Thursday, February 19, 2009


Anon (Aug 2001)

Her face was bone-perfect, the way only models faces sometimes are. I
gasped, not aloud, mind you, when I saw her, and then I saw her body,
too, was bones, but with porcelain skin that looked like silk had been
painted on. I wanted to take her home and put that skin next to mine one
delicious inch at a time. I wanted to put my mouth on her, and let her
feel my warmth, my female warmth, my female delight in her soul that was
written on that skin. Time had not scrawled on her as it had on me and I
was sureprised when she approached me. Hello, she said. My name is

I had to take her home with me. By the time we had talked for two hours
and drunk wine together, I was full of heat for her, and so wet I felt
weak. Thea, Thea, my blood and my bones sung for her, When she said she
would come with me, I knew she was singing, too.
III.She kissed me in the car, and her mouth was honey-sweet with wine. I put
my hand on her breast, and she arched back, fitting the small globe into
it, and leaning back against the car window, which was filmed over with
mist. I moved my hand down to hers and started to open the car door. I
saw her eyes then, slightly glazed over with wine, but doe-frightened.
Don't worry, I said. Its just me. Its okay. She went with me then.

I lay on the bed with her, tracing her bird bones . Do you want to make
love with me? I asked. She nodded her headm the frightened look still
there, and she trembled beneath my fingers. I slipped the strap of her
dress slowly down her arm and revealed her small breast. Leaning down, I
took the tiny pink bud in my mouth and sucked softly. She stiffened,
then relaxed. I would need to do it now, or she would never let me. I
would need to touch her center and let her know it was all right, or she
would run. Her eyes were closed. I rolled my tongue around her nipple
and she whimpered, moving her hips a fraction at a tine. With both my
hands, I slid the hem of her silky dress up over them, switching to her
other breast. Her nipples were now hard and hot and swollen. I was so
aroused by her passivity that I was close to coming myself, but I pressed
my thighs together. Time for that later.

Her panties were pink, and damp between her legs. I had to move away
from her nipples to pull them down over her legs and toss them aside.
She kept her legs closed until I gently pushed them apart with my hand.
I went back to her breasts and reached down between her legs. She was
wet and slippery. I slid two fingers inside her and she moved her hips
to meet them. With my thumb, I rolled her venter and she opened her
eyes. Kiss me, she said. Please kiss me. Her mouth was hot and I timed
the movement of my tongue to those of my fingers. When her mouth was
rubbed raw by my kisses. I slid my tongue down her body, over her breasts
and belly and tasted her for the first time. She was sweeter than
anything I had ever nown, and I rubbed my face in that sweetness until I
was covered in it, drowning in it. She let her legs drop open for me,
and I had her all. She was pushing into my face, gasping with pleasure.
She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me even closer in. I found
I could fit four fingers inside her and use my mouth on her center. It
was swollen and seemed to be vibrating with tension. Her gasps turned to
cries and her cries to moans and then she came and then she screamed.

Thea sat up on the bed and my fingers slid out of her. She brought her
face to mine, licking off her own juices and then kissing me, tonguing me
until I felt ready to explode. She flipped me expertly onto my back and
started pulling on my dress. As soon as she had my panties off, she
thrust her fingers inside me and pressed her body up against mine. Our
breasts met, and the flesh rubbing against flesh, along with her rubbing
me, was too much. I came while she was kissing me.

Afterwards, as we lay together, entwined together, we began laughing. We
both still had our shoes on

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