Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jessica Part II

Written by (October 2000)

Andy was really moaning and groaning. He felt great, this had to be the best blowjob in history! He wanted it to go on forever but, his nuts were betraying him. He felt his gonads start to tighten.
He was fighting the feeling and trying to hold back. His nuts were having none of it. Jessica felt his muscles start to tighten, his breathing changing, and pace quickening. She didn't know why she knew about doing it but she did. She took her fingers out of her cunt and moved her hand up to his ass and shoved one finger half way up his hole.

That was new feeling to Andy! No one had ever done that to him before and he was sure if it had been suggested to him at first he would of said no. Right now though he was to busy firing his first shot into her mouth.

He came with a screaming roar. He felt that he was shooting his very guts into her mouth! He thought he would stop in a second or two but Jessica just managed to pull shot after shot out of him. He came and came; how did she swallow it all! She was trying to swallow it all and thought she might drown.
But, she knew she wanted as much of his spunk as she could get and was working on his dick like her life depended on his cum. All his jerking around caused Andy to pull his cock from her mouth. The last two big spurts went onto her face and black hair.
A few little spurts went all over her tits.

He finally finished cumming and both his body and his dick went limp. He had to put his hands on her shoulders and lean against her to keep from falling down. His eyes were closed and he was trying to get any air he could. Jessica went back to sucking his soft dick and rubbing her clit trying to cum. She really needed to cum. She had came three times when he was eating her pussy but hadn't cum since.

Andy pulled his cock out of her mouth. Stop, stop it is getting sore Andy said with an almost whine.
"Come on, just a little more" pleaded Jessica.
"No No" Andy said back, I can't take anymore.
"Now who is saying no" teased Jessica. Come on let me suck it some more.

YEAH ANDY let her suck it some more! Someone yelled. Andy spun around to look at the door. There stood two of his best friends Greg and Mark!

"Yeah Andy, let her do it!" smirked Andy.
"You assholes get out of here!" Andy yelled!
"Oh hey, don't be mad at us, we heard all the moaning and yelling and thought you might be hurt in here" said Greg, "just checking on you".
"Bullshit" Mark said, you wanted to sneak in here and see if he was doing one of the chicks from school, or Judy, or even Miss Dixon.
Turns out its none of the above.
"So who have we got here Andy" giggled Mark.
"None of your damn business; get out of here you assholes"! Andy roared.

Andy had moved between his friends and Jessica trying to keep them from seeing her.
"Aw, come on, let us stay, sounds like she wants some more and your spent" Greg again smirked. We can give her some more. Yes Andy let them stay! came the voice from behind Andy.

All three men went wide-eyed with surprise. Andy turned to look at Jessica.
She looked wide-eyed with surprise too, like she someone else said it.
"I want to fuck more Andy, let them stay" Jessica said with a deep lust in her voice. She was still wide-eyed and speaking like she was possessed. She was staring past Andy and looking at the crotches of the other two young men.

Both of them were looking back at the oriental beauty. She was a very erotic even if a little sluttie looking.
She was nude, legs slightly spread open with wet and matted pussy hair.

The sperm that Andy had spewed all over her really stood out in her jet-black hair. The cum was also all around her mouth and on a great pair of tits.

All of them just stared at each other for a few minutes. Jessica had seen the boy's faces and they were handsome young men. Judging by their build they were also on Andy's football team. Greg was wearing sweat shorts and was sporting a very nice hard-on. Greg was wearing blue jeans. She really couldn't tell if he had a hard-on but he must from the way he was adjusting his crotch.

The boys really couldn't help themselves. They had watched Jessica's face drenching blowjob and now she was sitting there nude right in front of them and not caring.

"Come on boys" Jessica said in a deep sultry voice "lets fuck!" Not polite to keep a lady waiting boys; better fuck her! Andy managed to laugh. Greg wasted no time; the athletic sweat shorts were coming off as he went to her. He didn't bother with the shirt and sandals her was wearing. He stood in front of the woman and she engulfed his cock.

It wasn't as big as Andy's but it would do. She had gone all the way down and came back up and was running her tongue around and around the head and feeling his balls at the same time. His cock had a funny taste, she liked the taste but, couldn't place it and she was to horny to care.
She ran her tongue over the slit and then just took the head into her mouth and gave it some quick little sucks. She was taking a little more time with this cock because she wasn't almost crazy with lust as she had been with Andy. But Greg was moaning and squirming just like him.

Mark was watching the sexy scene and trying to get his pants off. He became so distracted that he fell down. Damn boots! he yelled. Andy had sat in an easy chair across from the two and was intently watching the sex. He did look over at Mark and laugh. They are gonna be done fucking and home in bed before you get your pants off Andy laughed. Mark was having none of that; in a flash he was naked and moving besides Greg.

Jessica thought things couldn't be better. There were two nice size cocks in front of her being held by two hard bodies. Wow, three in one day!

There was enough space between the two boys that Andy could see the cock happy woman. She was going from one cock to the other, not spending a lot of time with either. He didn't think he would get hard again for week after the fucking and sucking he had gotten earlier; but his cock was starting to twitch.

Mark was moaning like a man dieing; Greg not so much. Jessica was rubbing the balls of the one not being sucked. Because she was switching off and on between the cocks neither one was close to cumming. But all three were loving the blow-jobs. So was Andy even though he was just watching.

"Come on baby! Let me have some of that pussy"! Greg leered. Jessica with glowing eyes replied, "Yes lets fuck"! They started shifting around and she lay down on the couch and spread her legs.

Greg moved between them and lifted her knees and pulled them around his waist; lifting her ass off the couch. He slowly pushed his cock into her cunt. "I love to watch my cock going into cunts" Greg said. "Wow, did you check her pussy hair dude? Greg said to Andy. "Any woman that shaves her cunt hair like this is begging to fuck!" Andy had to agree and so did Jessica. After all she did shave it in order to seduce her husband. Seems like so far today her husband was the only male around that hadn't fucked her Jessica thought.

The two men watched as Greg held Jessica's hips and ass off the couch and pushed the rest of his cock into her pussy. She moaned as it slid into her very wet cunt and then started purring as Greg started fucking her. Her giggling tits caught Greg's and he leaned over and started tweaking her nipples. Jessica was making a sound between humming and purring and moaning. No one could remember hearing such a sound before coming from a person. But, it sure sounded like she was enjoying her self.

Andy watched the randy couple fucking away. Greg seemed to be in no big hurry to cum and was pacing himself rather comfortably. Then he noticed Mark watching the two fuck while slowly stroking his hard-on. "Mark, don't beat off; fuck her face!" Andy said.

"Oh yeah, we can do that can't we!" Mark smiled. "Damn just like the porno movies." He bent down and pushed his cock towards her mouth. At first she mumbled no, I've never done that. "She's good at saying no Mark but, she doesn't mean it. Just stick it in her mouth; she'll suck it" Andy laughed." Come on Jessica open up, you know you want to suck a lot of cock today!"

Jessica again mumbled no and opened her mouth. Damn it seemed that Andy could get her to do anything just by telling her to do it. But, he was right, she really wanted to suck the young man's cock. She started to do so.

At first she didn't work on the head; she just sucked the whole thing down her throat. Mark started pumping slowly in and out and also playing with her other tit. Jessica was going nuts. For the first time in her life she was doing two men at once. She was loving it. Why didn't I do this earlier she asked her self. This is the best feeling I've ever had. I should of done this everyday when I was in college.

Both men were stroking in and out of her holes rather easily. Jessica and Mark were moaning and growing away. Greg was just smiling and watching and fucking. Andy's cock was still struggling to get back up and was half way there.
Jessica seemed to be glowing from the double fucking. If noise was any indication of enjoyment she and Mark were having the time of their lives. Jessica was still making the odd purring noise and Mark was moaning and sighing a lot.

Great turned to Andy. Hey man I forgot about Kyle he's in my car. I bet he' wondering where we went too. I bet she would enjoy his cock too. Wouldn't you hot stuff? Greg asked Jessica. But, she was concentrating on the two cocks to much to hear him.

Andy jumped up and pulled on his pants and went out the door. In less than a minute he was back with a curly haired teenager. Jessica didn't know about the going or cumming; she was busy.

Young Kyle went very wide-eyed when he saw the erotic sight. Two of his friends were working over an Asian beauty. Mark was nude and pumping his cock into her mouth when she wasn't sucking his balls or sucking on the head. Mark's eyes were rolled up into his head; he wasn't going to last much longer.

Greg seemed intent on just steadily fucking along. He was moaning now and had quickened his pace a little bit. Andy had removed his pants again and was back in the easy chair. He had finally gotten fully hard again.

Kyle was mesmerized by it all. He hadn't told the guys but, he was a virgin. He hadn't seen a nude woman before either. And here was a lovely woman with nice big tits being double fucked by his friends and he was going to get her next!
As if reading his mind Mark yelled out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Jessica had felt him starting to strain in her mouth. She reached and grab the cock with one hand and started pumping while sucking on the head. Mark's first shot went straight into her mouth. He jumped so hard that his cock came out of her mouth.

She managed to hold onto the cock with her hand and kept pumping. He now spurted three big shots across her face and into her hair. Two other little spurts went across her cheeks. Mark was yelling and cussing. Jessica was quite; she just lay there still getting fucked. She did lay her head back onto the couch and had her mouth open like she was trying to catch more of Mark's cum.

Mark had finally finished and reached down and removed her hand. He still had cum dripping off his cock. He didn't know what to do with it. He looked at Jessica's cum covered face. He leaned down and rubbed his cock into her hair. She didn't seem to mind.

Get at her boy! Andy snapped at Kyle. Not polite to keep a lady waiting. Kyle quickly stripped out of his pants and shorts. Mark was sitting on the floor, leaning back, resting, with his eyes closed so he didn't see it coming. Andy was watching Greg fuck Jessica so he didn't see it coming. Greg was busy enjoying the fucking and watching her big tits bounce around so he didn't see it coming. At first Jessica was to lost to her building orgasm and she didn't see it coming. At first.

"Holy cow! Is that your cock!" Jessica almost yelled.
Greg stopped fucking and just stared. Andy snorted and laughed. Mark was now wide eyed! Kyle was standing beside them sporting a 13-inch erection.
"What?" questioned a very innocent Kyle.
It wasn't a thick cock, in fact it was a little thin. Kyle really didn't know he was more than naivetŽ. He hadn't any sexual experience with women and very little around other boys.
He was shy and sort of frail. His parents kept him out of gym class because he seemed to have a habit of getting both hurt and picked on by bullies. So he hadn't seen many other cocks in the showers like most boys his age.

Man, thought I had seen some big cocks on the football team but, nothing like this eh fellows? Andy stated. Both of them agreed. Yep that's some fuck stick you got there Kyle Greg started laughing. Can't say I've seen a longer Mark was still wide eyed and I'm on the track and basketball team too. I've seen a lot of cocks! Jessica was pretty amazed herself but really didn't say anything.

Turning towards her he simply almost in a whining voice asked "Will you please suck it?" No wait please my jaws are so sore Jessica seemed to be pleading. "Aw come on bitch suck it! Kyle snorted.
Andy put the heel of his foot right between the cheeks of Kyle's ass hard. Don't speak to any woman like that around me you hear! Andy glared at Kyle. Especially after what she is doing for us you stupid wimp!

Jessica was amazed and impressed. She was being defended by a southern gentleman while he was helping gang bang her. He did seem to know when no meant yes and no meant no. She was really taking a liking to this young man.

Greg move over let me fuck her! Kyle begged. No way wimp, wait your turn I'm almost done. And suddenly remember what he was suppose to be doing he went back to fucking Jessica and very quickly. Jessica to remember that she had been close to cumming and started fucking back.

Kyle stood like a wounded fawn with pleading eyes and holding his long erection. Jessica took a second off from fucking and managed to get out, "my tits fuck my tits"! She had gotten that from her husband's porn magazines. Kyle could remember seeing that in some porno movies and quickly threw his legs over her and squeezed her tits together and put his cock between them.

All the spunk that had gone across her chest was a good lube. If Kyle minded the other's guys spunk he sure didn't let on. He started fucking her tits like the virgin male that he was. He was glad to be fucking anything!

Jessica had gone back to fucking Greg. He had also started to flick her clit. Jessica eyes rolled up in her head and started moaning very loudly. Oh yes, oh yes fuck me fuck me faster, faster Jessica had started to moan. Greg was more turned on than ever and really started to pound her cunt and rub her clit. They had a very steady rhythm going and Kyle was adding to it with his tit fucking.

His eyes were bulging out of his head. Andy thought Kyle's eyes were going to pop out of his head. He was breathing so hard and fast Andy was pretty sure he was going to hyperventilate. Suddenly he started gulping and gasping and then gave a loud yelp and shot cum over Jessica's head.

Kyle had never sex before and like any other teenage boy that was all he could think about. He hadn't been fucking her tits long but, it didn't take long. All that frustration and watching the live sex show had really gotten to him. The result was several long powerful squirts shooting all over Jessica's chest, throat, and face.

Oh yeah, oh yeah Kyle was yelling and cumming. He honestly thought his nuts were going to squirt right out of his dick. He was covering Jessica with his spunk. She didn't notice she was to busy approaching the top herself. Yeah, fuck me harder, harder er, aw Jessica started to say Greg's name and suddenly remembered of the four boys she only knew Andy's name. An here she was letting them fuck her brains out. It was a fleeting thought cause she was cumming again. YEAH, harder, harder fuck me! Jessica was screaming. She started bucking so hard that Kyle actually fell off of her. The wave washed over her.

At the same time Greg almost stopped breathing and started shooting his load into her pussy. He didn't really make much noise; he just came. Suddenly he had an idea. He pulled his cock out of her and started beating off and spraying his cum all over her pussy and stomach. He always liked that in the porn movies so might as well try it. Both Greg and Jessica collapsed at the same time.

Greg lay down in the hallway of the big RV between the bedroom and living room trying to catch his breath. Jessica lay on the couch, one leg draped off onto the floor, the other against the back of the couch. For a moment Andy wasn't even sure she was breathing. Her cum covered head was tilted slightly back and her eyes were closed. He was relieved when she gave a big sigh and saw her chest start to rise and fall.

They all laid there quietly for twenty minutes. The young men watching the cum covered beauty just laying there. They mostly looked at her tits and almost bare pussy. Especially Kyle. It was the first real pussy he had ever seen.

Jessica finally set up and mumbled out "I better be going".
She looked at her self. She had cum on her from her stomach to her pussy and she could feel it in her face and hair.
Well, so far she had fucked four men and was covered in cum just like the prono Jessica. At least she hadn't been filmed and fucked in the ass.

She was trying to find her clothes but, she couldn't even remember what she had worn much less where it was. She was pretty much lost in a sexual fog.
"Jessica, before you go could you maybe help us out just a little more?" Andy asked.

She brought her eyes up off the floor and looked towards him and Mark. Both were hard again. Already Jessica wondered!
Then she remembered these guys were still teenagers, they could most likely fuck all day and all night and never go down.

Well, I should get home Jessica said while staring at Andy's hard-on.
Well, if you have to go we certainly are not going to make you. If you don't want to then you don't have to Andy said as he stood up.
He passed within inches of her face with his hard dick. He turned and sat on the top corner of the couch next to her and spread his legs.

She turned and looked at the youngster. He had that charm-dripping grin again. Then she stared right across at his big angry dick. It seemed to be pulsing. Oh what the hell she said. She stood up, turned around bent over at the waist and opened her mouth.

She spread her legs a little for balance and to make sure the two boys behind her got a good look at her ass and pussy. The she engulfed Andy's dick. This time she had no hesitation at all. In fact now she really wanted to suck his cock.

She didn't do it slowly or carefully. She started bobbing up and down on his dick as quick as she could holding her lips as tightly closed as possible. She decided that she was going to make this young stud pay for his brashness. She would show his cock no mercy.

Mark sat and watched the giggling ass and pussy for a few moments and then stood up. He had fucked some girls from his high school. It was always in the back seat of the car except for one time when he got one of the marching band girls in a school bus one night on a school trip. He wanted to do a woman doggy style and since she was bent over

He stepped up behind her, bent down and grabbed his cock. He started rubbing his cock up and down her slit. Back and forth several times. Jessica knew what it was rubbing her pussy. The cum from Greg's and Andy's previous fucking was starting to ooze out of her but, it helped wet her pussy. She pushed back on his cock and it popped into her cunt.

Oh yeah Mark thought, this is some very good pussy. He started to fuck her in earnest. He would push up at the same time she came down on Andy's cock. He was really enjoying her. He briefly wondered how long he would last. Then he didn't care he just fucked her.

Andy was enjoying his blow-job and was really turned on watching her head bob up and down and watching Mark also moving up and down. But, this wasn't like the first blow-job he had gotten from her. His cock was a little tender from the previous fucking and sucking. While they were both a lot hornier at the beginning it seemed a little easier. Now she was really putting some pressure on his cock with her lips. From time to time she would let her teeth scrap his cock. She was rotating her head left to right and back. In a way he felt that he was getting a wet hand-job instead of a blow-job.

Sometimes she would stop and suck and lick the head or suck his balls but, when she did it, she did it roughly, Her ball sucking actually kind of hurt. He finally spoke up and asked her to take it easy. She stopped sucking but did not take his cock from her mouth.
She looked him in the eye and gave him a brief cold stare. He thought maybe he had said something wrong. She took his cock out and in a mocking oriental voice said "you want suckie, suckie I suckie suckie.
What matter you sissy man; maybe you give other boy suckie suckie".
Andy burst out laughing and she went back to sucking. He decided that he would just have to take the beating.

Mean while Greg had finally recovered and got up off the floor, he watched the three fucking away. He loved her long hair even though it did have a lot of cum in it. He really enjoyed watching her tits swing back and forth. they seem to have a lot of cum on them too. Even though he was really enjoying this scene he needed to piss. He went down the hall of the RV looking for the bathroom.

This was one big RV. The biggest money could buy with out going up to a bus type frame. The inside had been costumed finished. Lots of exotic woods, leather, and glass. No plastic in here, no sireee. One first class ride! But then again Earl Grossman could afford easily afford it.
Greg being a friend to Andy knew the father of one of the richest and most powerful men in the south. Sometimes he wondered why a man with houses in the mountains, Jamaica, and Aspen would want with an RV; but he seemed to enjoy camping out as long as he was comfortable.

He stepped into the bathroom and took a leak. As he turned to go out he noticed one of the cabinets in the bathroom was open. He also saw the video camera inside. Now here was something they could use! He pulled out the camera and sorted around the inside of the cabinet finding a brand new tape still in plastic. Of course there would be a new tape; there was case actually. That was the way Earl Grossman went; nothing in small doses.

Greg came out of the john filming. He went down the hall and got Jessica in the view finder. Oh yeah thought Greg I'm a porn producer now. He stepped out of the hall laughing "that's it people show me the action"! Everyone but Jessica laughed but she couldn't see Greg. She didn't know what they were laughing about. Then again she didn't care. She was very busy fucking and sucking.

Greg turned the camera towards Andy. "For our viewing audience Andy would you tell us who gives the best-blow job? Is it Judy, Miss Dixon, or our cock hungry lady here?" Fuck you Greg, I told you that I'm not doing Miss Dixon. All three of the other boys replied "Sure your not"! then busted out laughing.

Greg moved down by Jessica's head and taped the harsh blow-job she was giving Andy. He moved the camera back and forth from her tits to her mouth. He then laid down on the floor and taped Mark's cock shoving in and out of her pussy. He moved in real close and used the camera's zoom function on the cock and cunt. Hey Mark, stop for second I want to get a good shot. Mark did and Greg got a close up of Jessica's cum covered pussy hair and Mark's slimy hard cock pushed into her cunt.

"As you were there Mark" Greg laughed and the fucking continued. Mark was starting to moan and groan pretty loudly. It was pretty apparent he wasn't going to last much longer. Greg judge that Andy wasn't going to laugh much longer himself. His eyes were closed and his breathing was very rapid and shallow.

Cum shot man cum shot man! Greg grinned at Mark. Cum on her ass man cum on her ass! Mark was on the edge. Her tight wet cunt was doing its job very well. She had been flexing all the muscles in her cunt that she could; when she could concentrate on his cock. She was still blowing Andy.

Mark felt it boiling up from way inside. The first contraction actually made him clench his ass checks and raise up on his tips toes.
He yanked his cock out of her, grabbed it and pointed it at the crack of her ass and fired the first shot.
It and the next two shots hit the crack of her ass and Mark hadn't even stroked his cock. He finally did and put three more shots into the crack, the cum ran down the crack and pooled a bit in her asshole. When he was spent he cleaned off his cock by whipping it back and forth across her ass Greg got it all on tape.

Greg moved back and continued recording the action between Andy and Jessica. Andy had started to moan, she was looking up at him watching his reaction to her administrations.
"Ok, her it comes, here it comes" Andy started gasping.
Jessica pulled him out of her mouth and started jerking him off.
She had his cock pointed at her forehead.
He gave a long grunt and shot her right between the eyes. She kept jacking and he put two shots across her cheeks. As he collapsed against the wall she popped his cock head into her mouth and sucked him clean and dry. Greg again got it all on tape.

Andy slid off the top of the couch onto the seat. Jessica raised up and plopped down next to him. Greg sat down in the easy chair across from them, still filming them. So, tell us miss do you feel you did a better job on Andy than his girl friend Judy or his real true love Miss Dixion can.

Andy gave out a loud cry of frustration threw back his head, slapped his forehead and groaned, "I'm not doing Miss Dixion. I like her, she is a great teacher, I would to fuck her too, but I'm not. Leave her alone" In unison the other three chimed in, sure your not fucking her.

Suddenly Jessica became aware that she was now on video tape. She let out a yelp and tried to cover herself; burying her head into her lap. She wrapped her arms around her knees and clapped her legs together. "Stop that stop filming me! Jessica squeaked.

Oh come on now Andy told her. He reached across her and put his hand around her shoulder. He started pulling her up.
Come on honey, we've all seen how pretty you are. Let us film it, come on.
Andy was grinning away. He finally coaxed her to sit up but, she still had her legs closed tight and now put her arms across her chest.

Andy looked deep into her eyes when she looked at him He turned on the charm giving her his best smile. His hand slowly reached up and took her wrist. Your so beautiful, we just want to preserve what we got to see today. Come on honey, show us your perfect body!

Jessica was slowly letting him lower her arm. Come on Jessica let the camera see what a woman you arm. I know you want to show off; that's why you wore that dress to day. You need to show it off as much as we need to see it.

Andy's charm worked again, She slowly dropped both arms and started smiling up at him. Why is it he could make her feel like such a school girl. Why is it this boy stranger could get her to do things in one afternoon her husband had never been able to get her do after all the years of marriage.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Your such a goddess, your body is such a piece of art" Andy said, still oozing out his charm. Andy looked towards the camera.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a real work of female art. Just look at the boobs, perfect. He reached over to her right tit and gave it a little squeeze and bounce.

Trust me on this one folks! I've had these tits in my mouth and they are perfect! These nipples get so hard and they taste great! Andy had reached over her far shoulder and was cupping both tits in his hands.
He then moved up and started pulling on her nipples with his thumb and forefinger. Tell them honey, did I do a good job on these nips! Andy was now beaming. Greg had zoomed in for a close up her nipples.


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