my tits, my nipples pressed into his palms.

It felt so good to have him inside me again. I sat there for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling, than began to raise up and then thrust down hard, again and again, with him meeting every downward plunge with his own upward thrust. He moved his hands to take my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling and pinching them gently.
"Harder, baby, pinch them harder", and he began to pinch them really hard, he knew that this would set me off. "Oh yes, Baby, I'm gonna cum again, oh yes, yes"! I thrust down hard on his wonderful prick, letting the waves of the sensation of my climax roll through me. Twice more I came, each time moree intense than the previous.
Perspiration was rolling off my body from my exertions and I finally leaned back onto his body to let him fuck me, his thrusting becoming more and more urgent as he came closer to his own climax.
"Here it come, Mae, I'm gonna cum, here it come..Oh god, here it comes"! He thrust up one last time, pulling me down hard onto his prick and I felt it begin to pulsate as his cum spurted into me.

He kept trying to get deeper into my cunt and with each spasm of his cock, his breath was weezing, "Yeesss..yeess", until with one last thrust, his body slowly began to relax. We were both breathing heavily, trying to get back to normalcy. I could feel his prick slowly subside until it slipped out of my cunt. I reached down and cupped my cunt, catching the mixture of our juices that were seeping out of me. I had always found this mixing of our spendings almost intoxicating and I licked my hand and returned for more.
"Oh god love, that was so good, so good. I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to this time with you. I've been jacking-off almost every night".
"I know, Damon, I know. Even though Grace and I have been jilling each other off, it just isn't the same. It's been your cock that I've been wanting so badly". Later in the evening we sent out for Chinese. We had fucked twice more during the afternoon and we were badly in need of sustenace.

After we had eaten, we went out onto the balcony with our after-dinner drinks and for one more cigarette before we went to bed together. We had all day Sunday ahead of us and I intended to get as much fucking as I could before Damon had to fly back north on Monday.


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