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The Cabin

(May 2001)

Nell’s Cabin

SCENE:- Nell Grayson is contemplating her weekend break in the country. One of her friends has let her have her cabin in the highlands for the weekend. Nell is the chief executive of Grayson Products, a company specialising in lingerie and marital aids. She has also nominated herself as chief product tester. She has been to the cabin once before and looked forward to peace and quiet of the area, she was even leaving her mobile phone and laptop behind.

The cabin

Nell would be taking her four-wheel drive, leaving the Lamborghini behind, the lambo couldn’t carry all the luggage anyway, especially all the products she might want to take with her. Packing most of her outdoor gear she left behind the classy gear she usually wore for work. It would take he about 4 hours to reach the cabin, in Glen Clitty. Her friend Siobhan usually left some food there but she would have to stop on the way for fresh stuff and a few bottles of her favourite Rose. Making good time in the Range Rover she had only about half an hour to go when she stopped in Highland Springs to stock up. From there on her journey was through the hills and glens, the scenery was outstanding.

The road to the cabin was a dirt track about 1 _ miles from the main road. Driving up the track Nell could smell the forest, all pine and so green. After unpacking Nell stood outside the cabin and just took in the view and smells of the Glen, it felt so good to be away from the city, even if it was only for a few days. It normally got cold in the evening so she started to build up a log fire in the great hearth, when it was lit it filled the cabin with a warm glow. Nell decided to have a nice hot bath before she settled down for the night, on finishing she put on her jade coloured silk robe.

Feeling so relaxed Nell settled down with her new book, “The Ultimate Orgasm”. Lying back on the leather sofa , in her silk robe she began to read her book. She had been told by the author that some of her company’s products featured in the book. The glow from the fire flickered up and down her firm lean body and the heat made her just so good. Pausing to refill her glass of rose She noticed it had began to snow outside, it looked so serene when she glanced out. Settling down with her book again she noticed the next chapter was on oral sex, which she considered her forte.

After a few pages she got up to go to the fridge for a new bottle, feeling hot she realised it was not just the fire but the glow between her legs accompanied a dampness in her pussy. She felt she could have added a few touches of her own to the last chapter. On the way back form the kitchen she reached into her bag and brought out her favourite dildo, the double ended “screamer”. One of the companies best selling products.

Lying back on the sofa she opened her legs and began to spread her wetness all over her pussy and ass with both hands. Taking one of her hands she began to slowly stroke up and down the swollen lips of her tingling pussy, pausing to flick at her throbbing clit before beginning once more running her hand over herself. Reaching under herself with her other hand Nell gently probed her anus, wet with the juice running from her pussy. With both her hands at work she began to writhe around, moaning to her self as she did so.

Getting up from the sofa she knelt above her screamer and got ready to sit on it, the thought of both her holes about to be plugged made her body tense in anticipation. Spreading her knees wide she began to lower herself down until the first of the two probes began to gently push apart the entrance to her golden love tube.

Easing herself lower towards the carpet Nell felt stretched to all most tearing, only to scream out as her anus was penetrated by the other side of great dildo. Rocking back and forth she felt like never before the lifelike screamer giving the impression of a rock hard cock in ass and pussy. The fire in her groin grew as she squeezed her breasts till they hurt, plunging quicker and quicker on her friend. Crying out Nell fell forward onto the sofa as the strength of her orgasm forced the great screamer from her.

Lying back to recover Nell took more of her wine to calm down, her breath coming in short gasps. Her friend shone in the firelight as the juices reflected about the room. As she recovered what composure she had left she felt the need for a real rod, one that throbbed to her touch, would fill her with cum till it ran down her thighs and mixed with her own cum, one she could suck till it was as hard as steel. Going through to the kitchen too refill her glass there was a knock at the door. Pulling her robe around her she thought who on earth could this be. Keeping the chain on the door she opened and saw before her a young man.

He explained that his car had gone off the road and he had saw a light on in the cabin. He asked to use the phone to call for help. Explaining there was no phone Nell asked him to come in as he looked all in. She thought with his looks he will be all in me if I get my way. Showing him to the sofa she went to get him a drink to which he seemed agreeable.

On the way to the kitchen she undid her robe slightly, exposing her firm sleek thighs as she walked about. As there was no phone she explained that it would be better if he stayed till morning as he could get no help at that time of night. As she leaned forward to give him his drink Nell made sure that her firm breasts would be exposed, her breasts and nipples still swollen and erect from her session with the screamer.

Sitting next to him on the sofa she crossed her legs to expose her thighs, the top of which were still wet and the scent of cum still there. Rosé was still on her pussy which she spilled in the throes of her orgasm. As the both drunk their rosé she asked what he was doing in the area. It turned out that he was a geological student on a field trip. From the way his hand trembled as drank his wine and the swelling in his jeans Nell knew she was on to a good fuck later on. Reaching across to refill his glass she rested her hand on his thigh, taking her hand he moved it to his now hard erection, she smiled to show her consent.

With all pretence now gone Nell undid the buttons on his jeans and poured the rest of the rosé over the swollen cock before her. Moving down she took the erection in her mouth and lightly licked and caressed the tip with her velvet tongue. Squeezing his taut balls with her hand she took him all in her mouth until she could feel his hair on her lips. Running his hands through his hair he held her as she hungrily sucked on his hard member.

As his cock began to tremble she felt her mouth fill with hot smooth sperm, the nectar of the gods as far as she was concerned. A good piece of work by her she thought. That’s just for starters she told him , the white nectar running down her neck as she spoke.

Part two

Now go and get a shower she told him, and by the way what’s your name?, Jeff he replied. I always like to know the name of the cock that’s going to fuck me, she said with a sensual smile, Nell had her had under her robe gently stroking her wet and swollen lips as she watched Jeff leave to have his shower. Moving through to the bedroom Nell finished off the last of her wine, she could still taste Jeff on her lips and tongue.

The bedroom had an enormous pine four poster bed in the middle of the room. Nell loved to dress well when she was about to perform. She choose to wear her dark blue silk stockings, with matching panties and low cut bra, also silk. Jeff seemed to be taking a long time in the shower, I hope he’s not too long thought Nell, as she could feel a damp patch on her panties, as she lay back on the bed waiting for him.

The door open and Jeff walked in, naked and just carrying his backpack. Nell immediately noticed that he had completely shaved his cock and balls. His body was glinting with oil, on leaving the shower he had applied oil given to him by a local witchdoctor from cumplenty tribe. As he stood looking down at Nell on the bed, he told her she looked god enough to eat, and he was very hungry. Nell’s hand gently moved between her legs and lightly touched herself through her damp underwear, no that’s my job said Jeff. I can’t have you doing that, and at that reached into his pack and pulled out two black velvet straps.

Taking each of Nell’s wrists in turn he tied them to the four-poster. Standing back looking at her he told her she was know his, and that her body was about to be put into raptures. Jeff looked down at Nell and slowly ran his hand up and down his rampant erection, Nell’s tongue ran around her lips as she remembered it cuming in her mouth just a short time earlier. Placing a knee each side of Nell ,Jeff leaned forward and lightly ran his tongue around her lips before pushing past them to touch Nell’s by now eager tongue. Moving down he placed light kisses that she could hardly feel all over her neck.

As Jeff’s head moved lower he began to lick and suck at Nell’s nipples through her silk bra, leaving a damp patch where his tongue had been. Nell’s breasts and nipples were in a state she had never felt before string at the silk holding them in. As Jeff leaned forward to undo the strap on her bra Nell saw his rock hard rod just in front of her , but could not quite reach it with her mouth. Jeff pushed her swollen tits together and flicked the hard nipples with his thumbs causing a deep moan to emanate from Nell. Taking his cock in his hand he touched Nell’s nipples with its hard engorged end leaving a trace off cum running off her nipples over her breasts, now heaving with lust. Licking the cum from her breasts Jeff placed his tongue in Nell’s mouth letting her taste the sweet nectar she craved.

Jeff now stood at the end of the bed, taking each of her ankles in turn he moved her legs apart and knelt between them. Nell’s pussy was throbbing and her small silk panties soaked with her juices . kneeling between her legs Jeff ran his tongue around the tops of stockings, only slowly moving up her thighs towards her streaming love tube.

Slipping his hands under her Jeff grabbed Nell’s ass and pulled her towards his mouth, his tongue pushing the flimsy material deep inside her. Nell’s heels dug into the bed as she pushed herself at Jeff’s mouth. Slowly peeling of the sodden garment Jeff stared at the pussy before him, it seemed to throb with a life of its own. He ran his finger up and down before pushing inside, a scream came from Nell, removing his finger he licked of the sweet juice running over his hand. Jeff’s tongue licked up and down the length of Nell’s pussy lips before thrusting inside and drinking deeply off her.

Jeff licked at her swollen clit and inserting his fingers moved them around the insides of gaping hole. Sucking and licking at her clit Jeff moved his hand down and pushed open her ass by now wet with the juices flowing down over it from her pussy. Nell thrust her hips at Jeff as sucked on her clit and thrust his hand in and out of her ass.

Her speech became incoherent as she felt the onslaught of her orgasm approaching. Jeff licked and thrust faster as he felt her cum all over his mouth and tongue, her juices lightly sting his freshly shaved chin. As Nell lay on the bed, her breath coming in short gasps , her love tube still quivering from her hard cum she looked down and saw Jeff kneeling above her rapidly stroking his cock, faster she cried , cum all over me, she watched with joy as she saw a torrent of creamy hot cum land all over thighs and pussy.

Nell leaned over and rested her head on Jeff’s chest her leg lying over his and fell into a deep sleep.

Part three

Jeff awoke to find Nell’s ‘s head still resting on his chest, a smile on her lips. She looked so fragile and delicate just lying there. Jeff leaned down and gently kissed each of her eyes, Nell slowly opened them and gave him a hug. Jeff and Nell both slowly awoke in each others arms. Jeff got up and said he was going for a shower, I’ll join you said Nell, I need to wash your cum from my body, before you fill it up again she smirked.

As they both stood under the shower the water falling on their faces woke then up properly.

Jeff pulled Nell close to him, crushing her firm breasts against his chest, their tongues began to dance in each others mouth as the water flowed around and over them both. Moving her head down Nell bit gently on Jeff’s nipples and began to suck hungrily on them. Between their tightly pressed bodies she could feel his member come to life, do you feel that honey , that’s going to make you scream with pleasure till you can’t stand it anymore.

Taking her head in his hands Jeff lifted Nell up and sucked her tongue into his mouth, the water pouring over both their faces.

Standing back to admire the beauty before him Jeff squeezed Nell’s breasts together until her ample cleavage filled with water, (“gallons”) before letting them go, the water cascading down over firm stomach and lean thighs.

Kneeling before her he began to flick his tongue around her navel while reaching around to lather and caress her ass, the sweetest, tightest ass he’d seen south of the Canadian border. Tracing his tongue further down he flicked gently at Nell’s clit, and heard her moan, her hands pulling his head towards her by now throbbing love tube. Jeff pulled gently at her lips with teeth, seeing then swell before his eyes. Pushing them open his tongue darted inside to its true home. His hand probed at her tight little ass, Nell almost buckling at the knees as her pussy was licked and her ass being open by Jeff’s hand. She was so weak with desire that was held up by Jeff’s hand in her butt.

Reaching down for Jeff’s head Nell pulled him up to her chest, I don’t want to cum yet she said, taking each breast in turn she placed them in Jeff’s mouth so could suck hungrily at her throbbing erect nipples. Reaching down between them Nell started to run her lather covered hand up and down the huge erection that was there. Now down on her knees, the water flowing over her long hair and down her back, she reached underneath and cupped Jeff’s balls in her hand.

As her soap covered hand stroked up and down his rigid shaft (she thought it needed a lot of washing) she took each of his balls into her mouth and gently rolled them around in her mouth.

Jeff could feel himself coming and could take no more. Lifting Nell up he turned her around and gently pushed her forward till she had to lean on the shower for support. She could feel his cock rubbing back and forth between her legs stimulating her pussy lips and clit. Jeff reached above him and grabbed the shower head.. He brought it close to Nell’s pulsing love hole and directed the jet straight at her clit. Prising open her pussy he slowly inserted the shower, as Nell felt the inside of her tunnel being pounded with water she thrust her as at Jeff and he watched in amazement as she seemed to gobble it up.

Nell was crying out in pleasure, her ass dancing about the shower stall, the water flowing out of her pussy and down her legs. Pulling her by the waist Jeff pushed into her tight ass, it seemed to throb around his hard member.

He could feel the shower head as he plunged in and out of Nell. With an almighty cry Nell reached her peak and came al over the shower, Jeff had to support her on his cock , her cries driving him to explode in her ass.

Water and cum flowed from Nell as she collapsed in the shower. Jeff lifted her up and carried her through to the bed. Laying her down to rest he touch her all over with a towel before she drifted back off to sleep.After a quick breakfast Jeff gets his timberlands, jeans, and T-shirt and leaves Nell to get dressed. As she walks into the kitchen Jeff almost spills his coffee at the sight before him.

Nell has the tightest pair of black leather jeans he has ever seen, and is balancing on a pair of scarlet six inch stiletto’s. To finish it off her top looks more like a leather harness then anything else, and her nipples are only just covered by the straps.

She obviously wants to show off her firm ample breasts. Jeff is still entranced by how good they feel in his mouth and thinks about it frequently. Jeff’s eyes followed this amazing leather encased ass as it danced around the kitchen, the tight jeans showing off what was already perfection, to even greater glory.

Flinging on a small red silk jacket Nell announced they would have to go to the local town for food and even more important, more batteries for her favourite vibrator, it will be very much in your interest to get the extra batteries she told Jeff.. Jeff thought he saw her nipples begin to grow but was not sure as the straps hid most of them. Unknown to him Nell never wore panties with her leather jeans, every time she walked she loved the way the seams rubbed against her lips, she could feel a slight dampness already.

Jeff was told he was driving, it wasn’t all that far anyway she said. It was a clear blue sky that met them on leaving the cabin, and quite warm, after getting into the car Nell flung her jacket into the back seat and Jeff could clearly see that she was aroused, her large stiff nipples poking out from under her harness. During the drive to town she teased him by idly playing with them each time he glanced across and taking a finger from her mouth and making them wet. Nell reached across and began to rub her hand over the growing bulge in Jeff’s jeans, the only response Jeff could give was a sigh as he had to concentrate on the driving. Mmmmmmmmmm said Nell hot cock for me again.

Jeff had to keep both hands on the wheel as he negotiated a few bends, seizing the opportunity Nell reached into the top of his jeans and squeezed the engorged tip, pulling her hand out, ohhhhhhh look at this , holding her hand in front off her and staring at Jeff she slowly licked the pre-cum from her fingers.

Oh you poor thing , did you want some,

Taking pity on him Nell somehow managed to put her hand past the waist of her leathers, and pulling out a very wet hand reached across and let Jeff suck up and down each finger in turn.

Jeff was glad he could see a turn of for the mall just ahead as he was just about to explode in his jeans. As they turned in Nell put her jacket back on , these are for your eyes only lover.

Jeff noticed as they walked through the supermarket men turning round and staring at the beautiful apparition in leather that was beside him. He could tell that Nell was revelling it, she had unbuttoned her jacket, her gorgeous breasts dancing the tango of love in their harness as she clipped along in her heels. After grabbing some chardonnay and food they went to go back to the car, no, I want to go in here said Nell. It was an aromatherapy outlet, what do you want in there? Never you mind, if you think you have throbbed before , then wait till you see what I get for us, smirking. All this walking had made Nell very aroused, she swore she could hear squelching coming from her jeans but it was her imagination. Head out of town said Nell I know a good place for lunch.

Following Nell’s direction they ended up next to small beach beside Lake Clithard. It was a beautiful secluded spot where they could enjoy their wine and picnic. Walking barefoot in the sand they moved to the far end of the beach where they could not be seen. As Nell laid out lunch Jeff set out two large rug to sit/lie on. Sitting back they just watched the sun glint off the water for a few minutes. Jeff took of his T-shirt to get some sun. Not to be outdone Nell released herself from the harness and let herself swing free. The sight of objects of desire gave Jeff a swelling in his jeans, noticed by Nell.

See something you like then she laughed, reaching over to give Jeff a glass of wine. Taking a mouthful of his wine Jeff moved across and lightly pushed Nell down till she was lying looking up at the sun. A small shriek emanated from Nell as she felt the sensation of her breast in Jeff’s mouth, the wine in his mouth feeling cool on her nipple as his tongue flicked around it, small amounts of wine flowing from his mouth over her breast and down over her stomach.

He repeated his actions with her other breast, just to be fair he laughed. Taking more wine he kissed Nell, slowly passing the wine past her lips as he did so. Jeff noticed Nell’s hips begin to squirm on the ground, and her hands massage her swollen breasts as he filled his glass again. Putting down his glass he undid her jeans and began to pull them down over her sweet ass, then her thighs, and finally off altogether. He could see her pussy was wet and her clit stuck up like a small penis. Nell’s hands immediately dived down and she began to stroke up and down her damp lips.

Jeff knelt between her now open legs , he closed his mouth over her vibrating clit and gently nibbled on it while letting the wine flow from his mouth down over her pussy and onto her little rosebud underneath.

Nell mashed his head against her throbbing love tube as she could feel the onslaught of a mighty orgasm. Sensing this Jeff rose up over her and thrust his aching cock quickly into her. The action lifting Nell off the ground. Each time he pulled almost out Nell’s heels slammed into his ass forcing him hard back into her. Jeff could feel her pussy sucking at him and knew she was about to cum, forcing her legs to almost touch her breasts he thrust even harder. Nell could feel his cock swell inside her and knew a torrent of cum was about to flood her.

She felt Jeff let loose in her love tunnel and clamping her legs tightly about Jeff she let herself go.

As Jeff cock lost some its swelling she could feel herself emptying onto the sand.

They both lay there in post orgasmic collapse.

After lying on the beach enjoying the sun play upon their bodies they decided to go back to the cabin for a shower, Nell could still smell the mixture of juices that had flowed from her. She was also feeling a bit peckish, it was strange how a really good orgasm did that to her she thought.

Jeff asked her if she would like to drive, no way my legs are still to weak my lover, I can still feel a slight tremble in them, you drive. Too lazy eh, you will have to pay for that laziness later, a smile on Jeff’s lips told Nell that she was in for more pleasure later. But what kind , she was usually the dominant one. On getting back to the cabin they had a quick shower. Nell was surprised that Jeff did not join her in the shower. She did not know that Jeff had been preparing the bedroom , to remind her not to be lazy again.

Drying quickly Nell put on her denim cut offs and her sleeveless T-shirt and went through to prepare some lunch She only saw Jeff as he nipped into the shower. Jeff walked into the kitchen and saw Nell at the sink . He never spoke but walked up behind her, reaching around he lifted up her breasts and began to massage them, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. Mmmmmm that’s nice, Jeff could feel Nell’s nipples hardening to his touch. As her stomach and pussy began to stir Nell pushed her sweet tight ass against the erection she could feel in Jeff’s jeans. A guttural moan came from her mouth as Jeff squeezed her tits harder, Nell reached behind her to grab his cock.. As she reached behind Jeff clasped her wrists in handcuffs and stood back.

Now are we going to be lazy again wench? No my master, please don’t hurt me, I promise to do my work, too late said Jeff . taking a piece of black velvet from his pocket he tied a blind fold around Nell’s eyes. Putting his hand down the front of her cut offs he lead her from the kitchen and through to the bedroom. The bedroom seemed warmer than usual. Nell knew where she was but the handcuffs and blind fold added to the tension stirring within her. Jeff picked her up and lay her down on the bed, she could feel a large lump under her as which caused her ass and pussy to be raised slightly. Nell felt a cord being attached to her ankle and then to the other one.

The cords were pulled tight one by one , her legs were pulled far apart causing her pussy to open , she could feel her wetness flow down over her little pink asshole and into her crack between the her cheeks. Nell’s pussy throbbed with lust and all she wanted at that moment was for Jeff to fuck her hard and long, the blindfold adding to

her desire. Reaching under her Jeff undid the handcuffs, she tried to reach out to him to grab his head and pull him to her eager mouth . But Jeff held her wrists. Quickly he tied a cord round each wrist, Nell found herself spread-eagled on the bed, unable to move. The blindfold was removed from her eyes and she two pillows had been placed

under her ass. Standing before her was Jeff, naked and slowly stroking his hard cock and balls Oh please fuck me please fuck me now. She was grinding herself into the bed, her pussy vibrating of its own accord , she imagined she could hear her love tube buzzing.

Walking to his rucksack Jeff pulled out a hunting knife and walked back to the bed. Taking the knife he cut the side of her cut offs and pulled them sharply from under her, fully exposing her lying there with her legs wide apart.

He did the same with her T-shirt, Nell now lay naked before him. Her pussy was engorged and glistening before him, a bead of sweat running from her cleavage down to her throat. Oh god!! my lover PLEASE ride me please fuck my pussy ream out my love hole with your hard manhood. Not yet my workshy wench, not yet.

Jeff knelt at the foot of the bed, taking one of her feet he slowly ran his tongue up and down the sole. Then one by one he took each little toe into his mouth and gave it a blowjob, by the time Nell had her ten little toes sucked her ass was soaking the pillows beneath her. Moving up and kneeling before her he reached down and ran his hand up and down her pussy, even Jeff was amazed how wet she was. Hidden under the pillows was Nell’s favourite vibrator. Switching it on he pushed it past her tight little asshole and buried it deep in her ass.

Nell bucked her hips at him screaming out in passion and desire. As Jeff pushed it slowly in and out he probed deep into her pussy with his other hand, his tongue dancing upon the clit before his face, Nell’s owns little penis. Just as she was about to cum Jeff raised himself back to his knees, watching Nell grind her butt into the pillows, trying to push her vibrator further into her ass. Jeff know knelt above Nell a knee each side of her chest, by pushing in with his knees he pressed her tits around his cock and then began to fuck her swollen heaving breasts.

Each time he moved forward Nell was able to flick her tongue around the end and take the pre-cum from him. The sight of Nell’s tongue flicking the end of his cock made Jeff even harder , to such an extent that he could not tease her any longer even though that was his plan.

He quickly moved back between the stretched open legs and rammed his cock at her. He could feel the vibrator against his cock as he thrust as quickly as he could. His Nell crying out oh fuck. me hard her hips thrusting back at him, grabbing her ass he pulled her onto his cock as his hot seed washed into her tube. Falling onto her , his head resting on her breasts he herd her meekly say “ I will not be lazy again my master” to herself Nell said “oh you bet I will” After resting for a few moments Jeff raised his head and tenderly kissed each nipple, listening to Nell’s breathing slowly coming back to normal.

Moving to the bottom of the bed he released Nell’s ankle cords, but she just lay there with a satisfied grin on her face and made no effort to close them. Reaching underneath her he removed the two pillows, which were soaked through. The vibrator slipped from her butt down onto the bed, it was glistening from her juices. Jeff went through to the kitchen and came back through with a bottle of red wine and two crystal goblets.

Nell was rubbing her thighs slowly together , trying to contain the small vibrations not quite yet disappeared from her pussy. Jeff loosed one wrist so she could drink from the goblet of red wine he offered. The wine was dry and refreshing. Jeff put his wine down and taking her head in his hands kissed her, parting her lips to so their tongues could meet, he gently sucked on her tongue drawing it into his mouth. He stopped to have another glass of wine, Nell asked for her other wrist to be untied, but Jeff said no , you are not chastised enough. Nell was both surprised and joyful at the same time, and gave her thighs a quick squeeze together. Jeff untied her other wrist, but them bound both her hands together in front of her , pulling on them and forcing Nell to get of f the bed.

With outstretched bound wrists she had to follow Jeff as he led her from the bedroom. He pulled her outside and began to cross the courtyard to the old outhouse. Nell could feel the warm breezes of the night play over her body, her nipples rising to the occasion. She almost stumbled as Jeff walked quickly. He tied the cord to a fence rail and went inside, Nell could go nowhere. As he took her inside she could see he had lit two lanterns, their flames flickering over the outhouse walls. Nell asked Jeff what was to happen, she winced as Jeff spanked her ass, you will not speak, she was told, the heat from his slap caused a stirring in the pit of her stomach and spread down to her pussy. Jeff took the cord and put it through a ring hook on the wall, pulling it , he raised Nell’s arms above her head till her heels were just off the ground, she was helpless before her master. He left the outhouse, Nell was feeling the stirring coming upon her, wondering what Jeff would do next, “I’ll never behave again” she thought to herself.

Jeff returned with the bottle of wine, but only one glass, and a bag slung over his shoulder. Nell was watching his cock swing back and forth as he walked about. Jeff took two clamps from the bag and attached them to her nipples, Nell was totally helpless before him. Taking a thin cord from the bag he attached it to each clamp and then over the hook. He pulled hard causing her tits to point to the sky, a pain in her nipples that was both painful and pleasure giving, a sort of burning. Nell found that if she tried to put her heels on the ground the clamps stretched her nipples till it hurt. Jeff stood back and had some more wine, offering the goblet to her lips he poured some in. If you want any more wine then lick your nipples wench.

Nell found that by lowering her heels her nipples were pulled up so that she could just reach them with her tongue, but this brought her pain. The burning in her tits was causing a burning in her pussy. From the bag Jeff pulled out some aromatherapy oil, he began to pour it over his hard cock, his hands moving up and down till it gleamed in the light of the lanterns. It shone like a golden rod before Nell’s eyes. Oh fuck me with it lover she cried, she winced again as she was reminded not to speak, her nipples hurting as her legs buckled. Jeff stood back from her and stroked his hand up and down the golden member, Nell was so frustrated . Jeff’s legs buckled under him as he stroked faster and faster, his cock throbbing and glistening with oil. Reaching for the wine glass before him he took it in his hand. Crying out he shot his seed into the wine goblet, Nell amazed as she watched it flow from him. See what you do to me he said. Nell’s pussy and nipples were crying out to her.

Taking the cum filled goblet he added wine till it was filled, and then he stirred the mixture. He offered the goblet up to Nell’s lips, her mouth opened as he poured the heady mixture over her tongue. The taste was overpowering to her. Taking what was left Jeff poured it over heaving breasts and taunt nipples. The cum wine stung her nipples as it flowed down her body. Jeff was kneeling on the floor before her. His tongue began to prise open the petal like lips of her pussy and run over her engorged clit. As he sucked at Nell’s pussy and clit the wine flowed over his face, running down her body to meet him. Nell was lifted up by his face, sitting on it as the last of the wine ran down, her pussy ready to explode all over Jeff’s mouth. As Nell cried out in orgasm Jeff felt his mouth fill up with cum wine and the juices from Nell he so much desired.

The red wine flowed down over Jeff’s chest as he stood up. Releasing the clamps from Nell’s tits he then loosened the rope holding her wrists, but only enough to allow her to slip down to the floor, keeping her attached and unable to leave. Nell’s breath was still coming in short gasps as the post orgasmic tremors struck at her smooth slit and large firm breasts. As her body began to settle down she lay down on the floor of the outhouse, her bound hands clasped between her thighs, the dreamy glazed look of satisfaction on her face. Her tits, stomach and , thighs sticky with the wine and cum mixture. Jeff had licked her pussy completely clean. Jeff said he would be back later, and left her lying there in her orgasm induced trance.

Nell was unsure how long she had been left alone. Hearing the door open she saw Jeff walking towards her, he had got dressed into his jeans and denim shirt. Nell wondered why there was sawdust on his boots. Without saying anything Jeff began to pull on the rope. Nell knew if she did not get up and walk behind him he would have just dragged her along. Hands outstretched before her she followed on behind as they made their way back to the cabin. Nell stumbled as Jeff was walking quickly, she knocked into Jeff almost pushing him to the ground. Taking the end of the rope in his hand he struck her across the ass, causing her to shout out. She could not see it but there was a red mark across both firm cheeks.

In the kitchen she could see that a bowl of ice cream had been put down at each of the two places set. As Jeff pulled out a chair for her, Nell finally found out where the sawdust had come from. Sticking up from the seat of the chair was Nell’s favourite two pronged dildo, Jeff had fixed so that the only way to sit down was to impale herself upon it. Jeff told her that she may speak now that they were in the cabin, a very small reward for you he said. Please my master don’t make me sit down , (to herself, thinking I’ve already been standing too long, let me at it.).

Jeff untied her hands only to re-tie them behind her back, I was going to untie you to let you eat, but since you tried to push me over you must eat without them. Pushing her shoulders forward Jeff bent her over the till head was just above the dildo, if you want to eat then suck . Eagerly Nell ran her tongue up and down the dildo before taking it into her mouth, pretending it was Jeff. She felt Jeff reach under her and stroke her pussy and asshole. He announced that she was not wet enough to sit down, you might hurt yourself, Nell knew she was not as she could feel the dampness within her. Moving her so that her tits and face rested on the table Jeff spread her legs wide, Nell’s bound hands resting just above her ass.
Taking a bottle of olive oil (extra virgin in your case) he poured it all over her back. The oil ran down her into the cleft of her cheeks down over her asshole and over the lips of her pussy. Jeff massaged the oil all over her ass, and then taking his hand probed her ass, spreading the oil well into her. Jeff then put all of his hand over her pussy and rubbed the oil well in , spreading some over her inner thighs for good measure.

Reaching around her he lifted Nell off the table while massaging the rest of the oil into her breasts. Nell had one leg each side of the chair as Jeff lowered her down, first she felt her pussy lips being parted as the dildo entered her love tube, a moan coming from her, then as she felt it move deeper into her the other side pushed past her ass and up into her. Jeff pushed her shoulders gently and Nell herself totally filled.

Nell could feel her juices run past the dildo and down over the chair and her thighs. She began to grind herself into the chair, (some punishment this she laughed to herself). Jeff sat opposite her and began to have his ice cream. The only way Nell could have hers was to lean forward and put her face in the bowl. As she leaned forward Nell could feel the dildo pressing the side of her pussy and ass. Sitting back up she continued to wiggle her butt about the chair, close to the point of cumming.

Jeff told her that each time she put her face in the bowl he would take off some clothing. Leaning forward she scooped up some ice cream with her tongue, the rest running down her chin and over her tits , dripping from her nipples. Jeff took off his shirt. Jeff watched her scoop out more from the bowl, as she sat up he watched her tits swing, covered in the excess ice cream. Nell cried out and slumped over the table as she exploded in orgasm all over the chair . At this sight Jeff flung the rest of his clothing to the floor. Stroking his hard cock as he moved round to Nell. Seeing him come towards her Nell filled her mouth with ice cream , knowing that’s was the only place he could put it.

Jeff stood next to the chair and grabbing Nell by the hair pulled her mouth over the end of his cock, His legs began to tremble as the sensation of her cold mouth sucking his cock as he thrust in and out of it almost made him cum. The ice-cream ran over his balls and down his legs, he could take no more.

Untying Nell he lifted her off the chair and the dildo and layed her down in the table, her ass almost at the edge. Pushing her legs into the air and resting them on his shoulders he plunged himself into her pussy, it was so hot and wet after the ice-cream. Nell crossed her legs around his neck and dug her hands into his thighs , urging Jeff to fuck her harder. Nell’s pussy sucked at his cock as she felt herself cum again. Jeff felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to cum. Nell sensed this and moving her legs down to his waist and pulled him in against her, she felt his cock twitch and buck inside her as he flooded her love tube with hot cum.. Jeff collapsing down onto her, his chest squeezing her tits flat.

Getting up from the table Jeff stood back and looked down at Nell, her head was lying to one side and her breathing heavy. The cum flowing from her golden tube, out onto the table and a small amount dripping onto the kitchen floor. As he leaned forward Nell put her arms around his neck and allowed herself to be pulled up onto her feet.

Slightly unsteady she leaned on Jeff for support. Jeff commented that they both needed cleaning up. Leading Nell outside he tied her wrists lightly , the other end of the rope to a fence rail just outside the door. Leaving her there he went inside to have his shower. The night air was still warm and Nell did not feel the cold, her body still feeling the heat of her exertions and Jeff’s hot seed. She sat down by the fence her hands still bound.

Jeff appeared later , smartly dressed in his suit. As a reward for behaving yourself you will be taken out to dinner, but beware, this can be rescinded for any misdemeanour. Now stand up, you need to be washed before you can go out. Taking the hose reel attached to the wall Jeff run out the hose and pointed it at Nell. Nell braced herself for the jet of water. Jeff had the water turned down to a fine jet. It played upon her body and felt so refreshing. Jeff pointed the jets at her breasts, Nell enjoys the water massaging her tits. She thrust her chest out towards the jet of water.

Jet played the water over her stomach before moving down to Nell’s pussy, this needs a good washing he said. Nell leaned against the fence and opened her legs as wide as she could revelling on the sensations being brought to her pussy as the jet struck her clit. She loved the feeling of the water flowing in an out of her pussy. Turned around said Jeff, the water washing her back. As Nell felt her ass cheeks being hit by the water she leaned and pointed her as straight at Jeff, the water hitting her little rosebud asshole. Feeling clean refreshed and tingling all over she smiled at Jeff. Untying her Jeff told Nell to go and get changed for dinner, but beware if I don’t like what you are wearing you will stay here and I will fuck one of the local tarts when I go to town. Moving to the bedroom Nell started to look out some clothing. Nervous that she must get it right.

Now dressed she went into the kitchen to get her masters approval. She was wearing her thigh high leather boots with 6” spike heels, a short leather skirt which just covered the cheeks of her so sweet ass, and her deep navy blue silk blouse. Underneath she had her matching black silk panties and bra. Stand still she was told. Jeff walked round her looking her over. Nell felt Jeff’s hand move from the top of her boots , over her bare thighs and up to her ass. If you want to go I want the panties removed, Nell was worried as she knew the skirt barley covered her, but knew she must obey, you may keep your bra on, as a small reward.

Jeff knelt before her and reached up to take her panties off, slowly pulling them down, he flicked quickly at her pussy with his tongue as he did so, a small moan emanating from Nell.

Nell led the way to the car, Jeff watching the effect the high heels had on her breasts and ass as she moved, a stirring beginning in his cock.

As they drove to town Jeff said she may speak freely for the rest of the evening as she had behaved impeccably since she had been released. Glancing across Jeff noticed that Nell’s skirt had ridden up her thighs and even with the shadow of the skirt he could just see the cleft of her lips, Nell noticed the direction of his eyes and with a small smile parted her legs a few inches more. Pushing her ass further towards the front of the seat Nell caused her skirt to ride up even further, fully exposing her to Jeff’s gaze. Taking her hands she ran one up each thigh, from the top of her boots to her snatch, alternately running each set of fingers up and down her now glistening lips.

Mmmmm, as she sucked at her fingers, this taste soooo good. By this time Jeff was rampant, his cock aching to get out of his pants He had to concentrate more on his driving as he was becoming very distracted. This needs to be free, Nell said as she reached across and undid his pants, pulling out, with difficulty his rock hard cock. Slowly she ran her hand up and down the hot member.

Jeff could feel her hands sticky with her own juices. As she stroked Jeff’s cock her other hand undid her blouse and popped out her tits from her bra. Taking the start of Jeff’s cum she smeared it on each nipple, then licked her fingers clean. Jeff could take no more and pulled into the side of the road. Oh my lover what ARE you going to do she laughed. Jeff walked round to her side off the car , opening her door. Before Nell could get out Jeff pushed her back across the front seats, and lifting up her short skirt began to lick hungrily at the hot cunt before him. Grabbing his head Nell pulled him harder against her, his tongue probing her insides.

Standing up Jeff led Nell out and round to the front of the car. Taking the initiative Nell spread her hands on the hood of the car. Pushing out her ass she made her intentions clear. The sight of her leather encased legs spread wide apart gave Jeff an erection he could not believe . Reaching out he lifted up her skirt over her ass and ran his cock back and forth between her lips. Oh my lover fuck me , fuck my cunt so hard, make me scream. As Jeff took Nell she could feel a burning in her snatch, her legs almost lifted off the ground, her tits crushed against the hood. Yes my lover let my juice run over your balls fill me with your hot seed. Urged on Jeff fucked harder and faster. Nell crying out and mashing her tits into the car as she felt her snatch flooded with Jeff’s cum, her own orgasm running out of her and over then both.

As Jeff stood back he saw a beautiful ass framed by leather boots and skirt, with firm thighs shining with the juice of lovemaking.

Oh my lover your seed always fills me so much, my pussy aches to drink off you. Nell requests if they can skip the meal as some of their juices have flowed down into her boots where she can’t clean. Agreeing Jeff drives them back to the cabin. On the way back Jeff suggests that they get changed, drive to the local airport, and then take a flight to his hometown. He says that they have two hours to catch the last flight. Nell thinks that would be fun and agrees. After quickly washing and changing Nell flings a few things in a bag and is ready.

She is wearing a long white skirt and pink T-shirt.

It is only a thirty minute drive to the airport and it passes quickly. After checking in they both retire to the bar for a few beers, the flight leaves in 20min. The scheduled time for the flight was to be 2Hrs. On boarding the stewardess indicated that their seats were near the back of the aircraft. Jeff noticed that the flight was almost empty and the nearest passengers were at least three seats away. Jeff gave the window seat to Nell, and sat down next to her, the spare seat was next to the aisle.
After the aircraft had taken off the lights were dimmed, a few reading lights could be seen further up the aircraft. Nell asked Jeff to get her a blanket from the overhead bin as she felt a little tired. Nell pulled the blanket up to her chin and turning slightly rested her head on Jeff’s shoulder. The stewardess came up the aisle and asked Jeff if he would like a drink from the trolley, he selected a whisky .

After she left Jeff winced as Nell’s ‘s hand reached out from the blanket and slapped him in the crotch, with a small grin she said , I saw you looking at her tits, and snuggled back down. Jeff was enjoying his whisky and feeling slightly sleepy, he noticed that Nell was fidgeting about a bit, she definitely was not sleeping. Nell reached up and stuck her tongue in Jeff’s ear and began to lick his neck as well. As he reached around to kiss her , Nell drew back, and giggling she dropped her bra in his lap. Puling the blanket back up to her chin she snuggled back into his shoulder, whispering mmmm I wonder what’s under here for you. As Nell lifted the corner of the blanket Jeff saw that her T-shirt had been pulled up , exposing her breast, he could see her nipples were hard and just waiting for him. Reaching over Jeff brought his mouth down on her exposed flesh, Nell pulling the blanket over his head.

Jeff licked all over each breast in turn and then took a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and greedily on it. One by one he took each nipple in his mouth and gripping it between his teeth pulled on it till he heard Nell moan and sigh in pleasure and pain. Nell pulled his head down onto her. As Jeff sucked on her tits the stewardess walked past , as Nell glanced at her with glazed eyes she smiled back and winked at Nell. Lifting Jeff’s head Nell said enough for now I need a drink as well. Jeff summoned the stewardess and ordered drinks for them both. As the stewardess left she smiled at Nell and said I’ll leave you to it , the stewardess pulled the curtain separating this part of the aircraft from the rest. Nell let the blanket fall to her feet and lay back in her seat to enjoy her drink, looking at Jeff’s bulging pants and smiling at him. Putting down her glass Nell looked at Jeff and said I have a small present for you. Taking the bottom of her skirt she lifted it up slowly, exposing her sleek tanned thighs, and still further till her naked and gently pulsing honeypot was exposed to Jeff’s gaze.

Parting her legs she ran her fingers up and down the hot exposed slit. Jeff’s hand began to massage his rampant rod. Nell put out her hand to Jeff so he could smell the sweet musky scent of a woman on heat. Turns it on darling does it, well await for this. Reaching down Nell extracted her sodden panties from inside her wet love tube and held them to Jeff’s face before holding them to her own and inhaled deeply as she licked at them. Standing up she faced away from Jeff and straddled his legs.

Take out your cock she demanded. Lifting up the back of her skirt she began to lower herself down onto Jeff’s. Jeff’s hand was on his cock as he guided it towards her wet open slit.

Nell reached down and pushed his hand away, taking a firm grip she directed her favourite toy into her asshole. Slowly impaling herself, she sigh as the length travelled up her tube. As her cheeks settled down onto Jeff she began to grind herself on him in a circular motion. Jeff reached around a fingered her clit, finding her slit to be pouring forth her wetness. Grabbing the seat in front Nell rose and fell , the cock in her reaming her out as she did so.

Jeff could feel her snatch twitching in his hand as she flooded over him . felling the pressure mount in his balls he met every thrust of Nell with one of his own. As he groaned Nell felt her ass fill up with boiling hot seed. Oh fill me to overflowing she cried . Taking Nell’s panties Jeff cleaned the both of them up, Nell slumped back into her seat. Taking Jeff in her hand Nell placed his member back in his pants, kissed him on the cheek and promptly went to sleep for the rest of the flight, totally drained and satisfied.

Jeff gently shook his lovers shoulder to wake her as they were about to land. Reaching over he fastened Nell’s seatbelt for her. As they started down the steps the stewardess whispered to Nell, you are so lucky what a hunk . On leaving the terminal Jeff told Nell he had organised the family chauffeur to come and pick them up. She was speechless. Jeff went on to say that his family were quite rich which was why he could afford to be a geology student.

A range rover pulled up and the driver got out to open the doors and take their luggage. Jeff and Nell got in the back and relaxed together as the car pulled away. Eventually they passed through a large set of gates and up a long driveway. The house was enormous and set in acres of wild woodland. The driver explained that Jeff’s parents had gone to Europe for two weeks and that the house would be theirs. As Nell stared speechless at the huge entrance hall with its two winding staircases leading to the upper floors Jeff checked his mail.

I have been invited to the annual town ball, its tonight, do you feel up to it . Yes of course, just as well I brought my ball gown isn’t it .

Jeff took Nell upstairs to their bedroom. It was huge. With separate bathroom and dressing rooms. As there was not much time they quickly showered and began to get ready, Nell not happy that Jeff did not take her in the shower.

Jeff had got dressed as Nell showered and had gone downstairs to see to a few things for that night. Nell put on her favourite underwear, her French cut silk bra and panties , garter belt and Jeff’s favourite lace topped stockings.

Her dress was a deep sea green with thin straps holding it up, just showing a hint of her cleavage , it flowed all the way to the floor with a split reaching up to mid thigh. As she walked Nell knew the split would show off just a hint of the lace tops to her stockings , this always turned Jeff on.

As Nell applied her perfume to her cleavage the door opened and Jeff walked in. Nell remembered that Jeff had told her he was of Scottish descent and he was standing before her in full Scottish highland dress. Dress jacket , kilt and all the rest that was required. Are you ready he asked, you look so manly in that kilt she said. Thank you, and as all true Scotsmen there is nothing underneath (that is true, you are not supposed to wear anything, I dont ).

Taking her arm Jeff led Nell downstairs to the waiting car. As Nell sat down in the car the split in her dress opened and she could see Jeff looking, yes I have on your favourite underwear darling she said. Jeff took Nell’s hand in his and placed a tender kiss on it.

Nell thought she could see the front of Jeff’s kilt rising. She leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek and slid her hand slowly up his thigh . She quickly found out that Scotsmen indeed do not wear anything under a kilt. Oooooo my lover you are so hard and so quickly.

Its you my princess I just can’t help it. Do I look bothered Nell laughed. Lifting up Jeff’s kilt Nell began to stroke the hard cock in her hand. As Jeff went to kiss her she said no lover you just sit back, its MY playtime now. Nell knelt on the floor of the car and began long slow licks up and down Jeff’s steel hard cock while massaging his cum filled balls, she could hear deep sighs coming from him. Oh my lover this tastes SOOO good. She could feel a stirring in herself, and her own juices wetting her panties.

Pulling her dress up to her waist she straddled Jeff. Grasping his cock , Nell pulled her panties to one side and sunk down onto Jeff’s cock. Emitting a long moan as she felt his rod travel up her tight love tube. Grabbing Jeff’s head she crushed him against her breasts as she rode the cock within her . Every stroke sent spasms up and down her body. She could feel her tube tighten and hear it sucking at Jeff. Her hands began to twist his hair as she flooded him with an explosive cum. Feeling Jeff’s cock throb she lifted off him, to Jeff’s surprise. My pussy has had it’s share , this is all for me. Grasping the base of his cock she plunged her mouth over the end and began to suck and lash the end with her tongue. Nell felt his cum rise all the way up his cock and into her waiting mouth.. Quickly rising she pushed Jeff down onto the seat of the car, Jeff though she was going to kiss him , but keeping her lips just above his Nell began to let his cum flow between them. Letting it pour from her mouth to Jeff’s , then kissing him hard and both of them savouring the moment.

As Nell sat up Jeff reached across to the cocktail cabinet and selected a bottle of champagne . They both washed down the remains of their lovemaking with large glasses.

Nell straightened her dress as they arrived at the venue. Jeff moving round to her side if the car to open the door for her. Taking his arm Nell followed Jeff up the steps to the entrance to the large hall. Arriving at the door they were announced by the footman on duty, moving across to their table Jeff could see all the men already staring at Nell’s beauty and feet proud to have her on his arm. They were seated a large round table with two other couples, Jeff knew them as old family friends and introduced Nell to them. One of the wives kicked her husband under the table for staring, quite openly, at Nell’s cleavage, seeing this Nell laughed inwardly to herself.

The two other ladies at the table seemed slightly put out as their partners seemed more interested in chatting to Nell than them. Each time Nell leaned forward during the soup course she knew she was exposing her breasts to the other people at the table and was revelling in it. In between courses Nell excused herself to the ladies room, while Jeff made smalltalk with the other guests. Nell came back to the table and as she sat down she gave Jeff’s thigh a quick squeeze. Turning around to face Jeff she opened her handbag lying between them, looking down Jeff saw her put her panties and bra in the bag, he also noticed that her nipples were stiff and reddened where Nell had been playing with them. She just winked and turned back to face the rest of the guests. Deliberately leaning forward to listen to the male opposite she knew he could see all of her breasts as they swung free inside her dress, now that they were completely unfettered.

Jeff just laughed as he could see two red male faces opposite staring at probably the finest example of womanhood they had ever seen. Quickly the to women decided that their partners were required to dance, leaving Jeff and Nell alone at the table. God your beautiful!! exclaimed Jeff, why thank you my lover. Just remember don’t drink too much my sweet I want that kilted monster later laughed Nell. Jeff left to go to the men’s room . Nell sat alone at the table, thoughts of lust and pleasure going through her mind. She turned in her seat and watched the other guests dancing, thinking that later her and Jeff would give the most erotic version of the tango ever danced. Nell jumped slightly as she felt a hand on each of her thighs, gently stroking them and pushing them apart, she knew it was Jeff by his loving touch. Nell moved forward in her seat and tried to open her legs further but was restricted by her ball gown. Jeff pushed her dress further up her thighs, gently prising her legs apart until he could see and smell his worldly desire , the hot wet snatch of his lover. A hand grasping each firm cheek he pulled Nell onto his tongue.

Slowly but firmly licking up and down her lips, each stroke opening her up further. At this moment the other couples returned to the table. Nell smiled her welcome at each of them, trying hard not to scream as Jeff nibbled on her throbbing clit with his tongue and teeth. Nell began to wriggle in her seat as Jeff sucked at her pussy. One of the woman asked her where Jeff was, Nell could only mumble an answer as she knew Jeff was about to be flooded with her cum. She could feel her gown being stretched as she vainly tried to open her legs further and push her snatch at the tongue that was giving her so much pleasure. Putting her hand to her mouth she bit on her fingers to stop herself crying out as she came.

Leaning back slightly Jeff could Nell’s pussy twitch in its post orgasmic throes, the inner thighs wet and sticky with his licks and Nell’s cum. Jeff leaned forward and began to lick up his lovers juices, the smell and taste giving him a very hard cock. Jeff pulled Nell’s dress back down over her thighs, and wondered how he was going to get out from under the table. Nell tried to answer a question from one of the ladies but could only nod as she was still heaving and throbbing from her cum. Her breasts swollen and her nipples pushing out the thin fabric of her dress, much noticed by the others.

As one of the men left to get some drinks Nell could clearly see a bulge in his trousers. Jeff decided to bluff it out and just got out from the table and sat in his seat, by pure chance the other guest had turned around to listen to the band. Nell leaned across and whispered thank you my lover in Jeff’s ear, and at the same time reaching under his kilt and giving his erection a quick squeeze. They all sat chatting about how good a meal they had just had, Jeff thinking if they only knew what he had just eaten. As they chatted Jeff felt Nell’s hand reach under his kilt and slowly with a butterfly like touch run up and down his rigid shaft Nell carried on chatting as her strokes became firmer and quicker. Jeff could only sit there as Nell wanked his cock, any movement and all would be revealed to the other guests.

Nell could feel the heat in Jeff’s cock and her hand was damp with the pre cum as she reached the top of her stroke. Nell was still chatting to the two woman across the table, completely ignoring Jeff, apart from still stroking the throbbing member in her grasp. Jeff could only stare at the ceiling with his eyes glazed and his cock pulsing. Nell felt Jeff cock twitch in her hand as Jeff was about to cum and abruptly released Jeff, withdrawing her hand to lift her glass, Jeff looked at Nell his face full of dismay and disappointment. Nell just smiled and winked and carried on with her conversation. Jeff’s cock throbbed with frustration , his balls full of pent up hot seed. Nell excused herself and headed for the ladies room. In the ladies room Nell opened her bag to touch up her makeup when she heard the door open, not paying any heed she picked up her lipstick, looking in the mirror she saw Jeff standing behind her.

Before she could say a word Jeff pulled down her gown off her shoulders, trapping her arms to her sides and exposing her breasts. Kissing the back of Nell’s neck he reached around and began to squeeze her breasts and pull at her nipples, Jeff was hot with frustration. Jeff reached down and pulled up Nell’s gown over her hips, Lifting up his kilt he plunged his cock hard into Nell’s snatch, even she was taken aback by the force and speed with which Jeff took her. Jeff plunged in and out of Nell with a speed and force that that made her pussy throb with desire. Nell pushed back to meet every thrust feeling Jeff’s balls slap against her. The fact that anyone might come in far from their minds they both could feel a mighty flood was about to happen.

Nell felt her snatch clench on Jeff’s cock as he poured forth his pent up cum deep inside her, her own juices mixing with his seed. Breathless they both collapsed onto the floor, not caring who saw them. Nell lay panting and trembling as the fluids leaked from her golden pussy onto the tiled floor. On her lips was the satisfied smile that only she could produce. Getting up Jeff went across and got some towels and tenderly began to clean her up and putting her gown back onto her shoulders, a loving touch to each of her breasts as he placed them back within her gown. Jeff helped Nell up and they headed out to join the others back at the table, albeit Nell was still slightly unsteady on her feet. As Jeff took her arm he whispered, that is only a taste of what is to cum, I am really horny and you are going to get the shafting of your life later on.

Nell could only sigh with anticipation of what was to cum later

Smiling demurely Nell took her place at the table with Jeff. The other women smiling at her, obviously knowing what had just happened. The evening had reached the stage of after dinner drinks. Jeff asked Nell if she would like to dance, but she declined saying she was drained of energy and could they go back to the mansion. The car was waiting for then as they descended the steps of the town hall. Settling down for the journey back Nell rested her head onto Jeff’s shoulder and fell into a light sleep. Jeff reached into the cocktail cabinet and had a whisky with which to enjoy the rest of the journey.

Jeff gently shook Nell when they arrived home. When they got in Jeff went to fix drinks for them both while Nell said she wanted to get changed. Nell came back down wearing her long ankle length silk negligee, it clung to her body, and as she moved showed every curve. Lying back on the lounge she sipped at her wine, sometimes dipping her fingers in and licking the wine from them. Jeff nipped upstairs to put on his dressing gown and came back down for another small glass of whisky.

Lying back sipping her wine, and covered in clinging silk Nell looked the complete temptress. Jeff felt his cock twitch as he formed thoughts in his mind of what he wanted to do to Nell. As Jeff’s erection grew it began to poke out his robe, tut tut what wicked thoughts you have my lover, I will need to cool your ardour. Taking a mouthful of cool wine Nell walked across and without ceremony took Jeff’s cock in her mouth and swirled the wine about his engorged tip with her tongue, then letting the wine flow over his balls and ass. Jeff was so turned on he almost filled her mouth with his cum.

Sensing this Nell stopped and stood up before him. Jeff watched as Nell dropped her negligee from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Jeff was lying back stroking his hard erection as he watched. With legs apart Nell thrust her hips at Jeff, and fingering herself said , is that all your going to do big boy, I’ve got a hot throbbing cunt here that needs speared by a big hard cock. With that Nell knelt on the floor and wiggled her ass at Jeff while reaching behind and pulled her pussy lips apart.

Diving on to the floor Jeff thrust at the pussy displayed before him and heard Nell cry out as his cock pushed past her pulsating lips and deep inside her. His hands dug into her hips as he thrust and pulled her onto his solid member. Pushing his hand into her butt, each plunge into Nell’s cunt was accompanied by a hand in her ass. Nell squeezed and pulled at her tits as she screamed at Jeff, fuck me fuck me harder my lover.

As his cock swelled up and filled Nell’s cunt Jeff thrust quicker and deeper, urged on by his lover cries. With a long drawn out cry Nell came and poured forth over the cock plunging in and out of her.

As Jeff felt his cum shoot up his shaft he pulled out of Nell and covered her shapely firm ass with his cum. While Nell convulsed in orgasm Jeff swallowed the his cum from her and kissed her deeply , before falling to the floor in exhaustion.

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