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Little Black Skirt

Written by DAMONX (December 2000)

She looked like the kind of girl that could be pressured into doing

almost anything. You know the type. Really insecure and maybe a little

confused. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous or anything, but she was attractive

nonetheless, and there was something about her that turned me on.

I was attending a gig at which a friend of mine was performing with his

band at a local community center. The place was full of teenagers just

hanging around checking out the music. There was your basic purple haired,

eyebrow pierced freaky kids that usually attend the shows, but there were

also a few "normals" and more than a couple decent looking girls. As the

band onstage broke into thier first song I glanced through the swarm of

moshing teens and caught a glimpse of nice pair of legs.

After a small change in positioning I saw the owner of the legs. She was around fifteen

or sixteen years old and wearing the shortest little mini skirt I have ever

seen. At first I wondered if she was cold, due to the fact that it was

still winter, but soon my mind was drifting to more deviant thoughts.

Sometimes when a girl wears revealing clothing she carries herself with

confidence and poise. This girl was not one of those. She looked insecure

and uncomfortable, always trying in vain to pull her little black skirt a

little lower down her legs. I wondered if her choice in dress for the

evening had not been influenced by some horny boyfriend. She did not seem

like the kind of girl to wear revealing clothing to attract guys. As I

studied her a young man walked over to the girl and kissed her on the cheek.

They continued to be quite close and I realized that this was the "horny


He was about the same age as her, and dripping in sweat from the mosh pit.

Poor kid. Didn't even realize his girlfriend was about to get fucked.

As he once again joined the sweaty, evergrowing pit of wild thrashing

teens, his date appeared to be growing annoyed at his unattentiveness. As

she sat alone, I studied her young face. She looked like the kind of girl

that would have turned me down in high school, with her blonde hair, and

pretty face. The kind of girl that I now lusted after as a mature college

student. I don't think anyone would refer to her a being "hot", but she was

certainly doable in my books. Maybe it was the legs. I have always been

attracted to legs, even if the girl attached to them was perhaps not the

finest specimen of a female. She did not look very athletic, but her legs

certainly were shapely for a girl of her age. On the other hand it could

have been the fact that she was wearing a pair of black 3 inch heeled shoes

and the shortest skirt known to man. Bottom line: I had a hard on the size

of a fence post and was determined to do something about it at the expense

of this insecure high school girl.

Then it happend. I got caught. Every guy knows the horror of the

dreaded eye contact made while drooling over a girl. Our eyes met and I

quickly turned away silently cursing. The last thing I needed was to look

like a creepy pervert. After a few seconds I looked back. She was looking

at me. I smiled at her then pretended to turn my attention back to the band

onstage. Over the next few minutes I'd frequently steal glimpses of the

girl. I even thought I saw her smile once or twice. When she turned to go

to the lobby I saw my chance and quickly pursued like a tiger in search of

prey. The blaring music was muffled as the doors swung shut behind me and

I walked into the lobby.

She was sitting on a bench occupied with the impossible task of keeping

her upper thighs hidden from view. She looked nervous as I approached.

"Not enjoying the show?", I asked.

"It's okay", she replied. "I'm just a little tired".

I smiled. "Well that's no good. You're boyfriend seems to be enjoying


"Yeah", she said looking down to the floor.

There was a moment of silence before I broke the tension.

"I'm Damon", I said extending my hand.

"Kari", she replied as she shook my hand, looking a little uncomfortable.

She was pretty unresponsive and I was beginning to lose hope.

"Well I guess you'll be wanting to get back to your boyfriend...".

"No, I'm okay out here", she answered abruptly cutting me off.

My confidence was starting to fly so I asked her to come for a walk with me

around the center. She agreed and nervously came along. We weren't really

allowed to wander around but there was no security so we strolled through

the darkend hallways. I made smalltalk and she soon began to open up a

little. I was also sure to mention the fact that I was in college as

younger girls seem to like that for some reason. As we walked Kari's skirt

would ride and she would have to stop and pull it down every few steps

"I should never have worn a skirt", she said as she started to get


"Don't be ridiculous", I replied. "You look great".

Kari started to blush. "Thanks". She leaned up against the wall. "I feel

kind of stupid wearing it though".

I put my confused, sincere face on. "Why would you feel stupid?"

"Well, not so much stupid as..." She paused. "Slutty".

I leaned up against the wall beside her. "Believe me you don't look slutty

at all". I moved a little closer. "You look like a very attractive girl

with a great pair of legs making all the other girls jealous. That's what

you look like".

She blushed more but remained silent. I leaned over and kissed her gently

on the cheek. At first she seemed startled and jerked away but I moved

around to face her and started to kiss her neck. She raised her hands to my

chest as if to stop me but her arms soon went limp as my lips traced their

way across her soft skin. My mouth found hers and soon we were locked in a

deep kiss as my tongue explored her sweet little mouth. As my wandering

hands found her pert little teenage tits she broke away.

"We shouldn't be doing this!" she started to say before her mouth was once

again covered by my own. Again she broke. "My boyfriend...".

"and what if someone comes?"

"Don't worry. No one will come, I promise." My hand slipped under her


She tried in vain to push my hand away. "Still, my boyfriend is in there".

"Don't think about him right now. He's busy in there having fun. You

should be having fun too." I could feel the soft fabric of her panties.

I ran my fingers over her crotch and she moaned lightly. I then turned her

around so that she was facing the wall. I kissed her neck and cupped her

firm tits as my bulge pressed into her ass from behind. She seemed very


"We just shouldn't be doing this".

My hand dropped and once again found it's way under her little skirt. This

time I pulled her panties aside and stroked her little wet slit. She kind

of struggled, but I could tell she was turned on. When I slipped a finger

inside her she first tried to pull my hand away, but soon gave in and

allowed me to penetrate her hot little hole. I worked my finger in and out

as I pressed her from behind with my restrained cock. Just when she was

beginning to relax a little I slipped my other hand down the back of her

panties. She instantly stiffened.

"No, please", she cooed.

My hand nestled it's way between her cute little asscheeks and my middle

finger found it's destination. I ran my finger over the soft rim of Kari's

tiny butthole.

"Damon, not there. Please."

Her request went unheeded however as I slowly pressed my finger against the

opening. I made sure to be gentle as she had probably never had anything in

her ass before. I rotated my finger and slowly worked it up the girl's

tight asshole. Her ass clenched my finger as I pushed it up to the knuckle.

"I really have to go Damon. Kyle will wonder were I am."

I ignored her and continued fingering her virgin ass.

"It hurts". "please stop".

I put my mouth to her ear and whispered to her. "You know you want it. You

know you like it".

Kari moaned, but I could not tell if it was in pleasure or in pain.

"At least let's go into a room".

I agreed and escorted her to a handicap bathroom. Handicap bathrooms are

great for sex bcause they are private and quite large.

No sooner had the door closed, than I was bending Kari over placing her

hands on the edge of the sink. I dropped to my knees and reached up to pull

down her panties. My cock was aching as the white underwear slid down her

smooth legs, but I knew that the longer I waited the more satisfying it

would be. I began by kissing her calf, then moving up to the back of her

knee. She turned out to be quite ticklish and squirmed a little as my

tongue traced it's way up the back of her thigh. I pushed her skirt up over

her hips and soon found myself staring into her lovely pink pussy and tiny

brown anus.

She moaned when my tongue touched her sweet folds. I smiled to myself and

began pushing my tongue into her hot hole tasting every inch of Kari's sweet

young pussy. My nose pressed against her anus as I tongue-fucked her wet

cunt. I then pulled away and moved up her body. I began planting soft

kisses all over her ass cheeks zeroing in on my ultimate destination. As I

neared her virgin ass, she started to tense up again.

"Noooooo", she moaned softy.

Her moan turned to a gasp as I planted my lips around her asshole. My tongue

slipped out of my mouth and touched her rim. She bucked forward but I just

pulled her back pressing my mouth against her butt. As my tongue pushed its

way through her muscular ring I slid a finger into her pussy. this seemed

to relax her a bit and I was able to feed more of my tongue into her virgin


When I had had my fill of her ass I stood up and pulled her around to kiss

her. She seemed reluctant, but I nevertheless had my way once again. After

I broke the kiss I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently prompted her

to her knees. I unzipped and allowed my dick to finally breath. When my

fully erect cock sprang forth, Kari looked surprised, but soon got the idea.

She kissed my cock, but seemed reluctant to take it in. I figured she was

inexperienced, and therefore needed some help. I put my hands on the back

of her head and gently pushed my dick through her sweet lips. I slipped it

in and out only a couple of times before I felt that all too familiar

feeling. My hands gripped Kari's hair as my cock shot spurt after spurt of

hot jism down her throat. At first she started to choke, but soon regained

her composure as my dick slipped from her mouth.

Right away she started to get dressed, before I stopped her. She was

starting to get frantic.

"I've been gone so long, I have to go back!"

I embraced her from behind and wrapped my arms around her.

"Oh no you don't!" I said. "I haven't even had the main course yet."

"Damon, please! I have to!"

"You can stay a little longer."

My cock was already beginning to regain its hardness. What was it about

this girl that drove me so crazy? I had never came that fast from a blowjob

before, and here I was ready to go again right away!

I spun her around and once again shoved my tongue into her mouth. I pressed

her up against the wall and grabbed one of her legs lifting it slightly.

With my other hand I reached down and guided my dick into her freshly licked

pussy. Kari gasped as I entered her. She was very tight and also very wet!

I pushed into her all the way and then withdrew slowly, only to slide back

into her hot little cunt. I was started to get worked up and so was she!

Her hands were grabbing at my hair as I filled her sweet pussy with my rock

hard cock.

I reached both hands under her and lifted her up on the sink. I don't think

it was very comfortable for her, but at the time I didn't really care. I

spread her legs wide as she leaned back. I started to fuck her faster

gazing into her eyes with looks of pure lust. I felt myself reaching the

point of no return, so I stopped and slowed it down a little. After all, she

still had one more hole to try.

"Do you know what I want to do now?", I asked?

Kari looked up at me. "What?"

I pulled out of her pussy and lifted her legs higher into the air causing

her to lean back more. I began to rub the head of my cock over her asshole.

"No, please not that! It will hurt!"

"Come on Baby! Tell me you want it! Tell me you want my cock in your ass!"

I then began to rub her clit, as I stroked my dick.

"Okay, do it!"

Those words were music to my ears and I started pressing my cock against the

small opening. Then she spoke again.

"Shove your fucking cock in my asshole!"

Maybe it was the anticipation of fucking her sweet little backdoor, maybe it

was caused by the fucking I had just given, or maybe it was simply the

effects of the those nasty words spoken from that sweet litttle mouth.

Whatever the cause was, my dick exploded as it began to penetrate that tight

little hole, depositing a fair size load of cum just inside Kari's ass. I

slumped down on top of her dissapointed but at the same time extremely

satisfied. My cum was dribbling from her butt and dripping down to the

countertop. I reached down and massaged her tight hole spreading my cum

over her ass.

"Thanks Kari. That was great", I said as I got dressed. She was pretty

silent as she pulled her skirt down and straightend her hair.

I bent over and picked up her panties from the floor. Kari extended her


"May I have those please?"

I shook my head. "Sorry, but I need these as a souveneir".

She looked shocked. "But I need..."

I cut her off with another kiss and and then left the room leaving her to

straighten herself up for her boyfriend.

I made my way back to the show and started talking to some friends. A few

minutes later Kari came in and quickly found her boyfriend who greeted her

wth a big kiss. I smiled as I noticed she was now even more self concious

about the height of her little black skirt. Wonder why?



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