Monday, November 17, 2008


Written by tracker (November 2000)

They met in the school library, he noticed her immediately, her beautiful eyes so engrossed in her book that she didn't even notice his lusty gaze.
She seemed to be reading a somewhat steamy book. Judging by the way she kept squirming in her chair. Her clothes showcasing her beautiful body, clinging in all the right places, he decided to get up and see what she was reading, as he walked by he spied the cover The joys of sex "hmm well that's an excellent sign" he thought to himself.

he decided to move behind her and see what she was reading, "the art of female masturbation" was the name of the section
"wow this is almost unreal" he thought to himself, "I would be a fool to let an opportunity like this go away"
he leaned in close, but not so close he was invading her space and softly said "learning anything new?".

Her reaction was exactly what he thought it would be, she closed the book really fast and turned to him while turning a bright shade of crimson and trying to contain her embarrassment to no avail "w,wh, what did you see?" she nervously asked.
"Enough to see that your single" came his reply, she said "how do you know my boyfriend doesn't like to watch me?".
"I don't, but what I do know is that if you have to read in a book to see how its done, somebody has dropped the ball somewhere" he said.
Her reply was music to his ears "okay so I'm single and I finger my pussy a couple times a day because I'm so cock hungry".

Her statement was so dirty his cock started to stir, "so when was the last time you got laid?" he asked.

"6 months ago" came the reply.
"if your so cock hungry, exactly what type of cock do you hunger for?" he wondered aloud, his cock growing the entire time they are talking.

"Hmm well, it doesn't have to be so long it looks like an escaped snake, it does, however have to be so thick that I can't get my hand around it" she said.
That basically meant that he could fuck this little minx right here on the table.
He could lift her up out of the chair, sit her sexy ass on the table. stand between her long sexy legs while he kissed her long and deep, reaching under her skirt do see if she had a shaved pussy, unzipping his fly and pulling out his thick 8 inch cock.
Pulling her wet thong off to the side and sliding his huge cock into her while she holds on for dear life..

"So are you gonna talk to me or are you gonna stand there and look goofy?", she asked "oh, sorry I was just thinking about something I have to do" he said with a smile.

She then asked "so how big is your dick?" as he sat down beside her he asked another question "do you want the reply in inches or how I compare to other guys from what I've heard from girls" how you compare" she said.

"Well.. I'm not the longest guy in the world, but every girl I've been with says that I am by far the thickest" He said.
"Prove it!" came the immediate reply, he knew he had her horny as hell, her face was flushed, she kept licking her lips, her perfect nipples were pointing through her bra and blouse, and she was turning him on by the way she couldn't sit still.

He unzipped his fly and pulled out all 8, thick inches.
She moaned lightly and said "oh my god, its perfect" and with that her hands were all over his cock, and with that she leaned over and started sucking his cock.
it felt so good all he could do was put his hands on her head and urge her to continue.

He was about to cum when he realized that if someone could look they could see them.

Reluctantly, he pulled her mouth off his cock, he said "come with me" he took hold of her hand and lead her to a deserted corner of the library, "my name is Andrew, what's yours?" he asked
"Tammy" she said.
As she walked past him he noticed a wet spot on the bottom of her skirt.

It was from her pussy she was so wet that she dripped down the crack of her ass.

She leaned up against a wall as he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down the cups of her bra, his mouth immediately went to her nipples, licking and sucking with a passion, she grabbed him by the back of the head, her breathing becoming more ragged.

She pulled his skilled mouth off and brought it up to her mouth he kissed her the way he knew how and she started moaning and grinding her crotch against his hardon, "I've also been called one of the best kissers around" he said between breaths. She said, "I could tell".

He started kissing his way down her body, as he pulled up her skirt he took a second to admire the skimpy black thong that she wore.
as he pulled it off he noticed that it was completely soaked. He set it down and he took a good look at her shaved pussy before he started eating her out, as soon as he touched his lips to her pussy, her knees almost gave out.

He started licking her clit and fingering her. As he started flicking his tongue across her clit the grabbed his head and started pushing it into her pussy she started moaning "oh god. I'm cumming.. Oh fuck, eat my pussy, don't stop" and he didn't, she kept cumming for about 6 minutes every orgasm better than the last and the last was of such power that she drowned his face with her cum, he licked everything up.

As her last orgasm subsided he stood and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock he started kissing her as he rubbed the head of his massive cock on her clit, he then pushed it all the way in filing her completely, "oh Andrew" she moaned "fuck me".

Not one to be told twice he started pumping into her with his huge, thick cock, he kept fucking her for the next ¸ hour, here orgasms coming every few minutes and lasting a few minutes each time, her legs in a vice lock around his waist. Juice from her pussy puddling on the floor after dripping off his balls. The sound if his cock fucking her wet pussy and her moans were bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

The heat and tightness of her pussy finally made him cum, as he moaned "oh Tammy I'm cumming" and with that her whole body tensed as he filled her pussy with his hot seed. She had an orgasm that gave her so much pleasure it was beyond description, his cum joined hers on the floor after running out of her pussy and dripping off his balls.

He pulled out and a load of hot cum came running out of her pussy she reached down and caught it before it fell, she then licked it off her hand, she cleaned her pussy like this, and then dropped to her knees and sucked my cock clean.

After they got dressed again she slipped him a piece of paper and walked out, the note read, "that was amazing here is my address and phone number, stop by and "visit" any time, but call first. Tammy".

"This will be a note that I will never lose" he thought to himself as he left.

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