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Written by Michael.

Email (November 2000)

Story No.6 in the PASSION Series from Michael. Email

Being a normal 16-year-old guy, my mind is generally preoccupied with sex about 95% of the time. Also not having actually had the opportunity to have real sex yet, I spend a lot of time jerking off when I get a chance. Usually do it in the shower or in my bed with tissues handy. Yes, that appendage between my legs demands attention wherever possible.

I had a recent experience one weekend when my parents were away and I was home with my 14 year younger sister Alison. We got on well together maybe because I am the conscientious and quiet type whereas she is a petite little extrovert. Our parents trusted me to take care of her. She was out on the Saturday afternoon visiting her friend so I saw my opportunity to play one of Dad’s X rated tapes I stumbled across in a box in the garage.

He had six tapes of which I had seen three, working my way through them whenever the chance arises. The tape I had that day was one of the numbered Private titled collection. My plan was to sit in front of the big screen TV and VCR naked as a newborn and play with my cock during the video, probably trying to manage to cum two or three times during the tape.

At 16 you seem to have bucket loads of cum and it has to get out, or else it must do something nasty to your system. Anyway that’s my theory. Also at 16 size is important and I like to know how big my cock can stretch so I have a ruler handy to measure when I think it is full size. At least I know where I stand in the boasting stakes with my mates when we talk about cock sizes. So I set up the tape and laid back in the chair with remote in one hand and dick in the other all ready to go, so I fast forwarded past all the bullshit titles and into the action. The first scene was of a cool chick lying on her bed in her satin lingerie top and panties, rubbing her tits under the top.

Eventually the top comes off to reveal magnificent tits that she continued to fondle. By now my slow pull on my cock and visual stimulation had got it nice and hard. I was using the long slow stroke for lasting effect. Meanwhile the chick was rubbing her pussy by now and some dude was looking through the slightly open door at the action on the bed. Guess what he was doing? Yep, hand down his shorts and pulling on his cock to.

Next he sheds his gear and really starts pulling on his best friend and what a cock. Much bigger than mine but then again I am sure they use photographic tricks to make it look larger to keep the ladies happy, and maybe some guys. By now she is naked on the bed, legs wide apart for the great camera shot of pussy rubbing. The guy walks through the door and over to the bed, still pulling his big dick, until he is standing over her. She opens her eyes in a startled fashion, not that good acting but who cares, and of course looks at his massive cock pointing skywards.

This must have been the answer to her dreams in the script as she reached out for it and began to pull it for him. How come it is so easy in the movies, I have not had a girl yet that even wants to rub against mine. By now she was sucking away slowly on this dudes dick while my mind fantasised what it must be like to have a girl sucking on my cock. The blood was thumping through my straining cock now, making it quite large. Before I go for the ruler I will give it a shake to get the extra centimetre possibly through a technique I use. I put my hand over my balls and stomach with the first and second finger spread either side of my cock.

Then shaking my hand up and down in short sharp bursts it creates a whipping action with the shaft flicking up and down causing the blood to rush to the tip. I don’t know if it really works but it certainly feels bigger. So out with the ruler and measuring it with the base of the ruler buried in my pubes. Just touching 16cms when I took the kink out by straightening it. Not bad I thought, a centimetre per year, I have got more growing to do yet……ummm.

Putting the ruler down and back to the job in hand by wanking away again it felt great, just sitting back enjoying the horny video. When all of a sudden I heard the door open and in walked my young Sister. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me there naked and with my hand clasped around my erection.

My momentary freeze was broken with, "shit, what the fuck are you doing here? You’re supposed to be out for the rest of the day."

"Josie wasn’t home so I decided to come back home," she replied. "What are doing? Are you masturbating? Where did you get that video?"

By now my cock had done a dramatic shrink with the shock of it all and there I was sitting there now trying to cover it up feeling very embarrassed. After getting my thoughts together quickly I answered her, "Well us guys need to have a bit of relief if you know what I mean, so I guess you could say I am masturbating… but all guys do it. Girls do it too; I bet you have played with your pussy a few times by now, haven’t you?"

"Yeah… sometimes, but all my friends say they do it as well"

"Well I guess we all do it but generally in private," I replied.

"It is just that I have never seen a guys dick that big and have wondered how guys jerked off. The last time I saw you naked was when I was around 10 and you were 12 standing in the shower. We used to think nothing of it during those years"

"You’re right," I said, "mum and dad stopped us being naked around the house together when I started to take more notice of your little slit and those little nipples starting to stick out."

By now Alison had walked over to the chair looking down at my hands covering my dick and said, "why don’t you carry on doing what you were doing so I can see how a guy wanks, it would be fascinating? Just our little secret."

"Gees … I can’t believe this is happening. Suppose I could, you might learn how to handle a dick when you find a decent guy"

"Cool," she quipped, "I haven’t seen sperm or what happens when it comes out, it would be great, in fact it’s starting to make me feel quite excited."

"OK," I said, "just one condition. If I am sitting here naked you have to be as well."

"Cool, I’ll do that for you big brother."

With that she pulled off her tee shirt to reveal her white bras holding her tiny boobs, then the jeans unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped to the floor and stepping out of them. Next she reached behind her back and slipped off the bra for me to see her tiny firm tits. They were amazing to see in their glory as I had only seen the shape of them in her bikini top, not quite the same as in the real flesh for a sex mad 16 year old like me. Next the thumbs inside the top of her panties whisked them down her legs as she kicked them away, standing there with arms outstretched and legs apart for me to see her naked body.

"Well what do you think?" she asked. "Do you think I have changed much since you last saw me naked 4 years ago? "

By now my cock was springing back to full life as I looked at this beautiful young body, already quite well developed with her little pointy tits and the whispy vee shaped bush of pubes between her thighs. Here I was perving on at my Sister, the little Lolita like body that was turning me on.

"I can’t believe it, you are very sexy for a 14 year old. I have never thought of you like this, probably because you are my little Sis, but wow!!" I eventually replied. "Turn around," I asked.

She promptly did so standing with her legs apart and hands on her small hips revealing her tiny little butt. On impulse she bent forward showing me her little cunt from the rear view, it was amazing as it was something I had fantasised about seeing a girl like that and there it was, but it was my little Sister.

This little mound of mystery with the distinct slit was before my eyes. It did not seem to matter to my dick whose cunt it was because it was well and truly up by now. Suddenly she stood up and around to face me with her eyes focusing on my erection.

"I take it that thing being big and hard now must mean you like how I look now big brother?"

"You are a born tease and yes, I think you look fantastic."

"Well, are you going to show me how you jerk off?"

"OK, sit in that chair I will show you, remember this is our secret."

I decided to stand up side on to her in the chair to give her some sense of size. By now the video had moved onto another scene with two girls working on a guys cock by pulling and sucking. Josie had also begun to take notice of what was happening on the TV and looked amazed.

I began to slowly move my encircled fingers up and down the shaft of my dick as I looked at the screen and then back to my little naked Sis. She was doing similar as she looked at my growing dick and the scene with the girls pulling furiously on the guy’s dick.

Her right hand was now resting on her pussy with two fingers pushing down into the slit area, obviously she was capable and enjoying the sexual experience. On the video all that pulling and sucking had caused the guy to shoot his load into the air and eventually oozing out of his cock.

"Wow, is that what happens," Josie said excitedly looking intently at the screen.

"Yeah..." I said rather breathlessly.

"Can I have a feel of yours now?"

"Why not, it’ll be first for both of us," I said keenly just thinking about it.

I moved over to where she was sitting still slowly stroking my cock until I was close enough for her to reach.

"Here, give me your hand" I asked.

"Show me what to do"

"Just circle your hand and fingers around it and move up and down slowly at first then start to get faster and squeeze a bit."

"Like this"

"Ohhh… perfect, you must be a natural, it feels great," I said as I watched her work on my cock. It was unbelievable sensation at last to have someone else pull my dick instead of me. By now I was oblivious to the video as the live action was much more interesting. Alison was not only a borne tease but also a borne cock puller, as she began to do what I said by increasing the speed and I could feel the tightening grip squeezing my pre cum juices out of dick. Then that tell tale feeling in the groins that my cum was on the way began.

"Stand by Alison, here it comes." With that her hand actions sped up as my hips thrust forward. In seconds the cum erupted in three spurts of creamy substance into the air with some landing on her chest. When the first spurt flew out she let go of my dick in shock and watched it fly through the air then eventually the dribbles as my hand replaced hers to squeeze every last drop out. She looked down at her chest to see the cum trickling down onto her boobs. She cautiously placed a finger on some cum and rubbed it over her skin then on impulse put the finger in her mouth.

"That was amazing, so much came out and it shot out such a long way," she said. "It is a bit sticky and tastes a bit salty"

"Thank you Sis, I really enjoyed that. Beats the hell out of doing it yourself."

"Now I know what happens with you guys, thanks big brother for teaching me something, but don’t expect me to do it again."

"Sure Sis, just our little secret."

My mind was already thinking how I can get her to do it again.

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