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By Michael

email: (October 2000)

My house mate and I were enjoying a hot Saturday afternoon last summer around the pool, drinking plenty of beer, having the occasional dip to keep cool, improving our tans with our Speedos on and having a bet on the horse races on my phone account with a Bookie We were having a reasonable day with a couple of good wins on 10/1 shots so we were in front and enjoying the weather and beer.

It was about 4pm when the front door bell went off so I trudged back through the house to answer it calling out on my way "I'm coming, I Ôm coming." When I opened it I knew the young lady standing there. It was the Property Manager from the Real Estate company we rent the house from, here to do the quarterly inspection.

"Hi Celia", I said.
"Hello Ross, sorry I'm late but it has been a hell of a day" she said. "You are the last inspection I am doing today, I've had it."
"Come in Celia, go ahead and inspect away. Todd and myself are just loafing around the pool so come and relax with us when you finish if you like," I said. "I can see that," as she glanced down at my Speedos. "Sounds inviting, shouldn't be that long as you guys are very good tenants and always keep the house in good condition."

So she went off on her house inspection and I went back outside to the pool. Todd enquired who was at the door so I told him. We both looked at each other and smiled, obviously thinking the same thing.
"Celia is very pretty," I said, "nice face, great tits and nice small arse. Really fancy fucking her one day given half a chance."
"Yes, she is a sexy little thing," Todd replied. "What do you reckon our chances are if work on her in tandem?"
"We'll never know unless we give it a go, how about we slip her a bit of Rephynole in a drink." I said.
"Good idea, a bit of the old date rape drug sure takes the hard work out of it." Todd agreed.

We both sat there quietly sipping on our beer cans waiting for her to appear. About 10 minutes later she came through the patio door and walked over to us. "All finished," she said, "everything looks fine. Anything you would like me to have fixed?"
"No, all fine as far we are concerned, anything goes wrong we fix it ourselves," I answered.
"Great, you guys are the perfect tenants. I wish everyone was like you; I've had some real tough ones today. Anyway I have finished for the weekend now." "You look like you need to relax a bit," I said. "Come inside Celia, its getting a bit hot out here now. I'll fix you a long cold drink, what would you like?" "Gin or vodka, plenty of ice and tonic," she replied.

So we all went inside to the entertaining area where we have a pool table, couple of sofas and a bar - great party room.
Celia sat on one of the sofas while Todd sat down opposite her, beer can in hand while I went behind the bar and to make up the drink. Todd and Celia were carrying on with the usual small chat about the weather as I had a purve on Celia. She was probably mid twenties, short wavy brunette hair, nice body with average size tits from what I could see. She was wearing a black skirt and light floral effect blouse that you could see through clearly to her bra.
The blouse had a reasonable low neckline and from the angle I was standing to her I could catch a glimpse of tits rising from her chest.

I finished making her vodka and tonic and walked over to her with the drink in one hand and a bowl of peanuts in the other. I stood in front of her with my hands full around pelvic level and close to my body. She reached out to take hold of the drink almost grazing my bulging Speedos.

"Would you like some nuts?" I asked holding the bowl next to my bulge. "No thanks, they can be fattening," she said with a smile.
So I put the bowl of nuts on the table and sat on the same sofa as her, chatting away and drinking. She was obviously thirsty as she downed her drink quickly. "Here,' I said, "let me get you another, you look like you needed that." "I sure did, feel better already but only one more, I have to drive home." "Got a busy night tonight Celia?" Todd enquired obviously with intent. "No, quite one at home is what I need. Just me and my pussycat." "You mean there is no guy in your life?" I asked.
"Not at the moment, haven't got time as I work pretty hard. You know, career woman and all that."
"Hey Celia that's not good for your sex life, or guys as well, you're depriving everyone." Todd said with a grin.
"I get by," Celia said with a bigger grin.

Todd and Celia carried in with their banter and probing questions while was at the bar making her next drink. Todd looked across at me and gave me a wink and I acknowledged. That was the signal to spike her drink.
After the Vodka went over the ice I reached it the back of a drawer where we keep the little packet of Rephynole.
Very strong stuff if you use too much, it can put a horse to sleep. All I use is a little pinch between the fingers and drop into the drink. I poured the tonic in and it dissolves instantly, tasteless as well. I carried it back to Celia once again holding it close to my now bigger bulge as my cock was on the rise thinking of her naked body. As she took hold of the glass I moved my hips so that her arm rubbed against my Speedos.

"Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to touch you," she said.
"The pleasure was all mine," I replied. "Sure I can't interest you in some nuts, any nuts?"
"I do like those big walnuts and cracking them open with a nutcracker, have you got one," she quipped in a great come back line.
The pained look on my face was enough for her to burst out laughing and we all cracked up. We started with the small chat again as she sipped away and we finished off our beers.
The tell tale signs began to appear as her began to relax and her eyes began to shut.
I reached out and grabbed the glass from her before she spilt the remains. Suddenly she was out cold lying back with her head on the sofa.
"Well Todd buddy, it worked again. Shall I carry her into my room or yours?" I asked.
"Your room this time Ross," Todd said as he stood up and took off his Speedos with his cock springing to attention from being restrained in the tight bathers. I did the same.
So there we were standing in front of this delightful lady with cocks in hand reaching for her tits and pussy for a quick feel whilst she lay there oblivious to it all.

With enough of the quick grope I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom, laying her down gently. We moved into action as Todd began to unbutton her blouse.
I sat her upright so we could slip her blouse off and then I unclipped the fastener on her bra and eased the straps off her shoulder. Todd quickly pulled them off to reveal her tits in all their glory, very nice and in good firm shape. The nipples seemed overly big considering her teat area was small but still very attractive. We both reached for a handful and had a fondle, they felt great, then again all tits do to guys. I laid her back down on the bed and Todd began to undo the belt on her skirt then the clip and unzipped it. He pulled the skirt from under her.
All that was left was her pink lace embroidered panties, so Todd slid them down over her thighs to reveal her rather bushy pussy. Tossing the panties aside he then opened her legs apart to have a closer look at her.
"I think this requires a shave Ross, a bit furry for me," Todd said. "Can you get the scissors, razor and cream and we will give her a surprise."

I came back into the bedroom to see Todd rubbing her tits and nipples while she lay flat on her back as if she was enjoying it. That is one of the beauties of Rephynole, it puts a person into a semi-conscious state that means they still feel some excitement and respond as well.
From past experience many of the ladies had their cunt juices flowing freely and their nipples respond to the arousal as well.
Anyway as I walked towards them I threw a towel at Todd. "Here, put this under her backside so we don't make a mess on the bed, " I said to him.

Todd obliged and then widened her legs apart further so I have a clear shot. I first started with the scissors to give the pubes a good crop to a low stubble. Then I really enjoyed spreading the shaving cream over her pussy area slowly, having a good grope.
I couldn't resist slipping my creamy finger into her slit gently caressing her labia, circling around her pussy flaps. Eventually I got back onto the job and began shaving until I removed all the pubes stubble. Todd handed me a warm moist towel to wipe her clean, which I dually did and then admired my handy work.

"Smooth as a baby's bottom Todd, maybe I should take this up as a profession. Imagine the business card É Pussy Shaver," I said as we stood there looking at this prostrate, inviting lady spread-eagled on her back. It was time to get the digital camera out and take a few shots for the record of our conquests. The photos are also handy to show the lady later that she was participating in the fun, it is easy to say they were pissed but really wanted sex when they see the shots.
One of us generally grabs the camera from time to time to take a candid shot that looks good. In fact we have got quite a collection now and have been thinking about setting up a web site.

By now both our cocks were rock hard in anticipation. Todd moved onto the bed and placed his cock next to her head, rubbing it across her face then her mouth whilst I moved between her spread legs to tongue that delicious cunt. My tongue eagerly sought her trigger amongst the warm flesh surrounding her love hole. I sensed the little diamond and began to tongue it vigorously and suck on it.
I could tell there was some body reaction from Celia as I felt her clit become bigger and I am sure there were a hint of pussy juices and not just my saliva as I buried my face into her cunt.

I glanced up to see Todd with his cock inside her open mouth, moving in and out slowly, getting a blow job without her knowing. I had to get a photo of this so I stopped the muff diving and grabbed the camera to take a shot of it. Todd grabbed her left hand and placed it around his dick while he had it in her mouth so it looked like she was willing giving him the blowjob, good evidence for later and another shot for the album.

Putting the camera aside, I moved to her tits and began to lick her right nipple, gradually devouring her tit, sucking it into my mouth as much as I could take. Nothing like a good mouthful of tit, must be a male thing as we never quite give up the infant habit of sucking on a tit, then again males having come out of a cunt spend the best part of their life trying to get back in one as well. By now I could feel the nipple becoming hard with her subconscious arousal. Moving onto her left tit, that nipple was clearly hard and erect.

I licked and sucked those delightful tits as Todd decided to investigate her pussy. He was nuzzling in for a bit of muff diving, without the fluff, and I clearly heard the slurping sound from all the salvia and gushing cunt juices now as he eventually came up for air.

"My turn first this time Ross," he said as he positioned his cock on the opening of her love canal.
"Sure, go ahead," I replied having this agreement of sharing the first fuck as the second in is generally messy with all the cum and cunt juices. "Anyway I want to blow my load over these beautiful tits but hang on while a get some photos."

I set the camera and took a few shots of Todd's cock near her pussy as he slowly pushed his rod deep in side her until her cunt lips were up against his body. Down with the camera and as he was slowly thrusting deep inside I watched the action with my hand wanking away on my cock.
His actions became faster as his breathing became deeper and louder, his thrusts were now sending an upward wave through her body to cause her boobs to move as if an ocean wave was washing through the flesh.

By now my hand was pumping hard as I could feel the ground swell eruption in my loins, sensing the imminent moment I pointed my cock towards her tits as the flurry of cum burst from the top of my cock in a white jet stream, across both tits then another smaller stream that reached only the nearside tit with a final splurt and then a dribble as my hand actions slowed as I squeezed the last drops out. Todd was plunging away in his own world, oblivious to my actions, as he to obviously blew his load deep inside her with shorter but harder thrusts up her cunt hole until he was drained as well.

He withdrew his limp cock and looked across to my drooping member and smiled.
"That was fucking great mate," he said.
"A nice relaxing end to the day" I replied as I lay down on the bed next to Celia. Todd took the cue and lay down on the other side. As he did so, he took hold of her right hand and placed around his rather floppy dick, I followed suit with her left hand around my limp cock and we both fell into slumber state, fittingly matching Celia's condition.

After awhile this nap was suddenly cut short when I sensed a hand moving on my cock.
I woke up to see Celia stirring from her doped state as she continued to hold my cock and in an expected motion in such a position, she was giving it a little pull. Suddenly she sat up and pulled her hands off our cocks, Todd was completely startled as he had been well and truly asleep.

"What is going on here?" Celia yelled. "Why I am naked between you two guys? What have you done?" she said as she looked at shaved pussy.
"You've raped me," she screamed as she felt the remnants of my cum on her tits and then felt her pussy, still moist from all the body juices flowing earlier.
"Hey Celia," I said, "you got a bit pissed and started to come onto us guys, so we sort of hard some fun all round and gave you a free shave as well." "I don't believe it," she replied, " I would have remembered it but can't." "You seemed to be enjoying Celia," Todd said.
"I can't believe it," she said again disbelievingly.
"My fantasy was always to have group sex with two guys and here it finally happens I can't remember a thing and you tell me I enjoyed it as well. What a waste. "
"Sorry Celia maybe we could do it again sometime," I said.
"No way, I want it again and this time I want to remember it," she said moving to the end of the bed, kneeling there and looking back at us two guys. "I want to see those cocks at attention again and doing what I want."

With that she moved up between us and willingly took hold of our still limpish cocks and began to pull them. Todd looked at me and I looked at him with an astonished look on our faces. This has never happened before, the victimÉ I mean participant had always got dressed and left.
This was new ground for us. After awhile the circulation started to flow again and I could feel a little stiffness coming back to my best friend. Celia was no slouch with the correct hand action on a cock and balls in getting them primed again. When she seemed satisfied with both of our hardness she moved down on my cock and began to slowly suck up and down the shaft while still pulling on Todd's dick. This certainly got my cock to full size and ready for action again, which she sensed by moving across to Todd and proceeded to blow on his cock, whilst slipping her encircled fingers up and down my now moist shaft.

She continued to suck on Todd's cock while he placed his hand at the back of her head forcing her right down his shaft. In the meantime I had angled myself well enough to start touching her pussy. As soon as she felt my touch she moved her legs apart further, inviting me in. Her pussy still felt great as I sought her clit again. It was like a bullet this time as she was really on fire now, my rubbing it seemed to trigger off more cunt juices flowing onto my hand. Eventually she moved and sat upright looking at us again.

"Who will be the lucky cock to fuck my pussy?" she asked in a quizzing tone. "Umm, I think that one," she said pointing to Todd. With that she straddled herself above Todd's cock, taking hold of his 7 inches and gently lowering herself down on to it, then slowly moving up and down as she began to moan in ecstasy.
"Fuck this", I thought to myself, "missed out first time and now again. Looks like it will have to be a sandwich for her."

So I moved over to the bedside table and took the KY lotion out of the drawer, squeezing some out of the tube into my hand then rubbing it onto my rock like cock for easy sliding. Next I moved around behind Celia and pushed her on her back so she went forward laying on top of Todd, thereby exposing her backside for me. With the remaining KY on my fingers I rubbed it onto her arsehole then slipping part way in.
"What are doing?" she asked.
"What do you think, you want to have two guys then you get them both at the same time," I replied.
"But I have never had anal sex before"
"Well darling this will be your first."
"Not to rough then"
"I wouldn't dream of hurting you, just enjoy the ride"
With that I placed the tip of my greased cock at her anus and gently pushed forward, feeling it slide inside her quite easily. It was certainly tight but all the better sensation on my cock. When I entered far enough I began to slowly thrust in and out, in motion with Todd's action as if by tandem.

By now Celia was screaming with delight as the feeling of two cocks up her passages was sending her into orgasm, and us too. Todd's drives became harder as he blew his load again as I am sure I could feel his cock thumping against mine inside her.

Not long after I felt my rush of cum bursting from my balls down my shaft and exploding out.
The three exhausted bodies fell apart back onto the bed covered with beads of perspiration, dropping into a shagged out doze.

My last thought before I drifted off was maybe we didn't need to use our wonder drug on this lady as she probably would have been a willing participant in some group sex anyway, oh well hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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