Sunday, February 01, 2009

Randy Bastards

by Linda Chorlton
(May 2001)


Imagine, if you will, one steamy, clammy, uncomfortable summer night in the middle of June. Picture someone lying on a bed feeling listless and sweaty from the evening warmth. The wide-open patio door not doing the slightest to alleviate the problem. Actually, any breeze was a hotter influx, not a cooling one. I lay there. The overhead wizzing fan was also ineffective. It could not to rid me of the torturous stickiness that covered my skin. I couldn't sleep. My mouth felt dry. My breath was heavy, and for no good reason, my dick was hard.

The weather did not bother me much, I'd thought it would, but a fantasy was unfolding in my head which turned that warm evening into an erotic night of lust. I visualised some beautiful woman I had seen on TV earlier that evening.

She had pendulous tits that my hands would love to roam over, caressing, touching, and I would have loved to squeeze her magnificent mammaries. She'd got nipples that I could taste on my tongue, now, and I wanted to suck and lick, and gently nibble them teasingly. I imagined myself sitting on my bed half naked, wearing only my CK boxer shorts. The sheets all messed up and ruffled, my left foot flat on the bed, my right leg spread showing a mild hard-on underneath my shorts.

I watched the beautiful lady as she danced, naked in front of me. The beat of an erotic rhythm played in the background, I imagined it was The Enigma Variations...a real favourite of mine. This dreamgirl rubbed her breasts up and down, lifting and letting them fall, so that they bounced with their fullness, no silicon here.

All the time this vision was playing with her hard, erect, nipples. She reached into her wet cunt, pulled out her fingers which were dripping with vaginal juices. With her middle finger, she drew little circles of pleasure by rubbing her clit gently and methodically. Her rim of pink was standing out proudly, daring me to enter. Every six or seven circles was the signal to finger-dip deep inside those lips, sinking in a fisting action for a couple of seconds. I was as horny as hell. I fondled my own nipples pinching them gently with my left fingers, my right hand gently patting and rubbing my navel near my belly button.

I liked the feeling of my pubic hair trailing all the way down my balls. sliding my hand down I grasped by stiffy. It was so rigid and warm. I could only imagine how sweet her navel would be under my tongue.

Ohh.. I could smell that special musky aroma of her Mound of Venus. It was a smell that somehow resembled the arousing scent of my first ever full sexual encounter. The danceuse came closer to my bed and stood near the corner, by the wooden posts. She caressed the brown hard wood with her hands and slowly kneeled on the floor. Slowly and sensually she licked the wooden bedknob, her saliva glistening on the surface.

She motioned me to pull down my boxers revealing a mildly thickened prick. I removed my CKs and threw them to her. An easy catch, as she caught it then she smelled it. Pulling the elastic waistband wide, cheekily she bit the hanging garment underneath the crotch carefully swallowing the crotch area and slowly pulling it out wet and dripping with her saliva. I licked my palms and spat on them and then started to stroke myself.

My spit was wet and thick. It felt so soft and slippery on my throbbing cock as I continually stroked its full length. She started to suck the wooden carving on the corner of my bedpost, and amazingly was able to put the whole thing in her mouth. *fuck* I sighed to myself...The tip of my dick was tingling as I circled my fisted hands around it. The beautiful vision went around my bed and crawled on top of me. She knelt at the foot of the bed and stared at me intently.

She liked to watch me masturbate. And I liked her to watch me masturbate. *Watch me Babe* *Yeahhhh...that's it...*

She pulled my left foot and dragged my leg flat on the bed and firmly, but gently spread my legs apart. She bent over and slid her hands on top of my jerking fist. She continued to lower her face between my legs, gently caressing my bellybutton -- slowly reaching for my ass and gripping it tight. Her face lowered further, I finally had to let go of my dick. Then she started to lick the head of my now rampant rod, completely enveloping all my hardness in her mouth.

My was so good. I closed my eyes and sensed all the pleasure that I always dreamed. hhhh....hhhhhh...I quietly sighed. I was near to cuming,I did not mind. I opened my eyes and I let myself salivate at the sight of her head bobbing up and down the length of my prick. With the warm air I could smell the scent of "human SEX juices". The softness of the skin, and slippery substances in her mouth was something I longed for. Her tooth never scraped the head of my dick. Her tongue circled the glans head. It tickled, it sucked, it flipped and held it.

I was in Nirvana. It felt wonderful and warm and soft and slippery and so fuckin' REAL! I was nearing orgasm....uh..uuhhh..uh... SUDDENLY... I woke up!! SON OF A BITCH!! IT IS REAL!! My room mate's girlfriend was giving me a blow right there! I was shocked at first, but I couldn't stop myself anymore. I was lost in ecstacy and I reached the point of no return. The emotional mixture of shock, pleasure, lust, and the inevitable explosion of an orgasm was nearing its peak.

I gasped for air as I neared my orgasm,...uhh...uhh.. oh my God... *Fuck* ... Lydia ...what are you...*Geesus*...uhh...are you doing? .... uhhh ... *fuck*.... My body started to tense as she placed more pressure on my hard dick...up and down she went increasing the pace....She made it more pleasurable and intense as she stuck one of her fingers inside my asshole.

The tingling sensation of her fingers inside my hole as she fucked it deep set my prostate convulsing in wild sensations. The combined stimulation of my asshole and prick sent me into another universe. I could feel my sack squeezing out all the CUM it could find from my balls.

My legs tensed and I gripped her head grabbing her hair pushing her face deeper...*FFFFUCKKK* hips pushing forward...I'm Cumming...uhhh.... *Yeahhh*....mmmhhh....uhhh....

She jerked the base of my dick with her other hand as she continued to suck the head and finger fuck my asshole.... Oh my God Lydia...Lydia...uhhh!!..hhh...uhhh! I exploded a mass of jizm on her face, she licked at my hot white cum. It dripped from her forehead to her cheeks and down her mouth. She licked the sticky cum dripping off my dick and sucked the head for more. Her face sank underneath my balls savouring every drop with her tongue ...*FUCK* I said to myself. *My roommate is just next door*... *What am I going to do if he finds out!*... *He's my Best Friend!*... *Shit*... I found it difficult to handle the situation, my friendship is in jeopardy. Yet somehow, I found it a great big turn on...

"I just been face-fucked by my BEST FRIEND'S girl" It was one of the best blowjobs I'd had in years. Somehow, I feel even closer to him as a friend since we now share a common fuck...I pondered on the idea of ramming another man's girl...It was definitely an aphrodisiac, a challenge and a huge risk. A friendship on the brink of wild passion. Lydia had swallowed MY CUM and made me feel a sweet painful pleasure... I'm so confused...What was I going to do now?....

PART 2 -

After I'd gathered myself together, I looked Lydia straight in the eyes. Not knowing what to say or how to start, I raised my torso up towards her, and studied her cum-dripping face, her warm breath upon my lips, and I could smell the fresh cum, my cum. I reached up my right hand so as to gently push her black-reddish messy hair back away from her face. Lydia is a beautiful girl.

At 19, she has a body that any man would kill for. She has a smile that would melt your heart and remind you of an innocent tropical girl. Her tropical tan and smouldering exotic eyes hinted at a beauty worthy of any sacrifice to the gods. She exudes a mysterious way about her. The innocent image she poortrays outwardly hides another woman. Behind the innocent facade is a hungry passion of lust. A girl of few words, and rarely had she ever spoken to me, seemingly friendly, but yet aloof. When I do get the chance to talk to her, she always ends any conversation quickly, yet sweetly.

She was never rude to me, and on occasion I'd caught her glaring at me, but strangely sweetly. I ruled out the possibility that there would be something between us. After all, she was my best friend's girl...I wanted her. I really did. "Lydia...why?" I whispered to her, my throat harsh and dry from our night of ecstacy. "Shhhh..." she whispered, placing her finger on my lips. "I...did it for you...".

She looked me coyly in the eyes, she had that look of hidden pain, masked by a faint smile. I went closer and partly opened my mouth and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue probed deep into my mouth and mine into hers. I could still taste my fresh CUM in her mouth. I did not care. It was our wine of love. We kissed passionately and finally she pushed me back and slowly stood up from my bed. I sat there and watched her as she left. Parting was such sweet sorrow. A backward glance, one last time before leaving my room, and my world. In the dim, faint light I could admire her shapely body.

Her buttocks firm, rounded and tender, which even then screamed at my cock to come on for more. I lay prone on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I wasn't going to go back to sleep for a long while yet. I relived her fleeting interlude with me, desperately wanting her back here with me in my room. This yearning became so strong that I was angry. I was screaming in my very existence figuring out what to do. Why have I done this to my best friend? Should I tell him? No! I would lose her.

I would lose my friend. *FUCK* *I need her* Like nothing on Earth my body ached for hers. The following days tortured me. I couldn't go, I couldn't stay. I ain't never bin in the shape I was in.I was moody and snapped at almost everybody I met. I was irritable. I couldn't concentrate in class. I was supposed to study for a midterm exam, but my mind kept reflecting on what had happened that night with Lydia. I saw her with my pal almost all the time, but I try not to act obvious.

But I had a tougher time when she is around with my best friend. I know my friend well, and he knows me well, I had a feeling he knows what's up with me. Iain is a cool guy. He's about a year older than me. We've been friends for about 3 years now since I met him freshman year. He's a good looking Chinese-American in a rough sort of way, and women usually like him for his body.

As for myself, a Filipino, I was blessed with an athletic physique mixed with Thata boyish look of innocence which my Chinese heritage offered. My witty remarks and quick reactions, combined with Iain's qualities made us a team to trap many a worthy woman.

We like each other's company and somehow our relationship evolved into an open, trusting, and loyal friendship. I put great importance on our friendship and his need for favours were always a top priority to me. Mutually, he does the same. We have similar taste in girls and the way we fuck, that made us inseparable when going to social functions. Things just started to change after we encountered Lydia one night in a local dance club. Iain invited me for lunch one Friday.

It was a bolt out of the blue, since he hadn't treated me to lunch for a long while. We met at our favourite Korean Restaurant. I sat across the table from Iain, feeling awkward since we haven't done this for quite a while. We placed an order and sipped our tea. We both stared at the waitress' ass as she walked away.

Then he looked at me grinning that stupid grin. "So...Get any blowjobs lately?" he blurted out. I was shocked to hell. I didn't know what to say. Images from the past weekend flashed before me. I looked at him straight in the eyes and uttered nothing. "Well?...Aren't you going to tell me what happened?" he asked. "I thought we were friends?", I said nothing.

"If you're worried about how I feel..."

"It's OK...", "It just disappoints me that you did not tell me."

"We made a deal didn't we?", "We tell each other what's up?" I nodded. I sipped my tea trembling.

"How did you know?..." I responded uneasy.

"Did she tell you?". "She didn't have to tell me. I know." he said.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Do what you do best...fuck her." he said acting a little coy.

"WHAT?!..." I said.

"I know how you feel for her, I saw the way you look at her, her glances, your reactions...C'mon, give me some credit... I'm your best friend." he stated.

"I'm confused Iain...What did you want me to do?" I asked.

"OK...I-want-you-to-fuck my girlfriend...and if you don't mind...I would like the three of us to get together." he said.

Somehow, the idea triggered something inside. I liked the thought of me fucking a girl with my best friend. Images flashed in my mind. The moaning and groaning I only heard in the night will now be our groans, and our moans. *FUCKING BASTARD* I thought with a grin. I looked at him straight in the eyes grinning.

"OK you dirty dog." I said. "Great...It's Friday, and it's time we celebrate tonight..."

"Now, let's eat..." :)

That evening, we set up our own private party. Just the three of us in our little private flat near the campus. The light dimmed and a slow rhythmic beat played in the background. The scent of heavy liquor was in the air. We sat in the living room on the long leather sofa. All three of us sat very close to each other. Lydia sat in between me and Iain. We laughed at the thought of us three sleeping together, it was the topic of the night. There were no objections from anyone.

Lydia was her quiet little self, making remarks here and there. Somehow, in the midst of our conversation, there was suddenly nothing else to say. We were quiet.... I saw Iain place his arm around her and he started to passionately kiss her lovely lips.

I felt Lydia's hand crawl up my knee and starting to caress my thighs. Iain's free hand crept up Lydia's mini skirt searching for her soft wet cunt. I started to get hard seeing the action.

I breathed heavily. My right hand went down Lydia's blouse feeling her soft tan breasts, her nipples like peanuts underneath my fingers. I felt her hand reach up my pants and squeeze and caress my crotch. I moved closer to her neck and started to lick her sweet skin. My lips were hot on her neck as my fingers worked to unbutton her blouse.

I felt her hand stroking my hardness through my denim jeans. hhhhh..hhh....I muttered. I heard Iain's breath and Lydia's mild moans of ecstacy in between their kisses. Lydia's blouse soon fell from her lovely shoulders and I anxiously threw it aside with my free hand. Lydia did not wear a bra, and all her beauty was exposed in front of my eyes.

Animal instinct took over me and I buried my face between her breasts painting the beautiful mounds with hot saliva from my tongue. I heard her groan at the sexpertise of the men ravishing her. Iain's hand pulsated in and out from under her skirt torturing her with wild sensations. Somehow, Lydia managed to unbutton my pants with her free hand and release my hardened dick from its prison.

She gripped it commandingly and stroked it and squeezed it, my pre-cum instantly dripped from its head. I played with her hard nipples teasingly with my probing tongue. I sensed Iain trying his best to unbutton his pants. Lydia took over and finally was able to remove it completely revealing his prize possesion. With Iain's free hand, now wet and slippery with cunt juice, he started to stroke himself. The action was too much for Lydia to handle. She squirmed on the leather sofa and eventually fell on her back with ME on one end and Iain on the other.

All three of us panted furiously as we try rearrange ourselves to better positions. Lydia reached for Iain's cock and hungrily inserted it into her mouth alternating the sucking from the head to his balls and back. *fuck* I thought. I was given the opportunity to try out Lydia's wet pussy as her beautiful ass pointed my direction.

On all fours, Lydia offered me her sweet cunt. I stood on my knees on the other end of the sofa and gently entered the sweet offering with my throbbing dick. It was tight, *Geesus*, it was tight and wet. Ohhhh... Lydia...*FUCK*...

In and out I rode her savouring the sensations of every nerve on my prick. Her muscles inside contracting at every push. I was leaning on her back and I saw Iain on the other end receiving what seemed to be a heavenly blow. His face contorted in pleasure, he looked my way and grinned a devilish grin of sweet pain. He moaned and I moaned, Lydia screamed a little out of sweet pain while I penetrated her deeply.

We were like wolves howling in the night. Lydia's dripping saliva was too much for me to bear. She swallowed Iain over and over and over again. Our motions and the sight of each other fucking was too much for us to bear. Faster I went, I could feel my prick tingle. Uugghh...unghhh... Lydia...I'm CUMMING...uhhh...*fuck*

"Don't CUM in her pussy man!" Iain managed to shout between grunts.

"Wait for me to CUM man!...ungghhh..uhh". "Hurry Iain!...uhhhh..." I said. In the back of my mind I knew what he wanted to happen. We always talked about it when we watched porno movies that someday we'll get to do it. Lydia stroked and sucked Iain so hard that his dick was red and sore. It was ready to burst.

Lydia reached her orgasm before either of us lads climaxed. She screamed a little scream of pleasure as she continued to suck on Iain's prick. "Mmmmhhhm....mhhhhm" she muttered. "I'm CUMMING man! uhhh..." "Ohhh man! I'm CUMMING too!...ahhh..uhh" I replied. Lydia pulled away and placed herself between our pulsating pricks. sucking both of alternately. I came first and spilled my white hot cum on her face,"Geesus..uhhhh", soon after, Iain shot his cum on her face as well, "Ahhh..Lydia!..".

Our shots were so strong and violent that Iain splattered some of his CUM on my body, it was dripping hot, and I splattered some of mine mine on his chest. Lydia licked the CUM stained flesh on both sides.

She slurped every trickle of white sticky sperm on my navel and on Iain's prick. All three of us breathed heavily. Spent, tired, and relieved, all three of us collapsed on the slimy leather sofa. Our legs and arms entangled together, with Lydia between Iain and I.

Before I drifted into sleep, I remember thinking how our future would be... This fuck is too much for me to take. I really enjoyed it. I know I would want some more. How long will this relationship last? Tomorrow is another day, we'll see how it turns out... *Fuck*, I think I have died and gone to Heaven


The next few days was tortuous for me. Iain still treated Lydia like she was his girlfriend. He came in and out of our flat dragging her wherever he liked. It troubled me deeply inside to see Lydia glance my way everytime she was with Iain. I was extremely jealous. I became angry at how Iain was handling the situation.

He wasn't treating me as a friend, he was treating me like an outcast. He didn't even consider my feelings towards Lydia, and he acted as if Lydia exclusively belonged to him. After what happened between the three of us, I expected that I would be a part of that relationship. I was hurting inside. I reconsidered my feelings about my friendship with Iain.

I was flaming with hate. I wanted to punch him and beat him with my fists. Images of blood dripping down his forehead, and sore bruises all over his body. For a moment, I thought of death. I wanted to hurt Iain badly, but I'm too smart for that.

Physical pain is so easy. No...I'm angry because he has what I want. He should not have toyed with me and offered her body to me. What did he think? After going for a three-way fuck, he can parade Lydia in front of me? What the fuck for? To brag to me that the best fucking BITCH still belongs to him?

He can swallow my CUM and eat my SHIT! If he knew me well as a friend, then he would have considered my feelings. I always considered his feelings, and that's the reason I held back from fucking Lydia and back-stabbing him. I guess I'm only one of those fuck 'friends' who means nothing to him...I had to hurt him, I had to teach him a lesson...I'll fuck him up really bad, and he'll regret he ever tangled with me...

One Wednesday afternoon, I came home early from school. I wasn't supposed to be home until later in the evening, but it had been a long day, and I decided to bunk off school early. I wasn't feeling too good. I hadn't spoken to Iain at all in the past few days, and he didn't seem to notice my angst. I dragged my body up the stairs towards my flat and sluggishly opened the door with my key.

Opening the door I searched for the light switch, and in the midst of the shadows, I saw a figure move. I turned the lights on.

It was Lydia...*FUCK* *What the hell...* Lydia lay seductively on the leather couch where Iain and I gave her a fuck.

I could still vividly picture Iain on the other end getting a wet blow while I penetrated Lydia's cunt from behind. Our bodies slick with sweat and saliva. Our moans heavy, and our skin hot. I remember our cum showering her face and her body, hot and steaming with lust. Lydia sat up as I walked into the room, quietly closing the door behind me. Both her legs lay flat on the couch, her back resting on the arm at the raised end. Seductively she tossed her red-brown hair to one side of her head and started twirling the ends with her fingers...

"Lydia...What are you doing here?" I asked softly. She stared at me with a faint smile. "I wanted to see you." She whispered. The black string over her shoulder which held her silky lingerie rolled off her tan tropical skin. "Where's Iain...?" I asked concerned.

"He won't be here..." She assured. She stared at me intently with those sweet asian eyes, and smiled that innocent girlish smile that could melt my heart. She kept twisting her hair with her fingers, and it was driving me wild... There was nothing else in my mind but her...

"Turn off the lights?..." She requested. "I have something for you..."

Almost hypnotised, I switched the lights off. I could only see her shapely figure in silhouette in the fading afternoon twilight. I walked closer towards her.

Again she flung her head back swiftly letting her hair down. I could smell the sweet fragrance of it as I neared her. In the darkness, I kneeled on the floor, by the edge of the couch, with her body lying in front of me. I stared at the shadow in front of me.

I felt her hands move closer to my face, starting gently to caress my hair. Her fingers combing at first, and then grasping my head around the ears, and tickling around the back of my neck. It was extremely sensual, making the nape hairs stand on end. I closed my eyes at the sensation of her touch. I 'purred' on her palm as she smoothed my face and fingered my lips in the dark.

I couldn't see anything, yet I feel the heat of her touch. I started to lick her palms, and suck one of her fingers. She rubbed her wet hand around my face until I was soaked with my own saliva. She led my left hand which was resting on the leather couch down her legs. I felt her skin so warm and soft. I started to feel her thighs as my hand circled around her legs. Rubbing and teasingly stroking her near the crack of her lingerie. I could feel the smooth hairs between her legs and the lace that decorated her garment. I could sense her other hand working around her lingerie, while she grabbed hold of my head with the other.

Instictively, I rested my face on her stomach. Her lingerie was stripped off. I felt her warm navel touch my face, and somehow I wanted to lick her skin and paint it with my tongue. My other hand groped for her breasts, while the other combed through her pussy hairs. I could feel her nipples harden as I played with her cunt.

The combined efforts of my hands on her tits, my lips kissing on her navel, and my other hand inside her cunt, made her moan softly as her body twisted in pleasure. She tried to feel through my jeans, but I was a bit far from her reach. I felt her hand caress my buttocks, leading my hips towards her face. I had the urge to pull off my pants and reach for my throbbing prick.

Quickly I unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped my fly. I gripped my dick out of its cage, just in time for Lydia to feel it hanging. I crawled on top of the couch still wearing my shirt and jeans, with Lydia's head underneath, between my legs -- the shadow of my cock hanging in front of her face. I grasped both her thighs tightly with my arms and hands, and roughly parted her legs as I buried my face into her pussy.

I licked the wet lips beneath the aromatic hairs. Lydia insatiably swallowed my dick jutting her tongue around and teased my 'prick-hole'again and again. I could sense her tasting my pre-cum droplets. Unggghhh...I groaned. *Suck me Lydia...* Uhhh....*Yeah baby...* I could feel her tongue roving up and down from my balls to the tip of my prick and then her swallowing me in, fully. She caressed my thighs enjoying the sensation of my hairs running down my navel and to my balls.

*Geesus, she's so good...* Lydia motioned me to lie on the couch on my back. By now, I somehow managed to remove my shirt and jeans. I was breathing heavily. I was stopped short of cumming.

*Thank God, I want more* I could hear her gasp for breath as she tried to utter a whisper into my ear... "Hhhey...Can you see me?" She said waving her hands in front of my face. I could feel the movement, but it was too dark to see anything.

"Errh. No." I gasped from under my breath.

"Good,...I have something for you..." She said. "Oh yeah?..You have a surprise?" I replied, still rubbing my saliva around her nipples with my fingertips.

"Uh-hum..."She said almost giggling in her girlish sweet voice. It was hard to see in the dark, but I could feel her straddle over on top of me, sitting on my semi-hard dick squished somewhere between her cunt and her ass... I sensed that she was reaching out for something off the table beside the couch. Suddenly I felt a soft drop of viscuous liquid ooze from my forehead down to my nose and cheeks.

I felt her hand rub the slick fluid all over my face. I tasted a little bit of it. It's almost like cum, but not quite.

It was so slick, and somewhat bitter. She rubbed the liquid all over my face and down my neck. Another drop fell on my chest and one onto my thighs. Lydia methodically spread the jelly like substance all over my body. * was so good!* "You like it?" Lydia whispered.

"Ohh...Lydia...I like." I said with a groan. "Let me have some on my hands..." Lydia took my hand and oozed out a portion. "Come closer Lydia..."

As soon as I could reach her, I smeared the jelly into her cunt rubbing it all around her thighs. I spread the jelly around her asshole and covered her tits. I heard Lydia moan... Lydia lowered her body onto mine.

Our skins slipping and gliding off each other. It was a uniquely new sensation. It was incomaparable. She thrust her ass into my hard dick and guided my prick into her asshole. With her ass slick with the KY jelly, I penetrated her hole carefully. If you've never tried it, don't knock it. What a weird thrill I felt as it slipped in.

"AAgghhh..." Lydia muttered, tentatively, somewhat in pain.

" darling, be gentle...unghh..." she whispered. I pushed my rod carefully up her asshole, slipping into her tight, twitching sheath. *Geesus* Her hole was so tight, and hot, it almost milked my dick of cum... I tried to pump her ass carefully, until finally her muscles relaxed and accomodated the entirety of my rampant rod.

I was able to rock to a fro into her tight hole as Lydia rode with my rhythm. The hot tight ass was too much for me to bear. It kept twitching on my prick, squeezing, loosening, gliding. The prickly hairs of her ass were making my cock ready to cum...Uhhh....unnngghhh....I grasped and scratched her round buttocks parting it as far as I could.

My balls were firming up to cum, but still they banged against her sexy buttocks, their slapping noise was erotic music I had never heard before that night. Lydia arched her back and released my cock from her ass and inserted it into her juicy cunt. The transition caught me off guard, that the sensations sent shocks my aching balls. Her cunt seemed to have slurped my dick so swiftly.The juices bubbling with excitement. She hammered her pussy up and down.

I could feel my legs stiffen and my thighs tighten. My groin started to convulse. Lydia gripped my shoulders so hard, she started to scratch the skin off my chest. I held Lydia by the shoulders pushing and pulling her body harder and deeper. Lydia began to groan and achingly gasped for air.

I grabbed the hairs on her neck,I could feel the fluid in my balls rising. Uhhh....uhhh...uhhhhhh..... Harder and harder I pushed so that my dick started to swell. " you...uhhhhh!" I came, and came, shot all my jizm, and splashed my cum in her cunt. My dick throbbing, Lydia collapsed on top of me. Sliding her tits on my nipples, breathing heavily Lydia kissed me on the lips and whispered. "uhhh...Uhhhh...I..lo..." Suddenly, the door burst open. The shadowy figure of Iain stood in front of us...


Iain flicked the lightswitch on and stared at us in shock. I could sense his anger swell as his eyes darted in our direction, seeing our naked bodies slick and stained with cum. I stared back at him, somehow shot with a tinge of guilt, yet I forced a sinister glare and said nothing...

"You cock suckin' fucker!" Iain managed to growl out, after he had got over the initial shock of seeing us locked in rumpy-pumpy mode.......

I calmly took my pants and put them on. I said nothing. Lydia hid from behind me and started to sob as Iain exploded. "You fucking twat!" he shouted rushing towards me, pushing me aside hard and half throwing me across the room.

He grabbed Lydia by the wrists and dragged her away from me flinging her naked body on the floor, over by the bedroom. Lydia screamed and cried and ran into the bedroom. I stood up from the floor and slung a rounded fist at Iain's face. I struck him hard, and he started to bleed. Iain was larger than I am, so he was able to push me away, and he swing a punch at my face.

I fell down hard, my back crashing on the table near the couch. *ugh!* "FUCK YOU Iain! FUCK-YOU!" I said trying to keep my balance. I crawled near a chair in the dining area...

"Why did you let me fuck her, man..." "Why?" I asked painfuly leaning on the chair...Both our faces were bleeding... Iain glared at me intently, not knowing what to say.

"Get out..." he said. I stood slowly from the chair and I stared back at Iain. I said nothing. Lydia stood by the bedroom door, now wearing a bathrobe, gently sobbing.

"Don't ever come back..." he breathed heavily. I walked past Iain and stood for a moment in front of Lydia. I looked Lydia deeply in the eyes. She looks fantastic when she is upset, eyes ablaze and wide open lips. Her beauty rustled with a bruise, her hair messy. She looked back at me, tears flowing from her cheeks. Iain went between us and dragged her to his side... I really wanted to kill him.

But instead, I stared clear through him. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the silver eagle coin which Iain gave to me years ago, when we were in Las Vegas. Iain has one also which I gave to him as a token. I won two thousand dollars with that silver coin, and I split it with him. Somehow, it became a symbol of our friendship, and I've always carried it with me. "You made me do it..." I said looking at him straight in the eyes.

"You made me..." I tossed the silver coin on the floor and I left the room without another word. I left the building quickly, not knowing what to do or where to go. I could feel the soreness on my face, and the drying blood on my lips.

*Why didn't Lydia go with me?*

*What was she afraid of?*

*Did she love me too?*


*I feel so betrayed by both of them*

I felt my friendship with Iain was wasted. Somehow I felt so guilty, yet what could I do? *

Why did you let me touch her Iain?...*

*Why didn't you consider my feelings?* *I thought you were my friend.*


I walked down the street wandering and questioning myself so many times. I got into my car and drove-off erratically. Eventually, I arrived at my friend's house. She was an old friend from my freshman year. She dropped out because she decided to get married to this navy guy. We still kept in touch all through the years.

I went up to her door and knocked...I heard the latch and the door opened... "Oh god..." she mumbled. "Hi Melissa...Can I come in?" I said in a raspy tone... She pulled me inside, past her living room, into the kitchen. Melissa took out some ice from the refrigerator.

I watched her intently as she crushed the ice and placed them in the ice pack. Melissa still looks great after all these years. Her sweet asian face molded with her father's caucasian eyes and nose. Her body still slim and slender beneath her evening gown. Melissa still looked pretty. "What happened?" she asked walking towards me with the ice.

"I had a fight with Iain." I said. She placed the pack on my jaw and with her other hand wiped the the blood off my lips... "Where's Frank?" I asked wondering.

"Oh, don't worry about him. He's in Indonesia on a 6 month overseas duty."

"So what happened between you and Iain? You guys are the best of friends?"

"I'm really not ready to talk about it Melissa, I'm sorry, I hope you understand."

"Of course I do...It's OK." she replied. Melissa led me into the living room. "Why don't you rest here for awhile. I'll be here." I sat on the couch, and soon my eyes started to close and I drifted on to sleep. I dreamed I was in Las Vegas with Iain.

Together we watched the stage dancers strip off their clothes and fondle their huge breasts. We were drunk and we were having a great time, best pals forever, we thought. I flashed back to the time we changed our money for the Silver Eagle dollar coin.

"For friendship and good luck" we said. We shook on it. We had a special handshake that only we know about. All of a sudden, I had an image of Lydia making love to me, and, from out of nowhere, a fist flying towards my face! I woke up shaken. I felt Melissa's hand combing through my hair pushing the strands away from my eyes...

"It's OK...I'm here." she said softly. I looked Melissa in the eye's and I noticed for the first time, how hazel they were. I leaned closer to her, and she moved closer to me. She pressed her lips against mine, and we kissed deeply and passionately.

Melissa tugged on my shirt, and with our lips in heat, she led me in the bedroom. Melissa fell on her back onto the bed. I kneeled on top of her and I continued to kiss her. I probed my tongue into her mouth, while she started to fondle my crotch.

My body pressed heavily on her small frame. I gripped her shoulders commandingly, and I pressed my lips hard against her mouth.

They parted, and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, her soft lips swelling with her rising excitement My body started melting into hers, sliding up and down her voluptuous body, as she opened her legs, rubbing my hardening cock between them.

Through my pants, I could feel her hands stroking...playing...stroking, and sensuously stroking and then unbuttoning my jeans. I squeezed her shoulders harder in a bear hug, then roughly pushed and slid her body up closer to the headboard. There was a look of momentary shock in her eyes.

This sudden roughness turned her on even more. She drew me in closer as she held my head with both her hands and shoved my face between her legs. Melissa squirmed underneath her lingerie. I could smell her sexual juices, and it was the scent of animal lust.

I grasped her ankles and spread her legs wide apart. With my tongue, I tasted her sweet lips, which was almost bald pussy, except for a sexy diamond crowning her glory. My mouth fondled her clit, and probed every crevice between her legs. I felt her shiver and grab hold of the headboard tightly. Her legs were twitching and kicking with pleasure. I roamed her the length of her body. Waist, thighs, boobs, toes and neck were explored and either kissed or sucked.

Or both.

I cupped her pendulous breasts up and down, licked her from her nipples to her groin. I reached under her lingerie, around her buttocks, up her back, until I finally slid the silk off her shoulders. My head fell on her navel, and as I looked up, I could see the firm breasts that marriage hadn't ruined. Her pretty face peered down, watching my every move. I grabbed the pillow next to me and I took the pillowcase off. I climbed on top of her, and I started to remove my shirt, I felt her hands get to work on my jeans, revealing my hard cock. It stuck out of my jocks dripping with pre-cum. I looked at her... just overcome with ecstasy and lust.

My face hard and somewhat angry. I took the pillowcase and twisted it into a rope, and then took her hands. She was made to resist, yet she did not complain. She sighed deeply. I bound her tight against the headboard and moved closer to her face, kicked-off my pants, and knelt on her, her face directly beneath my legs; her tits brushing against my thighs. My cock sticking out in front of her face. I guided my dick into her mouth forcing it open. She took it all, and I fucked her - deep throat, she slurped and nibbled the full length, eyes wide and flashing with delight.



I spread my hands flat against the wall thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. I slammed my dick onto her face and she rolled her tongue from the bottom of my balls and sucked the penis head.



She licked the tip of my dick from inside her mouth, and she sucked it, swallowing it whole. I fucked her face slow, carefully and insistently.

After all, a standing prick has no conscience, they say. As her hands were still bound, I reached down her hips and stretched her body forward, higher towards the headboard. Propping up her arched back with a pillow, thereby exposing her the elephant's ears of her cunt to my view. I withdrew my dripping cock from her mouth and manoeuvered it between her legs. I jabbed it roughly inside and she gave out a cry of ecstacy. Feeling the wetness inside her cunt, her muscles contracting, I started to ride up and down, in and out. *Oh God* She held my face and clutched the strands of my hair, tugging and painfully pulling at my curls.

She rammed my head into her breasts, and I instinctively went to nibble on her hard nipples ...licking and sucking, smoothing my tongue around and over her mounds. I kept pumping inside her, wanting that sensual tingle to scream out from my groin. Her pussy teased, and squeezed, and contracted at every penetration. Sometimes vice-like, other times loosely. I swivelled my hips, in a strong circular grinding motion, sensing her going with the flow. I then pumped harder, and even harder, so that she started to moan with delight.

I could feel the tingles rumbling inside. Both of us were moaning, just audibly gasping, groaning or exclaiming delight. It was torturing my balls to realease my load.

"Harder...make me take all of your stiffy" she whispered in a gasp. "Harder..."



I pressed more...I could feel her cunt almost tearing and quivering. I slid my dick in, out, around and then surged in deep...I could feel my self starting to cum. I wanted her to cum first. Harder and harder I pushed, I gripped her back, my arms around her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist enveloping me deeply. I could feel my cock slamming onto her cervix. It was ecstacy...

My cum swelled inside my groin. I held her body, reaching from her waist, twisting it towards me. I wanted to cum.

"Hhhhhh...hhhhh....Uhhhhh......" "Ohhhhhh....."

"Fuck me...hhhhhh"

"Fuck me..." she begged, so I rammed, and fucked, and fucked, until finally I tautend, and my groin pumped, squeezing every drop of cum from my balls, pushing my jizm out and spilling it inside her swelling, sucking cunt. My cum simmered inside her, and she let out a moan. I could feel my own cum oozing the walls of her cunt.

Her body arching on my arms as I raised her body towards me. I released her bound and she collapsed on my shoulders. Wrapped around each other, we rocked on the bed, until we slowly slid down on the sheets and cradled each other to sleep. I awoke, feeling Melissa's arms around me. She was swirling her fingers around my chest. She was watching me...emotionless. "I...I'm sorry..." I said confused, feeling guilty.

I needed to say something. "Don't be..." she replied. "We both needed each other..." "It happened because we both wanted it to happen." It was good, a shag to remember, always. We were both quiet. I stared at the dark ceiling, and she stared at me... "I have to leave tomorrow..." I said suddenly. "I cannot stay here." "Where will you go?" she asked, voice very concerned. "I've decided to go to Florida for awhile and stay with my cousin." She was speechless...

"Stay with me a little longer..." she whispered. I didn't answer. I held her head to my chest and pulled her body close. I started to comb my fingers through her hair... "I have to go..." I whispered. "Frank will be back soon..."


Mellisa was sad to see me go. I told her I would be staying with my cousin in Florida for a few months. I needed to get away. Our night of passion was something we'll always remember. I suppose it was meant to happen, written in the stars.

All these years we've been friends, we tried to deny ourselves that we are 'physically attracted' to each other. I guess we were only afraid to jeopardize our friendship. I've never really imagined how it could be possible for friends to make-love, and still be friends after? I've always wondered whether was possible to satisfy sexual needs through friends who seek the same. A sort of a "get-it when need-it" thing,with no strings, since both parties just want physical release. I guess, we were one of the few.... I could remember the times when we were a new starters in college.

I was 18, and she was 17 turning 18. I would visit her in the dorm because I was bored. Her roommate would usually be out, and we would spend hours talking in her dimly lit room. She would only be wearing a large shirt, her hard nipples etched underneath the cloth. She would sit on her small bed while I sat on the floor facing her -- with my arms resting on the sheets.

We would watch TV and comment on how actors have sex. Sometimes, when the movie gets hot and steamy, we would catch each other looking. We laughed at the thought. Usually, to snap ourselves out, we would joke about each other; saying things like: "Not with those lil' tits I won't" (ha ha) "Not with that lil' prick I won't either." (ha ha) One summer afternoon I went over to her dorm.

The minute I saw her, I was stunned. I remember her wearing a tight red tank-top that hugged her figure very well. Her tits hung beautifully, and as usual, she didn't wear a bra. I was speechless...

"How do you like my tank top?" she asked pulling the shirt down her waist, accentuating and exposing the exquisite curves of her breasts. "I just bought it today..."

"I...uh...duh...I like it!" I said mumbling.

"Only So So ?" she said. "I know what you're thinking..." "You do?" I said innocently. "Uh-hum" she grinned. "What is it? " I dared. "What am I thinking?" "YOU CAN'T have what you're thinking. HA!" she laughed. I spent the whole day in her dorm. We talked about everything. We talked about dates, guys, girls, people we hate, and people we love. But everytime, we always end-up talking about sex.

I suppose there is something about it that intrigues both of us...Her roommate was out, and I was thankful because she's such a BITCH. We sat on the floor,in the living room talking, and that evening while we were on the topic of guys, hormones, and sex drive, I was complaining a lot about the heat.

"Geesus...It's hot. Isn't it hot? It's hot." I complained.

"Gosh! Why don't you just take your shirt off..." She suggested. "You don't mind?" I asked. "No, It's OK..." As soon as I took off my shirt, she jumped up and screamed, "Oh my God! You have hairs around your nipples?!" she said, curiously. "...and what's this? You have a few on your chest." she asked surprised poking my nipples with her forefinger.

"Don't..." I said. "Stop pulling the hairs...I'm saving them. OK?"

She was grinning a stupid grin. "Can I touch them?" she asked acting coy. "HUH? Well...if you must. Go ahead." She rubbed around my nipples feeling the hairs.


I thought to myself. She noticed the hairs trailing down my shorts from my stomach.It must have seemed so curious...

She started to feel the hairs on my stomach... "Why do guys get hairy?" she asked still trailing her fingers. "We just are...testosterone...and you're rubbing my trail." I said with a smile. I felt my blood pressure rising, among other things. "What?...You're trail?" she asked confused. "Yeah...that's what's called a TREASURE TRAIL." I said smirking

. "The TRAIL leads to my TREASURE..." She pushed me away laughing. We laughed and laughed about it. Later on, we still kept talking about SEX. We got into a heated debate about masturbation. It was really stupid, but she was not about to give-up...

"Guys masturbate all the time! We women never do that." she pointed-out.

"When we want it, we get it."

"What are you talking about? Women do it too." I explained.

"Why do you think they made vibrators in the first place?"

"Women didn't invent vibrators, MEN did." she retorted.

"Well...if women weren't so picky about the kind of pricks they want, they'd get it more often, also if WOMEN didn't force MEN to stick their dicks in other holes where it's not suppose to be, MEN would not have to invent a vibrating DILDO in the first place!" I said laughing. Ha Ha Ha...Ha Ha Ha...

"You're crass...Ha ha ha..."she said laughing.

A few minutes later, we settled down with a grin on our face.

"Can I ask you something?" Melissa said feeling hesitant.

"Do YOU...masturbate?" "What?" I said surprised. "You really want me to answer that?"

"Yeah!...You don't have to, you know." she assured.

"Well...Yeah...of course I do. All guys do..." I said embarrassed and somewhat guiltily.

"Why?" "...uh...sometimes guys get horny...and we need some release, if we don't, we get irritable." I said, somehow feeling my stomach churn. *Where is this going?*

"What makes you guys horny?" she asked innocently.

"Lots of things..."

"Like what?" "Sometimes, we get horny by what we see. Or sometimes by someone's touch."

"Oh?....hmmm" she said. I saw her eyes light up, reavealing a devious idea. She moved closer to where I sat and slowly said....

"Does this make you horny?" She asked stretching her tank top all the way down to her waist, tracing her breasts underneath the material.I nodded my head.

"Does this make you horny?" she asked again softly, rubbing her hand on my bare chest, circling her fingers around my nipples.I nodded my head again. *Don't* I wanted her to stop, but I didn't.

I felt a tingle in my groin, something was happening. She stared at my body and trailed her fingers down my belly button. She ran her fingers up and down my body... We were silent for a few seconds...

"I haven't seen a guy...masturbate before." she eventually said, breaking the silence. By now I was feeling VERY VERY HORNY.

She probably was too. "W...would you like me to show you?" I said uneasily. * SILENCE... *

A resounding silence. "Yes." she replied. So I said, "Put your hand on my crotch."

She placed her right hand on my groin area. Her touch made my dick sensitive. Her hand on my dick made it throb and swell to her touch,my rod started to harden inside my jeans. She had a look of intense curiosity on her face. "Should I go on?"

I asked whispering under my breath. She nodded watching me intently. I carefully unzipped my fly and unbuttoned my jeans. I watched her reaction to my every move. I was being careful, and felt very uneasy. But as I'd started, I went on. I was very turned on at her interest. I reached inside my CKs, and took my rod out.

I noticed Melissa's eyes widen with amazement, she caught me glancing at her. She didn't say anything, so I continued. We sat facing each other on the carpet floor. I gripped my rod and began to jerk it...

Melissa watched me. Faster...Slower...I stroked my dick methodically rubbing the head on occasion. I enjoyed watching her watch me do it. Her curiousity intrigued me. Suddenly, almost instinctively, Melissa leaned forward and caressed my balls.

She liked the feel of the hair underneath. We did this for a couple of minutes, jerking and caressing... "I want to see you cum..." she said from under her breath. I stared at her.

I felt the tingles trail from my legs, and my groin started to shiver. I jacked faster, eager to reach orgasm...My eyes closed and I started to gasp, and breathe heavily from inside my throat. "What are you feeling?" she asked. "I feel IT...uhhh" I murmured.

I jacked slower. "Where do you feel it?"

"In my brain, in my my legs...hhhh...inside." I gasped. "I could feel it rising inside..."

I saw Melissa bite her lower lip as she watched me climax. Faster I jerked-off, and soon I began to tense...*uhhh..hhh...*

I felt my cum rise inside my balls and up my dick. *hhhh..hhhh*

The pre-cum dripped out, and I shot my jizm violently, shot after shot of white hot semen, showering my navel, some cum spilling onto the carpet. I felt I was choking, gasping for air. Melissa watched in wonder and amazement, as I breathed a sigh of relief.

She moved closer reaching to touch the spunk on my navel with her finger. "...Your cum is so's like condensed milk..." she said fingering the white fluid.

I quickly grabbed a soft tissue and wiped myself clean. Still breathing heavily, I tried to compose myself. "I...I think I should go now." I said hastily as I grabbed my shirt and zipped up my pants.

"You're room-mate would be back soon."

"I'll see you tomorrow..." I said, regaining my senses.

"I..I'm sorry Melissa" I said feeling embarassed and guilty.


"Don't be...we both wanted it to happen. It was a precious moment only we will ever know about" she reassured.

A coy smile appearing on her pursed lips. I flash back to that smile, it is burned into my braincells, and at times a great consoler. At the time I thought how worldly wise she was to coax me to to this very private act in front of her. Somehow, those words fetched me back from memory lane.

I never did shag Melissa, until that evening I had the fight with Iain over Lydia,and ended up at Melissa's house. That episode with Melissa happened only once, sadly, it never happened again.

We just pretended it never happened. Nothing was ever mentioned, as though I didn't expect another encounter to happen, and this time, we REALLY did it. I said my goodbyes to Melissa, and I promised her I'd call her if and when I ever came back from Florida.

I knew she was sad, and I really wanted to be with her. But I couldn't do it. I cannot ever take the place of her husband. I know how much she REALLY loves him. I was destined to be her one-night-stand, every woman should have one, don't you think?

Besides, he would give her all the things women want for their security. I am a rolling stone, looking for thrills and spills, not ready to settle down. ....

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