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Letter from Lucy

(April 2001)

Hi - My name is Lucy.

I'm nineteen years old and have a boyfriend who I dearly love. I'm about five feet five inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair, dark blue eyes, firm 34C boobs and a slight all over tan. I have a pierced belly button with a plain ring through it and I like to wear a golden ankle chain just above my right foot, on the second two of my left foot I wear a toe ring.

I've always loved and enjoyed my body. Being a good Christian girl, sex was out of the question for me until I met my boyfriend, but I learned to love masturbating.

I've always wondered how other people masturbate. I've seen boys wank, and wanked them off, and let them finger me, but I've never been able to talk to another girl about how they satisfy themselves. For the last few months I have been at University. The great thing about Uni is the number of different people you meet.

The first person I met was my flatmate, Hayley. She is same age as me and is just a little bit taller than me. She also has larger boobs, long dark brown hair and 36D boobs. Hayley has a ring in her nose. Almost overnight, she and I became close friends. She is a bit of a show off, and regularly enters into wet T shirt competitions.

In a chat she told me she shaved between her legs because it made masturbation much more fun. I tried it, and I love it that way too. Nothing unusual between us happened until Saturday evening.

I had been listening to music in my bedroom when I thought that Hayley and I could just make last orders at the local pub. I quickly got up and slipped on some shoes (indoors I prefer to go barefoot) and went to ask Hayley whether she felt like a drink. I found that her door was slightly open, and heard heavy breathing inside. I peered though the gap and saw that she was lying on her bed, naked from head to toe, and having a juicy wank.

Although I'm straight, the sight of my flatmate wanking was one I couldn't resist looking at. Hayley was using one hand to caress her boobs and had the other one between her legs, her fingers exploring her bare pink pussy lips and probing her wet vagina while her thumb gently stoked her swollen clitoris.

I continued to look as Hayley continued to please herself. My mind wandered as I looked. It was great to see my flatmate having such fun. I thought of all the times I had masturbated, how I loved to make myself come and had wondered what I must look like and about how the idea of being caught in the act turned me on.

Suddenly I realised that my pussy was wet, and so were my knickers. I couldn't resist the urge so I started to rub myself through my trousers. Hayley was really bringing herself off and she gripped the edge of her bed with her feet as she started to lose control.

I slipped a hand in my trousers and started to rub myself through my wet knickers. Without thinking I leaned forward to get a better view. As I did so my head touched the door and made it swing wide open.

Hayley looked at me and her eyes nearly popped out. Fortunately, she was too turned on to be angry.

"Well" she said "If you gonna look you might as well come in".

I did as she said and walked over to her. I saw the chair she had at the end of her bed and started to sit down.

"Don't you fucking dare" she screamed.

"Get your fucking clothes off".

"Do I have to?" I asked.

"YES" she screamed "or you can just fuck off!"

I didn't want to go now, so I did as she said. I hurriedly kicked my shoes off, then I pulled my sweatshirt off, then my T shirt. I didn't wear a bra.

"Will topless do?" I asked.

"No" Hayley replied. With that I undid my fly and slid my trousers down, before stepping out of them

"And your knickers" said Hayley. I sighed, but then thought "fuck it" and slid my knickers down. I stepped out of them and picked them up

"They're wet" I told Hayley.

"Give them here" She said. I did and she smiled as she felt my wet knickers "You dirty little girl".

I sat down and started to rub myself.

"Don't" said Hayley "it'll be your turn in a minute".

My pussy throbbed as I continued to watch Hayley. My eyes locked between her legs and I watched as she circled the tip of her clit with her thumb. Her fingers pushed deep into her vagina as she gasped with pleasure.

Her juices seemed to just pour out of her. She looked at and smiled as she continued wanking.

"Who are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I'm not" she replied "I'm just enjoying my body". Hayley began to pant more as her wanking started to get faster.

"Go on" I whispered "Bring yourself off...................come in front of me".

But Hayley didn't need to be told. Once again she gripped the edge of her bed with her feet. Less than a minute later, she exploded with pleasure. Her whole body shook as she came, her orgasm sweeping through her entire body. After a few minutes Hayley looked over to me and said "Your turn".

I could hardly wait. I knew that I was so aroused I would come in minutes. My nipples were harder than they had ever been, my clit was more erect than it had ever been, and my pussy was wetter than ever.

No, it wouldn't take me long to come. I spread my legs to give Hayley the best possible view. For a second or two I thought about playing with my nipples. No, I thought, I wanted to come as soon as possible, I needed to touch my clit and vagina. I licked a forefinger and ran it down my body, past my boobs, pass my belly button ring, past my triangle of dark pubic hair.

Next I plunged it into my pussy as far as I could get it, rubbing the sides as it went. My index finger soon followed, and I teased my labia with the other two fingers. It was fantastic.

All the excitement that had built up in me was being let out. I circled my hips as I thrust myself onto my hand. Next I started to rub my clit with my thumb.

I looked at Hayley and she smiled at me. I knew I couldn't last much longer. I closed my eyes and wished my boyfriend could see me. I thrusted my fingers into myself faster.

My mind wandered again and I thought about my fantasy of being caught. This was even better. Suddenly I saw a flashed though my closed eyelids. I opened my eyes, and saw that Hayley was holding a Polaroid camera.

"A pic for your boyfriend". Suddenly my orgasm started. I wanked as fast as I could, so much that my juices started to splash on my feet.

My body shook and I came. Hayley got up and went downstairs to the kitchen as I recovered. She returned a few minutes later with a bottle of wine and a couple of glass.

We spent an hour or so drinking the wine, listening to music and lying next to each other, still nude, talking about what had happened, about wanking, boys and other things.

Today Hayley has been sitting next to me as I've been typing this out.

Its turned us both on, and we hope it turns you and your readers on too!!

Enjoy yourselves!!!

Love Lucy and Hayley xxxx

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