Thursday, February 26, 2009

That Summer in Truro

By Julie (August 2001)

When we were visiting Cornwall one very hot day last summer we went to Truro to pick up some food shopping. My husband was taking the food back to the car and I slipped into Dorothy Perkins to look at their clothes. That's where it happened.

I picked a pair of shorts to try on and went to the changing rooms. All the curtains were drawn across so I peeped around one to see if it was empty. It wasn't, a girl about the same age as me, 23, was trying on a top. 'Sorry' I said looking into her eyes. At that moment something happened, something in the eye contact, I shut the curtain.

The girl must have seen which cubicle I went in because about a minute later she peeped around my curtain. I was standing in just my panties and a vest top, no bra. With an unspoken mutual consent she stepped in. She dropped her bag and we began to kiss, passionately. I am normally straight but that day was different. She lifted my top off then took off her own and we caressed each others breasts, mine a full 36c and hers delightfully small, maybe only a 30aa cup.

I don't know whether it was the heat, the risk of getting caught or the forbidden extra marital lesbianism but I was feeling hot and wet straight away. She lifted her mini skirt and pushed my hand into her moistened minge, she must have taken her panties off in her own cubicle. As I fingered her clitoris gently I put her hands down my panties. When my husband and make love I love two hands in my panties, it feels so exciting, almost like it shouldn't be allowed. With her it was even better.

As I used my body to push her against the wall our sweating breasts were rubbing and sliding together. As we brought each other off and we almost collapsed as we both orgasmed, stifling our groans with tongued kissing. For a few minutes afterwards I continued to feel her breasts, they felt so nice and tight and small after my own big ones.

When it was over, by unspoken consent, we got dressed and left the store separately without buying anything. When I got back to the car my husband had tilted back the drivers seat and was dozing in the midday heat. I leaned over and undid his shorts. 'Get it out' I said. I had a combined feel of guilt and passion within me.

'What, here?' he said looking about. The car park was not empty, in fact it was quiet busy, but I said 'you look out'

His penis was just hardening as I got it out. I gently sucked and licked it. 'I‚m coming,' he said after a few minutes. I would normally finish him off by hand but that day I stayed on him and held his knob with my lips and my tongue slowly tickled the end till he shot his load.

The warm semen felt good in my mouth and I swallowed it down whilst he continued to thrust until his orgasm was done.
'What was that for?' he asked. One day I might tell him!

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