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Diane the sexy Boss

Written by Peter (December 2000)

It had been a long day at work that Friday afternoon. With the approach of weekend and nothing planned, Diane had become increasingly horny as the afternoon progressed.
Work was dragging and she had been eyeing up her new assistant Peter who had only been with company a couple of weeks.

He was 5'11 with short darkish hair, a nice toned body, lovely blue eyes and in Diane's opinion a very nice tight bum. She had to admit that she had been having some wicked thoughts about what she would like to do with him. She knew she ought not to get involved with someone at work, but that just made her more excited.

Peter had only just started work with the firm and was still trying to pick things up. To be honest, he had had other job offers paying more money, but once he'd been interviewed by Diane his mind had been decided for him. She was slightly older than him, which he liked. She was 5'7 or 5'8, with lovely red hair, tied up, which revealed her gorgeous neck.

She had worn stockings at the interview and a business skirt which whilst just above her knees when standing rode up he thighs when she crossed her legs. Her gorgeous 36D tits had been mesmerising underneath her slightly tight white blouse. He was surprised he'd got the job. He had not been able to concentrate properly on the interview.

He had had to keep his hands over his groin area, to hide the bulge which had very quickly formed there. He had been ecstatic when he'd got the offer and accepted straight away. Since starting, however, he had been surprised at how hard she drove him. He had not really been expecting her to leap all over him, but she was a very determined lady who had got where she was on merit. She wouldn't dream of jeopardising that for a fling with a junior.

He was wondering if he had made the right choice in his job. To be in a continual state of excitement around Diane, yet be unable to release it was proving difficult. Diane was looking particularly sexy that Friday, Peter thought. He wondered what she would be doing that weekend. Whether she would be going out with her on/off boyfriend. She was wearing her usual business suit, with a nice tight white blouse struggling to hold her gorgeous breasts.

He thought she wore a white wonderbra under her blouse, not that she needed that he thought. He could see her stockings below her skirt and let his mind wander up those stockings beneath her skirt to what lay at the top of her thighs.
By around ten to five, Diane who had been having wicked thoughts for most of the afternoon decided that she would do something about it. She had been working Peter hard, but she liked to see how he coped with the pressure. So far he had done well and she wanted to reward him.

She was glad she had picked him. He was the one who had excited her the most at interview. She had thought he had fancied her and had seen him eyeing her up from time to time. She had a bathroom adjoining her office and went in there to freshen up. She was feeling quite reckless. She locked the door and took off her blouse and bra and quickly gave herself a quick body wash.

She was just putting her bra back on, when she decided not to bother. I'll see if this works she thought. She put her blouse back on, feeling very exposed and left a couple more buttons undone than she would normally. She reapplied some lipstick and a dab of fresh perfume on her neck.
She looked once more in the mirror and thought 'Resist me if you can'
It was now five to five. Most of the office were packing up preparing to go.

Diane walked into the main office and over to Peter's desk which was slightly shielded from the rest of the office. Peter could smell her before she got there and his breathing quickened. She reached his desk and leaned over his shoulder.

She lowered her voice slightly. "Peter", she said.
"Could you get me the details I need for my meeting next week and bring them to my office in 10 minutes?"
"Yes, no problem", replied Peter, smiling as he looked up at her.

His jaw nearly dropped when he saw her. She was leaning over slightly and he could see that her blouse was more undone than usual and that she had no bra on. He could see her cleavage and her nipples protruding slightly.
Her breasts were rising and falling with her breathing. He had to try hard not to stare. As she walked back to her office he could swear she was swinging her hips just slightly, trying to allure him. No, he thought, that is just your over active imagination. He set about getting the details she wanted. Back in her office Diane closed the door and let out a sigh. She was breathing rapidly and her heart was racing. 'What am I doingâ, she thought as she sat down. - Would he fall for it? Did he fancy her?
She felt alive, all her senses were on overload. -God I feel horny - she thought.

Ten minutes later, all the other staff had left the office apart from Peter. He printed off the details Diane had asked for and walked across to her office. His pulse had quickened and he was starting to feel hot. He knocked on the door and waited. "Come in", came the voice inside and he pushed the door open.
The main light in the office was switched off, but Diane's desk lamp was on casting strange shadows around the office and illuminating Diane who was sitting behind her desk. She smiled as he walked in.
"Have you got the details?" she asked "I just want to go through a few things with you. I know it's Friday and you probably want to get away. I'll try not to keep you too long".
"That's ok", Peter replied. "I haven't got anything planned. He walked over to her desk and handed her the details for the meeting.

"Thanks", she said, as Peter sat down on the chair in front of her big desk. Diane scanned the pages put in front of her.
"What's this bit about?" she asked. She was pointing at something in the report, but Peter couldn't see properly.
"Why don't you come round this side, so we can go through it?"

Peter walked around the table and stood beside her. With her hair worn up, he could see the nape of her slender neck. She was leaning slightly forward on her chair looking at the pages. With only the desk lamp for light, Peter had to lean over her shoulder to see what she was pointing at. As he leant over he couldn't resist looking down.

With quite a few buttons on her blouse undone, he could see right down her blouse which was falling away from her body as she leant forward. Her gorgeous tits rose and fell with her breathing. Just then she looked up and caught him staring down her cleavage.
"Do you like what you see?" she asked, and at that moment Peter felt a hand stroking his bottom.

"Why don't you have a closer look?"
Peter couldn't believe it. His heart was hammering in his chest and he could feel himself beginning to get aroused. He bent down and kissed the nape of Diane's neck. Little butterfly kisses from just below her hairline down her neck and onto her shoulders.
He slid his hand under her blouse just over her shoulder and pulled it back revealing her shoulder. He carried on down, kissing her as he gently slid her blouse away from her heaving tits. He could feel her breathing coming faster now. She had moved from stroking his bottom to stroking his rapidly expanding cock through his trousers.

Diane couldn't believe what was happening either. 'Am I abusing my position', she wondered for a fraction of a second, but by then the pleasure she was feeling made her forget anything else. As Peter undid some more buttons on her blouse, she could feel herself getting very wet. She gave a slight moan as Peter's kisses reached her nipples.

He was stroking her tits now, massaging them, flicking lightly over her nipples. She moaned again as his mouth closed around her nipple and she could feel it getting hard and pert as he sucked gently on it. His tongue licked around the now hard and proud nipple causing tingling ripples to flood her body. She had undone his belt now and was slowly pulling down his zip. This was proving tricky as his erection was making it more difficult.

Finally, she managed to pull the zip all the way down and she felt his trousers fall away to his ankles. She could now see his tight balls and eight inch cock through his tight boxers and she rubbed it hard feeling it throbbing to her touch. She was now getting very wet indeed. She could feel her juices seeping into her silk knickers. Peter groaned as Diane rubbed his cock.

He was still massaging her tits and both nipples were standing out like little bullets as he licked and sucked first one and then the other. His body shook as he felt his boxers being pulled down, releasing his cock which felt ready to burst. Once Diane had freed his cock, she began gently pulling it up and down, her hand moving from his balls all the way up to the tip.

Peter stepped out of his trousers which were round his ankles. Diane moved her hands from his cock and quickly undid his tie. She grabbed the two sides of his shirt tail and pulled them upwards and apart. The buttons pinged off his shirt one by one and scattered around the office. She then let her hands stroke his hairless, toned chest feeling his heart pounding as she did so. She stood up from her chair and pulled Peter close in tight to her.

His cock was brushed up against the front of her skirt and her breasts squashed against his naked chest as she kissed him passionately, releasing all her lust. Diane was being consumed by lust and passion. The force of the kiss took her breath away. She felt Peter's hand slide up her thigh, under her skirt. The next second he was massaging the lips of her cunt, through her knickers, which were completely soaked. As he stroked her cunt, they carried on kissing, exploring each others tongues and mouths. Diane's legs were going weak.

Peter brought his hand under her bottom and lifted her onto her desk. He laid her gently back and reached back under her skirt to slowly pull down her now sodden knickers, which he dropped next to his clothes on the floor. He then lifted her skirt up around her hips, revealing her lovely close shaven pussy, which was glowing with her juices. Peter didn't think he'd ever been as excited as he was now. He didn't know how long he could hold out, but he wanted to make her come very badly. He moved his head between Diane's leg and slowly prised her cunt lips apart with his fingers, before gently inserting his tongue.

As he did so, a long moan came from Diane and her body shivered slightly. He moved his tongue up until he found her clit, which was by this time nice and erect. He moved his tongue around her clit, listening to her moan as he did so. When he sucked hard on her clit he could feel her body trembling. Her breathing was getting shallow and fast. Diane could feel her orgasm building as Peter sucked on her clit. Waves of pleasure were rushing through her whole body and she longed to feel him inside her, feel his hard throbbing cock pushing deep, deep inside her.
"Fuck me now!" she screamed as her body trembled. Peter, who was longing to do just that, climbed onto the table with her.
Papers, pens and other bits and pieces were scattered on to the floor as he pressed himself onto her hot body. He kissed her passionately and she responded equally strongly. He eased her legs open slightly and eased his throbbing cock into her very moist accommodating pussy. He could feel her tremble as he slid the whole of his eight inch cock deep inside her cunt. She let out a squeal as his whole length went into her.

He pulled out just as slowly before again slowly thrusting deep inside her. She felt so tight, he thought, yet she was so wet that he slid in easily. Diane brought her hands up onto Peter's bottom and she pulled him deep inside her. He felt big inside her and as he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts she felt herself losing control. He was moaning now as he fucked her. She was moving her body in time with his thrusts. She was squeezing the walls of her cunt onto his cock and she could feel his cock throbbing as he went deep.

The desk was beginning to shake as they let themselves go wild. Diane was moaning constantly now as she felt her orgasm approaching. Peter could also feel himself building. He was amazed he'd held out this long. He slowed down, and took a really deep thrust before pulling slowly out and thrusting deep again. He felt himself release as a searing tingling sensation overtook him. Diane's body began to convulse as her orgasm took hold and she screamed in pleasure.

Hot sperm rushed deep inside her cunt as Peter's cock released and she held him close, deep within her as her orgasm continued to take her over, before gently subsiding leaving a warm tingling sensation all over her body. Just then the phone rang. They looked at each other in shock. Diane picked up the phone.
"Hello. Diane speaking", she said.
"Hello Diane. It's John in personnel. Glad youâve not gone. I'll just pop down with those records you wanted." Before Diane could say no the receiver clicked. They jumped off the desk and Peter quickly pulled his clothes on, including his wrecked shirt. Diane pulled her skirt down without putting her knickers back on and quickly buttoned up her blouse. She quickly put some bits back on the table, as Peter ran back to his desk.
Her hair was untidy so she undid her clip and let it fall down her back.
John came into the main office and Peter kept his back to him as he knocked on Diane's door. Diane opened the door for him with a beaming smile. As he walked inside she stuck a note to the outside of the door which read. "Phone me later, with her number underneath.
The last thing Peter heard before the door closed was John saying.
"Diane. Why have you got buttons all over the floor?"

Hope you liked it. Peter

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