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Nancy Continues Stripping for Fun

Written by Anon (October 2000)

Nancy had become so popular stripping for the men at the little bars that there wasn't enough time for her to take care of all of the horny men that wanted to get into her. Realizing that she needed help she talked her sister into coming up to stay with us and helping her entertain at the tavern.

A few days later on Wednesday May 8, 1967 when I came home from work I saw a strange car in the driveway. When I went into the house I quickly found that Angie and Edwardo were already here.
Edwardo brought Angie to stay with us because his work was taking him to another state and because of personal troubles they had decided to separate. Angie said that Edwardo was going out of state for work because things had been very slow down in California.

When Angie had called Nancy and asked her if she could come and stay with us for awhile Nancy immediately started talking to her about going with her to strip and entertain the men at the two taverns. Angie didn't think that she could strip for a group of men but when Nancy told her what kind of money she could make helping her entertain at several small taverns she changed her mind and decided that she would give it a try.

After a hard day at work I was very tired and couldn't stay awake to talk with Edwardo, Angie and Nancy so I apologized for being so tired and went to bed. I told them that I would leave them to talk and catch up on what they had been doing since they had seen each other last.

I woke up the next morning with a hand gently working on my cock, which responded by quickly getting rock hard. When I rolled over I was startled to see Angie in bed with me with Nancy standing by the side of the bed. They started giggling as Nancy said, "you two have fun, I'm going to take a shower and I'll be back pretty soon.
I asked Angie where Edwardo was and she said, "he's still sleeping because we really took care of him last night."

As I looked at Angie's body I could see that she was now very firm and had a great figure. Her breasts were fairly big, not nearly as big as Nancy's, but they were very nice and firm.
As I reached down and started fingering Angie's pussy I could tell that she and Nancy were indeed related.

Both of them had a wonderful sweet tight little pussy. As she guided my hard cock into her waiting little cunt it almost felt like I was actually fucking my wife Nancy instead of her sister Angie.

Angie responded and became horny almost as easily as Nancy and it wasn't long before she began to have an orgasm. There was definitely a big difference because Angie moaned and sighed when she reached orgasm. Nancy was much noisier as she whimpered and growled when she reached her orgasms. I had just shot my load of sperm deep into Angie's little cunt when Nancy came bouncing into the bedroom.

She climbed into bed with us and said that she wanted some of that too as she began sucking on my cock.
With this treatment my limp cock almost immediately jumped back to life as my sexy wife climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her horny little cunt.
I loved to watch my wife ride my cock because it was very sexy and exciting watching her big breasts bounce and flop around as she moved.

On May 3 1968 I drove Nancy took Angie to the first little tavern so Nancy could introduce Angie to Jack the bartender. She didn't have a picture of Angie but Nancy left several pictures that she had enlarged showing her in a very tiny bikini for them to put up for publicity for their next show. They made plans for Nancy and Angie to perform on May 11th the following Saturday.

On May 11, 1968 I drove Nancy and Angie to the first little tavern again. Edwardo had left to go to his new job and although he had come to accept and even have fun with Angie after she had been fucked by other men he would not be comfortable seeing his wife letting another man fuck her, much less several men. He had also never seen his wife strip in front of a group of horny men.

When we arrived at the tavern Nancy and Angie went to see Jack and make sure that everything was ready for them to perform tonight. They also set Angie up in a small dressing room right next to Nancy's so she could go see Nancy if she had any problems during the evening's activities.

Although she had gone out and let several different men fuck her on some of her nights out she hadn't ever done anything like she was going to do tonight and as the time got near she began to get very nervous. Nancy told Jack that Angie was new at entertaining men so she told him that Angie wouldn't entertain as many men as she would.

When the show started at nine o'clock Angie was the first one to go on. Having never stripped for a group of men before she was quite awkward but she tried very hard and the men liked her cute figure and her firm tits. When she was done it was Nancy's turn and the crowd went wild when Jack introduced her and she came out to do her number. They were practically drooling as they watched my sexy wife bare her beautiful body for them to see.

They were constantly amazed at the size of Nancy's breasts on such a small body. As soon as Nancy's number was over both she and Angie, still naked walked over to the bar to get a drink and have Jack start setting up the men who wanted personal performances.

I was again sitting very close to the doors of both dressing rooms and it wasn't very long before the sounds of Angie moaning and sighing and Nancy moaning and growling began to come thought the thin walls. As it had been at both taverns during the previous shows these horny men wanted to fuck a gorgeous woman very badly.

But as horny as they were they only lasted a few strokes before they would climax and shoot their load into Nancy and Angie's cute little bellies. When the time rolled around for the midnight show Nancy had entertained her usual eight men while Angie had entertained four.

When Jack introduced the midnight show I was very interested to see what kind of show these two sisters were going to put on. They came out and began dancing together and helping each other strip. They were taking turns taking the clothes off of each other. When they were finally nude they began to play with each other for the crowd.

It kind of shocked the crowd but after a little while they were really excited as they watched these two sexy girls. They played and sucked on each other's tits and fingered each other's well-used little pussy. As the finale Nancy lay back on a table and grabbing Angie's hand guided it to her wide-open cunt. As the men watched in amazement Nancy pulled Angie's whole hand and forearm almost to the elbow up into her.

Angie fist fucked Nancy for a couple of minutes and suddenly Nancy exploded in a very strong orgasm that left her quivering and shaking on the table.
This really turned on the guys and they immediately grabbed the two girls and in a split second both of them were lying on pool tables with each girl impaled by a hard cock.

These loggers were so horny that they began fucking Nancy and Angie with a vengeance as man after man dumped his load in one of the two cunts available. As quick as one of the men pumped his load of cum into one of the girls another would immediately take his place.

Despite the fact that Nancy had been going out four or more days getting fucked by eight to ten different men each day it never ceased to amaze me to see my beautiful dainty little wife getting fucked.

The simple fact was that she loved to go out and let large groups of men gangbang her for hours and hours without stop.

On May 11, 1968 I was still amazed as I watched my sexy little wife lying in the back room on a pool table for over seven hours as forty-nine men at the tavern, mostly loggers, one after another fucked my sexy little wife.
The thing that was even more amazing to me was the fact that lying on the next pool table was Nancy's younger sister Angie.

Nancy had decided that there were more horny men at these taverns than she had time to handle so she had called her sister and talked and talked as she convinced her to come and help her take care of her new entertainment business.

Almost a year earlier Nancy had gone to California for an entire month to visit her family and during that time she showed Angie how much fun she could have when she went out whoring for the night, letting several different men fuck both of them. Angie had liked the feelings she got when she was out with different men.

Although she wasn't nearly as sexually active as Nancy she decided after hearing how many horny men there were at the tavern and how much money they were paying to have Nancy entertain them she decided that she would come out for a while and give it a try.

When Nancy told her how many men that she had been servicing Angie told her that she was willing to give it a try but that she didn't think she could handle anywhere near that many. Nancy told her that if she would come and do as many as she could that she would handle the rest. So here Angie was in the back room lying on one of the two pool tables just like her sister as they both let man after man after man climb on top of them and fuck them, leaving a load of cum in their hot little well used cunts.

By the time the night's entertainment was over it was after six o'clock the next morning twenty-one different men had fucked Angie and my sexy little wife, working her little tail off had been fucked by forty-six different men. As we were getting ready to go home Jack came over and gave Nancy the money for the nights entertainment for Angie and her.

These two sexy sisters had made over fifteen hundred dollars for their activities that night. Angie was very excited when she saw that she had received over six hundred dollars for her part. On the way home Nancy asked Angie how she had liked tonight.

Angie told Nancy that up until the last few guys she had really enjoyed herself. She said that the guys worked on her tits so hard that she thought they were going to suck her nipples off of her breasts. She also told Nancy that she couldn't believe that she had let so many different men fuck her in one night and that her pussy was so sore that she could hardly walk.

Angie laughed and said that seeing how much money she got paid made it all worthwhile. Nancy told Angie that if she went out with as many men as she had been going out with that she would get used to it and that she would probably not even get sore.

Nancy and Angie had both had lots of drinks during their all night gangbang so when we started to go home they were both quite drunk. They both giggled and talked about the men that had been fucking them. A short time later the conversation had stopped and the car became very quiet. I looked over and saw that both Nancy and Angie were asleep. They had probably passed out from a combination of being quite drunk but also very tired. When we got home I could not wake either of the girls.

I carried Nancy into the house and laid her on the bed. I then went back to the car and failing to wake Angie I carried her into the house and put her to bed. As I took her clothes off to put her in bed I couldn't help but notice that her pussy was still gaping wide open and that it certainly looked like it had been very badly abused. Although the nipples on her breasts were still erect they looked like they had been sucked on an awful lot.

After getting Angie to bed I went to our bedroom and preceded to take off what few clothes Nancy had on. As I put her to bed I looked and her little pussy and saw that it showed even more signs of abuse than Angie's did.

Even though Nancy's once little cunt was stretched wide open and cum was still dribbling out I knew from past experience that by tomorrow it would have returned back to normal.
I knew that by tomorrow Nancy's now gaping pussy would have returned to its normal state just like it always did no matter how many men she let stretch it out of shape. I was right, after staying home Sunday and Monday nights Nancy's little pussy was again sweet and tight.

After spending two nights at home Nancy was horny and ready to go again. On Tuesday night May 13, 1968 she dressed up in a very sexy outfit, consisting of a see thru blouse with no bra and a super short micro mini skirt and went out looking for some fun.

When Nancy said that she was going out to have some fun it usually meant that she was going to let four or five men fuck her horny little cunt that night. As she was getting ready to go out Nancy asked Angie if she wanted to go out with her and pick up some men to have fun with. Angie told Nancy that her pussy was still kind of sore from the weekend so she told Nancy that she was going to stay home for the night.

When Nancy started dancing and stripping at the little taverns she began handing out little business cards. These business cards were to advertise the fact that she performed at birthday parties, bachelor parties and at conventions.

Her business card read:

EROTIC ENTERTAINER Sexy Young Housewife 5'4" 36FFF - 20 - 35 Will do Erotic Dance & Strip Performance for: Birthday Parties Bachelor Parties Conventions Extra Services (wink wink) also available For your Erotic Appointment Phone (000) 000-0000

Nancy On the right hand side of the card was a picture of Nancy down to the waist showing off her beautiful big breasts. Nancy had started performing at these parties several years earlier in 1963 and enjoyed doing them so much that she wanted to get scheduled to do as many more as she had time for.

Before handing out these cards Nancy had gotten all of her Erotic Entertainment business by work of mouth from her very very satisfied customers. She had been performing for two or three bachelor or birthday parties a month since she worked her first party on July 27, 1963.

Since she came up with the idea of handing out these business cards at the taverns where she was performing Nancy was very excited as she began to get calls from men wanting to make reservations to have her perform at some of their various parties. It wasn't long before almost all Friday and Saturday nights that Nancy wasn't performing at the taverns were filled with reservations for her to perform at various parties.

On Saturday May 18, 1968 Nancy was just finishing putting on her makeup when I came home from work. I asked her where she was going that evening and she told me that she had a stag party to perform at that night.
She was very excited as she told me that she was going to perform at the first bachelor party that had resulted from the little business cards that she had been passing out. Nancy looked so gorgeous and sexy when she left for the party.

I knew that the way she looked that there were going to be a lot of excited men having a wonderful time. Nancy smiled at Angie and kissed me goodbye. As she walked out the door she turned and said, "honey, I hope you and Angie have a real good time tonight. I'll probably be quite late so don't wait up for me." After Nancy left for her party I went to the front room to watch TV and Angie went to her bedroom.

After watching TV for only a short time I was very surprised when Angie suddenly came into the front room wearing only a very thin short baby doll nightie. She kind of bashfully sat down beside me and told me that she was lonely and wanted to know if I would please keep her company.

Looking at her great body in that small nightie I quickly patted the couch beside me and told her that I would love to keep her company. Angie quietly snuggled up against me and we continued to watch TV for a short time. With such a cute body snuggled up against me I couldn't stand it any longer as I put my arm around her and began to fondle one of her breasts.

Angie immediately responded as she put her arm around my neck and we started kissing and necking. We made out on the couch for a while and finally decided to go to bed because we could be much more comfortable. When Nancy left she said that she hoped that we had a good time that night and we certainly did. Angie's body was an absolute carbon copy of Nancy's except that Nancy's breasts were about twice the size of Angie's.

Her shaved pussy was sweet and tight just like my sexy little wife's. Closing my eyes as I slipped my hard cock into Angie's hot little pussy made me think that I was fucking my little wife's horny cunt.
The feeling with Angie was so incredible that we continued for several hours, both of us having a wonderful exciting time. A little after three thirty in the morning I woke up as I heard the door open.

I started to get up to greet Nancy but stopped when I heard her giggling and the laughter of two different men. As they brought my very drunk little wife into the house they were laughing and playing with her big tits.

As they carried her to the couch I did a double take because the two young men were identical twins that looked so much alike that you couldn't tell them apart. By the time they laid Nancy on the couch they had removed her blouse and pushed her tiny micro mini skirt up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties so my drunken horny little wife was ready and willing for as much action as they wanted to give her.

As they laid her back on the couch one of the black men unzipped his pants and pulled out his big black cock that was at least ten inches long and as big as my wrist around. When Nancy saw him take out his cock she spread her legs and he immediately sank his monster tool into her wild wet waiting pussy. As his big cock slipped into her she let out a big moan, urging him to fuck her as hard as he could.

Angie woke up when I got out of bed to watch Nancy and getting curious to know what I was watching she also came to the door and peeked out to see what was going on. She was absolutely mesmerized as she watched the big black cock slipping in and out of her sister's hot cunt. I whispered to Angie that there was another young man waiting for his chance to fuck Nancy and if she quietly wandered out there she could get a chance to have her first black man before Nancy had them so tired that they couldn't handle anymore.

As I was telling Angie this I gently nudged her out of the door and toward the front room. With a little persuasion from me Angie finally decided that she would go down and have a little fun with Nancy's friends. When the second young black man saw Angie coming down the stairs he stood and stared in awe at her sexy little body as she timidly walked over to him. When he reached out for her she fell into his arms.

As they broke from their first long kiss Angie took his hand and pulled him with her as she lay down on the floor. He climbed on top of this hot little woman and quickly undid his pants, pulling out his big hard black cock. Angie and I had had sex less than an hour ago so she was all opened up and ready for his massive tool.

As he began to shove his cock into her waiting pussy Angie let out a big long sigh, repeating "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I don't believe how good it feels."

What an erotic sight looking down on the front room. I saw my gorgeous sexy twenty-eight year old wife Nancy lying on the couch with a young black man's big cock slamming in and out of her hot wet pussy.

Nancy was a woman in heat with sweat glistening all over her body as she raised her cunt up to meet every thrust of his hard cock. She was so turned on that she began having one orgasm after another. A few feet away lying on a furry rug and some pillows was my wife's cute younger twenty-four year old sister Angie. She also had a young black man's big cock buried deep inside of her horny little cunt.

Watching the actions of Angie it was hard to tell her apart from Nancy. She was also a wild woman as she too began to have orgasm after orgasm. The two black men continued to abuse these two wild whores for several hours. After fucking one of them for a while they would switch partners and each of them would fuck the other one for a while. Finally about six thirty they could not handle any more and told Nancy and Angie that they were going to go.

As they were kissing and hugging the girls goodbye Nancy told them that if they ever wanted to have some fun with her again to give her a call because she would be glad to go out with both of them again. Angie said that if she were still here she would also like to see them again. Giggling and talking about the fun they had just had with these two men Nancy and Angie started up the stairs. I always found it very exciting to watch Nancy come up the stairs with her big tits bouncing. Now I was not only watching Nancy's gigantic 36FFF tits bounce but I was also getting to watch her younger sister's big 37D tits quiver and bounce as they both came up the stairs together.

Nancy was still quite drunk so Angie held on to her helping her up the stairs. After putting Nancy on the bed Angie gave me a big kiss, thanking me for insisting that she go down and see what it was like to have sex with a black man. After giving me a big kiss and a good feel she headed for her bedroom. Nancy and Angie were both so tired that they didn't get up until after four o'clock Sunday evening. When Nancy finally woke up she told me about the bachelor party that she had performed at last night.

She said that she was surprised when she got to the party to find that the groom and his best man were black and were identical twins. Including the groom and his brother Nancy said that there were eight men at the party. Nancy said that they kept giving her so much to drink that by the time that she started to dance and strip for them she was already getting quite drunk. When she had finished her dance and had stripped completely naked for them Nancy was very horny and let them know that she was available and that she would be happy to take on all of the men at the party as many times as they wanted her.

They kept giving her more and more to drink until she was so drunk that she could hardly walk. The groom was the first man at the party to fuck my sexy little wife followed by his twin brother. Nancy said that these men at the party were very very horny and that they really worked her little pussy over. She was fucked twice by each of the men at the party. When the party was over Nancy was so drunk that she couldn't even walk to the car much less drive herself home so the groom said that he would bring Nancy home and that his brother would bring her car.

The groom and his brother were the men that had stayed and given Nancy and Angie such a good fucking the night before in our front room. Nancy's sister Angie moved in permanently with us and I suddenly had the start of my own little harem.

Wow were things exciting as these two gorgeous little women kept me completely satisfied along with hundreds of other men as they continued to go out whoring at nights. They continued stripping at the small bars until so many men were coming that they decided they needed another woman to help them entertain all of them.

Nancy began to talk to her youngest sister who at the time was just 18 about also coming to live with us and also working with her and Angie to entertain all of the horny loggers.

This really excited me because when I had married Nancy I had noticed all of her sisters and had always wanted the opportunity to make love to all of them, but this will be another story.

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