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Part 1 "How the Cock Works"
Written by Allan (November 2000)

I had always known that I was well endowed since at Cub Swimming Camp a boy pointed excitedly at me and said "Hey guys! Come on over and have a look at his big prick!" At the point of puberty my dark patch of 'short and curlies' encircled a meaty cock and a solid set of young manly balls. The beady questing eyes that now focussed on my private parts caused my cock to stiffen and produce a pronounced 'hard on'. Embarrassed, I quickly grabbed my towel to cover my manhood and tried to get away. But just as quickly one of the bigger boys tore the towel away to reveal an even bigger really stiff prick. "Geeze" they said , "You've got a real beauty!". Seeking a rapid escape, I gasped out "Yes, I know", and dived back into the pool, swimming to a rock island on which I clambered, by which time my erection had subsided after its immersion in the icy water.

I played in the early years of life with Alison, a blond beauty, and the girl next door. She and I had many baths and showers together before we went to school and were well aware of the features of each other's young bodies. Indeed. I still have photos of a naked little boy, me, showing a splendid set of small balls and a neat little penis. Sometimes Alison and I would play on the lawn or on a rug when an often repeated game was 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine'. If we were driven in a car by parents we would often be in the back seat her hand up my shorts and mine up hers. The mutual caressing was always pleasurable.

At this stage Alison's cunt was a small hairless slit which sometimes she would let me see peeing. The gush of pale yellow liquid coming out of an invisible hole deep in her perfect body being quite a mystery. Sometimes we would wee together. I pulling my dick out of a little flap in my shorts; she having to pull her knickers down and squatting to piss. We had no inhibitions over watching each other in urinatory action! I did not know then that girls possessed another hole between their legs which would soon become very important!

A little later we played 'mothers and fathers' under the table which we had converted into a 'house' and I remember her elder sister looking in and catching me lying on top of Alison in our 'make believe' bed. Our 'intimate play' became much reduced after that. But we both knew that boys and girls possessed different interesting body parts to explore and enjoy. And I always remembered Alison's perfect pussy. I recalled it often, day or night, as sexual fantasizing grew. It became my benchmark of early desire, and throughout my life I often thought of Alison's fine fanny, wondering how it had grown up!

As all little boys grow they start to have 'wet dreams' and 'nocturnal emissions'. I well remember waking up with sticky wet goo and glistening tips on my often itchy, rapidly

enlarging penis. The Cub Camp episode had focussed attention firmly on my steadily maturing cock so that it soon developed a life of it's own-hard to keep soft, and regularly shooting little loads of jism in the still of the night, without any help from me! As a child being nurtured by a granny, there was little if any 'sex education' other than very early solicitations 'not to play with it'. I do remember Granny's impressive black triangle of her tangled hairy cunt and wondering during adolescence what it would be like to fuck! I was in my early twenties before my cock shot its load into a real love tunnel. Since it has enjoyed some delicious cunts, of which more later! This chapter is of the pubescent years.

A well-informed, slightly older Scout had told me that if you 'pulled yourself' you could 'make milk'. Under the sheets and blankets at night with the aid of torch, I caressed and fondled my developing balls and cock, until, one memorable night, the uncontrollable urge to keep masturbating set in and, hey presto, I shot my first load of warm milky white spunk! I must have been 11 years old. After that, it was impossible to go to sleep without at least trying to ejaculate.

So 'spunk shooting' became early on, a several-times-a-day necessity, increasing as nubility progressed, and any time the blood engorged into my cock making it hard and ready so that hand relief was imperative and necessary! A bit of spit, or butter, or a soapy lather in the bath, was enough lubricant to pull oneself off, fast! It only took less than a minute if one's balls were really tight and aching! It was, and is, a wonderful feeling to watch your own cock climaxing and ejaculating semen high into the air and then see and feel it feel cascading back over your knob and pour down onto your much relieved balls!

Or, of course, to feel your jism filling a climaxing women's cunt as she shudders, shrieks and comes, beneath your own heaving belly! And later to withdraw, or 'pull it out', and watch the cascade of warm juices running out of a fully exposed vagina to form a sticky pool of fluid under her bottom! All stages of sheer pleasure in these expressions of normal human sexual practice.

The problem often when I first started to masturbate and 'spill my seed', was how to hide, and then wash out, the spunk-stiffened handkerchiefs that took the full blast of ejaculate! When the spunk dried out it left a stiff hanky too! As by then I wanted always to watch myself ejaculate, there was too, the ever-present risk of being 'caught in the act' whilst supposedly 'reading in bed'. But if my Granny ever came in suddenly, and saw anything, she never said anything. But the pervasive smell of sweet hot spunk is a dead giveaway! She must have known early on that I was well into the wanking stage, which incidently, has persisted everyday throughout my life. Over the years I must have privately pumped gallons of that white creaming pulsating sperm-rich ejaculate! And to think of how many ova my balls could have fertilized? Think of all those squirming sperm that have oozed through my masturbating fingers! What a waste was all that silver spunk that should have been poured into eager young women's accommodating velvet vaginas!

So by twelve or so, my 'reproductive apparatus' was fully functional. I had a solid bush of black pubics, a good handful of prominent 'balls', and a strong erectible cock that I had learned how to tease and caress to orgasm, almost at will. But by convention, most male virginal human sexual expression was confined to the bedroom, the bath, the toilet, or the rare time outside, or at night, when one could open one's fly and get my cock out and give it a good pumping, spraying the ground with loads of hot cum!

I learned gradually to delay the relieving squirt, to not just quickly 'jerk off', but to enjoy longer and longer, the gentle stroking of my hard erect member so that when the final relief comes it is after the maximum of personal pleasure. Today, as I write this account, having just discovered Camilla's cunts and stories, I have kept my penis erect and active for over twelve hours whilst I have much enjoyed the new-found, exhilarating, sexual stimuli all the way over the web from Camilla's Erotica. It has been absolute sexual bliss to find such a good site full of wonderful stories and luscious wide-open pussies!

Around the end of primary school I was generally invited to spend holidays with the family doctors kids who owned a country property called Mt Pleasant. And pleasant it always was! Hiking, swimming, riding, and lots of freedom during the day to enjoy life. Sometimes camping out. Mostly we slept in two large rooms-boys in one; girls in the other. The grown-ups who cared for us slept at the other end of the house.

Very early, before dawn, one Sunday morning, I can remember Audrey, the doctor's daughter, who was a couple of years older than me, climbing into bed alongside me. As it was cold she snuggled in and fell back to sleep. Then she turned and her nightgown opened up to reveal, in the light of a pale setting moon, her silken smooth soup-plate sized breasts. I lifted the blankets a little and peeped further. Not only were her breasts and tummy button exposed, but, lower down, the tangle of her pussy hairs pushed against her tight crotch. By this time my cock was rock-hard! It erected easily now. It wanted to come! But I didn't dare do anything, as my load would have shot all over her gown and then there would have been some explaining to do, if anyone saw it. And although Audrey and I were close friends and had kissed in play once or twice, she and I were not yet that close. I really didn't know what to do.

After what seemed an eternity, Audrey woke up. She looked at me unfussed, and silently took my hand and placed it on her breast. I wondered at its softness and pliability. Her nipple perceptibly hardened. She formed my fingers around its tip. By then more fully awake, we both felt the pressure of my stiff cock between us. We looked at each other not saying a word. She then moved my hand to her other breast. "Squeeze it" she said, shutting her eyes momentarily to savour the pleasure. We continued to lie locked together for a minute or two. By this time dawn was beginning to break. She raised her head slightly and looked around, The others were still fast asleep. "You want to come?" she said softly. I nodded and tensed even more. "Let me do it. I did it to my brother once".

With that she turned me side on her breasts now compressed into the small of my back. "Take your pyjamas off" she whispered. With that, she slide one arm underneath my waste and the other over my body her fingers by now encircling my dripping pre-come drenched penis.

In the heat of having my balls milked by the nimble caressing fingers of Audrey I could feel her two hard nipples pressing into the small of my back and the enveloping sweaty softness of her flattened bosoms. I could also feel the soft hairy covering of her mons veneris as she strained over my body to manipulate and pull my large insatiable cock. There was no doubt in my mind that Audrey too was feeling highly excited and randy. Very soon I was about to come!

"What about the mess" I mouthed. She stopped masturbating me and quickly reached over to small bedside table withdrawing a packet of Kleenex tissue and seizing a wad which she thrust into my hand. Deftly she again cupped her delicate fingers over my stiffy and pumped away. Within seconds I could feel the powerful penis pumps stirring beyond retreat, with ejaculation only seconds away. Audrey, instinctively sensing the urgency of the situation, tore the bundle of tissues out of my hand catching the whole hot pulsating milky load neatly into the paper handkerchiefs.

When the last spurt of sperm was deftly gathered up in the tissues, my well-handled cock rapidly shrank back to normal. No longer was it a hard pulsating rod with gushing jism. It was then that Audrey whispered to me "And now you can help me".

Audrey rolled over to face the edge of the bed nudging me to face the same direction. "Feel my breasts. They are all alive and tingling. And so is my cunt! I need to masturbate". With that she guided my hand across her breasts to savour and touch her hard and demanding nipples. Then with my right hand she continued across her smooth stomach to the edge of her verdant blonde forest. Not stopping there, by now with my fingers entwined in hers and hairs, our tactile journey continued to the top of her wet and inviting gash. I could by now smell her womanly odours. They heightened my rapidly growing randyness. We paused briefly to gently massage her top of her cunt with the tips of our fingers. Then on and on, lower and lower, into the smooth pink labyrinth of any finger fucker's delight. To the heartland of her maidenhood. There our fingers played and fondled and I felt very alive and elated. It was dangerous territory for our two young questing bodies! I expect if we hadn't been so restrained by the environment, we might have had to succumb to our high passions and had a first fuck. But that could have been disastrous for both of us. So, in hindsight, thankfully, it didn't happen!

Suddenly she withdrew her hand. "Here you do it. Pump your fingers up in my pussy. Pretend they're your cock. I just want to come. Finger fuck me hard!". Soon I had worked three of my fingers into Audrey's fine fanny, working them like a piston in a cylinder - in and out, in and out- to a steady rhythm. I could feel the rippled texture of her steamy vaginal 'snatch' and the velvet fleshiness of her fabulous pussy lips. It was the first time that I had actually felt inside a cunt and caressed one all over. It was fantastically exciting!

Her own hands worked on her erect clit and tingling nipples, changing hands several times. My cock by this time was hard and totally erect again. It pressed firmly between Audrey's tender buttocks. I'm sure it could have easily gone up her anus. Or any available orifice. It just felt great. It was a very sexy setting! But it was difficult to move enough without making some noise, and we were both fearful that the others would wake. We mutually caressed each other for ten or so minutes by which time my cock had ridden many times over her anus to masturbate firmly in that delicious wet wonderland between her straining legs.

Audrey's hand soon touched my cock and quickly had my blood-engorged knob again encircled by her fingers. Rubbing my cock up and down between Audrey's legs was sheer delight. Rubbing repeatedly over her silken pubic hairs and being so amply lubricated by two gushing sex organs, was sheer adolescent delight! Was this something like being up a cunt? It was so easy to pretend it was, and shoot spunk now! Indeed, I thought, to keep my rock hard penis up her and fill her virginal, yet fully awakened, demanding pussy to overflowing with my own hot jism. But that was wishful thinking!

Knowing that I was about to come again, I redoubled my efforts at caressing her cunt. My left hand by this time had found its way over her soft bottom and between her legs to mingle with a delicious mix of long pubic hairs and dripping snatch juices and feel the tender pinkness of her, by now, white hot pussy. My cock was deep in there between her legs…enjoying the silky slime! So enmeshed and ready to squirt.

Then, with a sudden explosion, Audrey orgasmed. She shuddered violently as spasm after spasm convulsed her beautiful body. " Oh, Jesus" she whispered, stiffing a clear urge to scream, " That was so good". Her lips seemed to whisper joy. She had come in my arms as my manly load shot to join her female essences at the base of her finger-fucked and by now much-ravished cunt. And in the still of the night, most fortunately, no else had yet stirred! We were both fucked out! But no-one else shared our intimate hour of pubescent passion. Both of us had had a sexual ball! A first mating encounter and enjoyment of each others bodies and their raunchy fluids and body smells. Our brief encounter had all been in the dark, there had been no visual sightings of intimate private parts. It had all been by touch and feel, movement and aromors. But the 'smell of a women and a man' and the fondling and manipulation of bodily 'private parts' had been dynamite to us both.

We lay recovering together for a few minutes, before she said "I must go" and gave me a feather kiss and departed. I lay excitedly awake wondering if it had been a dream. But no! My limp wet cock and the damp bed was testimony to that. And I could still smell Audrey's spunky body and gushed womanly juices in my warm, almost nuptual, bed!

I had a 'crush' on Audrey for a long time after that. But we were never so 'intimate' again. But I will always remember, with great feeling, my questing handfuls of Audrey's tender tits; the consummate curves of her bottom; and the much cherished cock-caresses of her very special hands. And, of course, I especially remembered the close personal encounters of my prick and her pussy, and my fingers up her rippled randy vagina; the odour of our extra-special sexual juices, and the explosive shudders of both of us coming together!

Several families' kids were in the habit of going on a Saturday afternoon walk around the nearby countryside. This afternoon I was with a small mixed group that I had been on holidays with on several occasions. We all knew each other well. We were ultimately heading for the local baths and a swim, and there being no special hurray, we dawdled along. It was a fine Spring day and we had no cares in the world, but always a sense of youthful adventure. There was myself, Allan, and David and Isobel, Jane and Mary-Grace. Isobel was just beginning to bloom. Although a little younger than the rest of us, she was fully aware of what growing up entailed. Earlier in the walk Mary Grace and I had walke together for a while and I was enjoying watching the bouncing movements of her breasts, which seemed to deliberately accentuate for me as we strolled along.

All the girls knew that they were becoming increasingly sexually interesting to their peers and close non-brothers, of which I was one. On more than one occasion, I had seen Mary-Grace's eyes fixed on the bulge of my crotch, so I knew she was actively interested in males.

Mary-Grace, was the middle of the group, and of medium, indeed, ample build, with a wholesome body sporting well-formed boobs the size of grapefruit halves. Her aureoles were deep brown circles with many raised spots and nice large nipples, that quickly hardened when aroused. She needed the support of her SportsBra to keep her generous breasts tidily in place. Even now, they were like the well-used breasts of a mature women who had breast-fed a family. But on a nubile young women ,and as we were soon to observe, a 'real spunky chick', they looked absolutely fine. When naked, Mary Grace's ample breasts hung well down towards her belly button. Her buttocks were well-rounded and comfortable in size. Her pubic domain too was generous, and sported a very hairy pussy and full pubic mound. She looked very 'womanly'.

Jane, the oldest, was of the light lithe athletic type, with much smaller, neat, firm breasts topping her elegant body. She too, had a very attractive figure and sported a very smart triangle of jet black pubics. At the time of this walk, Jane was afflicted by 'the curse' and having hot and cold flushes with her period. So she wasn't very active. But she was about to become a sex-orgy voyeur!

As youngsters we had until recently been allowed to swim together at holiday time, naked, and I had watched Jane and Mary-Grace mature, their breasts filling and firming and their pubic hairs sprouting forth from a fine blonde fuzz until they now covered the silken slits beneath entirely. But we had all stopped naked swimming together before Isobel had reached puberty, so I, for one, had never seen her naked breasts or the fully grown pubic hairs of her thwat. But we all swam together most weekends, and when some of the girls costumes got wet they became translucent. So I knew that Isobel had firm medium well separated breasts and a good shock of pubic hairs that were clearly visible to my sex seeking eyes.

Both older girls were really so black and bushy now between their legs, that the pink slits of the vaginal valleys were normally totally hidden. In those days there was little or no hot waxing or pubic hair trimming. Sometimes their cunt hairs protruded from the sides of their swimming costumes, which I always found exciting. And when they were wet the black pubics showed quite visibly. But one had to be careful not to stare too intently at a girls private parts when at the local swimming pool. It was often quite unsettling. And one needed to do everything possible to avoid having big erections before the girls.They could be very hard for a young spunk to control!

Once, as my pre-come juices became uncontrollable, she couldn't take her eyes away from my crotch and the rapidly extending wet stain on my shorts. If there hadn't been others around at the time, I'm sure that she might have become involved. Going out with girls now caused a lot of hormonal trouser strains for pubescent boys and these girls knew it! Sometimes I could feel the wet warm pre-come juices trickling down my legs and I could do nothing about it! Probably, the girls cunts were also lusting wet!

We were sitting in the shade under a disused railway bridge, a frequent resting-place. Both approaches to the bridge were through deep cuttings about a quarter of a mile long, along which we had uninterrupted views. We could immediately see if anybody else was coming. It was very secluded spot where no one else had ever come when we had been there. It was an ideal spot for some naughty youthful exposures and sexual activities!

As was the norm on a walk, we had bought and consumed bottles of soft drink and were now bursting 'for a leek'. I, for one, was just about to burst. I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. Sensing my distress. Mary-Grace, yelled out, "Why don't you show us how your cock works?". At that retort my cock stiffened even more than was normal when it was in need of an urgent piss, and I lowered my hand to try and cover up the evident and growing bulge in my pants. Just walking with the girls generally caused an erection. As the balls generated more and more spunk, the pain could become excruciating if the pressure was not relieved. Usually this required masturbation. But I couldn't immediately do that here.

Under the bridge the others now turned to see what would happen next. I just had to piss. So I quickly unbuttoned my fly and got my dick out just in time to produce a steady stream of steamy golden water, which the others watched intently. As I pissed, I gave my straight stiff sausage a few light caresses, knowing that if I fondled myself too much there would be no option but to pull myself off to ejaculation there and then. The others watched intently, clearly savouring the scene. I squeezed every last drop out of my oozing organ, and slowly stuffed it back in my shorts. "Now" I said, boldly turning to face Mary-Grace, "You've seen what boys do, what about us seeing you wee too? What have you got in your knickers?".

Sometimes on holidays we had spied on girls as they 'relieved themselves', It was quite a business, pants down, squat and shoot, the piss thrusting forward in an arced trajectory. But not for some years, since the black bushes had grown so thick, had we seen pissing close-up from wide-open and wet vaginas producing the now commonplace images of 'Golden Showers' peeing pleasures!

Mary Grace was a robust and wholesome girl. Her prominent well-developed breasts now sported aroused nipples prominent against her thin summer bra and fabric top. Her long dark hair set her oval face in fine relief. Her overall figure was ample, but well proportioned, with firm rounded buttocks and solid yet elegant legs. We all knew that she sported a fine pubic triangle of richly matted black hairs, as we had seen both girls devolping fine fuzz's, that quickly grew to inviting jungles of dark hairy triangles!

Mary Grace too, evidently needed to wee, urgently. She looked at the others. They were all close family and friends. "O.K." she said, "I'll show you mine. Come on. Come close, and watch, Ill show you". Assent was implicit. Mary Grace laid down her now empty bottle of drink and faced the group. Jane, blushing edged closer. She adjusted her shorts and bra.

In a moment Mary Grace's SportsGirl shorts were off, and she then slide her silky-smooth pants down and off. There she stood, breasts stuck forward atop her bare lower body with its now fully exposed, hairy pubic private parts in full view to us all. Then she squatted, legs wide-apart, in front of us, her bare heels digging into her white buttocks, and the jungle of her dark, black, pubic forest contrasting vividly against the pristine whiteness of her tender tummy. She placed both hands at the edges of her cunt, deep into her hairs and displayed herself wide open. Beneath the normal protective canopy, was a long pink moist multi-folding gash. It was shiny pink and clearly glistening with expectation! At the bottom of her prolific protective cover, the black pubic hairs formed a tapering whispy point of entwining fibres.

We peered closer. Her clit was prominent and clearly aroused, yet tucked in deep into one of the lush folds of her vaginal orifice. She briefly removed one hand and rubbed her fingers slowly up and down her rapidly engorging groove. She put one finger inside herself and looked at us. For a while her hand blocked our direct view of her love hole, her pink pussy completely covered. Then buttons on her blouse popped and with a deft manoevure she discarded it. For a short time she pouted her cunt with her hands again giving us all the best view of our short sexual lives. She ran her hands once or twice over the length of her groove and put a finger or two up herself, once more. My cock hardened more; it was now almost horizontal. I wished that Mary Grace and I were lovers and could just stuff my prick up her gorgeous pussy! And pump and pump away, filling her with my, so far wasted, seeds!

Mary Grace was now all but naked, and looking a bit incongruous with just her bra protecting her. She sensed the visually incongruous situation, and quickly unhooked her bra and it dropped to ground. So now we had in front of us a fulsome, nicely bosomed, nubile female, turned on by the group and her own caressing, and urgently needing a pee! She returned her hands to part her pussy lips again and squatted ready to squirt. She and we looked down at her parted pussy. It was pale pink and glistening…and so inviting!

The golden stream seemed endless. We watched intently. As she peed, some of the gushy flow caught on the mass of protruding hairs. The black pubic hairs glistened with spheres of yellow liquid as she forcefully ejected the last drips. When she had finished peeing, her cunt hairs were just saturated. Even after the last flow had finished from her urethra, residual droplets of yellow urine continued to drip for a while from the lower end of her busy cunt. Parting her lips wide with her hands was not enough to keep her copious urine from saturating her most generous bush. That’s when I learned why women always wipe themselves after peeing! Often after girls had been to the toilet there was a little bit of toilet tissue in the bowel. We had often wondered why? Now we knew why they had to wipe themselves dry 'down there'!

Mary Grace's squatting and pissing had been a great sight for me. To get a close-up of a real young ladies cunt and watch it stream all that piss was just marvelous. It was very sexy to see at first hand how girls pissed! Now both pubescent boys and girls had seen each other pissing 'in the flesh' and really knew how cocks and cunts worked and relieved themselves! But there was to be more, much more! Pussies and cocks can do much more than just have leeks!

The sight of Mary Grace's pussy, caressing herself, that hairy bush streaming yellow urine and its glistening aftermath, had got my cock to near breaking point. It now urgently needed relief and I involuntarily caressed it. Mary-Grace noticed immediately.

"And there's something else I can do", she said. "I know you boys play with your cocks and fondle yourselves and climax. Well so do we girls. I'll show you. I'll put my fingers inside myself and masturbate. Just you watch this". With that she grabbed a couple of towels and laid them on a smooth rock. "Gosh" I thought "And they really do it too!" My own intense feeling for the need to 'pull myself' would have to be put on hold, for now!

With that Mary-Grace sat astride the wide flat rock again, her well-formed tits showing so clearly their excited hardened nipples. She opened her legs fully and looked at us. Then, without a word, she started to 'frigg' herself, to masturbate her lovely inviting, slimy-wet, sex slit. In and out and across her perfect pink pussy lips, her hands darted, playing with herself vigorously. And she obviously was loving it! She was much more intense and much deeper than she had been during her flashing wee.

She was really flying with her fingers now. She was looking more and more flushed and excited. She was now in a world of her own. Her evident self-assurance told us that this was familiar self-stimulatory, self-loving, territory for her. The group was spellbound. Sex was normally a somewhat taboo topic. There were few private local places like this where one could conduct such an open pussy exposure as this. We boys had both read that young girls sometimes played with their sticky cunts, but this? Real live sex theatre in front of us! We were gob-smacked! It turned us all on and directed immediate attention to the state of our own sexual arousals and appetites, which were rising quickly in anticipation!

After pushing one, then two…then three, fingers up her hairy slit and pumping herself and writhing for several minutes, Mary Grace withdrew her fingers from her cunt and started tweaking her outstanding nipples. She looked at the group and at me, Allan. " If you really know what to do you can really come. When you get an orgasm it's really great. Allan come and play with my breasts and help", she gasped. I moved behind her and took her gorgeous melons in my hands. Her finger frigging intensified. In and out her slender fingers pulsed; over her clit; deep inside her pussy; she began to breathe in short gasping breaths.

My hands tightened on her rock-hard nipples. I could feel my penis stiffen so hard and ooze with pre-come with the sweaty smells and atmosphere of the heady sex-stimulating situation, as it forced itself through my shorts into her backside. By this time I was sitting on the rock at the back of Mary Grace and supporting her. My legs were now aligned down each side of her buttocks and locked into her, trying to support her. As we both moved, my aching tool was being masturbated by her bum as I stroked her breasts. If I'd had my shorts off my penis would have been forced up her anus, or into that wet, matted, tangle of hairs protruding underneath her, by now, very much over-excited cunt! I very nearly came during that period of intense masturbatory movements!

By this time Mary Grace's legs were being supported along their lengths by the Jane and Isobel who had moved close in. The clearest possible view of her red hot dripping snatch, was afforded to Dave who had never seen a maiden's mature hairy cunt, let alone seen one being so actively stimulated for all to see! Mary Grace's pink pussy was wide open and very enticing in its close-up intimate glory. Her richly light red labia and lips were fully engorged with blood by now, and so very plush and bountiful. You could see everything; even her brown-ringed anus stood out in stark relief. The lowest of her cunt hairs formed a longer hanging, now dripping wet, black mass. It was a fantastic close-up picture of a lascivious girl's totally aroused loving and reproductive wonderland!

It was clear that Mary Grace was possessed of a sex organ that would be the envy of many an older women, and particularly of those who had perhaps enjoyed many years of frequent and passionate fucking with their vaginas and pussy lips distending, indeed the whole of their cunts and reproductive apparatus, growing bigger and bigger in the process. What we were watching, was a sexually very advanced teenage enjoying the sheer delights of masturbating herself to ecstasy! And of us too, helping in the process.

By this time Isobel, too, had become clearly excited, she from time to time, put one of her hands down the front of her shorts and was clearly playing with her pussy-indeed enjoying some sexual slef-gratification. Her eyes were fiery and her nipples too were clearly becoming hard and prominent against her blouse. Her top was hanging out of her shorts. She was very much turned on and really had got 'the hots'.

Clearly, at 14, Mary Grace's nubile cunt before our eyes, exploited by the abandoned passion of its owner, was able to match the best of them! And it was so sexually arousing for all of us. Mary Grace just possessed a magnificent thwat endowed by a big penis-attracting voluptuous velvet vagina. Although highly flushed, she was certainly loving being at the centre of attention of all our lascivious eyes. My eyes met Dave's and then quickly averted to the straining bulges in our shorts. I couldn't help but imagine, again, what it would be like to be actually fucking Mary Grace! We were all in high heaven.

Mary Grace and I continued with the intensive tit and pussy massage for a few minutes more. Sometimes her whole body tensed and then it relaxed. But I could tell she was getting tired and frustrated at not having yet come.

Suddenly she reached out with one hand and firmly grabbed her discarded Coke bottle and in an instant she had pushed the narrow end up her vagina and started pumping it in and out vigorously. With the bottle up her cunt Mary Grace now used her other hand to rapidly oscillate sideways across her now almost red-raw over-fingered clitoris. Sometimes the bottle came right out as the squishing and slurping sounds intensified, as the masturbating actions became even more vigorous. "Tease those tits, Al" she gasped. I did my best to oblige, by now my own testicles were ready to burst. I could have so easily fucked her bottom. We both swayed and gasped in short breaths as Mary Grace's attempted orgasmic orgy proceeded.

By now she and I had been at it what seemed an eternity, and enjoyable as it was, I knew that I couldn't tweak and twist her naughty nipples forever! And if it went on like this much longer I would have shot my bolt. Even with sex, you have to rest sometime. In my mind I was thinking that this was a pretty hard way to get an orgasm. Did it really take girls that long when they were being pumped up by a guy's real hard prick? I wondered what I could do to Mary Grace if my now dripping dick was riding up and down her randy rooter? Would my sex skills be sufficient to bring her the satisfaction and relief that she so desperately desired?

Looking at her sexually terrific and glistening body now, I knew that Mary Grace needed that orgasm urgently. I renewed my breast teasing and squeezing with renewed vigour. Mary Grace responded, the flagging movements reversed and Coke bottle desperately pumped her pussy harder, deeper and quicker, whilst her left hand swiped feverishly back and forth across her now ravished and raw, slit and clit.

Suddenly, Mary-Grace's whole body went rigid. Her legs went straight, almost knocking their holders over. She shuddered in ecstasy as wave after wave of frenzied orgasms overtook her. "Hold me Allan", she cried "I'm coming". The Coke bottle slipped out to crash on the ground. From her wide-open dripping cunt a mixture of wee and love juices trickled slowly at first, then burst out with a flood. Her hot black pussy hairs and the whole of her body and breasts were shining wet. When the Coca Cola bottle finally popped out of her engorged gash, it left, for a few seconds, a gapping rich red round hole where it had been, until her vaginal muscles regained control and blocked her slit from view as the gooey forest fuzz closed over. " I really loved that. I do it everyday now. But not quite like that", she said.

And Jane, who had been watching intently and silently until now, said "And I do too. Climaxing like that would be fabulous!". If she had not been indisposed that day, I'm sure the intense sexual tensions of the moment would have given us another passionate pussy performance by Jane! But Jane had to save that for another day!

But the first victory of the day was Mary Grace's. She had shown us all how a girl can fuck herself and orgasm! And in semi-public too. Mary Grace went on to be able to self love and root herself quickly, frequently and well, whenever that uncertain itchy feeling beckoned from within her hot hirsute cunt-hole between her lovely legs

By this time my balls were exploding. I could feel the steady trickle of lubricating juices relentlessly trickling down legs too. Releasing my grip on Mary-Grace's splendid breasts I swung around to face her. She put her hands on my bulging member. There was no need for words. In thought she said " You've satisfied me. If you want. I'll pull yours".

Mary-Grace was clearly a women of the world. After Gym she had regularly showed with and mutually massaged the bodies of some of her best friends. The shower cubicles were discretely designed so that outsiders and neighbours could not see inside. On many occasions the girls had masturbated themselves and each other to wonderful orgasms.

But none of them had done it with boys, the unexplored frontier. I presented a unique opportunity. Deftly, Mary-Grace unzipped my fly exposing my by now rigid 'hard-on'. Almost immediately she undid my belt and pulled my shorts off completely. There we were. Nubile female virgin who had just frigged herself to devastating orgasm and idyllic body-twitching ecstasy, and a spunky young male virgin, me, about to be pulled off by the satiated young female temptress with the still dripping fanny.

First she bent down, still naked, and took my cock in her mouth. Then she cupped one hand onto my balls and the other onto my now nearly exploding prick. She needled my balls tenderly and stroked the purple shaft of my rock-hard penis. Sensing I couldn't hold out much longer, she stopped and quickly guided my penis between her cupped breasts and screamed "Come on fuck them!"

I thrust my quivering stiff rod between her smooth mammaries and fucked them for all I was worth. I imagined I was really up her fanny and I came almost instantly. Deep powerful pulses of silky, milky, sexy ejaculate! I left my cock between her breasts and my smooth spunk-filled jism was soon steadily trickling down her bulbous breasts, and oozing over her tummy button, it was stopped to matte on her mons venus and finally ooze onto her pubic paradise and the ground beneath. In those days, when I came, the spunk poured forth by the bucketful. And the Mary Grace's personal stimulation must have made that squirt a record. "You're a real spunk. You've got a beaut donk! Thanks for all your jism", she said as she rubbed her body all over with the creamy slime of our sexual labours.

Isobel by this time was highly aroused. She had watched both Mary Grace and me been extremely sexually active and on exhibition to all as we both came to exhaustive climax's.

She, by this time, had also taken her clothes off and was now sitting on the flat rock were Mary Grace had 'performed' on her pussy so passionately. Isobel in the buff was so neat and sweet. She was 12 and her transition to womanhood had been accompanied by the development of perfect half tennis-ball breasts with aureoles the diameter of golf-balls upon which sat brown nipples the size of sultanas. Her body was ideally proportioned, with finely rounded buttocks and elegant arms and legs. Her cunt was covered by a fulsome matte of blond pussy fur. "It must be like what Alison's was now like", I thought.

Sitting on the rock with her legs wide apart now, all of us were instinctively drawn to this girl who had opened herself up and was running her fingers in and out of her young yonni. She sat well back on the rock which supported her legs and was by now intently frigging herself. Drawn to her tits I took them in my hands and started to kneed her nipples just like I had done with Mary Grace's. Isobel quickly flushed and was breathing in short, sharp breathes. Mary Grace said "Firmer, firmer. Press harder and get your fingers in as deep as you can. Here let me attend to your clit".

Isobel's clit was so tiny as to be all but invisible. But Mary Grace soon had it expertly 'touched up' and with her soft, still spunk-gooey fingers, butterfly kissed it from side to side. "Relax, relax, just you enjoy yourself. Keep those fingers thrusting". So Isobel finger fucked and pumped her own pussy; Mary Grace gently caressed her clit; and I massaged and fondled her yielding baby breasts. "Remember that day in the gym. Shut your eyes and imagine!" Mary Grace whispered.

Isobel's cunt was by now so wet and we could see girly-stuff quietly oozing out of her sticky slit. Her lithe and lovely body writhed and convoluted as she self-fucked her little love tunnel and Mary Grace and I continued to masturbate her. Over some time, the movements gradually increased to a crescendo. Then, without any warning, Isobel came, a near-perfect orgasm. She shrieked uncontrollably "God! What's happening to me. I'm on fire. My cunt's convulsing. What did you do to me?"

In a wonderful display of body-twitching ecstasy, Isobel's beautiful young body had climaxed exuberantly in a way she'd never experienced before. It was some minutes before she fully appreciated what had happened and just how big her orgasm had been." Thanks guys. I loved it. I've never come so huge before!" she said. With that she swiftly wiped herself with her towel and put on her clothes.

Comparing and contrasting Mary Grace's and Isobel's pussies was like comparing roses with cherries. Both are sweet and inviting but completely different! One was relatively quiet and innocent and just growing up, the buds of passion kindling; the other was fully developed, experienced, inclined to unihibited passion and lusty sexual displays.

Isobel's normal demeanour was towards sweetness and reticence. She was a real model Lolita, with her delicate white fairies breasts; the whispy fluff of her fine pubic hairs covering a pale pink perfect labia, and her fine, delicate, region of orificial and orgasmic delights. Her cunt-hole was a petite net treat! One of her fingers was all it could take inside. Her clit was really minute, the size of a very small pea. Her whole reproductive apparatus had yet to be expanded by real and demanding throbbing male cocks! At the moment her cunt seemed too small to take even the smallest of stiff pricks! Her sexual organs all looked so delicate as to be needed to be treated with consummate care! But Isobel certainly knew and enjoyed the power of her young pussy! She had started on the road to full realization of her sexuality. But the 'full monty' was a few years away yet!

Mary Grace, on the other hand had the well-matured body of a fully grown women. And the sexual activities she had just demonstrated to us showed that she had few inhibitions, at least in front of the friends she knew well. In fact she really seemed to love exposing herself fully to us all. She had always joined in 'poppy shows' showing off her knickers and even her tits from time to time as we were slowly growing up. But she hadn't evenlet us watch her pee before, let alone presneted us with a sexual orgy.

Looking at Mary Grace on that indulgent day of full frontal, and more exposure, her breasts were full and appealing; her bottom, ample and rounded, both inviting caressing and massaging. And her pussy was simply fantastic and what became, almost immediately, my ideal thwat or most desired 'flesh pot'. The great black triangular mass of unruly pubic hair atop her prominent mons veneris; her long and wide pussy lips astride her moist and oozy, cavernous cunt with its three-fingers-up vagina, were just so voluptuous and sexually appealing and a turn-on to me, that they became the pussy benchmark for the rest of my life.

Where Isobel's clit was almost invisible, even when mightily aroused, Mary Grace's erectile organ became so easily seen, standing out and stiff, as a prominence about the size of the little joint on my small finger or a small thimble. And she was able to keep it that way throughout her unbridled self-indulgent self-loving sex. She exuded her sexuality to us while writhing on the stone in a way which would have won great accolades in a top porn flick!

Whenever I felt the need to masturbate and ejaculate after that sex-filled day with Mary Grace, I thought of her finger-filled deep purple pussy groove and clit and her multiple-climaxing orgasmic performances; or looked, as a substitute from time to time, at

photos or videos of similar girls with wide open, dark bushy big-cunted, dripping snatches, frigging themselves to rapturous delights.

Mary Grace had become the women possessing my ideal attributes! She possessed a gorgeous well-fingered and toy-fucked cunt that she really knew how to enjoy and satisfy. And she helped others at school, and elsewhere, to do the same. Her robust medium-sized body; lovely full breasts to play with and suck; jet black tangled hairy pubics covering a long wide velvet vagina into which I imagined I could plunge my blood-filled, stiff prick, and fuck energetically until both of us had climaxed repeatedly, was a mental model of physical pleasures for the future! Even thinking of Mary Grace now, and that adolescent day particularly, makes my balls tingle and cock stiffen, the pre-come ooze starting to trickle!

Thinking then of Isobel's cunt and vagina too, I thought of Alison's body too, and wondered about her climaxing. Both would now have perfect pussies protected by fair-haired fanny forests. How many time a week, or a day, did, did they actually give themselves such a wonderful working over? Did they always come so wildly? At that stage I just wondered over the excitement of girls squatting and pissing, and 'doing it to themselves' and climaxing.

All explosive girlie vaginal orgasms were indeed wonderous things! But I'm sure that the extreme sexual relief and shrieks of joy of our day together could not often have been repeated in bed at night. The movement and the noise would have generally been too great!

After a body-cleansing swim that Saturday afternoon which washed away all the evidence of our sexual indulgences, we, soon after, all went our separate sexual ways.

We continued to grow up together in the same suburb but met rarely as a group and our sexual interests diverged. The older girls evidently needed older more experienced males to satisfy their insatiable and rapacious sexual appetites! And Isobel was too close, and too much like my sister, to attend to her and my sexual needs seriously. Isobel rapidly developed and matured and was never without many devoted admirers.

That night after our swim and the immediate cooling of our passions we all went home. In bed that night, thinking of the momentous day, I soon had another 'hard-on'. In those days I could come, ejaculating massive quantities of spunk, 3 or 4 times a day. Thinking of Mary Grace's perfect pussy, I remember drifting off to sleep as I masturbated my penis and teased my balls to soon deliver another full flood of cum all over my stomach. Massaging it into my erect nipples, I then slept well!

But who could ever forget Mary Grace's fanny and the time we both came under the Outer Circle Railway Bridge? Thinking of her cunt very often for a while after our orgy, my cock and balls continued to lust and to excite my imagination, ever seeking a girl with a real cunt like Mary Graces that I could plunge my penis into fuck to orgasm whenever sexual desire needed to be satisfied. But, for what seemed to be forever, most of my sexuality for the next few years was of the self-loving kind. It produced much wasted spunk!

To this day, perhaps my greatest sexual 'turn-on' is to watch in the flesh, or view in a photograph, or on a porn video, an amply breasted naked women squatting with her wide-open black bushy pussy, displaying a lovely pink gash, with a steam of hot yellow wee gushing forth! I often imagined putting my expectant dick up many such gooey grooves and pumping my spunk deep into the heartland of voluptuous vaginas, just like that of Camilla and her many attractive hirsuite friends!

I and my male mates, continued to read books about sexuality and the male and female anatomy, and wondered what it was really like to 'fuck a real women and to root a real cunt'. But before we got the chance, we put our cocks into milk bottles, bananas, pillow-cases, leaves, olive oil, butter, and a variety of other simulated 'holes' but never real vaginas. For far too long a time sexual relief was usually in the form of hand-held masturbation. But that gave real pleasure of course, and we learned sexual self-control.

My friends and I must have done it to ourselves thousands of times before real cunts began to present themselves to fuck. By then we had discovered that girls wanted sex just as much as boys. Most girls in growing up had had to contend themselves too, with silent finger-fucks beneath the sheets, as they drifted off to dreaming of real hard pricks rooting their eager and willing wide-open orifices. On the odd occasions our group then met, we exchanged the knowing glances of those who possessed a special secret!

And when that first real, black, hairy cunt lay inviting, wide-open, wet and willing, upon my bed, it's owner's firm full breasts protruding ready to caress and suck, with her eyes transfixed on the rock-solid hard-on erection of my rigid oozing prick, that Spring Saturday afternoon in Melbourne, that was an event to remember!

To be continued.

Better than a Camspot lap dance.


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