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Teaching The New Generation

by E. South (October 2000)

This story is true. The characters are all real people, but with their names changed.

Mine and Katie's affair still goes on this is merely the beginning of our love, and now that she is seventeen, we're about to tell people about us.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

"Well fuck off then!" I shouted as I slammed the door behind me.
I don't usually slam the door, but then again, I never row with my best mate, Dave.
It was a silly little row which erupted into a blazing argument. I was so angry about some of the things he said, I decided to walk home. It's about two miles, so I usually take my car, but I felt I wasn't in the best frame of mind to drive then, and anyway I thought to myself, it'll all blow over by tomorrow.

I had been walking for about twenty minutes, still mighty angry and with a face like thunder, when as I was walking past the town square, a familiar voice piped up "What's the matter with you?"
I stopped, turned on my heels, and saw it was Dave's little sister, Katie.
She's six years younger than us, at 13, and i've known her all her life. She was born just a few weeks before I moved into the area, and I have seen her grow from a baby upto being a fine and pretty young woman.

She was sitting with two of her friends, Dana, who was two years older, and Rebecca, again, two pretty young women. As I'd known her all her life, I could speak to her like a brother would and I knew she wouldn't mind me slagging off her proper brother. I walked over and told her what had happened with Dave, she is a very compassionate person, and let me get it all off of my chest.
"Sounds like you've got some pretty heavy troubles" was her answer to all of my woes.
"Nothing a good blowjob couldn't solve" I cheekily told her.
"That's Rebecca's department, I do hand jobs" she laughed back.

I looked over to Rebecca and could see she was uneasy in her seat "Don't tell him everything now, will you" she told Katie As it was getting on a bit, we all decided to go home, Katie and Dana left the way I had just came, and I said I would walk Rebecca home, as it was on my way.

After about five minutes of chit-chat, Rebecca blurted out "What Katie said isn't true you know, she was just joking"
"I know, you're far too young to do that stuff" I reassured her.
"I only did it once, a blowjob that is, and now Katie likes to tease me about it, just because I got it wrong" she was almost hysterical in trying to correct the myth.
"What did you do wrong?" I enquired, "I blew..." was her humble reply, "... it's not funny you know" she said as I grin swept across my face.
"I know, it's just a pleasant thought, you inexperiencely blowing instead of sucking, I bet the boy still came though"

She sat down on a bench, "No he didn't, he ran away, I was humiliated", "I'm sure he was just a little shocked, at least he got to see you gobbling on his dick, perhaps he doesn't realise exactly how lucky he is to get that far" she perked up a bit from then on, "I know I would be a little shocked, but don't worry, there's no such thing as the perfect blowjob, I'd love to be able to teach someone, but it's a very personal thing, every man likes it different you see"

I placed an arm round her to comfort her.
I looked at her face, and thought to myself "That'd be a great view to watch", she has very pouting lips, big, sparkling blue eyes, and long red hair.
An image of her sucking me off popped into my head, one that proved unshakeable as we sat there.

As the image lingered, a small tent formed in my jeans. I knew I had to hide it before she noticed but couldn't. the way I was sitting meant I couldn't cross my legs or lean forward, so I had to sit and hope the image dispersed.
"We'd better go" she said standing up, I knew I'd be noticed if I stood up, so I lingered on the seat for a second or two.

It was the worst thing that I could have done. She dropped some money as she went to put it in her pocket, I watched as it slowly rolled over to me, between my feet, and watched again as she bent down to pick it up.

Her head was looked as though it was right between my thighs, and on the way up she looked up at me, her hair falling over her face, her eyes looking directly at mine, her mouth slightly open.
I was fucked now. "C'mon, we're going" she impatiently said, "I can't" it was time to be honest
"You've given me a raging hard-on" her face dropped and she sat back down again
"What?" she asked, "Talking about you giving blowjobs, and then bending down in front of me, it was too much for me, for any man"

She sat there for a moment, an awkward silence emerged. "I made you hard?" she enquired, finally breaking the silence, "Incredibly so" I replied. "Just by talking about blowjobs? you know I'll never give another one ever, don't you?" she said defiantly.
"Why not?" I asked her, "That's why!" was her slightly childish answer
"That's not a reason, now tell me the truth" I told her.

"" she was shifting nervously in her seat, "C'mon, tell me" I demanded, ".....I, oh God......... I........i don't know how" she hung her head down and went silent.

"That's all the problem is?" I asked, "well, it's a pretty big one" she replied, sarcastically, "Rebecca , most girls your age don't know how. All you need is a little practice, and a good teacher" I assured her.

She picked up her head, "So i'm not different to anyone else then?" "Of course your not, how many girls have given blowjobs at 12 or 13 pr 14?" I told her, "Very few" I answered my question.
"So all I need is a teacher?" she asked "Yes, to teach you the basics, then when you're with your boyfriend, he'll direct you to the specifics, his favourite bits"
she was smiling again by now, and also looking down at me.

My hard on had gone, "Teach me" she said.
My hard on returned immedietly, "Not like that, I'll use something else, c'mon" she took me by the hand and led me to her house.
I waited otside whilst she ducked in to get her 'cock'.

She returned with a couple of things, a cucumber, a candle and some ice lollies. I quickly discarded the cucumber on the grounds that it was unrealistic (really it just made me feel inadequate), and threw the candle away, as it would taste pretty horrible. That left use with the ice lollies, the thick round type. We went to somewhere I little more secluded and sat down, facing each other, and I began her lesson.

"First, there's a few things you should know, blowjobs are very powerful things, every man wants one and we'll do pretty much anything to get one, if you ever want something, offer a blowjob and you'll get it"
"Next, and this is the most important thing, be careful when putting it into your mouth. if you scrape your teeth along the bell end, the guy is almost in tears."
"No scraping teeth. O.K."
"Now, show me what you did last time"
"Do I have to?"
"Yes, so I can point out where you're wrong"

Tentatively, she took hold of the lolly, and raised it to her lips. opening her mouth slightly, she drew it as close as possible before gently blowing on it.

"O.K., I can see the problem, now to fix it"
She looked at me whilst I took her through the basic steps of a blowjob, she ws listening intently, hanging on to every word I said "First, I like it when a girl teases me a little, licks my bell and places little kisses on it.
Another favourite is tracing a finger nail along the soft underbelly of my dick" she was nodding her understanding
"But we'll forget about that for now. Every guy I talk to says the one of the best blowjobs they have is when their girl places it in her mouth just past the lip of the bell. Don't go in too deep" she placed the lolly in about two inches
"Perfect, now slowly move your head back and forth but maintaing your grasp with your lips" once she'd mastered the moving, I told her about using her tongue
"A favourite thing is when a girl moves her tongue between the dip created by the banjo string, and down onto the japs eye" after a couple of minutes, she took the lolly out and could she it had been well licked in the areas I told her about, in fact, it was beginning to resemble a dick itself! we had been there a good while when she told me she thought she'd mastered the first technique, so I moved on to the next "I call this mid-throating, and basically, you do the same as before, but take it in a little deeper and use your tongue, cheeks and the top of your mouth to create a virtual pussy, sucking and pulling away at it" she mastered this one pretty easy, but as we'd been there a while, the lollies had all melted before I could get on to deep-throating.

We decided to leave it at that and I finished walking her home. I reminded her about the gravity of what we'd done and told her never to tell anyone, but knowing teenage girls, I didn't think the secret would last long.

She gave me a kiss goodnight and I left her. I eventually got home two hours after I had left Dave's house the next day I took a day off of work to get my car and talk to Dave. I called at his house around mid-day. knocking on the front door, I was preparing my patch-things-up speech when I was thrown by the wrong person opening the door.

"Hi.... oh, your not Dave"
"Christ you are clever!" it was Katie
"He's gone away remember?" that was the reason for the argument! he said I could lend his playstation whilst he was away for a week, but had given to someone else.

"Well, could I get my keys anyway?" I asked.
She turned away, (her way of inviting me in, she's always done it) and began walking upstairs, "Theyre in his room, c'mon"
I followed her up the stairs "Why are you home then?" I enquired
"Told mum I had 'woman's problems' and she let me off, sucker".

I knew she wouldn't have spoken to Rebecca yet, so I was off the hook a little. she opened the door to his room and we went in.
"He said their here somewhere" as we began looking about the mess.

After five minutes, I sat down on his bed, still key-less.
"Bugger this" Katie said "Let's take a break" she slumped down in the old, beaten leather chair Dave had in his room.

"Did you go anywhere else in the house last night?" she enquired "Er.... only into your room for a minute or two.
Dave was looking for a bra Elsie [Dave's girlfriend] left here, he thought your mother might have put it in with yours" I replied
"The little.... He's been going through my underwear draw?"
she sat forward in the chair "What's the matter with that? he's not some sicko is he?" I defended him.

she stood up and walked into her room, I followed her in. the contrast in the two rooms is striking, wheras Dave's is the a-typical teenage male's room, Katies is almost clinically tidy.
she opened a draw and started feverishly folding everything back up "The twit, it's all messed up" I sat down on the bed and was waiting for her to finish tidying so I picked up a teenie magazine and started flicking through it. As I lifted it up, I spotted my keys on the floor, I must have put them down whilst waiting for Dave.

"Found them!" I said, Katie turned around "Great... oh shit" she quickly turned around again.
"What's the matter?" I asked "Nothing, why would anything be the matter?"
"Because you won't face me and you barely ever swear"
I stood up and walked over, as I did so, she slammed the draw shut.
"What's in there?" I was getting a little annoyed now
"Nothing" she whined "Let's go get a drink"

we sat down stairs for five minutes, chatting, but still my mind was troubled with what was in her draw.
I told her I was going to the bathroom, to give me a minute to have a quick look. when I opened the draw, I found nothing, just underwear.

I guess she was just embarrassed at me seeing them. I went down stairs and sat opposite her at the table, "Why are you embarrassed about your underwear?" I asked her.

she went bright red and squirmed in her seat "You bastard!" she shouted at me, she was obviously angry, that was the second swear word today.
"C'mon, tell me" I demanded
"It's just that I hate other people seeing them, especially Dave and you" she told me
"Why on earth do you feel like that?" I enquired
"Whenever I go into Dave's room, I always see the posters on his wall, the ones of pretty ladies with big breasts and fancy bras and stuff, or the magazines he's got, like esquire" she went on
"They make me feel inadequate, I know you and Dave still think of me as a little kid, and until I am not, I don't want anyone seeing me"
she sighed when she finished her explanation, and sat there looking very humble and vulnerable.

"I don't know about Dave, but I don't think your a little kid, I think your a pretty young woman. you haven't spoken to Rebecca yet have you?" I tried to cheer her up
"No, I haven't why?"
"She told me about you teasing her, and I helped her correct herself, I wouldn't have done that if I thought she was a little kid, would I?" she sat there for what seemed a long time, not saying anything, trying to work out what I had said. suddenly, her face lighted up and she gasped loudly, "You mean....?" "Yes, I taught her" I said dead-pan
"Wow!" she looked like it was christmas.
"So you see, your not kids anymore, your women, you've nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, from what I remember, you seem to be pretty normal for your age"

"This is very cool" she said "Even if it does mean I can't tease her anymore!"
the humble little figure that sat before me two minutes ago was now suddenly lit up and animated, free from embarressment.

"Yes, about the teasing" I asked "How could you tease her, when you've probably never done it yourself?"
"Well, I may not have done it, but I certainly know how. I read it in one of Dave's magazines, everything anybody wanted to know about oral sex" she declared, defiantely.

Katie know exerted a more confident demeanour, safe in the knowledge that I do not look down to her. "I don't remember that issue" I said. when we hang out, I usually read most of the magazines dave buys, stuff like esquire and gq, I even but some of them myself.

"Oh, it wasn't in the magazines he shows you, it's in one of the ones I found when he was out, c'mon I'll show you."
We went up to his room and I sat on his bed as she went over to his wardrobe and lifted up the bottom.

It was a false floor which had a collection of porno mags stashed under it. she grabbed a few and threw them on the bed, flicking through one to find the article in question "I was looking for an old school bag he used to keep in here, when I noticed the bottom of the wardrobe wasn't right..." I knew the rest the rest of the story.
"Here it is 'ten ways to get the perfect BJ'" she read aloud, "It describes the best techniques men are supposed to tell their girlfriends"

I was shocked that he kept all these magazines, especially since he'd had a girlfriend for about three years. I was also shocked that Katie had been reading them, just like the night before, an image leapt into my head, one of Katie reading and enjoying the magazines.

Just like the night before, my little soldier stood to attention. she threw the magazine down on the bed and sat down next to me, "So you see" she said nonchantly, "I know just about everything you need to" her excitment as she read the article was infectous.

I started to read it over her shoulder, it was very informative and very, very graphic. the image in my mind intensified. I couldn't believe I was having thoughts like this over a girl who is almost my sister. I managed to clear my parched throat and croaked "are you any good?" my dick took over my actions from then on, kindly letting my brain forget about the immoral and illegal act I was proposing. she sat there for a few seconds, turned her head and looked at me.

For what seemed like an ice age. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?" I continued to stare straight ahead, not being able to believe what was happening. I finally turned my head and looked at her, my eyes scanned her pretty face, her hazelnut brown hair softly fell over her face, brushing against a cheek before resting on her shoulders, her big, dewy brown eyes looked directly at mine, her thin pink lips were parted slightly as she waited for me to speak.

I wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked, how I wanted to kiss her and how I wanted to make love to her, but I couldn't my voice decided to pack up. I think it was scared by the look of lust in her eyes. she stood up and held out a hand. I took hold and joined her in standing. she led me out of the pigsty that is dave's room and into the clinical cleanliness of her own.

As I sat on her bed, she turned and closed the door, pausing for a moment, before turning to me. without saying a word, she slowly strode over until she was within touching distance.
I looked up at her face, her eyes were focused on one thing, my crotch, which had swelled considerably since we entered the room.

Katie lowered her self down onto her knees, took a gulp and reached for my fly. with a quick, single motion, my dick sprang out to meet her face; she looked at it for a few seconds, as if she was surveying her prey. A wicked smile crept accross her face as all the lessons she'd learned flooded her mind. tentatively, she placed her hand around it. she looked up at me and back down at my dick. with one final breath, she opened her little mouth and took in the head. the feeling as her thin lips enveloped my cock was wonderful, the softness of her tongue striking, I closed my eyes and waited for the show to begin.

It started in earnest, Katie was teasing my head with her tongue, running it under the glans and probing my jap's eye, I was in heaven. she realised her hand from my shaft and took me in deeper, now she was sucking away at me, and bobbing her head along my length, I let out groan after groan of pleasure, it was a wonderful blowjob.

Katie then started playing with my balls, gently squeezing them as she milked my dick, I managed to open my eyes and looked down at her, the sight was mesmeric, her tight mouth was clasping my dick up to the hilt, she couldn't possibly take me any deeper. i knew I was going to last to much longer, I tried my best to put it off, but I couldn't, she was any expert already.

"Katie, i'm gonna cum" I announced to her. she looked up at me and pierced my soul with her eyes, just as the first spasm came. I tilted my head back and grunted as I shot into her mouth, Katie was very vocal in her approval.

I held her head tight as the second squirt came, the biggest of my life.
I filled her mouth up so had to pull out, but she hadn't finished, "Step nine" she said, and pumped my shaft once, releasing another load of hot, white jism out of me.

It flew through the air and hit her on the forehead. Another pump and i'd shot again, this time onto her lower cheek, "One more" she said and gave the final pump.

It squirted straight onto her hair. I let out a satisfied groan as she finished me off, "Well then, am I any good?" she enquired.
I looked at her, her pretty little face covered in cum, it had ran out her mouth as she talked to me, and was beginning to mix with the blob on her cheek, her hair was also caught in it.

"Quite possibly the best ever. very moreish" she placed a finger on the temple and stopped a little jism river from running down her face, placing the sticky finger into her mouth to clean it.

"There's plenty more where that came from" she told me "Plenty more of what?" I asked, "Of this..." she said as she reached up and pulled off her t-shirt. she was still knelt before me, but then stood up, her tiny breasts were at eye level, and I couldn't help survey them.

she was wearing a very childish, white bra which offered no lift or cleavage, and that kinda bought it home to me what I was doing, but then I looked at her face and saw what we'd already done, at which point my dick took over again. she stepped forward and straddled my lap, her little titties inches from my face.

she held my head and kissed me, i'd never tasted cum before, but I found it to be a not displeasant taste, and the creamy texture enhanced the pleasure of the kiss. as the kiss went on, I reached round and unfastened her bra.

I dropped it onto the floor and pulled away from her lips. the cum on her face had smeared everywhere, including onto me, I looked ahead at her budding breasts. they were beautiful little orbs, with two pink nipples, slightly upturned near the base and not at all puffy.

I took one into my mouth, Katie sighed deeply, she enjoyed that a lot. I gently sucked away and bit down softly on her nipples, taking turns with each one, and covering them with the cum from my face and mouth. Katie started to undo the buttons on my shirt, she wanted me naked now, I began helping her with her jean buttons, I undid them all and lifted her off me, so she could take them off.

we both stripped off until we were completely naked, her white cotton panties were the last thing to go. she laid down on the bed and opened her legs, inviting me to join her. I climbed on top and began to kiss her, running my fingers all over her tanned little body.

I found her cunny and gently probed through the light covering of hair and along her slit, feeling her wetness. my middle finger found its way in to her tight pussy, and I began stroking inside her, Katie's breathing quickened as I began to massage her, although she was quite experienced at this, because she asked me to go lower down her cunny lips.

A loud groan escaped from her lips, telling me i'd found the right spot. a few minutes of this and Katie was close to cumming, but I wanted to prolong her build up. I stopped, withdrew my finger and began making my way down her body with my tongue, circling her erect nipples and placing gentle kisses down her stomach until I reached her now soaking wet opening. It was quite unlike any pussy i'd ever seen, her lips were massively swollen and red, and her clitoris was poking through like a star on a clear night.

I began to slowly lick her out, tasting her juices for the first time, she tasted so fresh and pure. I concentrated on her nubbin for a while, slowly sucking and ever so gently nuzzling it.

Her breathing quickened again, she was close to orgasm again, and I knew this time she would come. A gentle probe of her hole with my tongue sent her over the edge, a stream of creamy girl-cum flooded out onto my face, coupled with a quite "Oh yesssss" hissed from behind clenched teeth.

Katie had had her first orgasm by someone else. i came back up to face level and kissed her, letting her taste herself.
"Thank you" she said to me
"It's nothing, all part of sex my dear, you should expect it" I told her.
I let her catch her breath back and held her close to me. she raised one leg over mine, and I gently stroked it, whilst my dick nestled in between her legs, lightly rubbing against her pussy with every pulse of my heart.

I knew she could feel it and once she'd recovered, a smile came accross her face. A wicked and wry smile i'd seen from her before, but know it meant something different. It meant she was ready. i turned onto my back and told her to sit on my lap. "as your a virgin, you should sit down on me, so you can dictate the pace, and tell me if it hurts" I told her.

she was sitting in front of my dick, it was resting between her butt crack, slowly moving up and down it, spreading her cum along. she lifted herself up and over it, took hold with one hand and slowly lowered herself down.

I watched her face intently as my cock entered her slowly. As it began to enter, she closed her eyes and groaned as I went in further. I supported her with my hands holding her hips until she hit her hymen.

opening her eyes, she looked for reassurance "Don't worry, it'll hurt for a little while, but then you'll be O.K."
it was all I could tell her.

I lifted her up and down a few times, gently hitting it and loosening her up slightly before one big push broke it.
Her face screwed up in pain and I felt really sorry for her, and stayed still inside her until she opened her eyes again. the smile came back and I knew she was over the worst of it, so she lowered herself down as far as she could go, right down to my balls. we lay there motionless for a bit, in order to get used to the feelings we were experiencing for the first time.

she was incredibly tight, like a vice around me, and she was cooing quitely as she moved around on me, feeling me in different places of her pussy. we started pumping up and down, Katie dictating the speed and depth, with me supporting her and timing my thrusts to meet hers. she began panting and moaning, closing her eyes again as she started up the long hill to another climax, her little titties were bouncing along with each thrust, it was a sight I would never forget.

As she built up more and more towards her climax, she began slowing down, and asked to switch position, she was getting tired on top so we quickly switched to the doggie position, Katie held on to the end of her bed for support as I entered her inflammed pussy from behind.

I pumped away good and hard, we both wanted to come despeartly, I held onto her little titties for support and Katie lowered on hand down to her cunny, and began playing with her clit. this girl had certainly read those magazines well. she popped a finger into her pussy, and it created the most intense feeling, as my dick slid along. Her moans were becoming louder with each pump, and my nuts began to swell.

A ripple went through her pussy muscles as she came, tightening the grip on my dick, causing me to shoot off into her tight cavern. i was spent, I collapsed on top of her and could feel my dick twitching in her. once it had shrank, I withdrew and watched as my cum dribbled out of her magnificent pussy.

I lay beside her and held her to me "Your fantastic, sexy, pretty, beautiful, and best of all, your a great love maker"
I covered her in platitudes, which made her blush
"Why thank you, your very good as well"
we lay silently for a while, regaining energy "Will we be doing this again?" Katie asked
"If you ever want to, I'll be here in minutes. nothing would give me greater pleasure" and so our affair began.

it was almost four o'clock and the phone rang "Hello? oh, hi Becca" Katie looked at me and listened carefully "WHAT!" she said in mock disbelief "Jesus christ! I am sssoooooo jealous, he's a spunk, how did you get him to do that?"
Katie was looking directely at me, the smile on her face and her legs apart.

she was slowly fingering herself as she listened to what I got up to the night before
"Of course I won't tell anyone, I am your best friend." she put the finger into her mouth
"Mmmm, yeah I'll be over later, we can talk properly. O.K. bye"

she put the phone down "Ice lollies?" she looked at me sarcastically "Yeah, and now she's almost as good as you giving head" was my jokey reply
"Now I only have to teach Dana something, and i've taught the new generation of girls in the village"

"You dare and I'll suck your dick off" she said. suffice too say, I never did teach Dana anything!

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