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Jessica Part IV

Written by toybld@yahoo.com (October 2000)

Earl stood weakly behind the woman still clutching her hips and his softening dick in her ass. Both of them were sweating. She folded her arms and laid her head down on the couch with her ass up in the air. It was almost like she wanted to have another go. Earl thought he would love to but, this was his second woman today and he wasn't as young as he use to be.
She did look lovely laying therewith her eyes closed and she seemed to be making a purring sound.

He finally pulled all the way out of her ass and she lay all the way down on the couch. He pulled his pants up and fastened them. All the time looking at her body. She had a great looking ass. He knew he needed to fuck it again soon. He thought for a few minutes how to arrange that.

Jessica wasn't really thinking, just feeling. She knew that the next day her jaws would be sore, her legs would be sore, her pussy would be sore, and her ass would be very sore. She didn't care.

She did give some thought to the day. Gang banged, cum shower, ass fucked, filmed doing it; now she had done all but tow and they needed another woman for one of them. She wouldn't be surprised in the least if Andy came back with one. If he did it wouldn't do any good; she was fucked out!

Earl dropped into the easy chair across from her. She rolled over at the sound and sat up part way. They looked at each other for awhile.
He was thinking she was more beautiful than he first thought and wish he had more time to spend on her. She was thinking she wish she could of had more time with him. They both knew that had to have each again and soon, but it wouldn't be this afternoon.

Earl spoke first "didn't you say that you were an Architect?" "Yes and I'm studying drafting" a puzzled Jessica replied.
"Well, how would you like to work for me? said Earl. I have need for a part-timer in my company; its about thirty hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less."
"You will have time for your classes, get some work hours in and some play time too" Earl seemed to leer that last part.
Jessica was pretty sure that the play time included Earl.
"Have to tell you up front there is a probation period and I expect quality work." Earl stated this in a very business matter. Jessica only thought for a second, "ok, when do I start."

Earl stood "not for a week, I got to go out of town and I won't be at the office to let them know you will be there." Earl fished out his wallet and pulled out a business card.
Earl bent over but instead of putting it in her hand he pushed the corner of the card into her pussy and it stood straight up.
Jessica laughed and left it there.
"I'm sure I can use a woman of your many talents" Earl again leered.
Jessica knew that one of her many talents he wanted to use had nothing to do with construction.

The door of the RV opened and Andy stepped inside but he was looking at the floor as he did.
"Dad, got the tire changed and the papers you wanted from your office..." Andy trailed off his statement when he saw the two of them there.
Jessica still nude and now with a business card sticking out of her cunt.
And she was acting perfectly normal, like she was nude in front of people all the time.
He also saw a slight trickle of cum running out of what of her asshole he could see.

Earl ginned and laughed "guess I should take my own advice about locking doors."
He turned to Jessica and put out his hand.
She took it and rose up taking the card out of her cunt at the same time and palmed it.
"Jessica there is a shower back there with everything you need in the cabinets, please help yourself" Earl said this with a sweeping arm gesture and with the voice of Southern hospitality.

Jessica smiled back "thank you kind sir! Andy would you please take care of my dress, I'll need it soon." "Of course he will" Earl shot back before Andy could speak. The father and son both watched as the perfect ass walked down the hall towards the bathroom. She knew they were watching and really strutted her stuff. It was a turn-on knowing they were looking.

After she went into the bathroom Earl turned to Andy. "Well get the lady's dress boy and get the footprints off of it" Earl directed his son. Andy was quick to do as he was told. As he dusted off the dress he looked asked his dad "are you mad?" "hell no I ain't mad, wish I would of found a woman like her when I was your age!" Earl winked at his son.

"But, I've told you this before and I'll tell you again son. You watch what you say about her and don't be spreading it to your buddies what her name is or anything that may let people figure out who she is. Ride rough shod on your buddies too so they go to talking" Earl said this in a father's tone.
"And don't be calling her slut or whore or bad mouthing her. She gave you quite a treat and you should appreciate it"

"I won't Dad, I never have spoken bad about any girl I've fucked" Andy said this then was a bit nervous.
He had never told his dad that he had several sex sessions.
"Oh don't look so saintly boy" Earl chuckled.
"I know that you get pussy on a very regular basis, what did you think I thought you were doing up in your room with those girls!"
"Ha, you thought you either snuck out or snuck them in with out me knowing?" Earl was laughing loud at this one.
"Why do you think I left all those condoms lying around my car, and truck, and RV, and half a dozen other places. I didn't want to become a Grandpa yet!"

Both of them started laughing and Andy turned a little red. His Dad had often talked to him about sex and always answered his questions. He had never directly asked him about sleeping with anyone. Now they had both fucked the same woman.

"Oh Dad, Dottie and I couldn't find your briefcase in you office" Andy informed his father. "That is because it is in my car Earl grinned had to keep you busy while I played with Jessica." They both chuckled.

"Now listen I'm taking the RV up to the lake. I want you to get the spray cleaner and clean up that couch and any other mess you made. That is why I got the leather couch, it don't stain like that fabric one I use to hump Bettie Ann on." Earl said.

"Oh don't look so surprised boy" Earl laughed at Andy now looking somewhat embarrassed. "That woman loves sex more than any woman I ever met" Earl sighed.
"Think that's why I married her."
"She also loved to spend money I didnÔt have, that is why she divorced me." Earl sighed.
"I'm surprised you haven't been in her bed or have you?" Earl quizzed a look at Andy.
"Dad!" Andy Exclaimed. "She's my Step-mom!"
"Oh she is not" Earl laughed.
"She is my third ex-wife, she was sweet to you but she was never a mother to you."
"Just take her something shiny and give her a compliment and you can fuck your Step-mom; lots of others have. Oops, broke another of my own rules" Earl sighed.

"Ok, I'm out of here and I'll meet you at the house son" Earl said with a flourish as he went out the door. "With a look over his head he told his son "be careful with this rig and be really nice to Jessica."

She had looked at a mirror on the door before she had stepped into the shower. Her hair was almost white from the drying cum and so were her tits. So she especially made sure her tits and cunt were washed well. She flicked her clit while washing her pussy and it felt numb.
"Guess I am done for today" she laughed to herself. Before she did get out she ensured that she was scrubbed from head to toe; there was hardly any spot on her that didnÔt have cum on it.

Jessica was now enjoying the hot shower and wanted to stay in it a lot longer but, she knew it was getting late and she should be going. She was barely going to beat her husband home now.

She got out of the shower and found a new comb in the cabinet. She only casually toweled off and ran the comb through her hair sweeping it straight back. She stepped out into the hall still combing. Andy had finished cleaning the couch; which had been no small task. All the rolling around had smeared cum all over it.

She was still a little wet from her shower. When she raised her arms to comb her hair her tits almost pointed straight up.
She a few feet from him finishing her hair. The what water remained really brought out her features and she shined. Her now all black again hair reached down to the middle of her back and it also shined. He couldn't believe how casual she was about being naked. As a matter of fact she was having the same thought.
He watched her closely; thinking maybe he was falling in love.

She finished her hair and noticed Andy looking at her. She couldn't resist one more tease. She reached down with the comb and ran it through what little remained of her pussy hair. He looked up at her with his ever always charming smile and she winked at him.

"Andy, can I ask you something?" she said as she reached for her dress. Andy stopped her and pulled her close to him. He lowered him self down to her tits and started nuzzling them.
"Sure hon, what is it?" he replied with a muffle.
Jessica giggled, she was enjoying the attention again and gave a short gasp as he palmed her ass and sucked in a nipple.
"Who is this Judy and Miss Dixion that seems to give you such fits" she seemed to exhale this enjoying what Andy was doing to her again. At the same time though she pushed him away. Better not get started with that again; I'll never get home she thought.

Andy flopped down of the edge of the couch and raised his hand up and gently squeezed her ass, she didn't move away but turned her nude form to face him.
"Well Judy is suppose to be my girl friend that everyone just knows I'm fucking.
Miss Dixion was my math teacher last year that everyone likes to tease me about fucking because she and I get along so well" Andy almost sounded frustrated as he said this.

Jessica giggled and Andy continued to play with her ass and started tickling her pussy hair. "Well, are you fucking Judy?" Jessica said; she thought she was getting wet again; must be the shower.

Andy looked like he didn't know what to say. Jessica was a little surprised when he stopped feeling her up. He sat there for a second, "no" he sighed.
"I haven't gotten any where with her. We hardly even make out much less anything else. Got my hand in her shirt a few times but, she always stops me." He almost seemed sad when he said it. "Nothing wrong with her saving herself or maybe she just don't feel that way about you" Jessica told him.
"Yeah, maybe your right there, but you know, sometimes I get the feeling that she just don't like it" Andy sighed out.

"Its like I've dated other chicks and we just made out; its not like it was with sex. They enjoyed just making out but, with Judy..." and he trailed his comment.
"Well Andy maybe it is just not to be" Jessica said almost mother like.
"Why do you date her?" Andy looked up at her "because I think its expected of me. You know I'm the football star and she's a cheerleader.
She is really pretty and she is fun to be with or just talk too. I do enjoy her company." Jessica ran her fingers through his hair and consulted him "don't worry about it if you can is all I can really tell you lover."

Andy grinned and then remembering where his hands were started playing with Jessica's ass and running his finger back and forth across her lips. Jessica couldn't drop the whole conversation though.

"Hey, you didn't tell me about the famous Miss Dixion." she gave him a mischievous grin. "Why does everyone give you such a hard time about fucking her when your not?" Andy shrugged his shoulders and said "probably because I am fucking her."

Jessica had ceased to be surprised anymore that day but, she did want to know this.
"Your fucking your math teacher?"
"Yep, about nine months now" Andy said in a matter of fact tone.
"She was always real nice to me and encouraged me, and helped me with my math problems."
"I would go see her after class sometimes for math and we would end up talking for two or three hours after school was out.
"During Christmas break I ran into her here at the mall and she asked me to come to her apartment and move some furniture. I was glad to help her. I don't think she meant for it to happen really. After we were done we sat on the couch and started talking. Next thing I know we were kissing and then..."

Andy seemed to glow as he told her this. "Been doing her ever since. She has been a very good teacher and I'm not talking math either!" Jessica thought "she sure is. I should send her a thank you card. All young men should have a Miss Dixion in their life."

Andy continued "any way she is pretty happy and busy and seems happy to be doing just me for now and not dating anyone.
She would loose her job if the school found out. So, I deny it all the time and I'm careful about where I'm scene with her just so folks won't figure it out; I hope."
"Well, that's very gallant of you Sire!" Jessica teased. "Your learning well how to take of a lady, keep it up."

She finally pushed Andy's hands off her and turned her back to him and bent over to get her red dress off the easy chair where he had put it. He was looking between her legs again. He had another view of her pussy lips and asshole; both red and swollen now. His dick started rising.

He stood up about the same time she slipped the dress over her head and she got it down to her hips and was pulling it down. He was looking over her shoulder and down her chest and watched her tits bounce. He reached around and pulled her back into him tightly and started nibbling her ear.

"Andy I have to go home" she whined with a giggle. "I know and I want to thank you for today. It was more than I could ever dream." "Me too Andy me too" and she pushed back into him and wrapped her arms around his. The kissing on her ears was having an effect.

"Jessica can we get together again tomorrow or the day after?" and he pulled her tighter. "Andy, I'm married, I shouldn't of even done any of this!" Jessica replied to him. But, she just couldn't say no to him. Plus, she could his now hard again cock between the cheeks or her ass.

"Come on" he half pleaded with her. At the same time his right hand reached up and started tweaking her nipple and he pulled her ass tighter into his hard on. "My dad is gone tomorrow, our address is on the card he gave you. We will have the house all to ourselves, we can take our time in bed instead of on a couch or the floor. Unless that is where you want to do it!"

This last one made her giggle. He was squeezing her boobs together and running his hands up and down her ribs and stomach. She hadn't even got the dress all the way down and it was already riding back up.
He was getting to her again.

She finally sighed, "Ok, about one o'clock Ok?"
"That would be great. I promise we are going to have a good time" he replied. She was wondering if she would be able to fuck after what she had done today. She wondered how he would be able to after today. But, he was 18 he could fuck all day and all night. The stiff dick he was pushing into her ass showed that.

He reached down and was pulling her dress up. "Jessica, I don't think I can wait until tomorrow" he whispered into her ear. Jessica hesitated and moaned "I have to go... oh, me either but, hurry and cum in my pussy and not on me this time please." She pulled the dress up over her hips and once again she got on all fours on the couch resting her head on the top of the back of the couch. Andy started rubbing his cock up and down her slit getting her wetter.

One last time she thought of the day. She had cum in her face, her mouth, and all over her body. She had tasted the juice of her cunt and two other women without actually meeting the women.
She had been fucked in all her holes; and for the first time her asshole. And there was video tape to prove part of it. About the only thing she hadn't done was take men in her mouth, pussy and asshole all at the same time.

Andy was pushing his cock into her. "Andy do me a favor tomorrow." She told him.
"Anything baby" he replies as he finished pushing it all the way in.
"What is it?" "Have the other guys come over about two o'clock; there is something I want to try."


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