Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Surprise

Written by Damian (Dec 2000)

It was one of those business trips he dreaded, a long drive, a full day, an overnight with nothing to do and then another drive, another full day, and a second night in the standard issue motel. But three or four times a year such trips were necessary, and so he got up early, left the house and drove off into the morning darkness. It was at times like these that he really did look forward to retirement, when these tasks would be long forgotten, when his time would be his.

He finished the day’s business around six, and headed for the Fairfield Inn that he would always stay in on this particular trip. At least he had some familiarity with the place; he thought he knew what to expect. He checked in at the desk with a young female hostess that he vaguely remembered from past such encounters, and noticed that she was very friendly today. When he first arrived and gave his name she excused herself for a few moments to make a call and then returned to continue the check in process. When the paperwork was done she told him that she knew he would have a very nice evening. He thought this a little strange, but paid no real attention and headed off to room 262, down the hall, up the stairs and to the right.

He inserted the card into the door, and pushed it open, his hands full with his overnight travel bag and paperwork, making his entry a little awkward. To his left was the bathroom, and from behind its half closed door he thought he could hear the shower running, so he quickly looked back at the room number on the door to verify that he was in the right place. Satisfying himself as to that, he spoke out loud in the direction of the partially closed bathroom door, "Hello?"

He was stunned to hear her voice from the bathroom. It was a voice that he knew so well, a voice he could never forget, but was very much out of place and, as a result, the cause of his confusion. "Hi, I’m glad you finally got here, I’m in here, come in."

He pushed the door open, and found her in the shower, facing the shower head and the door, the shower curtain pulled half back. She stood straight up facing him, her right leg up on the edge of the tub, her hands slowly stroking her right thigh and her hips. The steamy water struck her firm and perfect breasts, cascading gently down the center of her chest, over her non-existent stomach, through her light colored pubic hair and down her left leg. Her blond hair was matted down; beads of water covered her lithe body. He stared into her sparkling blue eyes and was mesmerized by her smile. He was speechless. He could only stand there watching her, unable to move or say anything, overwhelmed by her presence.

For all the years that they had known each other, it was this kind of spontaneity that had cemented him to her. They both loved such encounters, which freed them from life’s regularity. He could never get enough of her. As he looked at the body that he had taken thousands of times, he knew that the only thing he wanted was to have her again, that if he had her again now there would be nothing else in life that he would ever need. He stood before her so grateful to her, for her love and her willingness to open herself to him like this. He wanted her now more than ever, and yet he knew that the next time he would again want her more than ever before.

She knew how much he liked this kind of thing. To do this she had to overcome her natural skepticism about her sexuality, her basic insecurity. She had to overcome years of childhood conditioning that she was ordinary, that she was undesirable, that she did not match up to men’s Hollywood oriented expectations. She had to remind herself that he had told her innumerable times that to him she was the sexiest creature on the earth, even if she did not believe that to be true. The fact was that she exuded sexuality, that any man would be overwhelmed by her, any time she chose to do so. She was perfectly proportioned, slim and firm, the kind of body that turned men’s heads as she passed, that led to the unanimous thought of how nice it would be to fuck her.

She never understood the power that she could have over men.

From the first, some fifteen years before, they had been perfect together; each moment they shared was charged with a sexual energy that neither had never before experienced. From the first she reacted to him in ways that she had never even imagined possible. She had many previous lovers, and with them she had enjoyed sex, but with him everything was different. With him she wanted him more than anything else. She would find herself daydreaming about their sexual encounters. She found herself daydreaming about him, planning their next meeting. And when they were together she could not wait to take him, to kiss him, to give him anything he wanted. With him she had orgasms that seemed impossible, that sent her to places she had never been, that at times left her almost unconscious, sometimes needing time to recall where she was or what time had passed. Sometimes she needed to concentrate to even remember who she was. As she gave herself to this man so fully, she wondered if he knew just how much her desire for him controlled her actions. With him she wondered if she was a nymphomaniac.

"Why don’t you join me?" they both heard her say, the sound of her voice breaking the silence that had surrounded them as their mutual imaginations and carnal desires ran free.

He dropped the things he was holding in his hands, and found himself tearing at his clothes with almost comic rapidity, seemingly trying to work on several pieces of clothing at the same time. He threw each article out of the bathroom, as she watched the body that she so wanted. At five foot nine he stood about six inches taller than she did. It was a differential that she thought perfect, as their firm, athletic bodies fit together as if they had been created for each other. She could almost feel his hard cock entering her as she watched his clothing come off. She could feel her hand automatically move to her clitoris, which she began to stroke, finding it already wet with her desire for him. She watched as muscles hidden by his business suit revealed themselves to her, and she could hardly wait to touch him and to feel his touch on her anxiously waiting body.

He stepped into the bathtub, noticing that she had plugged the drain so as to allow the water to collect. She stayed in her position, as he took her face in both his hands, kissing her deeply as he allowed their bodies to barely touch, her nipples barely grazing against his lower chest, the inside of her right thigh against the outer portion of his left leg. The kiss led to another, and then another, as their bodies came into closer contact. Her arms moved around him and she stroked his back and ass. He kissed her neck, while she reached down and took his rock hard cock and began to rub it slowly against her clitoris, stroke after stroke, sending her toward the orgasm she had planned since she had decided to meet him this way. She had imagined how exciting this would be, but, as always, the reality far surpassed her dreams. She could feel the orgasm building.

The hot water from the shower struck against his shoulders and onto her steaming body. He kissed her and moved down her chest, allowing his tongue to find her left nipple, which he first circled, but did not touch. Each pass of his tongue around her nipple drove her further toward her climax, and she continued to stroke her clitoris with his rod. They were so comfortable with one another that she knew he would rather wait to enter her, that he would want her to come first, that her first orgasm would make him all the more excited as he moved toward his own.

As his tongue now found her nipple, and he alternately licked and bit it ever so gently, she could hear her moans increasing in their volume and frequency. Soon she was screaming, having lost all control over what she said or what she was doing, as she raked his cock over her clitoris as fast as she could. Then it started, and she could no longer hear herself, although she knew that she was screaming uncontrollably. Waves of the orgasm slammed through her, but she continued to stoke her clitoris with his cock, and she responded to his kiss with her own tongue searching his mouth, as the sheer unsurpassed pleasure engulfed her. Then, as a final shock struck her, she arched her back away from him and almost collapsed, letting go of his organ and holding onto him with her arms as he held her up to prevent her from falling.

He picked her up from under her thighs, using his forearms to support them, his hands under her ass as he carried her across the tub and placed her back against the side of the shower wall. She wrapped her legs around him and he found her pussy with his cock, which she aided into the proper spot. Her hands wrapped over his wide shoulders. He stroked forward with an enormous thrust and she felt him drive deeply into her, and she heard herself let out a groan and call out his name, as his rod found bottom, while at the same time she could feel the orgasm reawakening.

It was just what she wanted; it was all that she had hoped for and more. His cock slid back out, almost all the way, and then drove back in again, this time more slowly than the first, and she felt filled, as if she couldn’t take any more, but she knew that she wanted him in even deeper. The next thrust accomplished just that, and she repositioned herself slightly for the next hoping for even more as his cock lashed back in to her pussy. She eagerly took his pounding, and again she heard her screams, this time accompanied by his, as each of his thrusts, which were increasing in tempo, drove into her tiny body. Each stroke brought them more pleasure as they each neared the orgasms that they knew were unique to their relationship, climaxes that they each had felt only with each other, that they knew could never be eclipsed.

"Oh God baby, you are so good, oh baby, you are so good, I’m going to come, you are unbelievable", he whispered into her ear when he knew that he couldn’t hold on much longer.

"Me too, me too, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can, oh God, keep fucking me, I love it so much…… I’m coming….. I’m coming….." she said, the last words she could utter before the screams took over and another orgasm raged through her body, even stronger than the first. Each wave increased in intensity, and then she could feel him convulse, and she could feel his cock throbbing in her, and again the strength of her own orgasm increased a notch as she felt the thrill she received from giving him what he so much wanted, what she so much wanted to provide. He was now whimpering in her ear as the last of his orgasmic spasms ceased.

He allowed his exhausted cock to fall from her, and he lowered them both into the now almost full tub of water, holding her in his arms as they settled in, their bodies intertwined and exhausted, warmed by the water. He kissed her again, his tongue again exploring her mouth, and she responded, their heads against the back of the tub, holding one another in an embrace that they each hoped would never end.

They fell into a semi consciousness, holding one another until the water cooled, only then being forced to return to the real world. They would go to dinner and return for an evening of unrestrained passion, each needing to continue until collapse. His next day’s appointments would be canceled as they would opt, instead, to spend the day in bed, using one another as each wanted to be used. They each wondered how they could be so lucky.

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