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My Hero

By Johnny Hayden (October 2000)

It's tough being a fourteen year old girl ...
too old for dolls and to young to date, according to my parents.
It's that in between stage where you know everything about sex but can't do anything about it. What with all the talk among the girls at school, letting a couple of guys kiss me and cop a quick feel of my ever growing titties and watching my older brothers triple X rated movies; add to that the fact that I have been masturbating for over two years, I know just about all there is to know about sex and I can't wait to have a real cock in my hand and in my pussy.

The family had gone away for the weekend and I was going to be home alone. I was thinking of going down to the malt shop and see what was going on but, Mom has people watching me when they are gone and I didn't want to get into any trouble so, here I sit watching TV.

That was when the door bell rang and it was Chris Burton, a kid from a couple of my classes and our paper boy, who had come to collect. I told him the folks were gone and I didn't have the money to pay him right now. But, so his trip wouldn't be a total loss, I invited him in for a Coke ... which he eagerly accepted.

He came in and we went to the kitchen to get the drinks and then back to the living room were sitting on the couch talking and drinking. It was summer and we were both in shorts; mine were short shorts and a halter top that was a hold over from last year and was just a little small because my tits had grown quite a bit since I last had it on. His shorts were the thin silky type and he was wearing a T-shirt with them.

I liked the way he kept shift his eyes to my tits and it was beginning to turn me on. I had that itchy feeling between my legs and I wanted Chris to take care of it instead of old man Thumb and his four sons. We were sitting rather close together and I reached out and began to tickle him. We got into a tickling match and I made it very easy for him to pin me down on the couch. The next thing I knew he was kissing me.

I didn't mind a bit and began kissing him back. I began to experiment and ran my tongue along his lips and they popped open and our tongues were doing battle with each other. It did surprise me a little when I felt his hand on one of my tits but I didn't push it away and we kept kissing. My nipples were getting hard and he was squeezing the one he was playing with through the material of my top.

He was on top of me, between my legs and his cock, which was getting really hard, was resting right against my pussy. He began rotating his hips and his cock was all over my cunt.

At the same time he hooked a couple of fingers under the edge of my top and lifted it up and over my tit. He broke the kiss and bent his head down and began kissing my nipple and then he was sucking my tit. My poor pussy was soaking wet by this time and I reached down and began feeling is cock through his shorts.

It felt really big and really hard and I wanted it out of those fucking shorts. Chris looked my in the eyes and asked if he could fuck me. I told him yes in no uncertain terms and he jumped up to stand beside the couch. I sat up facing him as he pulled down his shorts and there was it hard prick in all its glory staring me in the face. I stood up and pulled my shorts down and he was looking at all the hair covering my soaking wet cunt. I have to admit I have way more pubic hair than anyone I know. It covers the whole lower portion of my stomach.

Most of the girls in PE have just a little patch of hair covering their pussy whereas mine covers everything and is very, very thick. I sat back down on the couch and reached out and wrapped my hand round his cock and began pulling him toward me. Today is the day, I thought.

Today I get to feel a real cock in my cunt. It was just then that his prick began erupting and shooting his cum all over my face and tits. I didn't realize what was happening at first but, after about the third shot I knew that Chris had had a premature ejaculation.

Just thinking about fucking me had taken him over the edge and he was spewing his seed all over me instead of in me. His cock immediately began to go soft in my hand. He became very embarrassed, pulled up his shorts, mumbled how sorry he was and ran out of the house.

There I sat ... one tit hanging out, my shorts on the floor, my pussy soaking wet and his cum all over my face and tits. I picked up my shorts and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Looking in the mirror I could see that he really had a load and, out of curiosity, I licked at the cum that was close to my mouth to see what it tasted like

. It was a little salty but I liked the taste and scraped at the rest of it with my fingers and then licked my fingers clean. I decided the day wasn't a total washout. I had some nice kissing, got my tittie sucked for the first time, seen and felt a nice hard prick and learned that I liked the taste of cum. Actually, it had turned out to be a rather nice day.

When it was time for bed I became a little nervous. I may be fourteen and know a lot about sex, but I still get a little scared when I stay at home by myself. That was when I decided to let Hero in for the night to keep me company.
Hero is our three year old German Shepherd. He is a big, beautiful dog and I just love him to death.

Tonight he was going to sleep in my room and protect me from the bogeyman. It was a very warm night and, after turning out the lights, I just lay down on the bed without getting under the covers and thought about Chris. Recalling everything that had taken place, without really thinking about it, I began playing with my pussy and before I knew it, I had two fingers in it and was really working out.

The next thing I knew Hero was on the bed with me and had his nose close to my crotch smelling my pussy. I pulled my fingers out of my cunt to shove him away and he began licking my fingers that were covered with my pussy juice. All at once he was between my legs and was licking my pussy from my asshole to my clit and it felt great.

I reached over and turned on the bed lamp so I could see exactly what he was doing. Crouched between my legs, Hero was lapping my pussy just as fast as he could. Even his cold, wet nose felt good as it slid between my swelling cunt lips. I turned on my side a little from the waist so I could see what his cock was doing. I was amazed to see that it was about half hard and all pink and sticking out of its sheath.

I had never noticed before how big his nuts were and I couldn't help myself, I reached under him and began stroking is cock and watched it grow. As I played with my dogs cock it got bigger and bigger and, finally, it was between eight and ten inches long.

I guess Hero couldn't take it any longer and he moved up between my legs and placed a paw on each side of my stomach and began hunching forward in a fucking motion trying to get his big cock in my pussy. Of course, in the position we were in at that time, there is no way he could even get close to me. Just to see what he would do, I got on my hands and knees with my ass in the air and Hero mounted me immediately.

Locking his front paws around my waist, I could feel his cock brushing against my inner thigh and hitting close to my pussy. I lowered my ass a little and he was there. I could feel his cock pushing at the entrance of my love cannel and all at once the head of his big cock was in my cunt.

No dummy this Hero of mine. Once he was in, he moved up on me and each time he hunched his lower body more of his cock buried itself deeper in my dripping pussy. He seemed contented for a while and I was really enjoying having that big dick fucking into me.

That is until he hit a roadblock that kept him from going in any deeper. All at once it seemed like he gave one large lunge and I felt a pain like a big stick had been shoved up my cunt and it had spikes in the end of it. I looked down between my legs and saw a thin line of blood running down my leg and that was when I realized that Hero had popped my cherry.

Imagine, losing your virginity to a fucking dog. Well, that's exactly what he was, a dog that was fucking me and doing a very good job of it. My pussy was stuffed with his big cock and, now that the pain had subsided, I was enjoying being fucked by it. Dog or no dog, that son-of-a-bitch had a nice cock and he knew how to use it whether it be on another dog or a young girl who was dying to get fucked. Hero kept fucking me and I kept enjoying it.

He growled at me a couple of times when I moved wrong causing his dick to come out of me but, even without help, he managed to get it back in. It seemed like he had been working over my tight little cunt for hours but, I know it was only a few minutes.

Then his cock seemed to be growing bigger and bigger inside me. He increased his speed, his cock going in and out of me like a well oiled machine and then he was spewing his cum all over my insides. Once for him, about six times for me.

At least I think it was six times. I lost count after a while but I know I came at least six times while my beautiful Shepherd was pumping away on my pussy. Once he had dropped his load in me his cock began deflating rather rapidly and then he was off of me and licking his cock clean.

He then jumped off the bed and trotted over to the corner of the room, curled up and went to sleep. I was still on the bed, on my hands and knees, legs apart and blood and cum running down my leg. Well, I wanted to get fucked and fucked I had been.

Fucked very well I might add. I had the feeling Hero and I would become even closer friends over time.

Just goes to prove that dog is not only mans best friend, dog can be pretty damned friendly to woman too.

The End

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