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Preggo Yearnings

by Linda Chorlton

(July 2001)


She came looking for me with her arms open wide,
like some long lost friend of mine. She said " Excuse me, but
do you remember me?" I said "No, I don't believe I do."

So she looked me up and down and undressed me with her eyes,
then she said "You've got everything that I want." So I said "OK",
and realising her insinuations I blushed and told her my room number.
"I'm Emma, it's not that so long ago that you can have forgotten me."

Emma's body had always fascinated me. She was then in her early
20s, slender, with medium sized tits, and a well maintained
figure, the one filmstars dream of having, and keeping.
It was obvious to me she was proud of her body and took extra
special care of it. She wasn't tall, about 5' 1", and had brownish
blonde hair, which she wore a little bit longer than shoulder length.
She was invariably pleasant and always had a "Good morning, Mr
Stafford" whenever she saw me in the corridor or car park.
Emma worked as a secretary, down the hall from me in another
office. She and my secretary were office pals and often had lunch
together or chatted during their coffee breaks. Whenever she happened
to stop by to talk with Marcia, I'd see her in the outer office and
would fantasize about what her body looked like without her clothes on.
In my day-dreams, she had shapely legs, a tight ass, slender
waist, and mouth-sized tits, with pert nipples just a little darker
than the rest of her skin. The close cropped pubic hair covering
her pussy was the same color as the hair on her head, letting me
know it was her natural colour. I like 'collar and cuffs' to match.
Of course, in my daydreams she would always want me to fuck her over
the corner of the desk, right there in the office, and I'd always oblige.
I'm not sure what is was about her, but I started to become a
little obsessed with her. I knew that she was married, but I figured I
could always look and dream. Little did I know what was waiting
for me, some years later in a hotel bedroom.

Since Emma was very career-minded, I was very surprised when
Marcia told me that Emma had become pregnant. She and her
husband were extremely happy at the prospect and I congratulated
her. A couple of weeks went by and she was just starting to show.

I thought I'd lose my desire for her, but I didn't. I'd still
daydream about her, even as her tummy got bigger. Her bum was still tasty.

She dropped into my office one Friday and asked me how I was getting
along.I thought she looked a little down and I asked her what was wrong.
Her husband was out of town for a week and she was rather lonely. I
said I'd buy her dinner. To my surprise she accepted the invitation.

It was very exciting, even though I thought that sex would be a no-go.
We went to a small restaurant nearby and had a bottle of wine to relax us.
As I looked at her I saw she had changed very little, except for her tummy,
and it wasn't that large. She was still keeping herself in shape and taking
care of herself. As we were finishing the meal, I felt her leg rub against mine
under the table. I pressed my hand on her knee and saw her smile as she sipped her wine. Then, as we left, I put my arm around her to guide her out the doorway and she pressed her body close to mine as we walked to her car.

Getting in, she gave me a quick kiss for cheering her up. I jokingly
told her to be careful, I might get bigger ideas. She laughed and said,
"Maybe we ought to compare ideas. I was afraid I was getting so
unattractive, you weren't daydreaming about me anymore." I asked how
she knew that I did that, and she said she'd explain, but not in the
a car park and invited me over for a drink. I accepted and
followed behind her car to her flat, in a select part of Cheadle.

After making our drinks, I asked how she knew about the
daydreaming and she said she'd catch me staring at her. She asked
how she rated and I told her that she was the tops, and explained how
I had scoured girly pages on the porn sites to match her profile,
but without success. Grinning shyly she said that she must be special.

We were sitting on the couch and she shuffled a little closer and asked
if now was the right time and would I like to find out how close my
daydreams had been to a real time experience in her company.
I asked about her husband and she said he'd be gone for another week
and besides, he hadn't fucked her since she started to show a bump.

I was really surprised at this, since she was only a couple of months
gone, and not really all that big. "You are glowing with health, and
even more attractive as you are now" I reassured her. I leaned down
and kissed her, she kissed me back again and opened her mouth slightly.
I held her and ran my tongue around the inside of her mouth, darting
in and out like I'd hoped to do with our genitals on many occasions past.

I caressed her, stroking her back, arms, neck, and hair. One of my
techniques is to give that erogenous zone on a woman's nape of the neck
a tickle with my eyelashes. It worked on Emma. I heard a slight moan
escape her lips and felt her shudder and then clutch me tighter. Her tummy
got in the way a bit, but not enough to matter to either of us.

As we continued to kiss, I dropped my hands down and gently
squeezed her tits, which were already enlarged since previously.
This added to her attractiveness. She moaned again and rubbed
up against me. I started to unbutton her blouse and she stopped
kissing to gave me more room to work. As I undid each button, she'd
squirm on the couch, pretending to back off, but really she was
gagging for it. Emma started to rub the inside of my thighs.

I was already hard and my cock was starting to strain against my slacks.
Feeling my hardness, she started rubbing my cock through the fabric.
When I undid the last button and slipped off her blouse, I saw
her nipples were erect and straining against even the maternity bra
cups. I ran my hands over them and teased them through the bra's lace.
She moved her head backwards and started to breathe harder.
I continued to squeeze, undercup and stroke her fullsome tits
and ran my other hands all over her body. Finally I reached around her
and undid the straps, freeing those pendulous globes from the bra.

They were perfectly pear shaped and bounced a little, enjoying their
sudden freedom. Her nipples were still erect and the dark rings
around them were darker than I imagined. I leaned down and sucked
her teats into my mouth, each in turn. I pinched the other nipple
as I gently bit on the one in my mouth. I sucked hard and heard
her yelp softly. She told me they were so sensitive and to be a
little more gentle with them. I wondered if she would lactate.

That would have been a kinky first for me.
I started to run my free hand over her belly whilst I still
sucked and rubbed her tits. I felt her pregnant body and I wanted
to see her naked in front of me. I reached down and undid the top
button of her slacks, then unzipped the zipper. I stood up and she
raised her bum off the couch to let me pull off her slacks. Now the
only thing she wore was a pair of pink cotton panties. I looked at
her lying there and realised she was still very sexy. Her tummy
was larger but not so large as to make her body appear ungainly or
off-putting. I sat back down and kissed her while feeling all over
her body, all over. I slowly worked my way down to her panties and
slipped my hand under the waistband. I felt the stubbly hair that
covered her pussy, and ran my middle finger between her pussy lips,
looking for her clit. I thought that this would be as far as I
would get with her.

I heard her moan again and she spread her legs to let me have
better access. By this time, she was getting very wet and my
finger could easily slip into her cunt, but the panties were
slowing me down. I withdrew my hand and stood up again to take off
her panties. When I did, I found her hair was natural. The hair
between her legs was the same color as that on her head. I found
it hard to believe so many of my daydreams were coming so true.

Yes, collar and cuffs were a perfect match. Daydreams were coming true.
She said it wasn't fair that she was now nude and I was still
dressed. So I took off my shirt while she unbuttoned my slacks.

Gingerly, Emma reached in and pulled my cock free and started to
gently wank me off with her hand. Gently she slowly stroked my cock
up and down, slowly exposing the glans and the pre-cum droplets there.
I kicked off my shoes and finished undressing more slowly, teasing her
while standing there in front of her. When I was also naked, she leaned
forward and kissed the head of my cock and licked off the drop of
pre-cum which had formed at the tip. Having then suggested we retire
to the bedroom, I followed, watching her seductively sexy ass cheeks sway
back and forth as we walked down the hall. This time it was a bare arse,
I could see the full rounded buns, swivel and waggle to and fro in
the flesh - not hidden by cloth or fabric as at the office.

I could have shot my load there and then, it was so sexy. She knew it.
Emma lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide, giving me a
full beaver shot of her wide open pussy. I could see she was wet
from the sheen of the fluid on her cunt lips. I watched as she put one
finger into her pussy and got it wet and then traced a line from
her pussy, over the swell of her tummy, and up to her tits. All the time,
watching, smiling and pursing her lips coyly. I was rampantly stiff, but
stood there and watched as she pinched her nipples with one hand
and reached down and started playing with her pussy with the
other. She spread the outer lips with her index and ring fingers
and rubbed her clit with the middle finger. As I watched, her clit
seemed to become more erect and larger as she played with herself.

As she teased and picked at it, I could see it had become just like
a miniature cock, red, firm and standing upright. I looked at her face
and saw her eyes were closed and her tongue was licking her lips over
and over again. I couldn't wait for them to rim my cock.
I lay down beside her and started to play with her tits again,
feeling the nipples become even more erect and sensing her body move
under my hands. After a few minutes of this, I turned around and
placed my head between her legs and started to lick around her
pussy. I circled it several times and just barely flicked my
tongue over her clit. I reached up with one hand and played with
her tits as I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit. With my
other hand, I inserted a finger into her pussy and slowly pumped
it in and out. This finger dipping progressed to two and then finally
three fingers. By this time, she was moaning louder. Emma suddenly
shifted her position on the bed and bent her head to start licking
my cock, her eyes studying my face, and opening and closing teasingly.
I twisted around so she could get at my cock, but also so I
could continue to eat and suck her pussy. 69 was always my best foreplay.
She started licking the head of my stiff cock, running her tongue around
and around until it was completely wet. She then started licking the shaft,
from the base of the head to my ballsack, getting it just as wet. She
gently started to lick my balls. Taking first one, then the other
into her mouth, she carefully sucked on each. Returning to the
head, she licked the pre-cum from the opening and then took the
head into her mouth. She ran her tongue around it and gently
dragged her teeth over the rim at its base. Shifting slightly to
give her a better position, she took my cock into her mouth,
burying it almost to my balls in her warmth. She started to suck,
moving her head up and down while stroking the shaft with one hand
and fondling my balls with the other. Emma was obviously an
accomplished cock-sucker and I wondered what kind of an idiot her
husband was to not take advantage of the fact.
While Emma was giving me one of the best blow-jobs of my
life, I wasn't idle. I was still eating her pussy and playing with
her tits. Every so often, she'd moan as I licked her clit and then
drive my tongue as deep as I could. Feeling her pregnant tummy
against me was exciting me, but I wasn't sure why. I took my hand
from her tits and ran it over the swelling of her body. She
reacted by pressing her pussy tighter against my mouth and moaning
slightly. I kept licking her slit and running my finger in and out
of her love-nest. Her pussy was flowing like a river now and I
drank in every drop I could. Even the taste of her served to
excite me more and more. I stopped rubbing her stomach and started
running my fingers up and down the crack of her ass. As she
settled down after the change, I pressed one finger against the
tight opening of her asshole and gently massaged it. She started
humping backwards on my finger against her asshole and my tongue and
finger in her pussy. I very carefully inserted my finger in her
ass and slowly worked it back and forth. Her humping became more
frenzied and her juices flowed even more.
Eventually, she took my cock from her mouth and said she wanted
me to fuck her there and then. I stopped eating her and turned her around
on the bed in preparation for entering her. I knelt between her
legs with her lying on her back. I moved up until my cock was just
pressing against her pussy and started to lean forward and enter
her. As I entered her, we both realised it would be uncomfortable
for her if I put my full weight on her tummy. So I quickly turned
her on her side, laid down behind her, and lifted her leg slightly
so I could enter her from behind. As I moved up behind her, my
cock rubbed against her pussy. She reached down and took it in her
hand and rubbed the head of my cock against her wet slit. I moved
forward and entered her, burying my cock almost to the balls in
her willing opening. I started humping in and out and felt her
moving to meet me with every thrust. I again wondered what was
wrong with her husband to not be enjoying this as often as he

As I moved in and out of Emma's pussy, I wrapped my arms
around her and started playing with her tits again. I cupped one
in each hand and felt their firmness and weight. I pinched each
nipple and rolled them between my fingers. Emma turned her head
and by shifting our position a little, we were able to kiss while
we fucked. I ran my tongue around inside of her mouth and then
licked her ear, sucking on the earlobe and the small gold loop
earring she wore. I took one hand from her tits and ran it over
her swelling belly, feeling every inch of it. She really seemed to
like that, since she started to fuck faster and harder, as if the
this action had reassured her that i still really liked her body.
She matched each of my thrusts and would hump back, I'd feel
her pussy clutching my cock like it didn't want to let it go. She
fitted me like a glove, even one with fingers inside, it seemed.
Her pussy juices were still flowing and covering my cock. As I
continued to fuck her, I was a little worried I'd cum too quickly
and leave her unsatisfied. I needn't have worried; just as my own
climax was approaching, I said "I'm Cumming" and I felt her shudder
and emit a low, soft, and lingering moan that escaped her lips.
She pressed back against me as my balls slapped noisily on her cunt.
Emma swivelled and swerved ard as she could, but always her pussy
muscles gripped my cock hard. I held myself still inside of her so
she could come down from her climax and as she did, I started
humping in and out on my final short strokes. I made about
five strokes and then my balls spurted their warm load of cum deep
inside her pussy. Spurred on, she pressed hard against me and her
pussy held my cock tight inside, milking every drop of cum from
me., goading me to cum again, without uncoupling. A first for me.

We laid there for a few minutes, enjoying that freshly fucked
feeling. I was still holding her close and could feel her shudder
slightly and her pussy contract every so often. At last, as my
spent member slipped from her slit, she turned to face me and we
kissed and held each other. We laid there for awhile and then she
went out and fixed us another drink. I watched her as she came
back into the bedroom towards me and as I watched her pert tits
bounce slightly with each step she took, I started getting hard
again. She gave me my drink and I fondled her tits as she leaned
over. She lay back down beside me and took my cock in her hand and
started playing with it. She said she wanted to make love again
but wanted to rest for a few minutes first. I agreed and we talked
for a short time before starting to kiss and fondle each other.

This time, she wanted us to take our time and really get each
other excited and hot. So I laid her back on the bed and ran my
hands over every inch of her body. She really seemed to get off on
having her pregnant tummy rubbed and caressed, so I spent a great
deal of time doing so. As I did, she would moan and toss her head
slightly from side to side. As she got more excited, she would
squirm her ass into the bed and hump up and down as if she had a
cock inside her. By the time I started playing with her pussy, she
was soaking wet and ready for me. Teasing her a little, I licked
her juices from her slit and lightly licked her clit. She suddenly
stiffened and moaned even louder. I spread her legs as wide as I
could and got between them with my face just inches from her cunt.
But rather than eating her, I started to examine every inch of her pussy,
inside and out, fingers ducking and diving, never staying in one spot.

Starting with the short hairs that covered her pubic mound, I ran my
fingers over the entire area. I traced the folds in her inner and
outer cunt lips and ran my finger around her clit. The twat was now
stretched by by cocks actions and penetration had made it into a real
hole, which was wide and inviting. I licked its rim, watching it dilate
Teasing her even more, I rubbed the area between her slit and asshole and
then pushed two fingers inside her as far as I could. Finally, I started
eating her pussy. I licked all around the outside and then started
on the inside, running my tongue as far inside as it would go. I
buried my face into the soft cuntlips, gasping for air at times,
shaking my face to and fro as though hunting for something in there.
As I ate her, she tried to shift in order to suck my cock,
but I wouldn't let her. I told her that if she wanted "hot", she
was going to get it. I kept eating her, slurping her juices and
licking her clit until she was about to cum. Instead of driving
her over the edge, I stopped and just gently licked her pussy hole.
Three times I brought her just to the edge and every time I backed
off. She was almost screaming now and was humping her pussy
against my face as hard as she could, as if trying to substitute
my nose for a dick, she was that randy.

Rising from between her legs, I moved up to straddle her
chest, with my cock inches from her mouth, taking my weight on
my knees to prevent squashing her tummy. She tilted her head
down and licked the head until it was wet. I moved forward until
she could take the whole thing in her mouth. She gobbled it up as
fast as she could. Nodding her head back and forth to run my dick
in and out of her mouth, she reached up with one hand and held on
to my shaft and played with my balls with her other hand. She was
a quick learner, Emma already knew I really enjoyed that. While she
ate me, I reached behind me and ran my hand over her tummy and
down between her legs. I started to finger-fuck her pussy in order
to keep her just on the edge. She understood what I was trying to
do and as she felt a load of cum working its way up my cock, she
backed off and just teased my dick until my balls settled down and
I wasn't ready to cum. For quite a while, we kept each other just
on the verge of cumming. Finally, neither of us could wait any
longer and we moved into place in order to start fucking again.
Remembering the last time, she automatically rolled onto her
side. Instead of laying down behind her, I took her leg and lifted
it as high as I could and bent it back at the knee. This not only
gave me an uninterrupted view of her pussy, but also gave me easy
access. I straddled her other leg and moved up so my cock was just
touching her pussy. I put her raised leg on my shoulder and
hunched myself forward to enter her. As I did, I watched her pussy
stretch to accept my cock and then close tightly around it as her
hot twat sensed my entrance, like a hungry dog snatching at a bone.
As I started to hump her, she moved her body and met each of my
thrusts. Sir Willy Upstanding slid in easier and deeper than before
and I felt as if I was touching the back side of her cunt on each
down stroke. That pelvic bone she has locked over mine, stretching
her arousal further, as it rubbed the entrance, and my cock hit
higher hotspots inside.

As hot as we both were, I knew it wouldn't be long before I
filled her pussy with my cum and hopefully she flooded my cock with hers.
Fortunately, we were both pretty evenly paced and as I felt her
shudder as she started to climax, my balls tightened again and I
started to pump cum into her slit. Each time my cock would pump
out a portion of its load, her pussy would contract with her
orgasm. I wanted my balls to shoot everything until they were bone dry.
Finally, we both were drained and I lifted myself from off her
and lay down beside her. We kissed and held each other tightly again and
rested for awhile. Many men ignore these closeness times after a shag,
and wonder why a woman never comes back again to their dick. Poor sods.
We made love again some hours later, and then drifted off into sleep
with my spent cock still inside her. Although we didn't realise it then,
we had started a relationship that would last for some time to come.
I like to think that my caring, trying to please attitude to this situation
had smoothed the way to a trio of the world's greatest shags.


After I left Emma's apartment the next day, I thought back on
what she had said about her husband. She did love him and didn't
want to leave him, but the fact remained he was a lousy lay. A
good provider and considerate, but just no good in bed. And since
she had become pregnant, he was afraid of harming her and hadn't
laid a hand on her since. Ignorance is often the victor, but this time
compassion was on hand to heal any wounds. I was winning for once.
She understood, but understanding didn't ease the itch between her legs.
We also talked about our relationship and decided to take it as it came.
I had no desire for a long term relationship and she wasn't about to
leave her husband, so it seemed we were playing equal hands.
On Monday, when I saw her at work, I had to smile. I didn't
have to wonder what she looked like under her clothes, I knew. But
that didn't stop me daydreaming about her. On her part, she
seemed happier than before and we shared a secret smile remembering
how we had fucked the night away just a day or two earlier.
I'll admit I spent a good deal of the week thinking about her
and the way she sucked my cock. I remember the way she would moan
as I ran my hands over her body and played with her tits and
pussy. And how she responded to being eaten and fucked. And the
way her pussy had rim gripped my cock after I had cum deep inside her.
That Wednesday, we got to talk alone and made a date for Friday
night, since her husband was due back in town on Sunday. She didn't
want to take any chances of hurting him, so she wanted to keep
Saturday night free, and be fresh for his fuck if he wanted one.
We met at the same restaurant and had dinner and then left
for my place this time. I live a little out of town and the place
is pretty secluded; surrounded by thick trees and a good distance
from my nearest neighbour. As soon as we got inside, I stepped up
behind her and put my arms around her and stroked her belly. I
felt how taut she was and let my hands linger for awhile. I then
moved up to her tits and felt them through the blouse she was
wearing. I marvelled at their firmness and the way her nipples
would poke through her bra and blouse. She pressed against me and
rubbed her ass against my crotch. I felt my prick starting to get
hard and nibbled on her ears and neck while I continued
to fondle her tits.
After a couple of minutes, she turned around and reached up
on her tip-toes to kiss me. As she did, her tummy rubbed against
my crotch and I felt my cock try to leap out of the confines of my
slacks. I still hadn't worked out what it was about this pregnant
woman that turned me on so much, but she did. We kissed for a few
moments and then I took her into the den and poured us a drink. She
said she was going to savour her drink as it would probably be one
of the few she was going to have until the baby was born. As we
sipped our drinks we made small talk about work and things in
general. We both realised this might be one of the last chances we
would have since her husband was coming back. This delaying only
increased our awareness of each other. I couldn't keep my eyes off
of her, her body was still shapely in spite of her pregnancy and I
thought she was incredibly sexy. She was very, very relaxed this time round.
As we finished our drinks we got closer together and started
kissing again, we let our hands rove all over each other. She
started to unbutton my shirt and I moved away to help her, but she
stopped me saying, "No, let me do it. You undressed me last time
and now it's my turn." So I gave in, let her undress me. She finished
unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it from my slacks and threw it on
the chair. My t-shirt soon joined the shirt. Emma ran her
fingers through the hair on my chest, stroking her fingernails up
and down my skin. She leaned forward and sucked on each of my
nipples and started to run her tongue over my front. I hadn't had
a woman do that and the feeling was super. Men don't realise that
their nipples are often as sensitive as the woman's. It was like
her tongue and fingers were setting off little firecrackers inside me.
My cock was starting to get hard again and I shifted in my seat to
get more comfortable.
As I did, she grabbed my belt and undid the buckle, pulling
me up a little as she did. I realised she wanted me to stand up,
so I did so, facing her. She undid the button and pulled down the
zipper of my slacks, then dropped the slacks and left them
heaped around my ankles, leaving them there. Next, she rubbed my
cock through my underpants, feeling it strain to be free from the
material, but not letting it go just yet. She kept stroking it and
pulled my shorts tight over the head. A tiny drop of pre-cum
soaked through and she leaned forward to taste it. Finally, she
lowered my boxer shorts and watched as my cock sprang free, waving just
a few inches in front of her face. With both my boxershorts and slacks
around my ankles, I couldn't move without falling and she realised
it and looked up, smiled at me, and licked her lips. Not touching
my cock, she took my balls in her hands and gently fondled them;
rolling them in her hand, stroking their sack, and running her
fingernail across the skin. She was driving me wild. My cock was
jerking up and down and wanting her to get to work on it, too.
She said, "You made Friday night memorable, and I'm going to
make tonight even more so." With that, she leaned forward and
licked off the fluid that was seeping out of my cock and gave it a
couple of soft strokes up and down. She leaned back and looked at
me and told me I could finish undressing when she was done with
me. Then she unbuttoned her own blouse and skirt, flashed me a look.
Next off came her blouse and she started playing with her tits,
squeezing them inside her bra and pinching the nipples through the
fabric. She said, "One good thing about being pregnant is that my
titties are starting to get larger. I've always thought they were
a little small, what do you think?" As she finished that observation,
she cupped her boobs and lifted them up for my inspection, still
inside the bra cups. Next to a peephole bra, a halfcup platform bra
is one of my biggest turnonz. "Oh," she said, "I suppose you can't
assess them properly inside my bra,I suppose, so let me take it off."
And she did, again cupping them and lifting them for my inspection.
I bent forward to play with them, but she stopped me and said,
"No, you can't touch just yet."

I didn't know where her game was going to end, but it really
was driving me crazy with desire. By now, my prick was standing
straight up and I could feel it throbbing as she continued to play
with her tits; now fondling them and pinching the nipples without
the interference of her bra. Her nipples were hard and erect,
sticking out like chapel hatpegs on her bosoms. I wanted to suck
them, but she wouldn't let me get near them.

"It makes me hot to see you want me," she said, "and I want
to make you hotter than you've ever been." "You're well on your
way," I told her, "but can't I sit down, this isn't really
comfortable." She said, "Not yet, but soon."

Then she lifted her ass off the sofa and pulled down her pants over her swelling belly and down to her ankles. As she removed her pants, she lifted one leg and then the other, giving me a quick glimpse of the shaved
area between her legs and under her panties. This was new.

She threw her skirt on the floor and spread her legs slightly.
I could just barely see the crimped slit between her legs that
was her love-mound and a hint of the rim of pink which peeked out of
the lacey edging of her panties. She started rubbing her hands over
her stomach, tracing the swelling outline of her pregnancy.

I could tell the skin was sensitive because every so often
she would shiver as she ran her hands over her body. Then her hands
worked lower, I wanted to start jerking off, but realised she
didn't want we to do that, so I just stood there and watched as
she played with herself. Finally, her hands reached her panties
and she rubbed one finger up and down her slit pressing the cotton
fabric inside her pussy and massaging her clit. Then she put her
other hand inside the panties and started to masturbate in
earnest. Finally, she pulled the crotch of her panties aside and
was playing with herself with both hands. One rubbing her clit and
the other with a finger inside her pussy, stroking in and out. My
cock wanted to be where her finger was and I found myself humping
the air between us. She looked at me and smiled. "I bet I know
what you want," she said. I smiled back and said, "I'll bet you do
too." "Soon," she said. And with that, she removed her hands and
helped me shuffle back a few paces.

She quickly removed her panties and sat back down on the
sofa, bringing her feet up to rest against her ass and spreading
her legs as wide as she could. Then she started playing with her
pussy and tits again. She rubbed her fingers up and down the slit
of her pussy, pinched her nipples until they looked sore, and ran
her hands over her tummy. She occasionally moaned and started
turning her head from side to side while she pressed her ass into
the seat of the sofa. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

On her belly, her boobs, and in her cunt. Once, she had one, then
two, and finally three fingers inside her pussy, fucking herself
with them. As she got closer to cumming, she quit rubbing herself
and settled down to pinching her nipples and finger fucking her
cunt. She would run two fingers of one hand in and out of her
pussy and rub her clit with the thumb. Her other hand was busy
with her tits, rubbing, pinching, and squeezing them without

A long, low moan escaped her lips as she came. Her thumb was
strumming her clit like a banjo picker and she had one nipple
pinched between her fingers and was pulling out away from her so
hard that the flesh of her tit was distended. As she came, she
pressed her ass deeper into the sofa and rammed her fingers into
her slit as hard as she could. She let go of her nipple and was
rubbing her clit between both her thumb and finger of one hand,
while the other hand finger fucked her into another climax. All
total, she came three times and then lay there, gently rubbing her
pussy and licking the cum from her fingers every so often.
"Now it's your turn," she said. She drew me closer to her and
I thought she was going to suck my cock, but instead, she took it
in her hand and started to jack me off. Her performance had me
close to cumming already, and I told her so. She replied, "I
know, but I want see you cum over my titties and belly." As she
said it, I felt the cum welling up in my balls and starting it's
trip to the head of my cock. As she stroked, the head grew larger
and thicker, and she scooted herself up on the sofa, getting
closer to me.

Just as I came, she held one tit up to my cock and my cum
spurted out over it. It covered the nipple and as she continued to
milk my cock, it dripped down onto the swell of her belly. She
continued to stoke me until I was dry, then leaned down and licked
off the cum and cleaned my dick with her mouth. She rubbed the cum
on her tit into her skin and did the same with the cum on her
belly. I started to collapse to the floor, but she helped me onto
the sofa next to her and then bent her head down and licked her
own nipples to taste the cum from them. When she had finished, she
said, "And that's just for starters, we still have the whole night
ahead of us."

We sat there for awhile, kissing and sipping our drinks.
After resting a bit, I finished undressing. We were both fully
nude now and we started running our hands over each other's body.

I admired the way Emma kept herself in shape. She was obviously
spending a lot of time at the health club she belonged to. I asked
her about it, and she told me she was attending aerobics classes
for pregnant women. I told her the program was working well and
she was still sexy. As we talked, we both started getting excited
again. I ran my hands over her belly and felt her shudder
slightly. As I moved up to her tits, she lay back and closed her
eyes. I pinched and pulled on her nipples, gently rolling each one
between my fingers and watching it stiffen and become erect. I
started kissing her all over. Beginning with her face and working
my way downward towards her toes. As I did, I purposely skipped
her tits and pussy, not even playing with them as I passed. I paid
a lot of attention to her swelling belly, covering it with kisses
and licking it until it had a sheen. I then moved off the sofa and
knelt at her feet and kissed, then sucked, each of her toes. She
still had her eyes closed, but she sucked in her breath as I paid
homage to her feet.

I let my tongue trail upwards over her legs and ran my
fingernails across her skin as I did. I started to lick the inside
of her thighs and she spread her legs to let me. I looked up and
was staring at her pussy, just inches from my face. I blew against
it and watched as the lips reacted to the warm air by separating
slightly. I had finally worked my way up to her pussy when I
stopped and stood over her. I bent over and sucked her nipples,
rolling them in my lips and gently biting them. I wondered when
her breasts would start producing milk and hoped I get the chance
to suck them as her baby would. By this time, she was again
starting to grind her ass against the sofa and humping her crotch
as if there was a cock inside it. I knelt down again, between her
legs this time, and started to suck her cunt.

I wanted to tease her a little and get her as hot as I could,
so I started by licking the area between her legs and around her
lovenest, but not her pussy. I licked the triangle of her bush
until the hair was damp and only then did I start to lick her
pussy. I opened my mouth wide and covered her mound as best I
could and sucked it into my mouth. At the same time, I started to
run my tongue up and down her slit, separating the lips and
getting her juices flowing. I released her from the lip lock and
sucked her clit into my mouth, softly biting it and riding her
mound as she squirmed in her seat. I licked her slit, running my
tongue from the top to the bottom and making sure I paid special
attention to her clit. As I continued to lick and suck her pussy,
her juices started flowing more and more. I sucked up every drop I
could, savoring the taste of her pussy in full flow. Eventually,
she was flowing so much that I couldn't drink it all in and my
mouth and chin were covered with her fluids.

By raising my head up and licking her clit, I could just see
her tits and face. Her eyes were shut tight and she was licking
her lips and shaking her head slowly from side to side. Her chest
was rising and falling with deep breaths and her nipples were
erect and swollen more than I had ever seen them. They were as big
around as my little finger and I reached up and pinched one as I
ate her. There was a sharp intake of breath and she said, "That's
right, pinch my nipples...hard. Squeeze my titties, I love having
them squeezed." With my other hand, I felt her swelling belly;
feeling it move under the touch of my hand and tongue as I
continued to suck her pussy.

I dropped my head down and licked the area between her pussy
and her asshole, licking up some of her juices which had flowed
there. As I worked my way back up her slit, I sucked her cunt lips
into my mouth and gently chewed on them. She was breathing quicker
now, and I could tell she was on the verge of cumming. I shifted
my position slightly so I could ride her pussy with my mouth as
she experienced her climax. I centered myself between her legs and
played with her tits with both hands. I licked and sucked her clit
as quickly as my tongue would move and brought her up to the point
of climax.

As she came, she was humping her crotch up against my mouth
and bucking against the sofa. I had a hard time keeping my tongue
on her clit while she came. She let out a loud moan and then a
deep sighing sound as her orgasm shook her body. I kept licking
her clit, although softer now, and she tensed her body up for a
second cum. Again, shivers ran through her body as she came, but
not as hard as the first time. She had the cushions of the sofa
clenched in her hands and was still humping her pussy against my
tongue on her slit. Finally, she came a third time and laid still
while I bathed her cunt with my tongue. I licked her cum from her
pussy and cleaned her with my mouth. Every so often, she would
shudder and give a little sigh of satisfaction. I have to admit,
my ego was riding high at the pleasure I was able to give her.
At last, she stopped shuddering and lay back contented on the
sofa. She smiled at me and said, "That was great. I have never
come that hard from being eaten before." At that, my ego took off
even higher. It pleased and excited me that I could make her that
happy and contented. I got up and sat down beside her and kissed
her mouth so she could taste her own cum. I also put my hand
between her legs and rubbed her mound, spreading her juices over
her bush and thighs. I inserted one finger into her pussy and then
took it out and brought it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and
I put it inside so she could suck off the juices. She did and then
licked her lips. She looked down at my cock and saw it standing at
attention. She reached down and took it in her hand and started
stroking it. She said, "I hope I can please you the same way you
pleased me." I told her I was sure she could and moved so she had
better access to my cock.

She got down off the sofa and knelt between my legs after
spreading them further apart. She lowered her head and licked my
balls and worked her way up the shaft of my dick. She swirled her
tongue around the head of my cock and then took it in her mouth.
While she sucked, she ran her tongue up and down the lower part of
the shaft and tickled the ridge at the base of the head. As she
sucked, she made little slurping noises while my cock slid in and
out of her mouth. With each stroke of her lips, a little more of
my prick disappeared into her warm and willing mouth. Until at
last, she was taking the entire thing in up to my balls.

With one hand, she held my cock steady for her mouth and with
the other, fondled and caressed my balls in their sack. She would
first play with one; feeling it, and rolling it between her
fingers and thumb. Then she'd repeat the process with the other. I
leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of my cock in her mouth. I
looked down and saw her pretty head bobbing up and down as she
sucked me off. I reached out and stroked her hair as her head
moved back and forth. I sat up straighter and reached around her
arms and started playing with her tits. I was fondling them as she
started to move her upper body back and forth while she sucked. I
played with her nipples and cupped each breast in my hands,
feeling their weight and firmness. I looked at her body and when I
saw her swelling tummy, my prick seemed to grow inside her mouth.
She must have felt it as well, because she quit deep
throating me and started paying more attention to the head. As she
sucked harder and faster, I felt my own climax approaching fast.
Since I've known women who don't like men cumming in their mouth,
I let her know. She just nodded her head and continued sucking. I
felt my balls tighten up and knew I was about to cum. I stopped
playing with her tits and leaned back as I came in her mouth. My
cock jerked as I shot my wad down her throat. She continued to
suck and started to swallow as much of my hot jism as she could,
but wasn't able to drink it all. I watched as a thin stream of cum
oozed from the side of her lips and trickled down her chin.
Finally, I stopped pumping cum into her mouth and she sucked my
shaft back into her mouth in order to clean it off. As she raised
her head and looked up at me, her tongue darted out of her mouth
and snared the cum that had escaped her earlier. She finished by
licking my shaft and balls one last time to make sure she got all
she could of my cum.

"Emma," I said, "that was the best head I ever been given and
I want to make a small confession." She looked a little worried,
but I told her why I thought I had cum so fast. "When I look at
your body naked and see the swelling of your tummy, I get very
excited. Frankly, I'm not sure why, but your pregnancy adds to my

"I'm glad," she said, "I like pleasing you and if being
pregnant adds to your excitement, that's even better. I also want
to let you know that it builds my self-image. Even though I'm not
that far along, until last week, I was concerned about losing my

"You don't have to worry about that with me, at least. But I
will admit, I don't feel that way about all pregnant women, just
you." And with that, I lifted her back up onto the sofa and kissed
her hard.

Since I had already cum twice, I knew I'd have to rest for a
little while before I'd be able to get it up again. As we sat
there talking and sipping our drinks, Emma became restless and got
up to wander about the room. As she did, I watched her as she
moved around. Her legs were still super; firm and lithe, with none
of the flab I usually associated with pregnant women. Her ass was
shapely and retained its sexy sway when she walked. Her tummy was
well rounded and taut and I wondered if she would lose that
firmness as she got bigger. The swelling wasn't much yet, but it
was evenly distributed and she carried it well. Her tits seemed to
have gotten bigger after she got pregnant. The nipples were more
erect than before and the rings around them slightly darker. Of
course, her face was still beautiful. As I watched her, I felt
myself getting hard again and reached down and started stroking my
cock slowly. She turned around and saw me and said, "If anyone
gets to do that, it's going to be me."

She came up to me and straddled my legs, giving me a quick,
but full shot of her pussy. She sat down and took my cock in her
hands and started playing with it. I reached up and fondled her
tits and ran my hands over her swelling tummy and between her
legs. As I did, I felt her wetness and knew she was ready for
another round. The last time we had fucked, I took her from behind
so I wouldn't rest my weight on top of her. This time, I was
determined to fuck her in such a way as to be able to see her body
underneath me. So I swung her off my lap and laid her back on the
sofa with her legs hanging off the front.

I arranged her so her ass was right at the edge of the couch
and spread her legs wide. I knelt down between her legs and licked
and sucked her pussy to really get her juices flowing. When her
cunt was wet and ready for me, I knelt up straight and got as
close to her as I could. My cock was right at her pussy and just
on the exact level to enter her. I took my cock in my hand and
rubbed the head against her pussy, getting ready to drive it deep
inside her. With each motion, I leaned forward a little more,
until I had the head inside her. Then I thrust forward, burying
half my cock in her pussy in one stroke. She threw back her head
and moaned loudly. Her ass was humping up and down, meeting my
strokes one for one. With each thrust, I entered her a little
more, until I couldn't go in any farther. I started fucking her in
earnest; humping my ass back and forth while kneeling between her
legs. I had a good view of her pussy as it accepted my strokes and
the rest of her body as well.

I watched as my shaft rubbed against her clit and took
pleasure in her reaction. She sat up a little and reached down to
fondle my balls as I fucked her. She took both of them in her hand
and rolled them around. Squeezing one, then the other. With her
other hand, she played with her tits. Pinching them and rolling
the nipples around between her fingers. As she payed attention to
one, I played with the other. Following her lead as she got more
and more excited. With my other hand, I felt her tummy rise and
fall with her breathing.

My cock was quickly covered with her juices and I put my
finger inside her cunt and then in my mouth, sucking it and
savoring the taste of her excitement. As I continued to fuck her,
I saw she was building up to her climax, so I changed my motion. I
slowed down my thrusts and drove them as deep inside her as I
could. I had found she really liked me to go slow as she started
to cum, and I was more than willing to oblige. As I started
fondling her body again, I felt a slight tremor start to build and
I knew she was about to cum. Her eyes were shut tightly and she
was moving her head from side to side. As she came, her pussy
muscles grabbed hold of my cock and held it deep inside her. Her
contractions made me unable to hold off cumming and I shot another
load of hot cum inside her. She threw her legs around me and
crossed them behind my ass, holding me inside her while she
continued to climax. Finally, she came down from her cum and went
limp on the sofa. My cock lost its hardness and slid from her
pussy with a slight sucking sound. I leaned forward and kissed
her, then her tits and belly, and finally her pussy. I licked her
and my cum from it and kissed her mouth again, letting her taste

We spent the rest of the night making love and cat-napping.
Just before I took her home the next morning, we made love again
and promised to get together as soon and as often as we could.


After Emma's husband came home from his business trip, we
didn't get to spend much time together. Of course, we saw each
other at work, but the opportunity to be alone didn't present
itself. Emma was getting bigger, but I still found her very sexy.
She was still going to her exercise classes and taking care of
herself. She never developed the puffiness about her that most
pregnant women seemed to and I was glad to see that.
When she was about seven months along, our office was notified
that the company auditors would be in for their annual check of
our travel and expense accounts. This was always a nervous time
for everyone, since the auditors were known to be nit-picky about
expense accounts. So, for several weeks, we spent many hours after
work each day reviewing our section's records. Every penny had to
be accounted for and every voucher had to be correctly filled out
and filed. It was a hectic time for us and we often asked our
secretaries to help out. Unfortunately, my secretary, Marcia, came
down with the flu and was out for a couple of weeks. I really had
my hands full, and was bitching to some of the other supervisors
about not being able to get some temporary help in. Mark Peterson,
Emma's boss, offered to ask Emma if she would mind helping me out.
Needless to say, I accepted the offer quickly and hoped Emma would

Mark came by my office the next day and told me Emma agreed
to working late the next couple of nights. Later, Emma came in to
find out what all needed to be done. I let her know what I was
doing and told her I'd see her at 5 o'clock. As we talked, she
smiled at me and winked. I smiled and winked back, thinking of the
couple of times we had gotten together and remembering her naked
body next to mine as we fucked and sucked the nights away. My dick
got hard just thinking about it and I was certainly looking
forward to that evening.

When 5 o'clock arrived, Emma showed up and we started going
over each salesman's expense record. Emma was very competent and
it went faster than I had expected. We had been working for about
two hours when I suggested we take a break and get something to
eat. All the others had already left the office and we were alone.
Emma asked me, "What did you have in mind to eat?"
"I had thought about having 'Emma on desk' for starters," I
said, only half kidding. During my daydreams, I often thought
about having just that.

"What are you waiting for, then?" she asked. And then she
came up to me, kissed me, and started rubbing my cock through my
slacks. I kissed her back and ran my hands over her back and ass.
As we continued to kiss, I forced my tongue into her mouth and
moved my hands to her tits. They were definitely larger now and I
could feel they had gotten heavier as her pregnancy progressed.
She moaned slightly as I fondled her tits and rubbed her
tummy against me as we stood there. I reached down and ran my
hands over her belly and felt her shiver slightly. I unbuttoned
her blouse and opened it wide so I could get at her boobs. Instead
of unhooking her bra, I pulled the cups up over her tits and
exposed them to the fresh air. The nipples had gotten darker and
became erect as soon as I started to pinch them. I broke our kiss
and bent down to suck her nipples. I sucked one and played with
the other, pinching the nipple and palming and squeezing the tit
until it was erect as it could get. I alternated back and forth
between her boobs as she got hotter. With my other hand, I felt
her belly and ass, running my hand over them and feeling the
tautness of her skin under her clothes.

As I did, she reached down and undid my belt and unzipped my
pants. She reached in and released my cock from its confines and
started to stroke it as she had before. She ran her fist up and
down its length and ran her thumb over the head. As I got more
excited, pre-cum formed at the tip and she smeared it over the
entire head and used it to lubricate her hand.
I broke away from her and cleared the center of my desk off.
I took her hand and led her to the desk and undid her pants. I
slide her pants and her panties down her legs to rest around her
ankles. Then I picked her up and sat her down in the middle of my
desk with her legs dangling over the side. I drew up my chair and
sat down. Now I was staring directly at her pregnant belly and
started licking it all over, while playing with her tits again.

She leaned back a little and spread her legs slightly. I could
just see her pussy nestled between her legs and covered with her
pubic hair. I spread her legs wider at the knees and buried my
head in her crotch. I starting licking her cunt and teasing her
clit with my tongue. I realised we didn't want to take a great
deal of time, so I wasn't going to waste any.

She leaned back farther and rested on her elbows. This gave
me unrestricted access to her pussy and I started eating her in
earnest. I separated her cunt lips and ran my tongue back and
forth over her clit. Her juices were flowing now and I lapped up
every drop I could. I kept eating her and running my hands over
her tummy and tits. She was squirming on top of the desk now and I
could tell she wasn't far from cumming.

I kept eating her pussy, swapping back and forth between her
clit and driving my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I felt
her tense up and start to quake as she came. She moaned a little
louder now, but not as loud as she had when we were at my place or
her apartment. I figured she didn't want anyone to come along and
investigate the noises in the office. A smart thing to do, as it
wouldn't help either of our careers if we were caught.

As her orgasm hit her, she humped her pussy against me,
smearing her juices over my mouth and chin. I rode her clit with
my tongue, following it as she humped her ass on the desk.
Finally, she started to settle down and I licked her entire pussy
so I could suck up every drop of her cum and enjoy its taste.
All this time, my cock was sticking straight out of my
slacks, begging for some attention. I stood up and dropped my
pants. Then I moved closer to Emma and put the head of my dick
against her pussy. I rubbed the head against her cunt lips to
cover it with the lubrication she had produced. Finally, I thrust
forward and entered her. I stepped closer and started fucking her
pussy with deep and slow thrusts.

Emma laid back on my desk and spread her legs as wide as she
could so I could penetrate her fully. From my vantage point, I
watched as my prick entered her pussy and then withdrew with each
stroke. I widened my stance and gripped her hips as I pumped in
and out of her. With each stroke, I could see her pussy expand to
take my cock inside and watched as her outer lips slowly released
their hold on me. I was going as deep inside her as I could, and I
watched as my cock buried itself up to my balls in her pussy, the
rythmic slap, slap, slap of my scrotum sack on her elephant' ears.

I released her hips and held her swollen belly. As I kept
thrusting in and out of her pussy, I ran my hands over her
pregnant tummy. As I did, she started to hump her ass forward to
meet my thrusts and reached down between her legs to hold my cock
between her fingers. With each thrust, her tits would roll back
and wobble forth, and her belly would quiver. I moved my hands to her
legs and held her thighs, squeezing and kneading her flesh as we
fucked, with the fervour of first-timers.

I felt my balls tightening up and my cock seemed to grow inside
her squeezing slit as I pumped my cum into her pussy. I thought my
cock would spurt its hot load of jizm for hours, but finally, I
stopped and my cock became floppier as the nirvana of lost gave way
to the awareness of our surroundings. I wanted to lay there forever,
but Sir Willy Upstanding had finished the battles of the day and
lost its hardness. I continued to watch as it went limp and
slipped out of her pussy with a slight sucking noise. As I stepped
back, she slid down off the desk and knelt between my legs. She
took my cock into her mouth and sucked it clean of our cum. Her
tits were still exposed and I bent down and fondled them. As I
did, we heard the elevator stop and the rattle of mops and pails.
It was the cleaning crew, so we quickly dressed and sat back down
as if we were still working.

The cleaning lady knocked on the door and came in when I
answered her call. She asked if we wanted her to clean up now or wait
until we were finished. I told her, we had just finished off for
the evening and were preparing to leave. Emma smiled at my comment
and licked her lips. We really had just finished for the evening,
but both of us hoped there would be more overtime in the future.

The next day, Emma called me and told me she couldn't work
overtime, since her husband's car was in the garage and she had
driven him to work. I was disappointed and let her know I could
drive her home the next day if she still needed a lift. She said
that would be fine and she would let her husband drive her in.
All that day and the next, I waited for work to be over.

Finally, clocking-off time came, Emma came down to my office and we
started going through the accounts again. We worked hard, getting
as much out of the way while others were still in the office, but
after the last person had left, we finished up the account we were
working on and put everything aside. Emma came over and sat on my
lap. I kissed her and ran my hand over her body as she sat there.

I felt the outline of her belly through the blouse she wore
and softly traced the curves. I unbuttoned her blouse and fondled
her tits through her bra. I could see her dark nipples and pinched
each one until it was hard and erect. I leaned my head down and gently
bit each one. Then I removed her blouse and bra and felt her tits
and belly and we continued to kiss. She stood up and undid my tie
and shirt, almost ripping them off of me. Then, as I took off my
slacks, she undid her pants and let them slide to the floor. We
both finished undressing in a hurry and stood before each other
naked, and I told her how fetching she looked tonight.

Even as I looked at her, my cock got hard and I reached down and
started to stroke it. She saw what I was doing and started to
pinch her nipples and finger her clit. She had to reach around her
belly to do it and bent down a little in the process. When she
did, her tits swayed out just a little and I reached out with my
other hand and played with them. Then we traded and she took my
cock in her hand and resumed stroking it while I fingered her
pussy and kept playing with her tits.

She stroked my cock with long, even strokes. Not holding it
too tight, just letting her hand rub over the sensitive glans head.
I fingered her pussy, running my finger as deep inside her as I
could and rubbing my thumb over her clit. She reached down with
her other hand and started playing with my balls and I pinched her
nipples and ran my hand over her swollen tummy. As we did, we kept
an eye on the clock, alert for the cleaning crew so we wouldn't be

Finally, Emma was as wet as she could get and I was a rod of iron.

I turned her around and bent her over the desk with her head on
her folded arms. Her rear-view was smooth and inviting as I reached
between her legs and played with her pussy again. I raised myself up
until my dick was at the entrance to her cunt and spread her pussy
open to receive it. As soon the head entered her, she thrust back and
buried my cock deep on the first thrust. I held still for a
moment, savouring the feeling of being inside her and feeling the
warm walls of her cunt hold my cock in their grasp. Then I started
pumping in and out of her, slowly at first and building up to a
steady motion, of up and down, then my swivelling hips motion.

With each thrust, she humped backwards at me, taking my dick
as deep inside her as it would go. I leaned forward and took her
tits in my hands and massaged her flesh as I fucked her. Her tits
were swollen in preparation for the baby to feed from them and the
skin was as tight and firm as anything I had ever felt. I pinched her
nipples, wondering again if I would be able to suck them one day
and sample the milk they were storing. I kept fondling them and
pinching the nipples until I was sure they had to be hurting her,
but she said they weren't and told me to keep squeezing them.
Emma reached between her legs and ran her finger over her
clit and my cock as I moved in and out of her. She was breathing
hard now and I figured she was playing with herself to speed up
her climax. As for myself, as I pumped in and out of her, I felt
the walls of her pussy cling to my cock and the muscles squeeze it
each time I drove deep inside her, ripples of ecstasy flooded in.
I took my hands from her tits and grabbed her at the waist.

As I continued to fuck her, I ran my hands over her belly and felt
her pussy contract even more at the sensation. I moved my hands
back farther and held on to her hips and then her ass. I watched
as my cock disappeared between her legs and my belly pound against
the white cheeks of her ass. I ran my finger down her crack and
pressed it against her asshole. I pulled back out of her as far as
I could without my cock falling out and reached around her and
slid a finger inside her pussy, getting it wet with her juices.

Then I put it in my mouth and got it as wet as I could. With it
lubricated like that, I eased it against her asshole and slowly
worked it in and out. With each thrust into her pussy, my finger
entered a little more into her backside. She kept thrusting back
against both my cock and my finger.

When my finger was all the way in, she started to moan softly
and I felt her shudder with her climax. As she came, her entire
body shook and I could see her belly and tits move as she did. The
sight excited me to the point where I couldn't hold off my climax
any longer and I shoved my cock as deep inside her as I could as
it started to pump cum into her. As we both came, she reached back
and held my ass with both hands, holding me deep inside her and
squeezing my ass cheeks with her fingers. When we had both
finished cumming, she moved forward and my cock slipped from her
pussy and between her legs. Again, she knelt down and sucked it
clean. When she was finished, I knelt between her legs and licked
her pussy clean, enjoying the taste of both of our cum.

We both stood up and kissed while we held each other. I felt
her belly against me and started to get excited again. But we both
realised we wouldn't have the time before the cleaning crew got to
our floor. We both dressed and straightened up the office and got
ready to leave. As we were walking down the hall, the cleaning
crew arrived and commented on how late we had been working. Emma
smiled at them and said, "Yes, it does tend to wear me out, but
the work has to get done."

As we rode down in the lift, she backed against me and
rubbed her ass against my crotch and joked about how much she
loved her job. I was still feeling horny and reached around her
and fondled her tits. She leaned back in my arms and continued to
rub her ass against me. Her smile was of absolute blissfullness.

As the elevator slowed, I hugged her and as we departed she slyly
gave me a quick kiss. We got out to my car, and after we had left
the car park, she slid over next to me and pressed her hand
against my dick through my slacks.

"It was nice," she said, "but I'm still horny."

With that, she reached down and undid her pants and slid them
down over her ass. By twisting my arm a little, I could just reach
her pussy underneath her swollen tummy. I ran my finger over her
clit and played with her pussy until I felt her juices start to
flow. As I did, she reached over and unzipped my pants and
released my cock and balls. She fondled my balls with one hand and
stroked my cock with the other.

As we drove down the road, she jerked me off and I finger
fucked her. Fortunately, my car is actually a four-wheel drive
vehicle and sits high on oversized tires. None of the cars we
passed could look inside and see what we were doing. As her hand
continued to stroke my cock, I could catch glimpses of it moving
up and down, stretching the skin back and the head swelling. I
wasn't far from cumming and she realised it would make a hell of a
mess. She leaned her head down and sucked me as I came. Her tongue
rolled the head around in her mouth and as fast as I pumped my cum
into it, she swallowed it. This made me think of a new meaning
for auto-erotica.

When she started to suck me off, I had to stop playing with
her pussy, but when she sat back up, I started again. She dropped
her pants to her knees and spread her legs as far apart as she
could. I ran my finger in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit
with each stroke. Finally, she leaned back in the seat and moaned
as she came. She flooded my finger with her cum and I could feel
her juices flow over my hand and onto the seat. I kept strumming
her clit until her climax passed and then returned my attention to
my driving.

She reached over and put my cock and balls back in my pants
and zipped them up as best she could. She then pulled her panties
and slacks back up and straightened herself out. By now, we were
only a couple of blocks from her apartment. She kissed me and then
slid back over to her side of the seat, careful to avoid the wet

We pulled into her apartment and I walked her up to her door.
Her husband met us as she unlocked the door and thanked me for
taking the trouble to walk Emma up. I honestly told him it was no
trouble at all and the least I could do for all the help she had
given me.

Her husband, Will, invited me in for a drink and I accepted.

We all talked for awhile and he told me he was grateful Emma was
able to get some overtime in. With the baby on the way, the extra
money would come in handy. I said that since my own secretary was
out, I appreciated all the extra time Emma was taking to help me.
As I did, I caught Emma's smile and her wink behind her husband's
back. She said it wasn't any trouble, and she also appreciated the

I only found out much later what transpired after that evening, since
Emma never came back to work, she handed in her week's notice and
just enjoyed her maternity leave at home, then Will was promoted
to a post at the other side of the country, and all three moved out.

This chance meeting in the hotel foyer was to be enlightening in
more ways than one, the explanation and resumed sex with Emma.


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