Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fantasy and reality

Written by Damian (November 2000)

They often exchanged their sexual fantasies, in conversations that appeared to everyone else to be normal office contacts, but would leave them weak with their mutual desire. He had once told her of a fantasy that began with his working at the table in his office, his back to the office door. She quietly came in, silently closing the door behind her, so that he didn't know of her presence until she kissed his neck, then began massaging his shoulders, letting her face and hair brush against his. When she had sufficiently gained his attention, she would hand him her panties.

She would be dressed in a long, loose fitting skirt, with a lace camisole through which you could see the outline of her hardened nipples. She would work her way around him, sitting in his lap, unbuttoning his pants and removing his fully engorged cock from his zipper. While they kissed she would slide it into herself, spreading her legs so that her calves were over his shoulders, wrapped around his head. She would slip her arms from her camisole, so he could suck and lick her now free breasts while she controlled the tempo of her thrusts. He knew in real life he wouldn't be able to wait for her, but in his fantasy he did, coming at the exact moment that she did, holding her tightly as they both cried out in exquisite joy.

She held the scene in her memory, wishing she had the courage to make it happen. She almost did. On a hot summer day she approached him from behind, kissing him lightly on the cheek, and then handed him her silky brightly colored panties. He ran his hand up her bare leg, quickly finding a wet, hot and ready pussy, which he knew had been the result of her own fantasies as she worked up the courage to come to him in this manner. She moaned softly, allowing him to probe her, feeling the sensations that she had imagined a few minutes before overwhelm her. But she moved away, saying that she would see him for lunch, and backed out of the room, cursing herself for not having the courage to go through with what she had started, what she had very much wanted to finish.

He put the panties in his jacket pocket, trying desperately to catch his breath, trying to concentrate on anything but what he now knew was waiting for him in her office. He couldn’t stop himself from touching the panties in his jacket pocket. He couldn't resist the temptation, he couldn't ignore this invitation. He got up on weakened legs, and crossed over to her office, only to find her on her hands and knees, seemingly trying to organize a file that she had spread over the floor.

It was more than he could take. He closed and locked the door, kneeled behind her and quickly pulled her skirt up to her waist. She rose to her knees, turning her head to him so he could kiss her fully on the mouth as he removed the straps of her tank top from her shoulders, allowing her breasts to fall free, pulling her to him and holding her nipples in his fingers. His cock pressed through his pants onto her behind, finding its place in her center, rubbing softly against her slit.

He kissed his way down her neck, to her spine at her hairline, and then down her backbone, across her ass to her sweet pussy, which she now exposed to him by resuming her position on her hands and knees. He laid under her on his back, and she lowered herself onto his face as he licked her pussy, concentrating on her now extremely sensitive clitoris, which was throbbing under his perfectly placed tongue thrusts. He brought her to the edge of an orgasm, then slid from beneath her, to his knees behind her, and rammed himself deep within her, watching her wince in the pain he knew she so enjoyed.

He stoked her as slowly as he could, trying to allow her to feel each inch as he penetrated into her, holding his cock against her clit, watching her as her climax again rose within. He only hoped that he could hold off his own orgasm long enough, and tried to pull his mind from the ultimate stimulation that he was observing before him, as her perfect body willingly surrendered to his every desire, as she begged him for more. His long slow strokes gradually increased in speed, as he could feel his orgasm approach, as he tried to hold off. And then she came, muffling her screams by biting into his arm, and he immediately exploded into her, his ejaculation in spasms, resulting in uncontrollable body movements, until he collapsed on top of her in a pile over the file that had remained spread across the floor.

They kissed, hugged, held, both wishing for the rest of the day, the next day, the next week, the rest of their lives; both knowing that instead they had to get back to their assigned chores, so that their fellow employees would not notice their absence and the closed door. They regretfully got to their feet, looking at one another in wonderment, both of what they had just done and what they were leaving undone. They knew that such passion after all these years was rare, and they knew they would do anything to insure that they could retain passions pleasures.

He often told himself that if they ever somehow were lucky enough to be together, he would make sure that he would maintain the type of spontaneous joy that this type of contact brought to them by randomly planning and initiating such things. He knew how hard this was in the context of a marriage, where so many things seem to take precedence, but he knew the importance of such spontaneity, and promised himself that with her he could keep it alive. He would do anything to do so, and the thought was never more clear than then as he watched her rearrange her clothes so she could make a reasonable reentry into the office world.

As she got to her feet, he handed her panties to her, but she told him to hold on to them until lunch, because she had something else she wanted to give him. He knew that their fantasies would continue.

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