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Mindy's Humiliation

Written by Damon X (December 2000)

It was a normal day at Thompson High. The sun was shining and Mindy

Denson was sitting on the steps in front of the school's main entrance with

her friends. The sun gleamed off her shiny blonde hair as she took a bite

of her apple.

"So what are you going to do for your birthday?" her friend Julie asked.

Mindy thought about it for a moment before replying. "I think Will is

taking me out to dinner".

Her friends rolled their eyes. "So your going to fuck", Heather stated

matter of factly.

"Heather!" Mindy returned. "Don't be so crude. We've only done it a few

times, and it's none of your buisiness anyways".

The girls began to laugh. Mindy turned her attention back to her apple, but

her attention was soon taken by something else. In the parking lot across

the street three guys were getting into a car. Mindy knew them as members of

the school football team.

"I heard Kyle wants to go out with you", Julie stated between sips of her

apple juice.

"I doubt it. He's a senior and he can have any girl he wants. Why would he

want to go out with a fifteen year old?"

"Oh come on, you'll be sixteen tomorrow. And you have to admit it would be

pretty cool to date Kyle".

"I love Will, and besides its also our one year anniversary tommorow".

The girls left it at that and soon changed to topic of conversation to

lipstick. Mindy sat back and finished her apple thinking of the special

time her and her boyfriend would share the following evening.

The day wore on and soon school was out. Julie had chearleading practice so

Mindy had to walk home alone. As she strolled along the sidewalk a car

pulled up beside her. At first she thought it was just some pervert so she

kept on walking, but she froze when she heard the voice of Kyle Johnson call

out to her. "Hey need a ride!"

"Uh, sure." Mindy stammered.

"Get in then", he said leaning over to open the passenger door.

Mindy got in and fastened her seat belt, feelling very uncomfortable.

Kyle soon broke the tension with some light conversation and before she knew

it they were parked outside her house. Kyle looked at her, and Mindy looked

down acting shy.

"Thanks for the ride", she said and started to get out.

"Wait", he said.

She stopped and turned to look at him.

"There's going to be a party tonight at the college, want to come?"

Mindy thought about it for a moment, then answered. "I guess I could go for

a little while".

Kyle smiled. "I'll pick you up at eight then."

Mindy smiled back. "Okay".

Right away Mindy began to get ready picking a cute little blue skirt to

wear. She felt guilty about going but reasoned that it wouldn't hurt anyone

if Will didn't find out.

Kyle picked her up a little late and they left for the college. When they

got there Kyle introduced her to two of his friends. Their names were Tom

and Mark and they imediately offered Mindy a drink. Mindy couldn't remember

much after that except waking the next morning with a huge headache.

When she pulled herself from bed whe was still wearing her skirt but her

panties were gone! She figured she must have taken them off last night and

put them somewhere, but couldn't remember where. She had a shower and a

bowl of fruit loops, then the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" she wondered.

She set the cereal down on the table and headed for the door. She peaked

through the peep hole and saw noone.

"Hello", she said opening the door.

Nobody there. She was just about to close the door when she noticed an envelope on the doorstep.
"What's this?" she asked herself. She picked up the letter and went back inside. Grabbing a butterknife she opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. She almost fainted. Inside was a polaroid of her with some guy's penis in her mouth. Her eyes were half opened and the dick was shoved so far into her mouth the guys balls were mashed against her chin. Turning over the picture she noticed some writing on the back.
If you don't want copies of this picture all over school come to 3180 Green Ave. at 3 pm.
P.S. You are one hot little slut!

Mindy was in tears. Her whole reputation would be destroyed and Will would

find out. Will would hate her. She was histerical. She would have to do

what the letter said. She had no other choice.

Mindy took some time to regroup before walking to the bus stop. She

realized someone must have slipped something into her drink to make her pass

out like that. She took the bus across town and then walked to the correct

adress. She was shaking as she walked up the steps to the house. She only

had to knock once before the door opened.


"Hi babe".

She started to cry. "Why are you doing this? "

Kyle led her into the house and closed the door. When she entered the living

room she saw Mark and Tom sitting on the sofa.

"Have a seat", Tom offered. Mindy remained standing.

"Fine, suit yourself. Anyway, here's the deal. If you don't want to be

known as the town whore you'll do what we tell you. Everything!!"

Mindy was confused. "what do you want me to do?"

"You will be our little sex slave".

Mindy's eyes widened. "No! I have a boyfriend".

"Don't worry, he won't find out as long as you cooperate. Got it?"

Her head dropped in shame. "Y..Yes".

"Good. Now go and change into this." Tom handed her a bag and she

disapeared into the bathroom.

Mindy was fighting the urge to cry as she opened the bag. Inside was a

little mini skirt, some white thigh high stockings and a leather collar. At

first she considered running from the house, but then realized that her life

would be over if anyone should see that picture. She then made a promise to

herself that she would never tell anyone about what she was about to do.

She finished getting dressed and walked back out into the living room. The

three guys whistled as she walked out covering her bare breasts.

"Let's see those tits slut!!, Mark comanded.

Reluctantly she removed her hands letting the guys get a good look at her

perfect firm sixteen year old chest. As they were checking her out she

noticed a video camera set up beside the sofa.

"What is that doing here?" she asked.

Mark walked over and grabbed her hair. "Don't ask questions bitch. just do

what we say. Understand?"


Before she could say anything else Mark pulled her face to his as shoved his

tongue into her mouth. At first Mindy tried to resist, but soon realized

that it wouldn't be a good idea. She was now resigned to the fact that she

would have to do anything these guys said.

All three guys sat on the couch and Tom turned on the camera.

"Let's see what you got you little slut", Kyle said. "Pull up that skirt".

Mindy pulled up the skirt revealing her newly shaved pussy. She had shaved

it for her night with Will, but now it belonged to the three guys in front

of her.

"Play with it, whore!"

Mindy reached down and ran her finger up her slit, rubbing her little clit.

"Shove it in".

Mindy spread her legs wider and slipped a finger into her pussy. She had to

admit that it was turning her on being told what to do.

"Now get on your hands and knees!"

She dropped to all fours with her ass facing the guys. Tom grabbed the

camera and stuck it in her face.

"Read this", he commanded, refering to a piece of paper he held in front of

him. Mindy swallowed her pride and began to speak into the camera, reading

off the paper.

"My name is Mindy and I am a horny little slut. I love getting used and

fucked. I want cocks in my pussy, mouth and ass. I love to drink cum and

suck dicks. I am a nasty little whore."

The three guys were snickering as she read the profanity. Mindy's face was

beat red. Well at least noone else would see the video.

Tom then went around to the back of Mindy with the camera. "Let's see that

ass bitch!"

Mindy reached back and fliped the skirt up over her hips exposing her firm

teenage ass to her captors.

"Oh yeah, that's nice", Mark exclaimed. "Now stick a finger in!"

Mindy looked upset. "What? No please...".

Her pleading was cut off as Mark's hand smacked her ass hard. "Do it you

dirty little slut!"

With that she reached back and placed a finger between her ass cheeks,

pressing it up against her virgin hole. Slowly she began to push it in

untill her little finger was buried up to the knuckle in her own butt.

"Fuck, I think I'm going to cum right now!", Kyle said stroking his bulge

through his pants.

Tom set down the camera and ripped Mindy's skirt from her hips. "Lets get

started then!"

"Get over here", he said harshly.

Mindy crawled over to Tom, who imediately commanded her to take his pants


Gingerly she undid his belt and and unzipped his pants sliding them down his

legs, along with his underwear. His fully erect dick was now staring the

girl right in the face, the tip glistening with precum.

Violently he grabbed her hair.

"Tell me what you want to do slut!!"

"I want to s..suck your d..dick".

"And why do you want to do that?"

"Because I'm a cocksucking lttle whore."

The guys were shocked at her answer, but were very pleased that she was

playing along.

"Do it then, whore!"

Mindy took the hard dick in her hand and slid it into her mouth. She did

not have much experience in blowjobs so she did not know quite what to do.

She sucked it gently, moving about half into her mouth.

Suddenly Tom tightend the grip on her hair and pulled out. Then she felt

her arm get wrenched behind her back. She let out a small cry as she felt

the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs lock around her small wrists. Tom

then slammed his cock back into her pretty little mouth, shoving it all the

way down her throat. Mindy began to gag and Tom pulled out, only to shove

it back in. Meanwhile, she felt hands rubbing her tits, and invading her

pussy. First she felt one, then two, then three fingers work their way up

her tight little cunt.

"Yeah baby!", Tom said as he continued fucking her face. "I'm going to cum

in your fucking face!"

After a few more thrusts he moaned and released a huge load of warm jism

into her mouth. Mindy began to choke, and Tom pulled away.

"Swallow it all whore!!"

With one large gulp, Mindy let the bitter liquid run down her throat.

As she was recovering fron her face fucking, Mark laid down on the floor in

front of her.

"My turn", he said with a smile.

Kyle undid one of the cuffs and Mindy pulled herself over to Mark's crotch

swallowing up his cock. As she sucked him, Kyle positioned himself behind


"Ready to get fucked whore?"

With no further warning he slide his dick into Mindy's moist channel. Mindy

gasped as Kyle entered her, but Mark just pulled her face back down to his

throbbing cock. Kyle gripped her hips and began thrusting into the young

girl. Mindy could feel his balls slapping against her as his cock woked its

way in and out of her most precious region.

Mark was enjoying her mouth and wanted more.

"Lick my balls!"

Mindy did as she was told, dropping her head to run her tongue over Mark's

shaved sack. He moaned as her soft lips parted and covered his balls in wet

kisses and licks.

Mark pulled his knees to his chest. "Lower", he muttered.

Midy dropped lower running her pink little tongue over Mark's taint, as

Kyle's thrusts increased.

"Lower". Mark comanded again, and then Mindy got it. He wanted her to lick

his ass! She was instantly disgusted but did not want to upset these guys.

And so she stuck her tongue out and touched it to the rim of Mark's asshole.

He began to moan and Kyle increased the pace. He was slamming Mindy's

pussy forcing her face hard into Mark's ass. Her tongue was pressed hard up

against his butthole, and with each of Kyle's thrust's her little pink

tongue slipped a little farther up his asshole. Out of the corner of her

eye she could see Tom holding the camera getting a close up of her licking

Mark's ass.

Mindy was starting to have second thoughts about the whole deal. If this

video ever got out it would be way worse than the pictures. But now she was

stuck and there was nothing she could do about it.

Suddenly Kyle shoved his cock in hard and fired a load of hot cum into

Mindy's tight little pussy as Mark was pulling her hair trying to get every

bit of her tongue up his greedy asshole. A small stream of cum ran from her

pussy as Kyle removed his wet dick from her body. Mark let go of her hair

and got. Mindy looked up at the three guys and wondered what was next.

After all it couldn't get much worse.

Tom then laid on the floor. "Get on my dick bitch."

Mindy crawled over his body and lowered herself down onto his waiting prick.

Tom's cock was huge and filled her up completely. His hands grabbed her

ass as he began to imediately thrust his hips upward into her young body.

"That ass is looking pretty good", Mindy heard Mark say. "Oh no", she

thought to herself as she felt two spit covered fingers work their way into

her tight little ass. Soon the fingers were removed and a fully erect cock

was pressing at her back door.

"Please, not that", she pleaded.

Mark just laughed and proceded to dab the head of his dick against her

virgin asshole.

"Beg for it slut!"

Mindy leaned forward onto Tom's body and gritted her teeth. "Please fuck my

ass. I want your cock shoved up my asshole!"

Mark pushed forward and her tight anal ring began to expand around the

invading cock. Mindy bit her lip in pain as her muscular hole opened and

Mark's dick slid inside. Soon she was filled with cock and both men began

fucking her. Then she felt something strange. She was going to cum! She

had never had an orgasm before, and when it began to overtake her she moaned


"The little slut is actually cumming", Kyle exclaimed, walking over to the

threesome. "You hot little cunt", he said wagging his dick in front of her

face. "Suck on this".

He slapped her in the face a couple times with his cock before shoving it

past her cute little lips. Mindy felt like such a slut, and tried to take

her mind off the gang bang she was recieving. She tried to think of the

nice time she and Will would have, and the presents he would give her for

her birthday, but she was torn back to reality as the three cocks pumped in

and out of her small body. Her jaw was sore and her ass was on fire. She

could taste her own juices on Kyle's dick as she sucked him, allowing his

cock to slide freely in and out of her pretty young face.

Kyle managed to mutter something about cumming, before pulling his dick from

her mouth. He gave it a few strokes and fired stream after stream of hot

cum onto her face. The first shot hit her in the eye, and when she tried to

turn away Her head was pulled violently back to accept the rest of the jism,

which splashed off her lips and cheek.

Mark and Tom then came together filling her completely with cum. Tom soon

stopped and pulled out, but Mark kept pumping away untill his dick went

soft. he then pulled out and offered it to Mindy.

"Clean me up whore!".

Mindy reluctantly obeyed, licking the flaccid cock, getting the last traces

of cum from it.

"Good", Mark said. "Now you can clean up yourself". Picking up the camera

he brought it right up to her. "Do it! Eat the cum from your ass!"

Mindy reached back and felt Mark's cum dribbling from her butt. With two

fingers she scooped up some of the fluid and brought it to her mouth licking

it off. The guys cheered as she repeated the process, each time dipping a

little deeper into her freshly fucked asshole. When she had finished, the

guys were hornier than ever.

Tom pushed her back onto the floor and stood over her face, facing her feet.

Then Mindy looked in horror as he reached down and spread his ass cheeks

and lowered himself down to her face. His butthole was pressed against her

mouth and there was nothing she could do about it. She stuck out her tongue

and began snaking it up his ass, as he played with her tits. Soon she felt

another cock enter her pussy and begin pounding away.

"Lick my ass you dirty whore", Tom yelled as Mindy continued tongue-fucking

his butthole.

When he had had enough of that, he stood up and brought Mindy over to the

couch laying her on her stomach with her head over the edge. Soon he was

plunging into her pussy, as Kyle and Mark started to shove their dicks into

her mouth at the same time. Smack! Tom's hand came down on her ass hard.

Mindy groaned in pain as she alternated between cocks in her mouth. Soon

Tom pulled out of her cunt and dove into her tight little ass, reaming the

teen's butt. This went on for quite a while, with Tom alternating between

pussy and ass, and Mindy alternating between the cocks in her mouth.

Then with one final smack, Tom unloaded deep into her ass. The other two

followed suit, shooting it all over her face and hair. The guys all got

dressed and then turned the camera on Mindy for one final shot.

"Tell us what you are!"

"I..I am a dirty little whore. I'm an ass licking cunt, and I love to suck

cock and get butt fucked. I eat cum from my own ass. I'm a fucking slut!"

Mindy was given bus fare to get home, which she did promptly. She showered

and got ready for her date with Will. They went out and had a good time,

Mindy trying to forget the day's events. When Will tried to put the moves on

at the end of the night Mindy refused saying she wasn't feeling well. The

next day Will recieved a copy of a tape in the mail. Mindy never heard from

him again.

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