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Jessica Part I

Written by (October 2000)

The Red Dress First Group

Finally! Jessica thought, she had gotten her husband out of the house and her chores done and now it was her time! After all it was her day off. She took a good long shower and went into her bedroom nude. She opened the closet door to get a dress and looked in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

She stood looking at her nude form. Pretty good she thought; still looked pretty damn good. Her husband was always crazy about her long black hair. It was very fine, silky, jet-black, and reached to the middle of her shoulder blades. Her tits were more than nice, plump, still firm and tight, as was her ass. She looked at her bush. Hmmm, getting pretty thick for an Asian woman.

She looked at it for a bit and then gently ran the back of her fingers of her right hand across the hair. Maybe she would surprise her husband. She would trim her pussy hairs she thought. He had been pretty good to her lately and he deserved a treat. She would not shave her cunt but just thin it out and trim it even; like the girls in some of the magazines of her husbands. He didn't know she knew about them.

As she moved back into the bathroom and got a comb and razor she thought about some of the magazines. Those girls were having a wild time in the magazines. Shaved pussies with big, big cocks being pushed into them. Some of the girls were having sex with each other and were licking each other's cunts.

A quick shiver ran through her when she thought of that. It was caught her interests for some reason; maybe because she and her best friend had started kissing for fun one night when the friend stayed over.

That was in her high school years and the girl started playing with Jessica's tits. If her parents hadn'ten raised in Korea and came to America. What was different was that the other Jessica was in California making porn movies! It slowly occurred to her that maybe this Jessica was the way her husband wanted her to be. After all he had told her a few times that he wanted to share her with other men. Again she giggled and thought I'm so, so silly!

Back in her closet Jessica admired her new look in the mirror. Oh yes, that will work real fine for her husband! Her eye got a glimpse of red in the mirror. She turned and looked into the closet and had to look back and forth into the mirror to find it in the closet. She pulled out the red fabric from between two tightly packed suits; she really had to work to get it out. No wonder she hadn't noticed it before, it was really hidden between them.

It was a red dress. She couldn't remember buying the dress or ever having worn it. Where did it come from? Maybe some one gave it to her. Oh Yes! That's right, one of her girl friends gave it to her when they had a party at their house one night. There were a lot of people and she was really busy and her friend told her she would put it in the closet. Her friend told her she didn't like it for some reason, but couldn't remember why.

Jessica thought "might as well try it on" looks a little tight. She pulled it over her head and had to pull it down. It was short, came down to just a little below mid-thigh. Yes, it was a little tight but it looked very good on her. Oh yes her husband will really like this one. She turned and looked at her ass; it looked fantastic. What Jessica didn't notice was just how low cut the dress was.

She thought about what underwear to put on. Then she considered "why wear any?"
She looked really good in it and panties would just spoil the look. Besides, when Steve got home, his eyes would bug out, they would eat dinner, sit on the couch, start making out, his hand would sooner or later makes it way up her leg, into her crotch and then wouldn't he be shocked when he found her without panties and with her new "hair cut"! I bet we won't make it to the bedroom! Bet we fuck right on the living room floor!

Jessica got in her car and went to the mall. She noticed as she walked across the parking lot several men giving her long looks. She dropped her car keys and bent down to get them. As she stood up she noticed some kind of SUV with mirror film on its window. She could see behind her in the window. A couple of teenage boys were really looking at her ass.

She should have been mad but was flattered instead. In fact she was a little turned on. Just as she started to walk away she dropped the keys again. This time as she started to walk away she saw a woman with waist long red hair and a face full of freckles looking at her.
The woman gave her a real sly smile. The same kinds of smile women make when they are flirting with men. They passed and Jessica looked at the window again; the woman had turned her head and was looking at Jessica's ass.

Was that woman a lesbian? Hmm why else would she look at her in such a way? Jessica thought back to the magazine with the women eating each other's pussies. Again, she felt a shiver run through her. Then she started thinking of the other Jessica. The one with cocks in all her holes. She kept walking and thinking not noticing that her nipples were becoming erect and pushing well through the fabric of the dress.

Shortly after walking in the mall awhile Jessica found out what her friend didn't like about the dress; it rode up. Jessica would walk 10 feet and pull it back down, walk ten feet and pull it down. This dress was a real pain and she had a feeling that if she didn't pull it down the thing would be up over her ass in 20 feet. But, she wanted to shop and kept going and attracting attention the whole way. Unknown to her she had a follower.

She didn't shop long and decided to stop a coffee shop in the mall for a cup of tea. She sat at a table towards the back and started flipping threw a magazine someone left on the table. It was one of those magazines that were written for young women. It had lots of articles on makeup, fashion, and sex. It had lots of pictures of women wearing very little clothing and some nothing at all to advertise stuff. Some of the articles that dealt with sex had some almost nude people in them. These pictures brought her thoughts back to Steve's porn magazines and the other Jessica getting fucked by all those men. She couldn't shake the thoughts and she was getting turned on.

Jessica kept getting the cheap little thrills and in order to try and shake them off she started squirming in her chair and her dress started riding up. While she didn't notice this the young man that had followed her into the shop and sat three tables over noticed it very much. He pretended to read the sports section of the paper but he had a direct line of sight on her. He also had a line of sight right up her dress and at the tits that were working their way out of the loose cleavage of the dress.

Jessica squirmed again the dress finally had worked its way almost as high as it could go. The young man wondered what kind of panties she was wearing. With one more squirm he found out! Not only was she not wearing panties she pretty much shaved her cunt! The young man had been fighting to keep an erection down almost from the time he first spotted her at the mall. It only got worse in the coffee shop. Now with her ever so slightly spreading her legs it was a lost cause! He could actually see her cunt lips! With another squirm his eyes went upwards and noticed that one tit had worked over and he could see most of one nipple. His hard on was becoming painful.

Jessica read a few of the articles and looked at the pictures of the almost nude people, getting more and more turned on. She found a sex advice column in the back pages.
One woman had written in telling the writer that she had gone to bed with her boyfriend and his best friend, several times. She enjoyed the sex a lot but, felt that she was falling in love with the other man. Should she continue to do both men? Hell yes! thought Jessica If its good, fuck their brains out!

There I go being silly again she thought only for a second. She couldn't shake this thought of having more than one man at a time and it was really getting to her. She squirmed again but the dress was up as high as it could go. She wasn't the only one squirming young man sitting across from her now had a complete view of her entire cunt. She just started the next letter from a woman whose boyfriend wanted to have sex with her and another woman at the same time and wanted advice.
The shiver shot through her again but, before she could read the answer she heard "hello."

She first looked up into a Khaki covered erection and a good size one at that.
She just stared at it. Umm, hi I'm Andy Grossman. Jessica looked up into the face of an extremely good-looking teenager. He had sandy blonde hair parted in the middle that went to the bottom of his neck. He also had very broad shoulders and a narrow waist. All to go with what looked like a very hard cock.

What can I do for you Mr. Andy Grossman? Judging from the erection Jessica didn't need to guess. Well, I'm from around here and I know just about everybody in the area; but I don't know you. Mind if I sit down? Why not thought Jessica, what harm could it do?

Thanks said Andy. And who might you be, Jessica. Are you from around here? said Andy.
Yes, lived here for awhile now replied Jessica and you?
Your kidding? said Andy. Don't you recognize the name, Grossman?
Mmm not really said Jessica, should I?
Well, lets see here in town we have Grossman Estates, Grossman Electric, Grossman Construction, Grossman Engineering and Grossman Mall, Andy said with a big flourish of waving hands.
Jessica half gulped, that Grossman! she said.
Yes said Andy. Earl Grossman is my father.

Jessica was impressed but wouldn't let it show. The Grossman's were an old, rich, and powerful family in the area and owned a good deal of the county plus some.

So, anyway Mr. Andy Grossman, I again ask "what can I do for you?"
"Well, just wanted to get to know you better" he smiled back at her.
Jessica was thinking, this is one good looking kid and had charm and style oozing out of him.
What say I take you to dinner? Andy asked her with a real twinkle in his eye. Jessica thought "boy, this is a real heart breaker I bet half the girls in his school have been in his back seat."
Well, Andy Grossman, your all of what 16 maybe 17? Jessica teased him back.
"I turned 18 three months ago and finish high school in a month" said Andy with a lot of confidence.
"Now why would you want to date an old woman like me?" Jessica said leaning over her teacup giving the young stud a real eyeful of tit.

Andy did notice the tit show but, gave her no sign of it.
ÔWell, I like to know everyone I can in this county; that's one way my dad did so well here. He knows everyone who is anyone in this state. Helps him a lot in business." Andy said just dripping charm.

They played the game for 15 minutes. Andy gently moving towards her and taking quick glances at the cleavage of her dress; which had worked down so load that her tits were three fourths out. Jessica not really knowing about her tits but enjoying teasing the boy.

"Well Andy, I'm not anybody in this county, I'm nobody" Jessica said. "So why would you want to date someone ten years older than yourself?" That should put some cold water on that hard-on thought Jessica.
"Well to be honest with you Jessica, I don't care how old you are. I think you have to be the sexist woman in this county and you look fantastic in that dress so I knew I had to have you, I mean meet you" said Andy.

Andy's cool had slipped Jessica smiled to herself, he meant the former not the latter she giggled.
"So, what do you say" and this time Andy knew he was busted for the have you comment so he took a more direct approach looking into her dress hoping she would notice he was in love with her tits. What do you say I take you to dinner?

"Well, I don't think my husband would like it" Jessica snaked at the boy. She now knew that he was looking directly down her dress and not being shy about it. She knew that without a bra he was probably getting a nice look. What she didn't know it was more than a nice look. The top of her areola was peeking out of the dress. And it was driving the boy nuts!

"He doesn't have to come, in fact I would prefer he didn't" Andy gleamed at her.
"Oh man! this kid's balls are as big as his cock" she thought. He may be short on tact but, he sure had confidence.
"I'm very flattered Mr. Andy Grossman but, I don't think so" Jessica said with a giggle as she stood up "but I am flattered really" Andy looked briefly at the bottom of her skirt which was barely inches from the bottom of her cunt.

The look reminded Jessica to pull down her dress.
"It was very nice talking with you though" she gave him back her sexist smile just to drive him a little more crazy.
She stepped around the table next to the boy in order to leave.
Oh the pleasure was all mine and he attempted to stand.
She put her hand on his shoulder "don't get up please, finish your coffee"
In fact she didn't think the kid could stand up. That hard-on would most likely get caught under the table or puncture his stomach. She couldn't help but giggle at that thought. Have a nice evening they both said at the same time. Andy sat with his very blue balls watching her very shapely ass walk away.

As she walked away Jessica was smirking to herself. That was mean to torture they kid that way. But, she would bet that by the time she hit the door he would be on a payphone calling up some high school cheerleader ex-girlfriend. With his good looks, confidence and charm she also bet that by the time she got dinner on the stove that cheerleader would be naked and spread legged in the back seat of his car. Lucky girl! she smiled.

As she was going out the door she again pulled her dress down. Great dress she thought, It worked on the kid so it would work on her hubby. Between the thrill of shaving her pussy and all those thoughts of the porn magazines she had been horny enough. Add the looks and banter with the kid Jessica was dying for a good fucking!

She walked towards her car and noticed three things. The first was the freckled-faced red haired woman that had gave her a long look when she first got to the mall. She was in the front seat of a car with a very shorthaired black woman. The black woman leaned over and gave the red head a very deep soul kiss and the red head was giving it back.
The scene caused an almost electric jolt to shoot through her from her pussy to her head. So, she was a lezzie and the red dress had caught the red head's eye.
I've got to wear this dress a lot! The next thing she noticed was that her pussy was wet. Nice feeling she thought. The third thing was that rain clouds were moving in quick.

Jessica stood looking for her car. Where is the damn thing? she thought. All she could she was a hugh RV. I'm sure I parked here looking around. She walked to the other side of the RV and there was her car. As she stepped to the back of the car she saw the flat tire.

Damn it all to hell! Damn it all to hell! Jessica was livid! A flat great! That's what I need, really damn it all to hell.
How was she going to change a flat in this dress. She wasn't even sure she could change it no matter what she was wearing. She hadn't been able to the last time she had a flat.

Jessica was stopping up and down between the RV and her car. She was so angry she was stopping her feet, yelling at the tire, hitting the car with her fist, and saying words that really weren't word, just mutterings. No sense calling her husband because she wouldn't be able to reach him at work. She knew she was going to be late getting home, late getting dinner, and most likely not going to have the sexy romantic evening she had been planning.

So, we meet again. She turned around to find young Andy Grossman leaning on the RV with his hands in his pocket and a very big grin on his face.
" Oh great" sighed Jessica it just keeps getting better and better.
"May I be of assistant Madam" Andy drawled out with a very fake Rhett Butler accent.
She sighed deeply and with a stern voice, " I'm in a bit of a fix here Andy, I have a flat, its going to rain, and this big pile of crap is in my way.
Jessica kicked the RV to release some anger and make a point. I have no time for games". "Well, I could fix the flat for you" Andy replied.
Jessica hadn't thought of that. He certainly could. It's hard for an Asian woman to make with the big innocent doe eyes, but she did it.
"Oh would you Andy?" I would really appreciate it!
"You bet I would" smiled Andy.

He stepped past Jessica and started taking off his shirt. What are you doing? Taking off my shirt, its white, its new, and I don't want to get it dirty or stain it! Where are you going then? To put my shirt in the big pile of crap he said with a laugh; it's mine. Jessica stood slightly stunned looking at him opening the door and stepping inside. It is? Yeah, well its my Dad's. He had me take it to get it washed and I was going into his office here at the mall to see if he wanted to look it over.

Andy stepped out of the RV with no shirt and a pair of work gloves. Again Jessica stood a little stunned. Andy had the body of a Greek God. He was chiseled out of stone complete with the big biceps and wash board stomach.

Jessica opened the trunk for him and watched his broad shoulder back as he bent over and pulled out the spare and the tools. It looks like you work out Jessica said almost drooling. Yeah, I'm on the football team and we play some stiff competition so the coach really works us hard in the gym.
Have to be able to push back when they hit us!

Andy started working on the flat and for a few minutes Jessica thought about her dinner plans and started getting angry again. Damn she said and started walking up and down and stopping her feet. Her dress was riding up but, she was too mad to notice. Hey, take it easy there lady! This won't take long Andy laughed. You don't understand I had a lot of plans and now everything is behind and now it may not work out at all! Jessica looked down at the young man straining with the lug wrench. His muscles were pumped up from straining with wrench.

Jessica suddenly forgot all the plans and the flat. This was one hot looking man. In a brief instant the pictures of the men fucking the other Jessica flashed through her mind. The teasing between her and Andy in the coffee shop, the lezzies kissing in the car. Jessica's pussy was wet again but, she didn't notice it. She didn't even notice that her dress had rode up as far as it could go.

She stepped over by Andy just as he turned his head to look at her and found himself looking at pussy lips!
Her dress had ridden half way over her ass and pretty much all of her pussy was visible.
Andy was looking at everything he hadn't seen in the coffee shop. A car horn caused Jessica to turn and Andy was looking at smooth ass and the part of her pussy, and it was wet.
She turned back and looked down at the very good looking young man, who now had a big shit eating grin on his face.
The images came flooding back and Jessica's pussy got wetter. Andy finished changing the tire which wasn't easy with the hard-on he had.

He stood up and looked down at into the Korean woman's eyes, he hadn't noticed till now what pretty eyes she had.
"Oh thank you Andy, really" Jessica said honestly looking into his eyes. I have no money or I would pay you, what can I do to repay you?
They looked at each other for a few seconds. Andy looked at her deeply and half whispered "Well we could... At the same time Jessica felt his fingers sliding up the crack of her ass very gently.

Jessica was between him and the car. His large frame wouldn't be easy to get around, not that she was moving. Both of them were breathing rather deep and slow. How about it? Wanna go inside the RV and do some serious fucking? Jessica wasn't shocked that he asked. She was shocked when someone said yes and then more so when she realized that it was her.

Wait, I mean no. Andy applied ever so slight pressure with his shoulder causing her to move so ever slightly forward. No, no I married I married. Jessica had for the first time in years slipped back into speaking like a new immigrant. But, she slowly moved forward.

Yes darling, we will take our time and really enjoy ourselves. It will be great I promise. Andy's hand gently massaged the right cheek of her ass. At the same time gently moving her forward. No, no I married I married! Jessica kept uttering but her own legs were moving her forward now.

Before she knew it they were at the door of the RV. Now she was between him and the RV. He reached over her and opened the door. He dropped his arm and put his hand on her back and moved down her spine to her ass, gently caressing it. Rubbing her ass in circles. No, No I married I married. Andy pressed her towards the door.
Ssshh it will be all right. He had her now between him and the door of the RV which he was holding. The only place she could possibly move was inside the RV. She pressed herself up against the door. No I married. Andy leaned forward and gently his lips met hers, at the same time his left hand touched her pussy.

They kissed gently for a few minutes, his hand just rubbing back and forth on her cunt but not probing into it. He took his lips off hers and took his hand off her cunt. She looked at his eyes for a second. No, I... she turned and stepped into the RV.

She walked into the big vehicle and moved almost in a trance towards a leather couch. She stopped short and turned and looked up at him. I I shouldn't do this she stuttered. Ssssh it will be OK. He stepped up to her and put his arm around her waist. He pulled her to him. Sssshh it will be all right.
He leaned down and started kissing her neck and moved to her ear. She let out a very loud sigh. Her hands went to his biceps and she pushed herself into him. This guy knew how to work a neck and an ear. No, no stop, stop but, she made no effort to get away from him. His lips moved over and found hers. He went for a deep French kiss, she gave it to him. His right hand moved down and cupped her ass. His left moved back to fondle her pussy.

Jessica was lost in it all. He took both hands now and grabbed both of her ass checks and pulled her into his crotch. She could really feel his erection now, it was pressed into her stomach.

He slowly moved Jessica back towards the couch. They parted, both were breathing pretty hard. He slid his hands to the bottom of the dress and started lifting it over her. No I can't but, she looked into his eyes and lifted her arms at the same time. The hot red dress that clung to her rather tightly at times slipped off of her rather easily. "Wow", "Andy stood with a slacked jawed stare. You are one very beautiful woman"! Part of Jessica wanted to cover herself, a bigger part didn't.

He put his hands on her hip and reached to kiss her again, She gave out a muffled no and then put her tongue into his mouth. He pulled her tight and then ran his hands to her ass and started squeezing her cheeks.

She in turn started working on his belt and buttons. He had moved to her neck and ears and was letting his hands roam all over her ass and back. She finally got his belt and button on his pants loose and pushed down his pants. He pushed off his shoes and shook off the pants and he kissed his way to her tits. He worked furiously on her nipples and under her tits. She loved with way he circled his tongue around and around the nipple before he touched it. As the same time he was pulling her other nipple with his index and forefinger. Jessica couldn't seem to be able to do much of anything except rub his shoulders and head, mumble no, sigh, and moan a lot.

They were still standing in the middle of the RV as Andy worked his way down to her stomach and clutching her ass; playing with the crack of her ass. He also was from time to time running a finger across her pussy lips without probing her hole. Jessica was really confused, she was mumbling "yes Andy I'm married yes". Andy finally kissed down to her pussy and reached up and grabbed both of her tits. His tongue slid across her clit and she gasped and moaned.

All the sexual tension of the day was having an terrific affect on Jessica as Andy was finding out. Her pussy was soaked before he even game close to touching it. His tongue slid in very easily. Jessica let out a very loud gasp and a yelp. Andy worked her pussy with tongue like a wizard. For a very short instant Jessica thought "this kid is way to good at this for only being 18, someone showed him something" and then she sank back down into enjoying Andy's tongue and fingers. Andy wrapped his left hand around her waist and played with her clit with the right.

After everything that had happened that day it didn't take Jessica long to explode! She started gasping and then yelling. "I'm coming Andy I'm coming, you must stop" Andy had to giggle at that but he sure didn't stop. He moved his tongue to her clit and started flicking it as fast as he could. Jessica was now jumping up and down like she was trying to get away from his tongue. Andy gripped her hard around the waist tightly. Jessica started yelling Andy's name over and over and again, she finally let out a scream and came and then screamed again and came again. Now she was completely stiff and trying to get her breath as the third wave came over her.

Her knees gave way and she started to fall, but Andy's strong left arm held her and slowly lowered her to the floor. She laid on the carpeted floor and by instinct spread her legs and lifted her knees. Andy never stopped licking her clit and pushed two fingers into her cunt and started feeling around. After two minutes Jessica arched her back and let out a long scream and bucked against Andy's face for a few minutes, then she went limp.

Andy continued to eat her pussy for a few minutes and then started to move up her body. Jessica was so exhausted that at first she didn't notice until she felt his weight on her chest. His arm came down and spread her legs a little further apart. No Andy no! Andy was now face to face with her. "Jessica I think I've heard enough no's from you today" said Andy just as he put the head of his cock into her cunt.

Jessica's very wet cunt was easily slid into by Andy's cock and seemed quite eager to get it. It occurred to Jessica that she hadn't seen Andy's dick but it seemed like it was a good size. Andy was super horny from Jessica's very long cock tease and being 18.
He started fucking her like a madman, he had no intention of making it last awhile. Jessica by instinct wrapped her legs around his waist. She started meeting his thrusts. "Oh, honey more, more she was moaning." Andy was trying to kiss her but, seemed more intent on fucking.

What a tight cunt she has, it felt like a vise. Andy hadn't been fucking her long but, he knew that he wasn't going to last long. She had made him so horny. Jessica grabbed his ass and dug her fingernails into it. Pulling him into her pussy even harder with every thrust. Jessica was pushing her hips back at him as hard as he was pushing into her.

Both of them were loving the hot fucking they were getting and wanted it to last a long time. But, Andy was right he didn't last long. Andy put his lips around her and kissed her hard and then came with a roar, he felt that he was going to black out. Jessica felt that her cunt must be catching fire with all the hot cum he was shooting into her pussy. He kept stroking in her pussy for a minute or two after he came, then he collapsed.

Both of them laid on the carpeted RV floor just basking in the wet glow. Andy finally reached up and kissed her gently. Jessica finally said "I should be going". "No Jessica, you should be sucking cock" Andy stated to her very bluntly. "What?" Yes, Jessica, suck my cock! Andy rose up onto one knee and moved up Jessica's chest and then placed both knees just below her armpits. The kid was packing a big dick Jessica thought, even after he had came and went soft he was still a good size. An the big dick was dripping cum and pussy juice.
Jessica really wasn't to keen about sucking that cock.

Come on honey, open up and suck my cock hard again.
Jessica started to say no but just as she got the "n" out Andy pushed forward and put his cock in her mouth.
"I told you I've heard enough no's from you today!" NOW SUCK MY COCK!
She was trying to push Andy off her and spit his cock out but, he was to heavy and to far forward. She had tasted cum before but, never pussy juice and certainly not at the same time.
She almost chocked at first and then she started sucking trying to breathe.
Yeah, that's it baby, suck it all down! Jessica was still struggling trying to get him off and soon realized it was a lost cause. His cock was in her mouth and not coming out. She was gagging when he pushed forward in her mouth. She started sucking even more.

Andy being all of 18 was bouncing back quick for his first big orgasms and was starting to get stiff again. Oh yeah baby, not only are you a great fuck your a great cock sucker too.
Yeah suck it! Jessica found her self-getting into it. She was getting turned on again feeling the young man get hard in her mouth. She even liked the taste of his cum in her mouth. Her pussy was an interesting taste.
For a brief second she wondered if other women tasted the same or were they different. Another gag of her throat brought her back to what she was doing.

She kept gagging but was still trying to suck him down. He had gotten completely hard again. He accidentally slipped from her mouth. Before he could put his cock back in her mouth. She said "Stop, this hurts my neck; let me get up to suck your dick." He raised off her and helped her up. Get on the couch honey; you can sit and suck my dick.

As she sat on the edge of the couch she felt his cum ooze out of her pussy. She thought back of the pictures of the porn queen and cum running out of her cunt.
Guess I'm almost as big a slut as she is she thought to herself. At one time being called a slut would of offended her but, for some reason now it seemed a turn on. Besides, she hadn't done three guys at the same time or had cum shot all over her.

Spread your legs honey, I want you to play with your clit while you blow me.
Jessica did as she was told. For a woman that was normally strong willed she was becoming very obedient to this young stud.
That's it girl, rub that clit, yeah get it real good! Andy was looking down at her as she shoved one finger in her cunt and rub her clit with the other hand. It felt real good, it had been a long time since she had played with her pussy. She had never played with it front of another person not even her husband. She was really getting turned on. She looked up at him with a big grin. Andy was both a big grin and big erection.

This was the first good luck at his cock that she had gotten. This kid seemed to have everything. Good looks, charm and a big dick that came back to life real quick. They had the same thought at the same time. Jessica opened her mouth and Andy bent his cock down and put it in her mouth.

Jessica was now so horny she went after his cock like a starving woman! She wanted to see how far down she could get that dick down her throat. Andy was moaning like a dying man.
Every once in awhile he would lean way down and play with her tits. Mostly he just kept his hand on the back of her head and thrust his cock back and forth in her mouth. Jessica couldn't remember being more turned on.
She some how learned to relax her throat and Andy was pushing his cock as far into her as it would go. She had put two fingers up her cunt from one hand and was finger her clit with the other. Her big tits were bouncing in rhythm with Andy's face fucking. She could imagine what her black hair contrasted with his blonde pubic hair.
She wish she could leave her body and watch herself getting face fucked by this stud.
It must be real hot looking.

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