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by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

Katie had made two friends since she moved into the block of flats two weeks ago. One was a boy of 16 and the other a mother of 36. She had found out a lot about both of them.

The boy, Tony, fancied himself as something of a stud. He had taken a liking to Katie, he had tried to chat her up in the lift on the day she had moved in. But it didn‚t take Katie long to find out that Tony was, in fact, a virgin. He had never been with a women. Katie would have liked to be that woman. At 29 she still had a good figure and loved to show it. Tony had seen glimpses of it, Katie teased him when he came around for coffee two days after she had arrived. It was to thank Tony for his help lifting some furniture into place.

When he arrived she had just got out of the shower and was wearing a bath robe. When he had been sat down with his coffee she walked to her bedroom to change, taking off the robe as she walked away. Tony thought that his luck had changed, especially when she came back in just her white panties and still buttoning up her blouse over her bare breasts.

The mother, Sue, was a different case. Still very attractive even though she had two children, Katie would have loved to have shared a bed with her, being a bi-sexual she found beauty in both sexes.

The mother was happily married, although her sex life was jaded. Katie had a way of extracting this kind of information from people, a bit like a hair dresser only even more intimate. Sue spoke of something that she had never had, a virgin lover. Her husband, somewhat older, was previously married and had taken her virginity and now neglected her in the bedroom. Sue also knew that her husband had cheated on her in the past.

Katie hatched a plan, one not difficult for us to spot. The date was set for Halloween, she had to persuade two parties to meet. Getting the male would be easy, the female something more like a challenge.
Tony was invited round for coffee again. Dressed in her panties and blouse again, she invited him to meet a female friend of hers on Halloween. The sole purpose, she told him, was to make him a man of the world. As she spoke she circled her nipples through her cotton blouse, exciting both of them. She nearly took his virginity that night but she wanted to save him for Sue. After all, she could still attract virgins from the local college. Katie actually preferred more experienced men, virgins tended to race through the proceedings too quickly.

Sue was a little more challenging. Again the deal was arranged over coffee, and Katie used the same technique. Dressed as she was for Tony, it put Sue in mind of sex. It was what she could look like with very little effort. Again Katie, apparently absent mindedly this time, circled her nipples, Sue could see them through the blouse, soon all four nipples in the flat were erect with the discussion of what Halloween would bring.

So Halloween came. Sue arrived early knowing that she needed to be ready in bed for her virgin lover. Katie had her strip naked, virgins can‚t always get you undressed without shooting their load on you Sue was told, somewhat crudely. For the same reason Sue was advised to start masturbating when she heard the door bell go. Katie turned the bedroom lights out before going to open the front door

As the virgin arrived Sue thrust her hand down and began stroking her clitoris, soon she was more than moist, she was wet. She turned her attention to her breasts, in good shape still. On top of the firm 36C mounds she erected her nipples, they felt good in her hands. She resolved to start masturbating again at home, something she had never done in married life

Tony was silenced as he walked in. Katie undressed him, observing his knob as she did so. It was secreting a sticky drop of semen. He had done as she had advised, had a wank a half hour before. It will give you staying power she said. The living room light was extinguished, Tony was led to the bedroom and Katie left the flat.

She never returned again, she became known locally as the Halloween witch. The landlord had nothing to trace her with and she never collected her furniture. She never saw the result of her match making. It had gone well to start with, Tony performing better than most beginners. Sue had expertly guided his knob into her moist vagina and he had thrust for some minutes before shooting his load clean inside her. His kissing style left her wanting more, the attention to her lips, the arching of his back as he kissed her rampant nipples.

Sue had aroused herself beforehand to the extent that she was able to orgasm with Tony. The combination of the hot semen and his thrusting action together with tender feeling of her breasts, left her shouting for more. Once the joint orgasm was complete they stayed in the clinch for some minutes, both feeling the mixing of juices with the heightened sensitivity of their respective genitals.

It was when Tony rolled over and turned on the lights that their eyes met. There was already love existing between them. It had existed for some sixteen years, from the day Sue had given birth to him.

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