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My 3 some

Written by Dave (November 2000)

When I first mentioned to my wife Sandi that I get turned on at the thought of her making love with another man (ie a 3some), she seemed to think I was joking at first and just bypassed the comment.

Over a period of time I raised the subject a few times and she kinda got used to me talking about it and we brought it up in our lovemaking and it became a part of our comments a love talk over the months.

One evening we were having a few drinks on our balcony on the slopes of Table Mountain overlooking the city and the harbour and I once agin raised the subject on how turned on I got at the though of having a 3some and how did she feel about going through with it and as we talked, my cock got bigger and harder and she stroked it as she smiled at me.

She knew then that I wasn't joking and we talked and fucked that night and my mind was full of images of her doing it whith another man while I watched and took part. She also brought it into her fantasy saying that it would be nice to have two long hard cocks in one session.

A couple of weeks later we went for a drink at the Carriage (our local), Sandi looked good as usual. The pub was fairly quiet but a man was sat opposite us on his own. I didn't think much about it as he was in his mid fifties a little older than us (we have just hit the fifty mark).
I could see him eyeing up Sandi and she was certainly aware of him ans I said jokingly "Hmmm he fancies you love "...!!

We struck up conversation about the south easter that was blowing so hard in downtown Cape Town when we ended up in the loo. He seemed a nice enough guy so I asked him to join us .... something he agreed to with haste.
The conversation flowed and we both warmed to him. After a couple of drinks the thought suddenly struck me that this could be the perfect man for a threesome and I had a picture in my mind of Sandi and him on our bed.

I began to get really excited and after another round I invited him back to our place for a "coffee"!!! both he and Sandi gave me a strange look.Sandi had had a fair bit to drink and she seemed relaxed. He was staying at the "City Lodge" next to the pub and he went to get his car to follow us the 6 kilometres to out home.

While in the car I suggested to Sandi that we be a little naughty and if she felt comfortable we should have some "naughty fun". She laughed and said OK lets see what happens .... she seemed turned on because she was rubbing my cock on the way home while I rubbed the outside of her pussy through the jeans and she squirmed saying she was getting as horny as hell. We went into the lounge and Sandi just sat on the couch next to him while I poured us a drink......

He was obviously a man of the world because while we sipped our drinks he said that he found Sandi a very attractive lady for her age and that we seemed like a fun couple. He asked if we had some music as he would like to dance with my wife. I put of a Corrs cd and they began dancing to a slow number ... before the first song had ended he was holding her close and his lips seemed to be nuzzling her neck. My cock started getting hard with anticipation and he obviously was getting aroused as well because he started running his hand all over her bum pulling her into his thigh. Sandi put her arms around his neck while they moved to the music. It was not long before their mouths met and in the soft light from the lamp I could see their tongues meeting. I got up and lit some candles before turning down the lamp. This definately set the mood and I could see his hands begin to fondle her breasts while their lips stayed locked together.

A little pang of jealousy struck me but I thought, relax ,you wanted this, go with the flow. I finished my drink and moved up behind her while they danced. I help her hips and moved my semi erect cock againg her backside.
She thrust back and game a deep moan of pleasure . He looked at me , smiled and said that this was one very sexy lady. While we swayed in a locked embrace I reached foreard and began to unbutton the buttons of her blouse, which I quickly slipped from her shoulders before unclasping her bra. He moaned as her breasts tumbled free and I felt her stiffen with pleasure as he moved forward to take a nipple in his mouth.

I wispered the question in her ear ... is he hard??... her whispered reply was oh yes very!!. "Well stroke him I said" With a deep moan she reached forward to rub the bulge in his groin. This was the signal he needed because in less than three minutes he was totally nude and and had also removed her jeans leaving her wearing only black panties.

He moved these aside and pushed his fingers up inside her her cunt while she stroked an impressive looking cock. I released my cock from my trousers and slowly stroked it as I watched, my mind in a turmoil, - he didn't have much of a body, a bit on the podgy side, but his cock was as hard as a rock and fully erect, it must of been all of eight inched long and quite fat. Sandi just gasped and wrapped her hands around it.

The thought of that hard cock sliding inside her was unbelievably erotic but at the same time I felt insanely jealous. I wanted to urge him to do her but another part of me wanted to throw him out. I surprised myself by saying "Lets go to the bedroom, it will be more comfortable."

He smiled at me and said "yes lets go". We walked to the stairs ,Sandi between us our hands touching her thighs her breasts... halfway up the stairs I said wait a minute , I sat on the stairs and pulled Sandi's head toward my now very hard cock.
Her soft lips wrapped around the head of my cock and she slowly began to move up and down on me. Behind her he had access to her rounded thighs , I looked up and watched as he placed his thumb at the entrance of her cunt and I heard the squelshing sound as it slid into her. He moved back and forth in her wet cunt and I saw and felt Sandi move back to meet his forward movement. I saw that it was a matter of time before he wanted to put his cock inside her and I quickly said lets go to the bed knowing that we wanted him to use a condom.

We went into the bedroom and Sandi asked him to lie on the bed, she reached for a condom (which I had purchassed for such and emergency) and she rolled it onto him , she then lay on her back and pulled him towards her steaming cunt. I moved towards them so that I wouldn't miss a thing. It slid in like a knife in soft butter, all 8 hard inches right up inside her.

My heart was thumping as he began slow-thrusting, almost taking it out and then squeezing it back inside her. She was soaking wet, his cock was making sploshing sounds as it went in and out. I slowly stroked my own cock to his rhythm. She was moaning out in ecstasy as he began to speed up. His cock was a blur and then he slowed down again and with a plop he pulled it out. Before she could complain, he turned her over doggy style.

Her arse stuck into the air, her tits with hard pointed nipples swaying below her .
He pointed his swollen knob to her slit again and then looked over at me.
"Shove it in", I said and he drove it home.
He pounded in and out making her arse cheeks wobble like crazy and I could tell he was near to coming.

Suddenly he pulled out, tore off the rubber and shot strings of spunk across her arse and back.
The smell was overpowering and I stood up and shot my load all over her as well Sandi shuddered as she had a shattering cum.

If I thought that was it, I was wrong. We lay on the bed in an embarassed silence, no one knowing white what to say. I moved to Sandi and opened the lips and her cunt and gently began rubbing her clit while he watched. After years of practise I know just how to stimulate the clit and I alternated between soft feathery strokes and occassional hard pointed rubbing on her moist clit.

Sandy began thrusting her hips again to increase her pleasure and her soft cries of delight were loud in the stillness of the bedroom, Sandi was saying yes ...yes ...yes... urghh... ohh yes, this obviously turned him on and I looked at him stroking his fat cock which grew again and this time I had the dubious pleasure of watching him move up on the bed and fuck her face. Her mouth was stretched to capacity as she took him deep inside her mouth. And fuck her face he did, holding it between his hands as he plunged in and out.

Then he groaned, pulled out and his creamy spunk flowed over her face. At this point I rubbed her clit hard and fast and brought her off once again and the three of us once again reverted to silence while we tried to recover from the intese visual and participative lovemaking. We rested for a while before going downstairs where .... we had a cup of coffee (we really did this time) and tried to make conversation.

We were all drained and we eventually said goodnight to him after exchanging phone numbers and saying "we must do this again sometime" I really did not know if we would, Sandi seemed to enjoy it, I know I did but we stood on the balcony and watched him drive off.
Sandi reached down and slid her hand on my cock which surprisingly responded to her touch. Come upstairs sunshine you have something I want ......We went to bed and she lay in the missionary position with her legs open wide and asked me to "please fuck me hard".

The musky smell of sex was still in the room as I gently eased the head of my cock into her opening. Gently I moved the head of my cock back and forth enjoying the sensation while listening to the soft noise of the moisture inside her, this coupled with the smell of sex was very stimulating. We slowly continued this slow fucking ,feeling the pleasure rise, I began to move faster and deeper into Sandi who began meeting my downward thrust with a strong upward thrust of her hips ... our movements became more violent and I grunted and roared as my cum shot deep inside Sandi who took a few seconds longer before reaching her equally noisy climax.

We held each other tightly coming down from a most draining session ... she wispered to me sunshine that was really nice, you guys both both made me feel very sexy and special tonight .....................

"do you think we can do it again sometime"?

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