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Written by Wilko (October 2000)

I met Sabrina on a camping trip.
The first time I saw her I said to myself that is a beautiful girl, half American Indian half Caucasian, her eyes were of the lightest blue and pierced through my soul.
I looked into her eyes and felt something I never knew existed. Her skin was perfectly white but her bone structure was that of an Indian, her breasts perfectly shaped were perched on a slim muscular body, her ass solid but subtle in appearance yearned to be touched and couldn't stop from being admired.

Raven black hair flowed from her head and past her shoulders dark straight and beautiful. I wanted her from that moment on. That night we were all in our tents feeling the affects of the alcohol we had drunk, the pills we had taken and the pot we had smoked, winding down from a fun night and feeling pretty good.

I overheard Sabrina's boyfriend arguing with her about something unimportant when all of a sudden a loud 'no' split the air followed by 'get off of me'.
All laughter and talk between tents stopped and the air was filled only with her voice telling her boyfriend she didn't want to have sex.

His persistent words and actions grew until it sounded like he was going to rape her if she didn't comply. I couldn't believe what was going on so I shouted at him ' if you don't stop I am going to come over there and kick your ass'.

His reply was that of non-belief and then my friend Bob stated he would help me and we heard no reply. The asshole boyfriend stopped trying to rape her and we all drifted of into an uncomfortable sleep.

Months after the camping trip I met her at a club completely by accident I was so drunk and it was so dark that I didn't even recognize her but she seemed to remember me, the next thing I know we are kissing like two lovers parted for months.
The passion and lust caused our hands to roam. I caressed her ass and pulled her close as her nails dug into my back. I pulled her onto my thigh and her pelvis began grinding into it as if it were my groin.

We finally broke this passionate embrace and she walked me out onto the balcony. In the light I finally recognized we stared into each other's blue and green eyes and shared this incredible silent moment of complete serenity and mutual attraction. She put her arms around my waist and placed her head on my chest holding onto me as if some vicious force would tear me away, we stood like that for what seemed like an eternity.

We began walking from the club talking and holding one another not knowing where we were going but knowing we didn't want to be alone. A friend lived close so I led her towards his house and the hot tub that resided in the back. I took her up unto the deck and placed her on a bench.
We began kissing again our tongues doing all the little tricks they could to induce pleasure. I brushed the hair from her eyes and away from her neck and kissed the soft sensitive flesh on her nape. She sighed and pulled me towards her.

We both lay down upon the bench and caressed one another's bodies. I played my fingers softly along her skin, traveling into the sensitive erogenous zone that would cause he to shake and tremble in anticipation.
My shirt came of and then hers landing in piles atop the varnished planks. I kissed my way down her sumptuous body the heat of my lips and the cold of the night contrasted in perfection. Her jeans were slid of slowly until all that remained were a sexy pair of blue satin panties on the figure of an angel stretched upon a bench.

I stood up looking at this creature splayed before me she tossed her hair and smiled at me with a smirk that held contentment. Picking her up in my arms I walked slowly into the hot tub the tepid water wrapping around us like only water can. I placed her upon my lap and the kissing again ensued.

I ran my hand up and down her leg teasing the inside of her thigh, as I reached her succulence she would stop kissing me wrapped up in the teasing feelings I gave her. Running my finger slowly up and down her firm folds caused little whimpers to escape her mouth, her legs parted further.

I palmed her mound and applied steady pressure undulating my fingers and hand my palm pressed then my fingers then the tips. Her head swathed in the raven hair now floated my arm under her neck she arched her back trying to force my hand inside. I pulled back the satin curtain exposing an another set of pink ones. The pink lips were pouty and swollen ready for my touch. I pulled apart the outer lips and let my center finger pull slowly through the slick oily folds the smooth skin parting and wrapping around the digit invasion.

The caresses continued every one approaching higher and deeper towards the points that would bring ecstasy. I pushed past the entrance to her tunnel dipping my finger in only to pull it out again and again my thumb rubbing back and forth along her clit simultaneously. I squeezed her breast firmly and pushed my finger deeper into her hot clasping recesses. I pushed up along the wall towards her belly button fingers slowly circling searching for the G zone.

My thumb gently pushes her clit back and forth. Sabrina began to moan I stepped up speed and squeezed the back of her neck. I wrap lips around her nipple teasing and biting softly; she begins pumping her hips onto my hands that are a working frenzy.
The muscles of her vagina contract and her hips heave upward and in I feel the juice suddenly explode in her cunt the nectar swirls about us as it runs into the hot tub. I slowly extract my fingers and cup her mound tenderly, my lips graze hers and she kisses me with spent passion.

Her eyes open moments later piercing me with their lovely hue, a smile appear on her face as she crawls from my lap and puts her lips upon mine. She grasps my now turgid erection at the base and pulls her hand slowly up and down her grasp perfect in every way. The throbbing desire in my loins cause my head to real in expectation of what is going to happen. Leaning back I let my legs float up so that my manhood is above water. I spread my legs and place them on the seats next to me. Sabrina looks at me as she sets her lips upon my pulsing cock head; she sucks just the head like a lollipop while staring into my eyes.

The pleasure is too much and my head leans back and eyes close. The warmth of her mouth is awesome; her hand moves up and grasps my thick shaft. Sucking my head she pumps my cock and her other hand pulls my ball sack down making the tension even greater and the sensations sharpened. Her lips fall past the head and swallow my cock deep into her mouth letting her hand slide up and down as she swallows me.

She makes love to my cock with her mouth treating it like a finely tuned piano her caresses make my yearnings dance and die dance and die teasing me to the point where I can no longer hold beck. Sensing my imminent eruption her tempo increases and her saliva flows free.
Pumping my hips she sucks and strokes the hot steel shaft as a lightning bolt travels from my stomach into her waiting heat. I come and come again my semen flowing like a fountain as some strange guttural noise utters from my lips and my hands grasp the fiberglass to the point of fracture.

I am finished but she continues to massage my cock with her throat and hands the sensations to much I pull myself from her heat and immediately grab her and kiss, our lips hot and hers slick with my come they press one another as if possessed. The kissing lasted for many minutes ebbing and flowing like the tides we stroke each-others bodies and fondled our sexes. It seems as though the passion is never-ending my cock begins to throb again and I push it between her legs teasing her clit and lips letting the top of my head push through the satin curtains.

I take her hand and lead her to a sunning chair its back reclined I lay down upon it and pull her onto me. She sat on my flattened cock running her smooth pussy lips along the underside our wet naked bodies glistening in the moonlight. Her juices slickened and rolling onto me. I pull her towards me her ass angling up my cock springs free. I push her back allowing the head to penetrate slightly past her entrance; flex my groin I allow my pulsing head to spread her pussy lips.

Trying to push back I hold her so she bites my shoulder and neck. I grab her thighs and lower ass spreading her sex and cheeks exposing her glory wide and to the sky. I pull her sex open and pump my cock into her with a short quick thrust. I pop free of her wetness and again push into her exemplifying the sensation of penetration.

Tacking my cock in hand I slowly circle her hole from the inside widening and pushing prodding the walls of her vagina her juices covering my head. Fingers dip into her juices and spread it onto her puckered anus she shudders in anticipation. I push my finger into her ass slowly letting the sensation mingle with the others. Wiggling my finger in her ass causes her to moan louder and she pleads for me to fuck her pussy. I tell her no.

I thrust my finger into her relaxed ass as I push the entire length of my cock into her pussy her breath comes whooshing from her mouth as sudden intrusion catches her off guard. I pump my cock into her again and again while pumping her ass with my finger. Her head falls onto my chest as I pump into her at a fast rhythm. Pushing down onto me her pussy envelops my rod at a different angle causing us both to moan.

Pushing my finger deeper into her ass I pump my cock farther into her. My other hand pulls her pussy lips apart and rubs her clit dancing from one sensitive spot to another we fuck with a passion I had never felt. The chair groaned with us as we slammed into one another. The winds blew with us as we screwed. My legs pushed me as deep as I could go caused ours hips to slap together in a rhythmic clapping.

I could feel her juices running down my balls and my legs the trickling warmth covering me my desires built. I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock and her ass contract around my finger. The pressure was building and building as we fucked into oblivion.
I could hold out no longer and my thrusts went faster and faster into her ever constricting hole, and then she came screaming like a solitary eagle, moaning like a lonely wolf, she slammed down onto my cock and I erupted into her.

Pulling her onto me pushing myself deeper inside we slowly pumped our sexes together letting the juices intermingle, entwine, and converge. My cock still hard she began pumping her sopping sex onto my slick shaft again. I felt a shudder go up my spine one like I had never felt before.

She fucked me sliding up and down my shaft I couldn't move the sensation incredible, she pumped more and more until I felt like I would come again. My cock burned in excitement as this double orgasm blasted from me and Into Sabrinas steaming vagina I pulled my cock from her as another stream of come shot from my cock to land on her asshole.

I slipped my finger out of her ass and worked my come into her puckered star hole the slick fluid making it easy to stroke her sphincter.
Sliding my cock into her soaked pussy again I pushed myself as deep as I could and rested there. Her pulsing pussy finally subsided letting my cock soften inside her.

We fell asleep in that position to exhaust to move and to comfortable to want too. Raven hair nestled in the crook of my neck; her head resting softly on my chest I held her close and wrapped my arms around her.

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