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Jessica Part III

Written by (October 2000)

Jessica was suddenly in the mood of things and turned and looked into the camera. Greg pulled back the zoom and got her from the tits up.
"Oh yes folks, Andy had them in his mouth. He did a really great job licking and sucking them. Such a good job that I can hardly wait for the next time." Jessica looked back into eyes and gave him a wicked grin.

Oh the pussy folks the pussy! You have got to see this pussy! Andy almost yelled. Its the best pussy in this county. Show them your interesting hair cut honey! After some giggling and prodding Jessica slowly parted her legs.

Greg slowly moved in and got her now sperm covered thin wisp of pussy hair. Andy took her right leg and pulled it a little further apart. Greg zoomed into her red and swollen pussy lips. Cum from the three men was leaking out.

Yes Sir folks! You just can't get any pussy better than this! Andy was laughing "ask any of us four men because we all four fucked it! It's fucking great!
Everyone was laughing until a voice from the front of the RV whined in; I didn't get to fuck her.

All of the four turned towards Kyle. He looked sort of like a wounded puppy with sad eyes. A wounded puppy with a very long hard-on.

Andy had to admit again; that is one long dick. It was one thing of Kyle that he was jealous of. Kyle had his uses too. Unlike the rest of them Kyle was not on the football team or any other team. He was a book worm and helped a lot of them with homework and he was often good for laughs so the gang didnÔt mind him tagging along. He also had the ability to attract girls. Kyle was all the girls "friend." Any time they needed someone to talk to or be a friend they always "talked" to Kyle.

But he had never gotten to fuck any of them.
Some girls wouldn't date football players like him. That was one of the other uses Kyle had. Andy would see a girl, talk to Kyle, he would talk to the girl and Andy would have a blind date with her. Andy had gotten to fuck a lot of those girls using his own charm. But, he had to admit it was Kyle that made it possible to get to first base with them. Andy owed Kyle that much.

Well what do you say honey? How about taking care of my old friend Kyle. You can tell he's hurting! Andy seemed to be pleading with Jessica now. Jessica looked the long slender cock up and down and said "the pleasure would be all mine."

Andy stood up and let Jessica have the couch. She moved into the corner but didn't lay down; just laid back and spread her legs. She raised her arm and beckoned with a finger. "Come on tall cock! Come and fuck me!" Jessica said looking right at the boy and nothing could of been said with a sexier. The other boys while spent still had a stirring of their cocks with the sound of that sultry voice.

Kyle was up in a flash and between her legs.
He stopped briefly and hovered over her taking her in. She really was a very beautiful woman. A nude beautiful woman. "Come" she beckoned and raised her arms.

He knelt down and then laid on her and started trying to push his cock into her. He managed to hit all around her hole but, couldn't seem to get into her. After a few tries she reached down and took his cock and guided it into her pussy. "Am I your first?" she gently asked him. He looked at her and nodded.
"That's OK, take your time" she smiled up at him.

That relaxed him and he pressed his long cock slowly into her. She didn't want him to hurry either. She wanted to enjoy this too. He started moving in and out of her and she was meeting his thrusts. It took a little time to get a rhythm because he was longer than what she had been use to. And sometimes he would just stop and lay in her other times he would come out completely and then push back in.

"Oh man, she felt so good wrapped around his cock. He had never ever felt anything like this. She was so hot and soft and tight all at the same time.

He wasn't very thick but he was getting up into her very well. She was enjoying him and wanted to teach him more and he seemed to want to learn. She needed to get him alone sometime she thought; he could be a real good lover for some woman with a little training.

Greg continued to film the goings on. He had leaned over Kyle and was getting a very good shot of his long cock going in and out of her cunt. Jessica wanting to come again put one of her long finger nails on her clit and started rubbing it in a circle. She started moaning as soon as she did. Kyle watched her with fascination.

He moved his eyes up and down her body just taking the sexy site in. He finally reached up and gently took both her breasts in his hands and started massaging them. He had seen a movie once where the man was gently pinching and tweaking the woman's nipples. He tried that and she increased her moaning and closed her eyes. She changed her breathing pattern becoming rapid and shallow.

The other three boys were taking it all in but, only Kyle had a good view. But all three were a little jealous. Andy was trying to will his cock back up so he could get shot at her but, he was done; she had taken it all. Mark was also done for but, he was still enjoying the show.

It finally got to the both of them. Both got faster with their thrusting. Jessica was ribbing her clit very fast with two fingers. Her mouth was open and she was making the exotic moan she had been making earlier. Her eyes rolled up in her head. To Kyle at first she looked like something from a sci-fi movie or horror film.

He didn't think long. He felt his nut sack tighten and muscles in his bag start to contract. He was trying to hold off a little longer but Jessica was bucking hard against his cock, She was coming too. He felt his sperm flying up his tube and let out a loud groan.

Jessica felt his hot cum firing deep into her twat.
She went over the edge herself. Her fingers flew off her clit and grabbed his bicep; she dug her finger nails into his arm. He didn't notice he was to busy cumming himself. He didn't have all that much. He had cum once not all that earlier. He pushed his cock into her as far as he could go and stopped thrusting. He just shot the rest of his load deep into her.

Then he just rested, he didn't take his cock out of her. It still felt real good. He continued to caress her breast and just gaze at her. This has to be the best thing in the world ever! He couldn't wait to do it again and real soon too. He was going to stop being a friend and a gentleman with all the girls that loved to talk to him and start trying to get into their pants.

He collapsed onto the floor finally and just lay there. Jessica laid down on the couch wondering what was going to happen to her next. So far she had fucked four complete strangers, two of them at once, tasted her own pussy, was covered in cum, and had been taped doing a good part of it. So far all she had left was to have sex with another woman and get fucked in ass.

Her eyes flew open wide with that thought. She had never done that and was pretty sure she didn't want to. She looked at the four young men and gave a sigh of relief. They were getting dressed and looked to worn to be fucking anything. She kind of giggled to herself "good thing there wasn't another woman here today or the rest of it may have happened too". She wasn't sure she would of minded if another woman had been present.

The young men were joking around while dressing. Greg looked at Andy and snickered at him "man that last time took you a long time to shoot off." "Well, she had a few rounds before you guys showed up so it took a little time and thank goodness for that because I enjoyed every second of it." Andy looked at Jessica as he said it and smiled.

He turned back to Greg, "hey it seemed to take you awhile too and you only did it once." "Well, I've already shot off twice today before I found you guys" Greg stated matter-of-factly. All of them stopped what they were doing and looked at Greg and Jessica half-way sat up.

He realized they wanted a few more details. "I went over to the Hodge's place late this morning. Mrs. Hodge wanted me to take an old mattress to the dump for them in my pickup. Her daughter Sandy was the only one home and I swear guys. I looked at my watch when I got there and it was ten o'clock. Sandy was so horny that the next thing I knew we were in her room and she was naked and I looked at watch one more time and it was six minutes after ten" Greg said with a laugh.

"Wow guess I should of helped you like you asked" Mark replied. "Well, she was horny enough for us both because I fucked her twice" smiled Greg. "You know I think part of it was because Sandy and I fucked in the tenth grade a few times; she was my first.
Maybe she wanted to see if I had improved"! They all laughed again. "Well, I thought you were real good!" Jessica chimed in. "Why thank you and you were nothing short of fantastic your self" Greg beamed.

"But anyway that's why I could only do what little I did. But on the plus side I forgot the mattress so I'm going to have to go back tomorrow and get it!" Greg said with a hugh grin. "Get what? the mattress or Sandy" Andy laughed. "Yes" Greg joked back. Again they all busted up laughing.

Jessica was laughing too but, then she thought, "wait a second I sucked the cock he fucked a woman with twice this morning!" Then it hit her. The funny taste when his cock was in her mouth, it was pussy! It tasted a like her pussy had only slightly different.
Well, guess now she had, had another woman after all. Even if she wasn't here. She also recalled liking the taste. Well, there was only one thing left and that was to get it in the ass. She sighed to herself.

The four men were dressed only Jessica was nude and she made no move to get dressed either. She seemed to like being nude in this way. The three young all turned and looked at her for a moment and then thanked her a lot. All kinds of praise were given to her attributes and abilities.
Kyle with his boyish face and charm told her we must do this again sometime! Jessica thought "we will boy and on my terms and time we will. And IÔm going to teach you how to really please a woman".

As they were stumbling out the door Mark yelled over his shoulder "hey Andy tell Judy and Miss Dixion we said hello". Andy in anger started spitting out "I'm not fuck..." then he shut-up.

He turned towards Jessica and she stood up. Standing to her was sort of weird because all the cum on her had dried and she crackled as she stood. Andy took her body in and was still impressed with her beauty; dried cum and all. They embraced and he held her tight and gazed into her eyes.

They spent the next few minutes thanking each other. Telling each other how much they enjoyed the experience. Neither lied.

"Well, what have we here"! a voice from the door boomed out. "Looks like you got some hot honey there boy!"
"Dad" Andy exclaimed!
"Shit" thought Jessica".
"Saw your buddies leaving out of my rig here. I figured that you guys were drinking beer or doing some pot. This is a lot better though". Earl Grossman said with a chuckle.
"You should learn to lock the door though, I learned that long ago" he again chuckled.
"I could of walked in on you and Judy or Miss Dixion."
"Who is that behind you Andy"? Jessica had moved behind Andy. He was broad and she was so lithe that Earl couldn't see her except for her feet. "This Jessica Dad" Andy managed to blurt out.

And that car with the tire iron and hub-cap by the rear wheel have anything to do with this? Earl was grinning very big.
"Um yeah Dad, she had a flat and I was changing it for her and we were umm" Andy was stuttering.
"I know what you two, make that five of you were doing" Earl was still grinning.
"Now if your done get out there put the lugs nuts that you left off on the car and the hub-cap too. Don't want the lady to drive an unsafe car do you?"
Earl stated almost laughing now.
"No Sir Dad I'll do it right now" and Andy bolted for the door and out in a flash.
Earl yelled over his shoulder "go into my mall office too and have Dottie print the end of month reports and get my brief case".

Jessica found herself standing nude in front of a stranger, again.
At first she wouldn't even look at Earl, she just stared at the floor knowing she was naked.
She tried to cover up her big boobs with her little hands.
Didn't take her long to figure out that wasn't going to work. Earl Grossman was boring a whole right through her with his eyes. He wasn't even trying to look any where else. Like his son he was sort of awed by her body.

Suddenly Jessica didn't care. She was a beautiful woman and she knew that she had Earl's attention. Besides what was he going to do about it. She stood up straight, put her hands on her hips giving Earl a good look.
Then she looked him right in the eye. She saw where Andy got his size, looks, and smile. They were a spitting image and she bet Andy got his charm from Earl too.

Well, I spent some time in the Marines when I was about Andy's age. Floated around the Pacific some. Lets see I would say that your Korean aren't you! Earl gleamed.

Jessica thought for a man that was know to rich, powerful, and intelligent Earl acted and talked like a lot of the southern good old boys in the area; then again he was from around here.

He also had an unusual sense of observation. He figured out that she was Korean; most other Asians couldn't tell each other apart until they started talking or had some of mannerism.

"How can you tell?" Jessica asked.
"Well, in Japan the women are stand-offish and like to act mysterious.
They have a sense of romance and like to be very exotic. Women in the Philippines will do a lot of wild things, but usually only for food or money. For their husbands or lovers they will do anything and are usually very loyal. Korean women are loyal but, they love to fuck.
No matter how educated or rich they get they still love to fuck. My boy and those other bums don't have a nickel between them. So, that's means you are not a hooker. Judging from the way this rooms smells and the way you look right now; you love to fuck! Earl stated all of this like some kind of Sherlock Holmes.

Jessica looked at the older version of Andy. He was giving her that dripping charm smile that Andy had used on her. He too was a self confident man. She also had the impression he could also be rough man to due business with. Jessica had a good sense of observation herself.

"Well, I guess you want me to get dressed and out of your RV don't you; if you will just hand me my dress that you happen to be standing on I'll be leaving" Jessica finally said. "Well, now don't be in such a hurry little lady" Earl drawled. "Was I right?" Jessica noticed that Earl wasn't moving off the dress. "Yes I'm Korean" Jessica told him "can I have my dress now?" "I bet that you have a pretty good education too, college graduate?" "Yes, architecture engineer and drafting" she sighed. Earl raised an eyebrow at that.

"And the other?" Earl asked still smiling. "What?" Jessica asked. "Do you love to fuck? I'm betting you do" Earl seemed to be gloating. After a rather pregnant pause Jessica gave an impatient "so what if I do, you going to call the cops?"

"No, that's the last thing I would do. I was thinking more of fucking you!" Earl gave her an award winning smile. To emphasize this he adjusted himself a bit. Jessica saw that Andy didn't inherit just Earl's charm and smile. Earl was packing a good size erection.

Earl started walking towards her. "What do you say, got enough energy for an old man like me? I'm not like those young bucks though, may take me awhile." But to show how self assured he was Earl was also pulling down his zipper. And just as she saw through his slacks out popped a very impressive angry cock.

Earl had backed Jessica up to the couch and was right next to her. She looked into his eyes. Yep, same deep pool of blue like Andy's. It didn't seem to bother him at all that she was covered in cum from the top of head to her pussy.

Jessica thought she should say no but, that hadn't really worked with Andy it most likely wasn't going to work with his dad either. "You want to fuck me or me suck you?" Jessica asked him. And suddenly Jessica did want to fuck this man. She thought maybe what he said about Koreans was true.

Earl laughed and said "yes" Jessica was puzzled for a second, he wanted both. Oh, well why not. She had sucked and fucked two men today already, plus the other two. She sat down on the couch and popped his cock into her mouth before he could react or think. She took all of him in and all the way down to the base. An afternoon of cock sucking had prepared her well for Earl.

She was working him over very quick and very hard. She wanted to see if how quick she could get this arrogant bragger to pop his cork. Earl wasn't moaning or jumping like the younger men. Just saying "oh yeah" over and over again. Jessica was also fingering her twat getting it wet.

Suddenly Jessica tasted something that was now becoming very familiar. She took the cock out of her mouth for a second and looked up at Earl. "Did you fuck someone today?" Jessica just blurted it out. "Well, yeah, early this morning. I humped one of my clients at the house my company built for her; right on the kitchen counter and on her back deck once" Earl bragged. "She was great, can't wait to finally give her the keys next week; maybe in her bedroom even" Earl joked. Jessica was thinking this had to be the most horny town in the world.

Now Earl was thinking well now she isn't going to want to suck me since I've had my cock in another woman's cunt. Jessica went back to bobbing on his cock to his surprise. Jessica didn't bother to tell him that this was the third taste of cunt she had had that day. She was starting to like it a lot and was wondering what it would taste like fresh from the source.

She didn't suck Earl very long. "Come on darlin, we ain't got much time and I like to do it doggy style." Earl told her as he pulled her up and turned her to face the couch. She knelt down on all fours on the couch, still playing with her pussy getting it wetter.

She spread her legs and presented her wet little cunt. Earl gently pushed in. Oh yeah this is even tighter than the one this morning. Jessica was pushing and pulling but Earl seemed to be going really slow when he was going at all; it felt that he was just standing there doing little thrust.
Then she felt something warm and wet hit her asshole. Earl had spit into her hole. Now he was pushing a thumb into her butt.

"Uh Earl, what are you doing?" Jessica was worried.
"Just getting you ready darlin, just keep that little body of yours moving and old Earl will take care of everything."
Jessica kept pushing and pulling but she was getting real worried about what Earl meant and he was really fingering her asshole.
She didn't know what to think; she had fingered Andy's asshole earlier.

They kept fucking and Earl kept working his thumb into her asshole and then started working in another.
Soon he replaced his thumbs with fingers from each hand. Her ass was hurting a little because he was pulling her ass checks in two separate directions.
This wasn't feeling good like it had Andy when she just pushed an index finger into him. She was enjoying the fucking and her clit felt good with her rubbing it. And every once in awhile when Earl went deep with his fingers into her ass it felt real good.

She was trying to get Earl to fuck her faster but, he wouldn't cooperate. He seemed more interested in her ass. He kept pulling her asshole farther apart and sticking more fingers in trying to spread it. She really couldn't tell that he was still putting some spit into her hole.

Then Earl pulled out of her and raised her ass up and pressed her slightly forward until her head was against the back of the couch. It suddenly dawned on her what Earl was about to do.

No! Mr. Grossman No! She had forgotten telling a Grossman no was just encouragement.
She felt the cock push between her ass checks. She was flailing about trying to get away. "Please don't Mr. Grossman don't.

"It's OK little lady, just relax, I promise it will feel real good if you do" Earl tried to reassure her.
He pressed his cock in a little more.
He had his thumbs in her checks and was pulling her butt apart while he pushed in. She was jumping all over the couch or trying to anyway. Earl had her pretty well pinned.

She finally gave up trying to get away. She stopped moving and tried to concentrate on relaxing. But, it was hurting like hell. She couldn't remember the last time, if ever, that she had felt this kind of pain.
She let out a yelp as Earl got the head of his cock into her ass. Little lighting bolts were flashing through her eyes. She was clawing the couch. Then he stopped pushing.

Just breathe honey just breathe that's it you will get use to it. She was sucking air real hard and making a whinny noise.
"Don't, please stop, it hurts real bad" she was begging.
She was still fighting and trying to get up and away. But, Earl held her down and stayed real still letting her get use to his size and hoping she would relax.

After a few minutes she did get use to it and he felt her sphincter start to relax a little. He pushed into her a little more into her. She felt like her guts were on fire but, despite her pleas Earl kept pushing.

After a few minutes he was all the into her ass as far as his cock would go. She had stopped struggling and was breathing deep trying to get use to his cock. After a few minutes Earl began to move slowly in her ass. She was tight but had loosened up some. He continued to slowly fuck her.

Jessica thought she would die at first but, now she was getting use to it and it was starting to feel good. Especially when Earl reached around her and started playing with tits and sometimes her clit.

Earl had picked up his pace and Jessica was moaning. She was starting to like ass fucking. She was now pushing and pulling to meet his thrusts. They set a rhythm and Jessica was even amused by the slapping sounds of their thighs hitting together. She did like the feel of his balls swinging up hitting her pussy.

She finally relaxed, her moaning was helping her breathe and the pain went away. Then it started feeling very good. All these different feeling she had felt that day. All the cock and cum that she had gone through. She was thinking of it all and still wanted some more; Earl was giving it to her. And he was doing it very, very well.

Earl Grossman had lost track of all the women he had fucked. It was his favorite thing to do. He had the looks, charm, and confidence to go after them; not that he needed to. A man with his power and resources had a tendency to attract women and he used it to his advantage. All the experience had taught him to read and react to women and more important to him, how to fuck each one.

This one was very good! When he first saw her he thought the boys had hired a whore. But they had no money and she was to eager for a whore.
He wished he had more time to spend with her and find out just how good in bed she was. She had given great head, and after all the fucking she had been given she still had a tight pussy. So far for her first time she was a good ass fuck too.

She would be great to take away for a weekend at his cabin or one of his business trips. Maybe even to his annual convention in New York. She maybe convention material but, he would have to find out first. Couldn't take just any woman to the convention!

Jessica was making a noise between a grunt and a purr. She had reached up and pushed his finger off her clit and was rubbing it very fast.
Earl bent over a little sideways and forward at the same time she looked back over her shoulder. He saw the really big smile on her face. He knew that she was enjoying her fucking but, the way her eyes rolled up into the top of head sort of un-nerved him a little.

Then she started screaming and bucking hard against his cock! She was contracting all over her body; especially her asshole. The tightness of her ass and all the motion was having an effect on him.
He felt his balls starting to fire up. He was trying to hold back but this woman was really working it. He finally could stand it no longer and fired one long load into her ass.

Jessica was really loving the hot feeling in her ass. Earl was bucking and moaning. He had put her hands on her hips and was squeezing her very tight. She felt his third load set fire to her intestines. Then both of them gave a loud groan and went limp.

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