Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Wife, by Video

A story by Linda Chorlton.
(July 2001)

I remember the night she wasn't at home ( had to work late is what I heard ) That's what she said - I can never forget the way it felt, needed some time to work it out, that's what she said, and now I feel a fool, cos I've seen those other guys. I never expected anything out of the ordinary to ever happen to me, but it did.

I am a well educated white collar worker with a normal humdrum, but happy life, revolving around work, home, wife and child. One evening I was baby sitting, while my wife had gone out with her girlfriends, I began to tidyup the room. When I bent down to pick up a pile of clothes that were left out for the wash, I noticed a video tape tucked under the bed. I thought that it was rather an odd place for the video to be, so I picked it up.

Curiosity got the better of me, as it was not one of mine. I went into the den and put the tape into the vcr player, and waited to see what was on it. I could hardly believe my eyes, it was a video of my wife acting very sultrily and so seductively, wearing a black nightie, which was showing everything. I could see that her cunt lips were highly sexed up, they were like elephants' ears. In the tape, she began to move around, thrusting her cunt, her bum or her tits in a dance to the music, performing an erotic strip-tease, removing what little she was wearing in a slow sexy manner.

The camera panned in and out of her various poses, making me wonder who was operating the camera. She stripped off her clothes and began rubbing her lucious big tits, while she rolled her tongue around her mouth and onto her nipples, towards the cameraman. She then started to play with her pussy, fingering her clit and opening the labia wide to a zoomed camera lens. The camera panned up her slender body to her face, which seemed to be trying to seduce whoever was operating the camera.

Finally the picture faded to black, only to fade back in again, from what looked to be someone sitting on top of the dresser, with my wife stripping the clothes off a young blond stud. He wasn't more than 21 years old, with muscular shoulders and not very much hair on his body, but when she removed his shorts, she revealed a huge, massive cock. She started kissing his neck, slowly moving down his body, kissed his chest and stomach, and finally arriving at his 10 inch throbbing cock.

She began to lick up and down the length of it , occasionally stopping to take the tip into her mouth. Her hand wouldn't fit all the way around it, as she stroked it up and down, this made his pre-cum glisten in the bedside light, Then her mouth started to suck the first few inches.

I paused the video at that point, with the picture of my wife sucking off this wellhung stud staring at me on the screen. I needed time to allow me to think.

Watching her with another man made me very jealous, but it also made me as horny as hell, I decided to watch some more while I played with my hard throbbing cock.

She continued to suck away on his big dick,she teased him in a lovebite, leaving trails of saliva, as he would pull it out of her mouth. Next she snuggled up and let his cock move between her tits, while she licked over the head. I had never had a tit-fuck from her, and I hated him for having her first. He kept this up for a few minutes, until the pressure became too great and he let his cum jerk over my wife's tits and face. She licked up all of the cum and began sucking on him some more, telling him he wasn't getting off without using his cock as it was really intended.

My shaft was now throbbing as I shot my hot jizm into my hand. Although I had just cum, I stayed hard and excited watching the video. It was a long time since I had been able to keep a "woody", since my teens even.

My wife had just begun to stuff his large cock into her pussy, and it really looked like it hurt somewhat. Even though she was displaying signs of pain, she seemed to gag for more, and he seemed willing to give it to her. They fucked for the rest of the tape. I shot several more loads into my lonely hand, as I watched my pretty wife screw his hard massive cock with more lust and passion than I've ever known her to have with me.

What got me was she recorded everything on tape.

I rewound the tape and put it back where I found it. When she returned home, she told me she had a great time with "the girls", but I knew from the look on her face that she had been fucking with her stallion-dick toy-boy somewhere.

We retired to the bedroom, where we had the best sex of marriage and it lasted for hours, as my wife couldn't seem to get enough rump-pumpy.

During our sex-session I prompted her to tell me her fantasies and talk dirty to me. She was almost delirious, wrapped up in feelings of lust when she told me that she fantasised about having a threesome with me and another man, which brought me to another orgasm inside her slackened pussy.

We then fell asleep in each other's arms, as I forgot the video. A week later, she asked me to babysit again as "the girls" wanted another night out, but she told me she would have a supprise for me later that night.

She had no sooner left the driveway when I scampered to get the video tape. I put it in the player and was shocked again. She had recorded over the tape with another man.

This man was black, about 20 years old, with a shaved head and an even bigger cock. I pulled my sex sausage, as I watched my wife suck her young lover's big black cock, but the camera movements also let me know there was someone else in the room with them.

The camera went back to being propped up on the dresser again, as the guy from the first tape appeared, and started to fuck her pussy from behind, doggy-style. She gasped as he entered her, and squirmed as he pushed more and more of his cock into her, she moaned from deep in her throat, but her mouth never stopped the blowjob she was doing on the black guy's stiffy. She had brought them both to near climax, when she stopped the action and decided they should switch positions.

They moved round her and started all over again, this time with the black guy's 12 inches in her pussy and the other's 10 inches in her mouth. Just as they were both about to come, she stopped them again, only to bring them both up to her wet mouth. She stroked both large cocks, as she took turns alternatlely sucking then, until they both shotoff, all over her face. This part of the tape finished, as it went back to the original, before it was recorded over. I was rubbing my cock up and down even faster now, and knew I was ready to shoot my load again.

I came in a big way, sending squirts of my hot sticky cum all over my chest. Buckets of it.

When she returned home, she acted very coy and innocent, not giving very much detail away of her night's escapades, but she did say she had a surprise for me.

We retired to the bedroom and i began my foreplay, but as I was about to go down and eat her pussy, she stopped me. I was insistent, and made my way down her smooth slender body towards her pussy. When I started to lick her snatch, I noticed there was a strange taste and more juices than normal.

I noticed her pussy was slightly reddened, like she had just been fucked... Just as I was about to ask her about it, there was a knock on the door. She jumped up, put on a robe and went to answer it. She returned moments later with the blond stud I had seen in the first video, she turned to me - partially covered with the bed sheets, and she told me this was the surprise.

She threw off the robe, and before I could comment, she planted her muff ontop of my face. As I tongued her hungrily, she undressed her young stud and proceeded to rouse his cock with her mouth, by running her hands up and down the shaft length. When he reached a full erection, it looked even bigger in the flesh, she climbed off my face and turned to allow him to fuck her from behind. She lowered her head onto my now fully erect cock and started to suck and lick me like a bitch in heat.

I could see his cock starting to slide in and out of my wife's cunt, and she seemed to be in heaven. She was going wild, sucking on my cock while this young stud shagged her vigorously with his horse-cock. This was all too much for me to handle, as my cock raged and swelled with blood, almost to the point I thought I was going to explode, then explode I did! I shot the first few squirts right down her throat, I'm sure she didn't have time to realise, and I splashed the rest of my hot jizm all over her face and hair.

The blond guy just kept on reaming her, as she moaned out for him to fuck her harder and faster. He finally let his load go inside my wife's cunt, which she immediately planted in my face and made me taste his hot juices.

We continued fucking my wife's openings for the rest of the evening, we even had her ontop of him while I fucked her asshole, doggy fashion, what an experience for all of us!

This all happened about three months ago, and things have changed a lot since these events. Now my wife will put on something really sexy and go out and look for others to participate in our sex games. She will go out to bars or supermarkets and pick up guys (and occasionally a girl), take them to a motel, and fuck them on video, and suggest getting together later with both of us.

Most of them say they would be intimidated, but we've had a few that have agreed. She would then come home and we would both watch the video tape, while I would eat her freshly fucked pussy and she sucks dick. (I've grown to enjoy the taste of her love juices mixed with another man's come).

Late at night I still call her name, I'm wondering what for - 'cos I keep seeing those other guys sniffin' around our door.

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