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Amanda's Night Out

Written by Damon X (December 2000)

Amanda had already had a few drinks before she arrived at "The Wild Side,"

and now that she was there she was more than a little tipsy.

She shivered as she and her companions waited in line to get in to the club. With her was

her boyfriend Mark, her best friend Brittney, and Brittney's boyfriend Kyle.

Mark and Kyle were getting impatient and were talking about going to a

different club, but Amanda was determined to get in.

"I'll be right back," she said and started off towards the front of the line

with Brittney in tow.

The guys looked confused as they watched their girls walk up to the bouncer

at the door. The bouncer looked down at the two young women and smiled.

"And what can I do for you?"

Amanda smiled back. "Well you could let us in," she returned with a toss of

her shiny blonde hair.

The bouncer looked the girls up and down. They were hot. Amanda was wearing

a very short black mini skirt and a white top that showed off her best

features. Her dirty blonde hair fell down her back and framed her perfect

nineteen-year-old face. Brittney was wearing a shiny white dress that came

down to just past her ass and showed off the cleavage off her bigger than

average tits.

"And why should I let you in when everyone else has to wait in the cold?"

the bouncer said, restraining the growing erection in his pants.

Amanda went up on her tippy toes and whispered something in the bouncers

ear. A couple seconds later they were inside "The Wild Side."

"What did you tell him?" Brittney asked with a concerned look on her face.

Amanda smiled. "I just asked him if he had ever had his dick sucked by two

girls before."

"You little slut," Brittney said playfully slapping her friend on the ass.

"The guys will be waiting out there for at least half an hour, lets try and

have some fun."

With that they headed for the dance floor. No sooner had they stepped on the

floor had they been approached by two guys. The girls each took one and

started dancing. Brittney soon lost interest in hers and excused herself to

get a drink. Amanda and her partner on the other hand started to get a

little closer. After one song he had his hands on her ass. After two he had

his hand up her skirt. After three she was inviting him into the bathroom.

She entered the ladies room and quickly found a stall. The guy (whom she

still did not know the name of) followed a few minutes later. He entered the

stall and locked the door. Right away she was on him, undoing his pants as

her tongue darted around in his mouth. It was pretty cramped, but Amanda

managed to get to her knees. She looked up at him.

"Turn around!" she commanded.

The guy turned, a little confused, and Amanda quickly pulled down his

boxers. His ass was now staring her right in the face. With her delicate

little fingers she spread his asscheeks and touched her little pink tongue

to the rim of his asshole! He almost fainted.

"Fuck yes," he moaned.

Amanda ran her wet tongue in a circular motion around his rim before

wiggling the tip of her tongue into his butt. She reached around and began

stroking his hard cock with her hand as she buried her face between his


"If only Mark could see me now," she thought. "He would just die at the site

of his precious little Amanda on her knees in a bathroom with her tongue

shoved up some strange guy's asshole!"

She plunged her tongue in farther eating out his butthole and she began to

feel his cum rising in his balls. She cupped her hand around the end of his

dick as he exploded catching most of his warm fluid. She then stood up and

looked him in the eye as she raised her hand to her mouth licking up the

white jism.

"Thanks," he said as she walked past him out of the stall. As Amanda left

the restroom she looked across the club and noticed that Mark and Kyle had

finally got in. Kyle was dancing with Brittney and Mark was at the bar

buying drinks. Amanda walked over and gave her boyfriend a big kiss and

accepted a drink that he had just bought. The night wore on and Amanda was

starting to get bored.

It was around 12:30 when the bouncer from the door walked up to Amanda and

reminded her of her little promise to him. She told Brittney, and the two

girls made up a lie about having headaches and told Mark and Kyle that they

would take a cab home. Instead they met the bouncer (whose name was Rick)

outside and went home with him. As the three walked into Rick's apartment,

Rick closed the door and locked it.

"Don't want my girlfriend coming in and ruining everything," he said. "Now

let's see what I've got coming to me as part of our little bargain."

Amanda walked over and kissed him fully on the lips reaching down to rub his

growing bulge. She then broke the kiss, pulled Brittney close and kissed

her. Rick stood behind Amanda feeling her tits as the two kissed. Amanda

peeled off Brittney's dress and began to suck on her nipples and Rick pulled

her panties down her tanned slender legs. Then Amanda took her top off,

freeing her beautiful firm breasts. The two girls then helped Rick out of

his clothes and soon he was standing before them naked with a very large

cock sticking out in front of him, dripping pre-cum.

Right away the girls dropped to their knees and Amanda gently guided her

friend's face to Rick's hard dick. Brittney stuck out her tongue and flicked

it across the tip.

"Ready to get nasty?" Amanda asked.

Before Rick could answer Brittney engulfed his cock in her sweet little

mouth. She sucked it in and out bobbing her head back and forth getting it

nice and wet. Amanda then lowered her head and began licking Ricks balls.

Rick began to moan and Brittney started to suck harder. Amanda then moved

around back and began licking her second ass of the night. After Rick's hole

was nice and wet she slid a finger up his ass and grabbed ahold of his cock.

Brittney backed off and opened her mouth. Amanda was sliding her finger in

and out of his ass and jerking his dick faster and faster.

"Come on, come in her face! Fill her mouth with your cum!"

Rick started to shake and began to shoot stream after stream of hot cum onto

Brittney's lips and tongue. Amanda, still with her finger in Rick's asshole

kissed Brittney hard sharing Rick's fuck fluid.

After a brief rest Rick suggested that they all go to the bedroom. After

they entered the room, Rick lay down on the bed and the girls sat beside him

kissing and feeling each other's wet pussies and asses. Brittney got on all

fours and Amanda began to stroke her wet slit.

"Do you want to fuck Britt's nice ass?" Amanda asked.

Rick stared at her tight little hole. "Oh yeah!"

"We have to get it wet or it will hurt her. Do you want to help get it wet?"

"I want to lick her ass so bad!" Rick returned.

Amanda then spread her friend's ass wide and let a drop of saliva dribble

down to her puckered anus. Soon both Amanda and Rick had their tongues all

over Brittney's pussy and ass. When it was slippery enough Amanda ran her

tongue over Rick's dick and then began to guide it into Brittney's tight

little ass.

"Yes," Brittney hissed. "I want your cock in my asshole!"

Rick started out slowly then began to fuck her ass with increasing force

each thrust. Amanda Crawled under her friend putting them into a 69

position. Brittney immediately buried her face in Amanda's pussy lapping at

her clit with quick flicks of her nimble tongue. In return, Amanda shoved

her tongue deep into Britt's pussy as Rick's cock slid in and out of her

friend's ass right above her face. Amanda took turns licking Britt's cunt,

Rick's balls and ass, as Brittney slid a finger into her ass. Brittney

started to cum just as Rick moaned that he was coming as well. He fired a

few shots in her ass before pulling out. His warm fluid dripped down over

Brittney's asshole and onto Amanda's face. Amanda opened her mouth to catch

as much as she could, then asked for Rick's cock.

He dangled it over her mouth and she took it in sucking the last drops of cum from it. Amanda
then began to lick up the remnants of cum from Brittney's freshly fucked asshole.

"Shit!" Rick said. "You are one kinky girl!"

To be continued...

By DamonX

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